Tuesday, October 30, 2007

finally got banned from Shocklines

Fuck you Nicholas Cook -- you fucking pussy. Showing your true colors you fucking gutless worm. Can't handle the fact you got your balls ripped off on the forum, you're barly a pubic hair in this business. Sucking off your brother's cock too long, fucking mother fucker. In this wide business, you're hardly a spermstain. What kind of damage can you do to someome's career, not as much as Crazy Michelle Russo. Talk to her about publishing you because between the two of you, you just might make a killing off her famous for being famous shit. I have to take a zing at my ex-room mate here for that matter too in the process. The only way you might be able to get published is get in her pants.
      The only way you can get far in this business is to hire a hit man and try to murder me or have me murdered -- that way you can get far with the blood money you made. The question is -- are you willing to result to murder just to get me out of the picture? Cockroach. You're nothing but a cockroach who goes around pissing on names of people who don't like the authors you read. Loser. Coattail riding bitch, playing the famous for being famous card. The fact the little fag won't let me promote my projects anywhere on there -- what the fuck is he really afraid of, me becoming more famous than him?

Monday, October 29, 2007

the two signings

Gothicfest 2007 wasn't that bad at all as some people online would try to say, but it could have been a hell of a lot better if the crazy bitch didn't show up. I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event (If I had about 30 of those I would have made a killing.) The fact Fragmentation had a good set on Friday will also add to the fact I did sell a few copies too at this event -- I had just two copies of Tabloid Purposes IV there just as a test sort thing. I did the write up for Gothicfest 2007 on Associated Content and noticed a few dumb asses giving this thing a one star rating just to be a dick about it. The fact that some loser who stabbed me five times decided to get in contact with me via e-mail recently so I look at this with some perspective. Thinking it could really be the dick that stabbed me or some other jerk who went digging around my old website to see the information, either way these assholes don't have a life. I did notice these assholes are trying to go around stealing my old work and watermarking it -- do they honestly think that is funny. The fact they got my best friend involved with this shit now -- really, getting my own best friend involved with smearing my name. You're a bunch of lowlifes. The fact that my best friend of twenty plus years is involved now with the smear campaigns are going to be a nightmare waiting to happen. It's bad enough that The Other Dark Place tried really hard to ruin my career, the fact they got my best friend as a valuable tool working with them sucks. The reason being he's doing this is because I couldn't get him into the venue I was signing at for free.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Michelle

