Friday, May 23, 2008

Assholes In The Business Rant

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Video Response

As I said in the last post there is going to be a video response addressing certain Leisure Publisher Roster authors who have a real lack of professionalism when my name is involved. Any professionalism that they have before I enter the message board leaves down the shitter. It is more drop the professionalism and flush when that happens. I hope the assholes on The Other Dark Place tries to figure out which Leisure Authors I am talking about here because it is all very cryptic here in the response.     The usual supsects already know who the fuck they are here. They are thinking I am going to help them push books they are sadly mistaken here because this will actually put those particular mediocre assholes on the spot. The fact a few of them might be reading this blog right now and figuring out who they are I am ripping into. This is done purposely so they can keep on guessing.
      It burns my ass that ExposeTheFuckTard is resulting to anonymous stalking and harassment to assuming my identity to no fucking end like some fucking cunt. It wouldn't surprise me if Ray Garton is encouraging the cunt to do so.

another angry rant.

Leave it to the Other Dark Place to take everything out of context again and the fuckstain, ExposeTheFucktard to rape every copyright I have. I am addressing Ray Garton here and you're going to hate me all the more for this one, but you're giving the mass market a bad name. I got another video rant coming you assholes, and I guess you think I shouldn't even have a video camera now. Susan Tayler (the cunt) decided to jump on video and try to ruin my name once again with that fucking book of hers. I jumped on video with two promos for An Eye In Shadows. One being a little more sarcastic than the other. Look you assholes, I am trying to get three manuscripts done but you like to take your time and ruin my fucking focus. JB shut the fuck up, what if that was your wife they were fucking up if she was working on a manuscript. Taking her books and lighting them on fire for example. It shows your morals are down the shitter too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Response to the Assholes On The Other Dark Place

Addressing the slanderous fucks on The Other Dark Place who openly accused me of plagiarism and openly fucked over one of my publications. The video here will say it all right there. So kindly fuck off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

video response.

It is clear that The Rusty Nail is a fuckhead who would reward her kids with a fucking Playstation if they shot up a high school. The same goes with Susan Tayler who I think she would actually reward her kids if they did an Ok City bombing. This might be a very shocking response to some people, in fact when I compared what The Rusty Nail was doing to four authors including myself with what that myspace mother did -- it isn't too far off. Especially when some cocksucker did a violated copyright of Tabloid Purposes V's cover when I didn't even design the cover yet. You assholes who post on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandomwank need to take your heads out of your collective asses.
     IF you don't like what I say fine, just don't go around stifling every damn thing I do. As in creating a blog devoted to trying to make me fail at things, when you're all what thirty to fifty somethings. Just don't go harassing the people who buy my book and like the project. You bastards who go around stifling my publications or burning my books, don't you think that is rather fucking um what's the term I am looking for here? Help me out, UnFUCKINGprofessional -- I am chiming in on the "Reverend's" post here too and calling the people who chime in blasting on piss bloggers nitwits when that is the worst thing someone can say. Well I might not allow blog comments directly but if you got something to say to me there is a comment area at the very bottom of the blog, just scroll down. It isn't brain surgery. For the fuckstain who calls himself AL_Kilyu, mother fucker has no fucking life except beating off to kiddie fag porn.
