Sunday, October 26, 2008

Willing to go on a limb here

And say that Michelle Lee never even read the Tabloid Purposes series or when she did she obtained them as a pirated copy in some form. The very fact she comments in a bad light about me on The Crusty Liar on a regular basis and her best friend happens to be the cunt who now wants to see Tabloid Purposes fold. Yeah that is wishful thinking on their part about The Ethereal Gazette too – I would rather have the magazine come out late than not at all. If she was going to be a fair and balanced reviewer she would actually pick up Tabloid Purposes IV and do a story by story review of the book instead of going on a liar's website and buy into the shit they say about me on there. What they say is proving my articles more valid by the day; especially the one called
Internet Trolls: When The Family Gets Involved

Her professionalism is something that is lacking in that department if she is willing to send private e-mails I sent to her over to The Crusty Rail. I've seen what they did to the non-fiction book and the asshole who is going around encouraging people to pirate my articles too – saying don't go to Associated Content but to the sites that have the scanned articles available instead. I just can't believe that the dyke from the east coast is offering scans of House of Spiders 3 – what the hell? You call that a professional practice of offering stolen copies of a novella. I am willing to bet that Michelle Lee and Jodi Lee actually encourage that practice as long it is someone not published on their roster.

Lake Fossil Press will not close what so ever despite the fact that Preditors & Editors are constantly pissing down my back and the back of every one man publishing operation out there. I will ask this of the owners of P&E, have you douches even read the anthologies or the magazine? Ever since I got published and sold to magazines some of them been on a warpath to ruin every submission effort I made. The f act one person actually offered pirated copies of I.O.W.A when the story wasn't even finished yet – I already know who did it because he uses an account on The bastard made a half-assed attempt at a story for Tabloid Purposes: Book Five when the story didn't even fit the complete guidelines of the anthology.

It's a fucked up thing that some of them would go as far as doing.

They actively are trying to dig up my private phone number so they can throw it up on a website without my permission. Well the hell with you. I've been busy writing up on SHITSTORM, and knowing the efforts of Michelle Lee, and she made this clear that none of my work will get positive exposure. The politics piss me off in this business. When her associate is calling a book signing I am about to be doing imaginary; I dare some of you to actually show up and protest the damn thing. I would love to see this happen and watch WMAQ make assholes out of you on national television.

Michelle let me address to you directly; you call yourself a reviewer who is a professional. Well when my name is tossed into the mix you prove yourself to be a total cunt and seem to have your head shoved so far up Jodi Lee's ass. Does it smell good up there? You have your head shoved so far up their ass cheeks that all you smell of the world around you is dog shit. When I am trying to do is make a few dollars with my own work, these bastards go around violating every copyright imaginable. I am willing to bet they actually go around obtaining pirated Hollywood features too.

When you bastards go after my projects it pisses me off, and when you all take turns offering copies of my non-fiction book. I am willing to bet that some of you reviewed copies of a book that is published by a self-publisher from Effort, PA, favorable guised behind a name of a company named for a part of one of her novels. I am willing to go on a limb saying that Michelle Lee and Louise Bohmer are closet basement dwellers along with the basement dwelling fuck from Evansville, Indiana.

The fact that I am doing more columns as well as writing new fiction stories, just waiting for the files I need to put the magazine together and activate Paperport 11. Since doing that system restore to the factory condition. I managed to get all sorts of fonts these days so I can actually make the magazine look cool. But with that being said, I really think Michelle Lee has never read books published by or other means, it shows that she's a discriminatory bitch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New articles written

I just submitted these out and just waiting to see what happens with them. The douche behind ExposeTheTard is making it clear that they do support piracy in any form. The very fact that it's twin dummy had pirated Nature of the Cybertroll on a few occasions and another asshole stole each article. Looks like the trolls got themselves accounts on Associated Content so they can take turns in taking a collective shit on my name. They hate when I link each article because it does put them on the spot. I am still writing on the short stories despite them doing everything in their power to keep me from getting distracted but that isn't happening because I got the articles done and one of them is about the attempt of a small press to pirate the shit out of House of Spiders 3.
     The bitch that is wanting to pirate House of Spiders 3 is none other than Janrae Frank. She said on a blog that she was offering scans of my novella. Really is that professional, but I guess she's doing that to settle the score on Angeline because she hated the fact that I sold a novella to her publisher. I guess they are encouraging the fuckers to go around pirating everything I put out there just so I don't get a single dollar from each sale and they profit from the idea that they are breaking the law. I guess I am more enraged that is going around stealing everything now but then again that is typical of The Something Awful set. The DJ that dyed his hair blonde in Chicago is involved with them now in some way and now since that happened he's been on a warpath since I got the article out there. I guess he's part of the set that is playing the sick game of invasion of privacy. I am going to treat him just like the rest of the goons out there, worst than shit.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Scottish Pubic Hair responds