I am not dropping the lawsuit and yes it is known that I am suing her for $1750.  The fact her friend stalked me the second part of the first night -- I almost got into a fist fight the first night at Gothicfest 2007 with the fucker because he conned my grandmother out of $100.   I am not going to let things go here either because this is family he messed with.   The fact my cousin was ready to beat on him was another thing I want to mention here.    
     Crazy Michelle -- if you are reading this you lazy cunt,  I will see you in court and you will have your day before the judge.  This is personal. You deliberately fucked up my book signing you fat, sad loser. You're not genuine -- I was giving you the finger the whole fucking night,  and yes I was making fun of you in an ear shot.  Some people might feel sorry for you so they hang out with you, but when you fucked up with me is when you made me get rid of my birds.  My friends hated you from day one.  That's why they didn't come over.  I will see in court and fuck off -- be prepared to not have any room mates ever.  And be prepared to live on the street you fucking bag lady. I will go on record of everything she did to rob me blind -- she used my disability money to pay for her 69 Eyes coat and for her 69 eyes stuff on E-bay!  She said she would pay me back but she never payed me back  -- in that she stole money from a disabled person. That is a crime, a felony.  She ruined my book signing on Saturday -- the fact I was making myself invisible when she was around because I knew I would spit in her face.  The fact I will go on record that she has a mental illness and has no touch with reality.  JV -- you were quite right about her, and I was hoping you were wrong but damn after I left.  Everything he said about Crazy Michelle was true. 
     This is more the reason I am not going to drup my lawsuit with her.  The fact she took my disability money and bought things like clothes for herself saying they were "gifts"  I wasn't fucking her --- why the fuck would I want to buy expensive shit for her when I would barely spend about $130 on myself when it came to clothes.  The fact that a fist fight almost broke out between myself and the fuck of a Janitor that she hangs out with, they are both incahoots with each other and they run fraud rings just to get all they can for free.  She tried to do this with my publishers -- it almost worked but when I learned what was going on I told my publishers right away about it.
     You told everyone the reason I needed an MRI was that I needed surgery, fuck you bitch.  That is slander.  If you were found in a bathroom tomorrow hanging from a noose,  I wouldn't care but the only thing I would care about is that I couldn't collect my money.  Some of you all you heard was her side about my moving from the place -- well this is finally my side of the story the fact I need to use this blog to get it out there, and it now can be said the fact I moved out was my family as tired of her taking advantage of a disabled person.  You never fooled me Michelle -- you lied to to my grandmother's face just to get me into that apartment.   You want personal Michelle -- fine I will get personal here,  I think you made your mother cry beyond the grave.  Your mother is not proud of you -- you choices suck, and personally you'd be better off flipping burgers at a McDonald's.  Those of you who are disability or get disability benifits -- don't move in with her.   I am the person who posted the warning up on Craig's list about her looking for a room mate.   You're a criminal Michelle and I will expose you for that.  She fucked me out of a possible nice apartment in Chicago for about $197 a month just about five blocks from Excaliber.  If I got that place,  it would been easy for me to get back and fourth -- but fuck no.  Bitch in the fake hair and fake face cried reptile tears to my cousins.   I know the real Michelle and this michelle is the ugly bitch that is violent and cruel to animals.   I am doing this for my birds too, and every pet owner out there -- they have to know what kind of person Michelle is.  The fact she claims to get sick around animals.  
      Consider this my impact statement when I take this to the stand. You want to come after me Michelle in the street,  you will have criminal charges on you and yes I will have a cop with me when that happens. That's right I will be the last person you see before they lock you away -- I am the last person you will see as they are going to throw away the key.  Either they lock you away in a mental hospital or a state pen because you were defrauding the state.   How the fuck did you get your dresses by the way at Gothicfest 2007,  someone told me you turned a few tricks.  You're scared Michelle to stand before the judge for this -- and yes I will call you out on that.  You say you're not like the other room mate I had,  Chris,  correction you're worst than he is -- the fact I came in when he was four months behind on rent and used my share of the rent to order out pizza every night.  I rented out a duplex basement and that was my space (the fact he used my money to get cable but refused to pay for it -- just like you refused to pay your share.)   You never paid your share on shit.  
      This will get ugly.  
      When things like this happen,  I will show no mercy.  You fuck with my family -- you fucked with me.  You've done crimes unforgivable -- to both the elderly and to the disabled.  And you eat people out of house and home you fucking fat pig.  I have no voice right now so I can't scream at you in person, but I will say this right now you are a cunt and a gimmick.  You call yourself a non-conformist but really what the fuck are you; a conformist.  Fuck your little ideas and how you are trapped in your little world.  37 year old woman, and I have more a grasp on reality than you would ever have.  Try living in the street three years before you yell at me on shit -- the fact you sent me out when I was medicated to get your shit, that's attempted murder.    You have no sense of what is right or wrong;  messing with me or messing with my family will be the downfall coming.  Do you hear that Michelle, that's your world crumbling.   You won't be able to hide behind Brian Keene there.  You will get the worst of my wrath.  This is a rightous anger Michelle,  the kind of anger that comes when you steal money from the sick for their medicine.  That's right people  -- Michelle Russo steals from the sick.   

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more from that donkey punch

This email I just received shows their true mentality, the fact that one person steals my pictures and old website graphics just shows they really don't have a life. They finally admit they don't have a life on here. They admit they want to break the law here by impersonating me and assuming my identity. It's fucking sad when people think I wrote these e-mails when I really didn't and when I go video I will go all on record of it. What fucking right do you assholes have in stealing my artwork and watermarking it. You didn't create the picture or the drawing, so you have no right to go stealing the old banners either.

To: Nickolaus Pacione
From: e-mail the pussy here

"your signing at gothicfest 2007 at the excalibur will fail and your book sales will fail too. you have no right to gain any legitimate readers or make any money too and your freedom of speech should be taken away. we have every right to impersonate you and steal your work like faggots because we have no lives. pissing on your covers and burning them too. it is legal to burn the flag for freedom of _expression and we will piss and burn on your books because we don't respect your copyrights. we plan on shitting on them too."

I honestly think it's rather unsettling how far some of them would go -- dredging up old feuds too. What makes these assholes so sure that I will fail? What I think is that they will go around printing up that article on the cunt convention's website. The fact they were threatening to crash both book signings that are confirmed -- like they did in 2005 which they didn't have the spine to do either. It is old bullshit, people who were on the Gothic.net asshole commitee who were stirring up old shit. The very fact that proves it that they were also behind the pirating of that non-fiction book I wrote. They were threatening me unless I destroy the book and take it down -- yeah right asshole, kiss my ass.
      They can stick a loaded shotgun up their ass and pull the trigger before I will even do that. The fact that one author who tried to twist my words around about who the fucker behind the asshole who did that was. Dude -- painting smiling face was talking about both of you in that book. Pretending to be someone's friend to get information about an anthology or a book. That is the worst thing someone can do to someone if you ask me. People like that -- I don't need as friends. I have more fun putting them in my crosshairs. It is so much fun writing a book like An Eye In Shadows because they don't know if you're talking about them or not in the book but writing in code.
      If it wasn't for hatemail like that, I might not have finished the book. Half the reasons why I wrote the book to begin with. Dealing with faceless chumps and the chumps who pretended to be a friend just so they can get more information about a book. They can kiss my ass. Yeah I am referring to both the skinheads from New England here. Coke sniffing schmuck. I will speak the truth no matter who will get offended by it.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