     The asshole looks like he has nothing better to do than to make fake covers of my books and doctor up pictures from the real pictures holding the actual book that I was featured in instead they make something so innocent into something perverse. I guess when I make that observation about Koehler I will also ask if her brother whored her out to pay for his Delorean. But people like Rusty Nail and Expose The Tard would reward their kids for blowing up their school if they were given the chance.
     I guess drug addict from MA is also chiming in on the fact that I do have a few people who are e-mailing me because they do have some actual respect for what I do. The crack smoking bitch needs to really get a life. I really think she still has a Meth needle in her veins for that matter. If it isn't one douchebag it's another, and the biggest douchebag seems like his occupation is to be a 9-5 douchebag who I think doesn't live on his own either. It seems like the douchebags come out in full force when they know I got a Tabloid Purposes planned or when I am trying to get my magazine off the ground. They must think, quick, quick, let's come up with a fake cover and load it somewhere thinking everyone will be convinced that it would be the official cover. Let's create a fake version of the anthology on and a fake profile of both him and his publishing company on These are the same people who get off on writing real person fag stories between me and some popstar from Chicago who I don't give two fucks about.
     The more publishing credits I attain the more they will do this just to see what they can do to fucking ruin the man with a mental illness. Keep giving yourselves more fuel to hang yourselves with. I am always going to have a line up of some form. The fact that Mike Brennan likes to stifle everything I do no matter where I will sell a story at. The fact they are doing this all the more to make sure I get even more distracted from writing the three manuscripts I have going and blowing the dust of another one somewhere around. Does it make you feel like a man knowing you ruined sales of a book written by someone who does have a mental illness. The very grasp of the book you went over all your heads and can't read between the lines about it. Especially you Koehler, did you even spend the money and get the book or did you pirate the fucking thing? Did you pirate it -- I want to hear you jump on video and say you did pirate it. Lincoln keep in mind you fought for the right of me to say fuck off to you, as much as I have a lot of respect of men and women in uniform you are just a flat out dick. In other words drop and give me 300, Private Gomer Pyle.
     If I stayed in the service or would be in the Army for that matter I would have cycled the shit out of you. Watching you self-destruct would be the thing that will be my best revenge there. Calling me a douche, you eat shit fucker. But going back to above here, the fact that the other dark place act like I am below them but in truth they are shit at the bottom of my shoe. Lincoln who's your fucking girlfriend, that bastard who they found at a bar in TN? (I will go into the faggot bashing later.)
     As for Ben McCullan, did you treat my step-cousins like shit? I am guessing you treated everyone like shit when you were a teenager and you're nothing but a loser now who had done nothing creative with their life. So you bash everyone who is just working their way up the ladder in the small press as I am just trying to sell a few books and stories. Not even you will let that happen you bitch. I guess you all get off on pirating my books and stifling everything I've done, I guess I can say well fuck you too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chiming in on the Myspace Mom

What sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and The Rusty Nail are doing are the same fucking thing as what this "Myspace Mom" did in contributing to a young woman's suicide. Especially when one jerkhole would go around writing the malicious real person fic stories about me trying to pass me off as some fag when I am not a fag. It also goes back to the assholes who freely rip my artwork and back blogs violating every copyright I have too. I am also ripping Ben McCullan a new one here too and yes this asshole is also guilty of this too because he's the type of person who'd create a fake profile to bully a teenager too.
    When lies are passed off as fact, and I am putting assholes like Peter Barnes on spot here too for it. The fact here I am just tryring to get stories published and did get stories published, fucks like PEter Barnes had actively harassed the magazines who published my work. Another example here is an asshole named WilliamDoItTheSecond aka Scott The Shit Pot. The printed out photo of my Gothicfest signing in 2005 and a printed out cover of Tabloid Purposes 3 being tossed into a urinal then pissed on. Then they had the nerve to throw it up on youtube. Now the same asshole or friends of the same asshole are impersonating me with a fake profile of my publishing company and my real name you can tell the real from the fake because they used a capitol I for their L and this is a trick they used with Xanga back in 2005-2006.
    I didn't fool me but it might fool a few people because the extent some people will go to create a hoax account to make someone look bad. The Rusty Nail is behind the fake domain, and the bitch created a myspace expansion of the account thinking she would hook me in but she's just another fuckstain who has too much time on her hands and the money to do that kind of shit to fuck with someone. Same goes with the cunts from Danbury, CT, who went around as TheTruthAboutNick posting my phone number one number at a time.
    What am I saying when I am saying this, assholes like this are everywhere. One actually went too damn far and finally there's a name to one of the people who actually did this to another person. The way they act is might as well be the ones who rammed the planes into the World Trade Center or planted the bombs on the commuter trains over in Spain. They are equal to the Al Queda in that sense of the word. Then the cunt from Danbury created the infamous forum, The Other Dark Place. You're calling yourselves innoncent when you corner me on different forums when I announce a submission call for a magazine or an anthology, you fuckers been doing this for nearly three fucking years. Some of you pissed away your common sense and you're "adults." (Ahem Stupid Free, fuckyoulist, and SF_Drama, I am talking to all of you asshols here.) You assholes are wishing I never got a video camera now, but one of my publishers asked me when I would get a camera now I finally got the thing. It would be my weapon in taking all of you down.
    There are a shit load of pissbloggers out there, and a lot of them are starting to come to Xanga and Blogspot. My non-fiction book and my camera are my weapons to get the truth out there about these kind of people, and the question is -- were people like this brought up to be knobsuckers? Or were they dropped on the head when they were babies, but I am thinking The Rusty Nail, Expose The Tard, and Benny-fag were all shaken when they were babies or in Benny-fag's case he was eating one too many paint chips. I think the fucker been eating paint chips while he was going to St. Charles too. I have figured out who pirated my book too, the asshole went on as R and payed the $16.00 that I did charge for the e-book then the asshole passed it around to everyone in the circles of ExposeTheTard, Benny-fag, The Other Dark Place, and other circles who freely think piracy is the wave of the future. Piracy of books also equal to the shit that people do with this 13 year old girl too, it wouldn't cross my mind that the same people who went around doing the things they did to this girl would go around doing piracy rings too.
    I wonder where Koehler's older brother got the money for his Delorean, I know he was prostituting his sister in one of the mountain's read light districts. I guess the red flagging my company by P&E came from that too, I guess the fucker needs to take his head out of his ass to realize what is going on here. Bunch of morally bankrupted assholes who made the industry as their little plaything when I refused to play by their rules they decided to do this media blackout even doing the very same thing this Myspace Mom had done. I guess the pigfucker is also going to the same extent as this too to come up with the bullshit lie that I threatened his family. Even my radical insults been put into scrutiny too and the pissblogger behind them, goes as far as threatening to e-mail every publisher to run my work. I am no means a racist just that I was pushed too far on a particular day. I am not a racist just have a real contempt for cuban coyotes who come into this country putting Blue Blooded Americans out of work. I am even using this to address the message boards that used threads and various pages on the threads to make me look like some kind of fucking criminal too. You fucks have no real morals, Lincoln you are just as guilty as the bitch who egged the girl to go kill themselves. I was brought up never ot hit a lady, but I would think nothing of having Susan Taylor locked away for the shit she's done to my family. I was actually tempted to do an anonymous phone call to have her kids taken away from her. I am pointing to this thread in referrence. Bennet, you fucking asshole -- what kind of example are you setting for your students that's fine to do the same thing that fucked up lady did.
    Just die already you fucking assholes. It is book burning sack of shits like this that piss me off the worst the fact that they came up with the hoax about the tin foil, no I didn't even buy into it either. I didn't publish the stories on a particular cunt's website either. I should have guessed that was some of those cunt's pranks too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

