Monday, August 6, 2007

fuck this is getting huge

You know when things are huge are when the Sodomite Magnet bitches about you. Damn the moment I get something published she's bitching about it again -- shut the fuck up already Poppy. Right when I am getting published, she shoots her mouth off about my non-fiction book. I am laughing right now because I saw the posts the assholes are doing on The Other Dark Place, now they are trying to pull out the petition that got them in trouble years ago. Wouldn't you like to know what are in the contents of that non-fiction book? I am not mad -- I am just laughing because the more I get my work published, and believe me the more people are going to bitch and moan.

This time Poppy called me out, damn. Fuck you bitch. You're making a big mistake underestimating me -- the same mistake that became Darren's funeral as the editor of Poppy you were dealing with a pre-published Pacione last time. This time you're fucking with someone who is a publisher and a published author for a different field. Nothing funner than a sodomite magnet starting up an old feud. I read parts of that book you called good, when I have to say it sucked ass. Not even a good cover design would get some sales of it.

Yeah you can go to hell. Keep running your mouth about me lady -- I was already writing better stories than you were in your twenties when I was in my twenties. Don't ever doubt that I was a writer again bitch, don't ever underestimate me -- at least I didn't rip off H.P. Lovecraft's THE HOUND. So yeah in response to that, I am posting the original uncensored version of THE FANDOM WRITER (tempted to expand this version.)