I am editing this for Americanized content. In case you don't understand what the Scottish Pubic Hair was saying. This was received in my comment system on here so I can respond accordingly. Yeah the comments originally were calling me a coward but I am just playing it smart here. Is that a way to speak to one an author who got published alongside with you?
    Damn it I can't even say Scottish Public Hair without cracking out. Yeah I guess the fuck off would end up coming down the line somewhere. This asshole just put himself in the same line as the shithead from Wales. Well I guess they were taking turns snorting her dead brothers ashes on a mirror. Your little friend stole the articles and you commented on them, that you're guilty by association asshole. You also encouraged the piracy of my books fucker. I will not apologize for any of my statements unless you apologize for encouraging the piracy of my non-fiction book.

"If you want to accuse me of theft, come and do it somewhere where you allow comments to be shown you disturbed little prick

Accuse me of theft one more time and I'll sue your hairy ass from here to eternity.

Fuck off, Asshole"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Articles Published, and working on new stories.

Seems that ExposeTheTard can't do a post without stealing someone's content; I guess she's mad because Nature of the Cybertroll got published on Associated Content, and The 20 Foot Cockroach decided to get published on there ripping into me. There area few who out there are doing this and taking turns doing so. They decided they were going to try to alienate some of my friends and steal my content from facebook for their own amusement.

They're going around committing acts of copyright theft, just so they can get away with it. There is a new law that just passed, and I am guessing the uncle fucker calling themselves ExposeTheTard pirates movies too in the theater. You saying you know me, you don't know me mother fucker. I managed to find I.O.W.A. and working on SHITSTORM, and being these assholes are getting into my facebook account and violating copyrights, it is a load of bullshit. Seems that The Crusty Rail is going around stealing my blog entries and actually had the gall to do screenshots of my articles then another faggot going and stealing the article point blank.

People like them had failed time and again at life so they have to go around stealing entries on facebook and the other places. Don't they have respect of something called privacy – I guess the right to privacy is something they have no respect for so one of their new friends is trying to get my private phone number and seeing if he can post it without my permission. Keep trying asshole. For him to steal two articles and post them on his fucking website, that will prove the shut down that I am looking for of him. Also looks like the Cunt named Jennifer Wagner decided to steal TABLOID PURPOSES and make parody stories of each anthology entry and stealing my story SPECTRAL EXILE – word for word plagiarisms of the story.

I noticed that the Scottish Pubic hair decided to post about the stolen articles in a light that promotes e-piracy. The fucker chimed in and encouraged the fuck to steal the articles that I got published over there – he stole three articles and yeah that will be his funeral in that sense, prepare to bury your website loser.

The sad thing I think with these assholes like ExposeTheTard is they are basement dwellers whose life is entirely online. The very fact one of them posted I.O.W.A. in a comment thinking the person who did this is an asshole who calls himself a certain handle on thinking he wants to get into TABLOID PURPOSES when I read his story, the story didn't even fit the guidelines.

I guess the person who stole the article Nature of the CyberTroll is the child molester behind those pictures who decided to terrorize my family with the attempt at a death threat. I am not remotely distracted from working on my stories just that I got some of them reworked into something larger. The plagiarists are out in full force and it is pissing me off to no end. They are entitled to hate me but they don't have the right to go stealing my content to do so. Is that a failed attempt to break me – fuck off.

I guess Benny fag is another one who can't come up with original ideas to take a shit on me because he's too busy sucking his mother's wrinkled tit. Yeah you know you can't come up with anything legit on your own; you got your family involved with your trolling activities so that got my article published – the more clout each article gets that will be what I get in my pocket too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More threats of Copyright Infringement from this dick.

"Screenshots of every motherfucking article Fuckione ever wrote coming up on tonight. Hell, I’ll even copypaste the entire festering shitheap of his into a document for y’all to download.

And five golden bonus points to whomever can dig up the new telephone numbers of Nickolaus A. Pacione & granny (my grandmother's name withheld) in Morris, Illinois and pass them on to me in private, either as forum PM or mail to autoaim [at]”

Want to play a game of tag, Nicky? I’m game… Mind you, I’ll use a fucking chainsaw to tag you though, you impotent sack of failure in pseudo-human form."