when hell freezes over, finocchio

"greasy, you will give in to us. this is not bullying or coercing. this is legal. spam is illegal. im sending you a letter, so listen the fuck up. we are fully within our rights to stomp on your rights. the same way you can use this freedom of speech and press spiel so can we. i'm sick of your sarcasm, pacione! and i'm gettin fed up. why do you think we pirated the book. and we'll pirate the next one, and every single one previous to that. we'll pirate all your work and you have no creative licensing, no say whatsoever. no copyright control because you yourself abused it. so, here's the ultimatum, pacione. you can either take the book down and destroy it forever. apologize to TODP. give up writing non-fiction forever, or you can keep the book up at cafepress and we sue you successfuly for the royalties AND take over Tabloid Purposes 5. that's right, stinky. we'll own you, your house, and the tabloid purposes trademark from series 5 on! my dogs are already on this, they've been getting the paperwork drawn up. why do you think it's so quiet round these parts. dont draw up any of the guidelines buttmunch, because it will be a waste of paper. we will make up new guidelines for tabloid purposes with new staff and new authors. what we're sayin greasy is run your publishing outfit!
--Valentine vegen"

Friendly suggestion to this asshole sending me e-mail, stick a high powered rifle up your ass then pull the trigger. I won't yield to terrorists and I will continue to get that book out there no matter what and there will be more Tabloid Purposes planned under my editorial supervision. Watermarking my artwork and some old photos -- you losers don't have a life and I mean that. I will go on video and say that too of The Other Dark Place, the fact you assholes can go to hell for it.
            I will not give in to these bastards who hide behind fake names and fake pictures. The fact I will still push An Eye In Shadows. I will go video by the end of this month and will have a good set of speakers. Using both a one time use video camera and seing that some of these assholes are going too far by stealing old photos and artwork. They're copyright rapists. They're committing rape by stealing people's works.
            You bastards successfully pissed me off. There's more dark sarcasm to throw around too and this will piss those assholes who hide behind fake e-mails too and managed to get one of them shut down too -- the e-mail that went under the sn called thehorrorconspiracy. It is a new generation of internet gangs, and this is something that will drive me to put this book out even more and the fact the cocksucker convention came through and passed.
            You fucking bastards really don't have a life -- a bunch of mid-list authors who can be the total jerks in the business. The fact these guys constantly suck Saten's Cock. Go fuck a shotgun! The only way you fuckers can stop this book is when hell freezes over. If you want me to pull this book, I have two words for you -- and they are, GET FUCKED!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

dealing with terrorists here

I am not going to give in to their demands -- they want me to take the book down but I am looking at them with a sense of sarcasm, "Oh I will taken it down when your a rotted corpse." I will not give in to their demands and in fact plan to order up a few copies of the book for the event on the October 26th signing. Have them sent to the signing mate so he has them for me there.

"we're comin for your cousin too, so you better not be makin that shit up chump. cause if you are, then we'll find a cousin of yours to fuck with.
          So do yourself a favor and take your book down, edit keene out -completely! then, with our permission you can put it back up 'bout your high school glory days. take keene out. last warning!
          --Legion; we are many!!"

The Other Dark Place are a bunch of online terrorists in this department. I really don't think what they did is remotely funny and for that faceless asshole who said pirating real books is wrong, my books are real and he supports piracy. I guess the way he is will show what kind of nature the asshole is and one suggestion -- drink an entire bottle of bleach already. It will be cool if I can push a few copies of these before the events -- knowing that the natives are restless now the fact I got a book out there that exposes Keene for the shithole he truly is. Yeah I am making their e-mail addresses known so people can send those cocksuckers floods of hatmail. Watermarking my artwork with your little screennames so I can't take it back is low even for you assholes. I guess a gothic.net cocksucker is back to his old tricks in pissing on my name. If anyone seems like has a lot ot gain out of fucking with my career is that asshole, he must have of given McKeeman head back in the day.
       I am going to get them tossed from the venue if they tried to crash it distributing their little "book" before my signing starts. You want the real truth on these assholes, An Eye In Shadows, will deliver that real truth about them. That is why they are going around trashing sales of the book and pirating it on sites like Demonoid. You bastards who ever was behind that one -- that wasn't even funny to begin with. I would love to imagine what would happen if someone pirated Brian Keene's book or Mary Sangiovanni's book they would become more enraged that it would happen.
       I think those two support E-Piracy no matter who doesn't like them -- they support the piracy of books of their enemies. Well here's a wake up call -- e-piracy hurts the literary industry like it does with the music industry. Hurts the literary industry in the sense it hurts the small press at large. Anytime when an asshole sends me threatening e-mails about the non-fiction book, that's terrorism on their part. Trying to play the intimidation game. They think copyright violation is funny, and yes I will air this in video when the video blogs happen.