Friday, August 17, 2007

One Shitstorm After Another

This book isn't even done yet and already causing some shockwaves across the board. All the hate mail I am getting now -- I am tempted to put it in the book. I am quite tempted and playing it cool here. Someone put their pawn up, yeah time to move the knight. This is a game of chess the more I play it cool the more they foam at the mouth. Yeah I noticed one tossed a libelous e-mail on a board here and there. I guess this is going to be the endless pissing contest that the The Place That Shall Not Be Named is trying to pull. I am not trying to rile someone up here, but damn I mention that I do something like this people will get pissed and threaten a book burning. Holy shit -- never thought doing something like this will invoke the hardest of emotions of people.
       I noticed that I haven't even logged on that Place That Shall Not Be Named, and say some people have their heads shoved up their asses about it. I am trying to leave the high school politics behind. The more I am not foaming at the mouth myself, they will be. The only way if they stop me from writing this book is they start offering me money and I am not talking singles and fives either. I am playing it smart here and making sure I do more with press releases on things I currently have out already. Just plugging away on the short stories and sending off, some old advice giving to me by someone who wants to railroad me now.
       One thing I am setting out to do with this book is proving one thing -- I am real. And being exactly who you are in person as you are online is the most disturbing. Yeah I can see Brian Knight trying to snag this post and pick it apart with The Rusty Nail or his other piece of shit blog that he has out there to stalk to shit out of me. My palms were sweaty because of the book becuase I didn't think I have it in me to write something of that nature. I began to make some observations with the asshole behind the e-mail address valentinevegen, and I will say he has a connection to that message board. I am always going to bounce back, and this is what they can't stand. My career isn't folding -- this book is going to be something I know is going to be interest to both naysayers just so they can find fuel to bury me with but at the same time the other side of a coin, I want the people to see the Nick my friends saw growing up.
       "I will sign petitions and do EVERYTHING in my power NOT to let you release this non-fiction book." That was the response I got via e-mail today and yes I will post it here -- who knows I might do a book that a best of this blog. The more shocking entries, and all of that good shit. The thing is with me, nothing is satire here but the other book -- there are elements of dark satire in it. What's going to piss the boards off more is I am making a fucking joke out of this. If they want to burn my books, all they're doing is wasting their own hard earned money. The difference between having a blog on other places and here. I've had this location now as long as I did have the others, but never really figured out how to put it to use.
       The views on my blog do not reflect the views of the magazines or publishes who run my work unless it is my own imprint, and I will not run this book on Lake Fossil Press. Tempting as it is, but I won't.