That's the last thing you want to do son. That douche is beyond pissed you sent a doctored picture of an asshole pointing a gun to my head. You're pissed off because I decided to screen shot the blog entry, and for the record I didn't give out that phone number you douche's posted up there. You mess with my entire family son I will take that trip to Finland just to knock you into the Artic Ocean. That's a clear threat to my family pal. What you going to do fly the States to yourself just to make my life a living hell? You know nothing about Americans.
    To use the articles you have obtain permission from Associated Content to use them. Good luck getting that permission. That's going to be the thing that bury's your site. I can tell you all right now what this douche wants my blood for, the article I wrote called The Nature of a CyberTroll, and I think harbors people like that. This bastard is going to choke on his ill gained fame.
    I am going to take a shit on his grave when he dies. That fucker is now obsessed with my ruin that he wants to do it himself. I guess Pathogen is the one who will get the brunt of this one. Since he likes to get jumped in. These assholes are trying too hard to jump on my grave and I am not dead yet. I have no plan for dying anytime soon. Going after my damn family, mother fucker I am coming after you. Back off my family dickhead. I am the person you want, they did nothing to you.
    Looks like that asshole from who edited all those shitty pictures of me is still at it too and yeah he's got a account too trying to make me look like something I am not. HE's a refugee who doesn't have a pot to shit in. It's clear that the asshole likes to go around pirating books and I am guessing he is one of this asshole's suck buddies.

In the 11 years I've been online

I only had to change servers only three times. I am just getting everything set up for getting a laptop so I can be mobile with running Lake Fossil Press that means when I am signing books I can edit the other anthologies. I wouldn't care if I got a refurbished laptop with Windows XP as long it has Open Office and Word on the same deal. Just give me a vehicle to edit my photographs and allow them to be the covers and then I am good to go.
     A few assholes got mad and decided to force me off one server saying I had a lot to blame for it, that's bullshit and they know it. Then this bastard who went around stealing one of my characters and saying it got copyrighted for a game -- the first name Nick is a common first name but the long version of that name is not always common. Kane is a very common last name. I noticed that one person from SomethingAwful is pissed off that I got two connections that I will be doing all in my name. I don't have the cell phone but I got wireless internet. I am going to use both connections as needed -- one to upload books with and the other to upload multi-media.
     Seems like the little bastard brags about sneaking into one of my projects but I don't think he's in my anthologies. I already checked and will be getting the fifth book next month before a few planned signings. Some might be saying I load a few books in a backpack and take them to the show. They got it wrong. I wish I had someone helping me with the driving side of things (almost need a truck to get back and forth for signings.) I have each box loaded up 80lbs each. I am carrying at least 75% of my bodyweight there. And up and down stairs to boot on the L.
     This is why I am considering getting a P.O. Box in Chicago too when I do signings, the plan would be go there during the week of the signing and then when it gets there go pick up the mail at the P.O. Box and answer mail at the hotel that I will stay at. This is when I live in a hotel or a hostel for a few days out of a month. (Though I am starting to feel a little old to be staying in hostels. It would been a better arrangement at 26 years old, but now here I am in my early thirties.) A more suitable arrangement will be a central area where it is not far from the CTA or anything like that.
     That will be the start of the furniture search too, and storage space for it. Yeah storage will be a bitch but it's almost needed becausE I do live in a full house. I know that I will be getting another apartment again eventually, a matter of when and trying to find something based on my income as long it doesn't look like a total dive. Digital TV, damn that's also a possiblity too. When I get on my own again I will have DSL and wireless. I did have one of those Tracphone, but that died on me so I am thinking for this purpose of going to the city I would need to establish another phone again to get things going. Prepaid means I am not going to be paying the damn roaming charges (that's what killed me in Iowa.) Rural area and living above a bar (the place is no longer there too. I wonder what happened to the owners -- perhaps they burned the place down and get the insurance money from it.)

