Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poppy, You Can Kiss My Ass.

"However, I wonder if his extreme defensiveness about his work is a perversion of something that’s normal to writers good and bad..." -- Poppy Z. Brite

Poppy, you've proven yourself to be a pompous bitch once again. You find my connection to my fiction grotesque well I would rather have that connection and being a true male than someone who goes around calling themselves a non-op tranny. All I am trying to do is sell books too and you're hindering that by being the pompous bitch. I never liked you, in fact I tell you this, fuck you. You know, I am telling everyone right now not to go buy anything from your e-bay auctions. You're going to go making fun of someone who has a mental illness. I am going to post the comment that you made of me on another blog and seeing if you will fess up to writing it. It's Nick, Nic, N.A., or Nickolaus, Not Nicky, Nicki, or Nikki.
          Get my fucking name right. I guess that should be come to be expected, yeah your happiest day is to see me locked away for a few years. You. Make. Me. Sick. You're invited to respond on the article on your stance why I should quite writing or on your blog with the link to the actual article. I've been busy writing a new story and you hindered me for a while too now.
          Maybe if you took the time and read the non-fiction book instead of bitching about it on a message board, you will have a better chance to know thy enemy. I don't need your fucking false sympathy. I would rather be arrested for assault than buy some of your work. I wasn't arrested for some of you who don't get your facts straight. Before you even draw your stones at me lady, make sure you at least read something of mine at least.
          You're going around saying don't let anyone get access to those articles but what you're doing by doing that is telling someone to starve. I guess with my name involved you believe that shit too -- what would you do if someone showed up to one of your signings with a copy of An Eye In Shadows or Tabloid Purposes? I am doing a true scenario here. I actually put down Self-made Man and puked in the book.
          If you figured out I was to do a signing in New Orleans and this is a definite possibility within the next year; would you protest the damn thing? I might be in talks with the library down there to do a signing for QUAKES AND STORMS, the very anthology you "claimed" was set up for Hurricane Katrina. I set that one up long before it. Your false sympathy got my blood boiling, let the people buy my books in peace instead of your fans fucking them up and burning them on There is nothing perverse of my defense of my work, just that your work deserves the flames of hell. You hate my work because you're a sodomite. Someone from my past told me this, "Well I can say this much, sounds like you have no problem speaking your mind."

new article is up. Let The Backlash Begin

"Well, congratulations, Nick. You just proved yourself to be one of the supreme assholes of the world." -- Mike Brendan

One rebuttal coming up, and believe me this is the longest freebie read I am going to let go in a long time -- it's called Presenting The Argument. I already know that Nelson Ford (remember him?) is The Rusty Nail. The bitch failed to attempt to get me suspended from a website as in I got back a few months later. If they want a supreme asshole, they should look at the mother fucker who is doing unauthorized rewrites of my stories. They can argue the defense of that all they want it's still a plagiarism.
        I made it perfectly clear I said my peace about the passing of an author I had a royal dislike for and the feeling was mutual. So now they are trying to see to it I disappear back into obscurity. Is violating someones copyright acceptable retaliation for that statement? No. He might sound all proper as a way to argue on the one site but I just proved he's capable of cussing someone out. Now is he willing to go tooth and nail to make sure he will never get a submission for Flashing Swords.
        I think the bigger asshole in the world are more the shock jocks, but they make big bucks for doing it.

"You’re a vile little sub-human cretin. Now we just need to find a zoo that’ll take you."

I think you're talking about your own blood relatives there because the monkeys are throwing them peanuts. Yeah you hide behind the geeky persona, I am standing here putting a cigarette out between your eyes. I am willing to wait to see how he responds to this entry using his own words against him here. Calling me vile when all he's been doing to stifle my projects and works, that's vile when he encourages people like Exceles The Goon to steal my stories and do rewrites I don't authorize.
        The fact that he hides behind the reality that a particular e-book writer is putting him on her payroll. I would rather submit stories and make the rounds than be a magazine "editor" who picks on people who happen to have a mental illness. You are not my better or my lesser, either you like to admit it or not -- you are my peer.

"If for some reason they did, that’s not someone I’d ever submit to, and I would warn anyone away, who even had a thought about working with you or anyone desperate enough to publish your illiterate ramblings." -- uphill gardener

Yeah it seems that people like him will be spreading the word about trying to hurt particular magazines just because of the blog post that is now heard around the world. I was just being honest, when Joe was alive, the feeling was mutual and I got my final word. My article is one of those that I knew needed to be done, and with me writing some brand new short stories. The article was written out of conviction, they're angry because I said that statement out of my deepest sincerity.
        They expect me to care for someone who died when it is a person I hated with every bone in my body, and the bastard had the same amount of hatred for me. You bastards pushed and pushed for way too long, the fact my mind was almost gone because of it -- I didn't break but still going around having to fight for my company, fight constantly for my career, and fight constantly for my anthologies or book. All of you were the people holding the match on, you may not been the one actually holding the match but all of you were holding the match. They were saying what I said was out of jealousy -- no it wasn't. I didn't care enough for the author's career because what he did to other writers to get there.
        When each of you have taken turns burning my books and such, it kills someone on the inside because that's their work and such. Joe McGee is an empty shell now but I will never buy his books, I said to him in life. I told him, "Fuck your books man." He has the same ideas towards me too so when he died it was more or less that I wanted to say of him is coming to surface and it feels good to let loose that kind of anger. Mike Brneden you are so fucking wrong of me. I give the shirt off my back given the chance or my lunch to someone if I am out and about, that's if I am not hurting the rest of the month.
        Your professionalism here sucks ass, and I am not the first to say it. If someone was to be a professional they would allow someone to sell their books in peace, you are not going to do that and it shows. Even Karen Koehler is not a professional, and Skullvines is going around doing knockoffs of Tabloid Purposes. If Skullvines Press wants to argue this with me person to person they are more than welcome to do that because they clearly ripped off LAKE FOSSIL.
        I could care less for that vanity press runner's career and yes I call her books a vanity press publication because of the fact she goes around blackballing her competitors. She doesn't like competition, and if she wants to use the fact I made the promise to never buy Joe McGee's books after his death as a way to blackball my company. I've already seen the worst lady.