You fucks think I am laying low, you're sadly mistaken. The fact you maliciously got my livejournal shut down was proof of this and I will fight this tooth and nail. I am guessing Ben was a bastard to my step-cousns too. Did he piss away his common sense or something, I guess the 47 year old twat pissed away hers. I will say on record that ExposeTheTard and Rusty Nail are now working together, and seems like it more than ever now.
    The fact she is becoming more hard up for attention that her boyfriend can't give her at home so she goes for her dead brother's ashes the attention as in she's mounting the urn. ExposeTheTard is also a stiff fucker in that sense of the word because they freely violate every copyright and creative property I have. The fact will be are they willing to go under a lie detector test to explain why they are so willing to destroy more than one person in the process. You assholes are now wishing I never obtained a video camera. Because I am about to rip apart every single one of their networks in the process. This will all to to the press and it will take the bitch to hell.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seems like someone got their feelings hurt by that piss blog rant and they had me reported for abuse on LiveJournal. Friedrich you douchefaggot, quit walking around like you had a harpoon shoved so far up your ass you're throwing up the shit that was supposed to be exiting your ass. Something that wasn't posted in detail on livejournal but done on video.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More For The Rusty Cocksmoker

Friday, May 9, 2008

Listen Assholes: Burn This!

I am quite enraged by the cunts who thought burning my books on video was the funniest thing you've done. I am not laughing and personally I would pay to see someone kick the living fuck out of you. Suck my hunting rifle you sad bitch. I am not in the fucking mood for your goddamn NAZI like behavior. Nothing but a sad display of morons who have nothing better to do with their time.
    When people do shit like that it really pisses me off to no fucking end. That puts you back almost 60 years in history to what Adolf Hilter had done by burning books. Let me make sales and get readers like any other writer out there. Mielke you're not off the hook for this one, you might say you're from Scotland but your mentality towards me says your from Nazi Germany. Don't even call yourself a Brit if you have that mentality. You're disgracing your country of Scotland ya das cunt.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Of Spiders 3 vs. Lost Souls -- HoS3 wins.

You want to make a little bet on that Poppy. Your Career for Rusty shutting the fuck up and letting me gain submissions. Poppy you’re a bitch that I wish was washed away in the hurricane. Now I am looking for that little rowboat to send you now. That lifejacket that I was threatening to buy you over the years, you’re going to be the proud owner of that one. Learn to swim bitch. Learn to swim.

You’re still burned by the joke I made at your expense. I was scared by the tornado touching down about 12 blocks from the hotel, just a little stunned at how close it was not to mention it picked up speed and did more damage in Utica, Illinois. You got a lot of nerve you cunt. I will see you in hell. (The thing that scared me was how the fuck that same tornado picked up speed and touched down in UTICA after not doing that much damage in Joliet. But as scary as it is, it is just normal part of living in Illinois. As normal as our fucking blizzards. You fucked with me on the wrong fucking day bitch, this time around your career will see is premature burial.)

I will tell you what, I am going to get a couple copies of Tabloid Purposes IV carried down in New Orleans. I am willing to bet your career that you will see to it that my books never get carried. Hell my work’s been good enough to get in a couple paying mags.

I sold to a few small press science fiction magazines here and there Brite, while you retired from horror you’re still writing for faggots. IF you hate this country so much, get the fuck out then and move to Cuba or somewhere more fag friendly. I’ve busted my ass in the short four years to get stories published in different small press and paying magazines, I’ve paid my fucking dues.

Piss bloggers like Rusty Nail make me fucking sick. It is people like you that make it hard for people like me even to establish a story or a readership legitimately. Melissa shut the fuck up, I don’t what care what the fuck you were considering yourself to be a he/she/an it. You’re just as fucked up as the fruit that calls itself Rowan.

Fuck you and the virus you rode in on. I’ve been down to NOLA back in 2002, and believe me Chicago is more haunted than NOLA ever is. You cost me one friend up here Brite. I am going to say what I am going to say because right now you crossed me one too many times and your asshole faggot friend from San Fan (yeah that fat fuck Darren, the loser in a dress.)

Have you even read Tabloid Purposes IV Melissa? Don’t ever underestimate me Poppy. The only reason you’re out there because of your precious faggots. If you didn’t have the faggots you have nothing, you’re not rich neither am I but goddamn — I will rather go to hell than let a pair of coke snorting dykes sabotage what I worked so damn hard to get on my own. No fucking agents or any thing like that — I got there on my own. Published in a number of paying mags and a few small press mags. Those were hard fought victories Poppy.