Dial Up Sucks

Can't do anything really interactive yet with this blog or with main website until I get Verizon in here; managed to prove the bastards who got me off the high speed wrong because I got Tabloid Purposes: Book Five out when planned but a little later than I wanted to put it out. The failure of dial-up internet is the slow uploads; I am getting Verizon in the house well when I get it I can take the connection with me when I get it fired up. There are six USB ports on my computer, and I will be getting two more multi-ports which were carried over from my old computers. (Bought the monitor from Wal-mart for $128.00. I published the first two books on dial-up but I used broadband to publish the latter sequels.)
      My monitor from the desktop was the relic from my Windows 98 years from when I first edited Tabloid Purposes One, but it could go back a little further because I kept my computer at the house when I was at the apartment. The computer that fell apart was given to me but if you were to sell the thing at a pawn shop, you could only muster up about $80.00. I was checking the bank account and seeing where I am at – looks like it is a go in that department. I am trying to pay AT&T ahead of time because I didn't see my first bill yet. I am one of those who gets the paper bill format but trying to pay it over the phone. (Would be cool seeing at least an $80.00 credit towards the bill, and that is a good thing.
      Pay in advance as how I want to get this set up. Russo fucked up my Comcast account when she didn't return the box and the modem. That account at the apartment was in my name.) I am trying to get all the bills set up on the 3rd of the month or the second of the month if the 3rd falls on a Sunday.
      When I get Verizon in place, this will free up my phone – and will use the dial up as an emergency system. I tested out the wireless style internet, and managed to like what they have to offer. I am rather pleased I at least got one of my articles published before the connection got separated. I saw that someone was taking shots at the place which published my article and one of them published an answer article of their own to the ones I published on there. I just paid up one of the writers on Tabloid Purposes: Book Five – I felt bad that she had to pay $25.00 for a copy of the book she was in so I gave her $26.00 for her story. There are 15 authors and they will be paid intervals of six starting November since the book is just out. The authors are paid via PayPal and right out of my own pocket. The more clout I get for the article that could be dinner in Chinatown for the articles – if some of my articles manages to pay for Chinese when I go out, then that would be a good day in my book. I am looking at just under $60.00 for Verizon a month and that is unlimited access and this will be portable so the groundwork to get a laptop will be there. I get that laptop set up or even a blackberry, then I would be able to set up the online catalog at a signing so if I don't have enough back stock they can always order from the website itself.
      The way I am setting this up is I am also preparing for my own place too which means when I get ready to move eventually I will already have the internet and phone when I move in. I will also get digital television too because this is almost something that will be enforced by law now that all television sets must have digital. This is looking good here too – already have my eyes set on a nice futon, been looking around too for places based on my income. What I want to see happen is have unlimited internet access and not paying a mint for it. I think $60.00 is a steal if you get wireless internet and they told me it is unlimited access. This might give me a second chance at getting a cell phone too – the possibilities there to make this a mobile outfit. Meaning I will have a P.O. Box this month, my wireless internet will be in effect in a few days. This will allow me to have outside communication and able to make this computer multi-media friendly again.
      Netzero is handy don't get me wrong for under $20.00 a month, but what I am doing these days is I need something at least Cable modem or faster. That faster is going to happen today. I am smiling wide here. They might have said they succeeded in getting my internet shut down for awhile but I don't see this as a total failure because this is the first time in years I've been in the positive with my bank account. (I am just fucking tired of my cousin ribbing on me for using Dial-Up.) A little annoyed that Chase swallowed up another one of my banks that I had; that's bank number three they swallowed. I had First Chicago, Bank One, and now WaMu. I never really liked TCF to begin with. I liked one bank I had but lost it because of one of the ex-room mate's biggest fuckups. Making it impossible to use a debit card too so I ended up changing banks to Washington Mutual using my birthday money to open the account. I want to say to Washington Mutual is thank you for hanging around. Chase – you have to put up with me now because I am a WaMu Customer.
      Who is to blame really for me losing access to Comcast? Not really myself, but I have to say one asshole who was pissed off at the fact he got in trouble for violating my copyright on another article I wrote for so he wanted to get a little payback in there by giving the abuse contact information for Comcast – that fucker is to blame for it happening so I am trying to keep commenting on asshole bloggers to a minimum because I am not going to risk losing these accounts too. The reason I don't have my own account with Comcast is because of the ex-room mate failing to return the box and modem then opened her account using the modem saying, "I already do have a modem and box." I didn't really have to change servers a few times, but Earthlink I let go because of money problems – and that will be paid off within the next month too seeing if I can get that going as one of the backups for my wireless.
      If you're a small press publisher using, broadband is your best friend in promoting a book. Then you got jokers like these who go around violating your copyrights, oh let's see what did that one used to be – the screencaps of my article The Nature of the Cybertroll. I can say this much – never underestimate the drive of those trolls because they are the ones who are the most hellbent and some of them took over publishing companies and their people skills are something to be desired especially when they are in their late thirties to early forties. A few of them being failures in their current state of career so they go after writers who are just trying to claw their way up there. Pisses me off that she even got honorable mention because I am guessing she was sucking the editor's dick.