House of Spiders 3 smoked everything you wrote. Besides there is more to horror than faggot vampires. (As we say in the Midwest, blood sucking fudgepackers.)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fuck Off Expose The Tard

Seems like the shemale sisters will stop at nothing at my utter destruction, and I will sound off on a particular editor who've also made it their mission too on this too. It seems like she's just as guilty as the assholes who were holding the match and holding the torch that completely destroyed Tabloid Purposes II and IV. Along with fucks from stupid free. It shows how far they'd go with their eighth grade educations. The bitch been going way back from my old community postings again to steal what ever she can steal, what a bitch.
    Looks like you've been finger fucking Benny-Fag once again too. Barnes you green faced faggot, back off. I guess you've been on a fucking warpath again since you had some meth in your veins again. You're nothing but a bitch who sabotaged one of my publications and even then you failed. Where are your fucking publishing credits and publishing history mother fucker, you call yourself a "professional" writer just a shithole blogger who hides behind fake names and fake pictures. I don't hide behind anything you assholes. Piss on you mother fucker, sounds like you chimed in again like some flaming faggot. Seems like you've been sucking williedoit's cock.
    Those book burnings were not self made, fucking nazi mother fucker. If you have the balls and show up face to face then mention the book burning I will put you into the ground mother fucker. Book burning around me is an automatic ass kicking. Liberal Faggot Bitch.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pacione vs. Preditors & Editors

Fuck You!

P&E is not impressed with their editor's recent behavior toward writers.

It is safe to say that the owner of Preditors & Editors is on a rampage right now because of my e-mail statements made towards him. I am going to present this in a public setting and ask him this question. Does he think seeing my books get burned on is funny? If he does that would really fuck his case up and the person who is sueing him, more power to her on that one. I want him to address his sources for the letters he received. I know that he's getting them from the son of a bitches who have done the most damage to my company.
     If anyone did the most damage to Lake Fossil Press in the past two years is this asshole. Another Realm isn't exactly a good source for fiction either. I really do think he takes bribes from Leisure Books and other places not to really give people who give the backbone to the horror genre and those are the authors who put everything out themselves. The fucker on there is another McKeeman, and believe me people like McKeeman won't last in this business. I think people like him... need to take his head so far out of his ass right now because all he smells is shit.
     One of those holy soldiers with Nazi looks because he may as well been the asshole holding the match that set torch to the second Tabloid Purposes. I was biding my time with this asshole, just waiting for the right timing to say what I am going to say. I am rooting on the person who is sueing them and for my sake I hope she wins. He's only printing half the story there and won't let me tell my side of it. The hostility towards writers is toward the naysayers and one of those naysayers happens to be a local faggot who works at Rush University Hospital. The fucker lamblasted my work while I was in the hospital and that I asked the loser if he had AIDS yet.
     Two words -- Fuck You. I saw that ExposeTheTard is having her fun, and she can go fuck herself for that matter. I wonder if she gets sexual favors from Preditors & Editors. Maybe if Preditors & Editors didn't red flag me when he did I might have a little more successful deal as a small press, but fucks like him are just a setback. The Rusty Nail likes to document my every fail but looks like I am about to document some of hers. It also looks like the piss blogging exploits of Sf_Drama on livejournal are being known once again, and some shitty twat personality is trying to ride on the coat tails of this too. I can see this being something that will make my life online a living hell, and my writing life too will either go two ways. But I am not going to let something like this distract me. I should do something with that pic to game to show them what it feels like to be on the receiving end. It seems like the Hilter Youth is alive and well in the United States, and they are practicing their bullshit again on I will ask this question to the owner of Preditors & Editors, does he actually support book burning? I think this bitch supports book burning in any form, especially when my work is involved -- Nazi Cunt guised as a Goth.
     Fucks like this can spend the rest of their lives in prison eating ground glass because that's what they do to people who do acts of Nazism. I wonder if the owner of Preditors & Editors did one too many lines of coccaine to realize that I am not the bad guy here, just what I say been twisted around to make me look like a villian when people will be quicker to believe a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica than something I would say out right.

Friday, May 2, 2008

a lot of nerve of one cunt

Rusty Nail can go finger fuck herself with her dead brother's ashes for this post, suggesting that I should burn my entire fucking catalog and piss on it then load it to Fuck you bitch. Beresford you're a sad cunt and hope you choke on all the fame you're about to get. I hope you die of something nasty, or get shoved over the Brooklyn Bridge face first. I will tell her this much, fuck you and the virus you rode in on. Do you give your transgendered mother head with that mouth? Fucking She-male cunt. Find yourself some cynide and eat it.