Thursday, August 23, 2007

more details on the book itself now.

Hard to believe I managed to reach 45,000 words with the book and this thing I am aiming to make it at least 70,000 words by October. I will say I got an e-mail from a publisher interested in running the book when it is finished. I sent this publisher a sample of what was already done and that was the 1990-1991 section of the book. This thing has a lot of insight to how I think, and I guess some of the trolls are still guessing about the book. I am going to piss off the wank community now too. I will say that The Other Dark Place committed the P-word now not me. They're the ones posting my fiction without permission. I will say this the person who invoked fandom wank to stalk the hell out of me managed to plagiarize characters from Marvel Comics.
     Now dickhead, I know you accuse me of stealing stories from an author I have a lot of respect for -- at least my work is original, mother fucker. Before you blast on me for self-publishing my work blast on this bitch for stealing X-men Characters. My original works are comic book ready in some ways but this bitch shouldn't even have access to a word processor. So with that being said what gives you losers the right to post my fiction on your forums? Do you have any respect for copyrighted material (you want to comment on this use the form below.) I guess Elizabeth Peake and her friends have no respect of anything I've written to the point they would steal it and post it on the forum. I noticed dickhead did post the google search of my book and magazine. They don't allow the whole preview of the books on there so I guess the magazine is still needed to be purchased to read the stories in it.
     You assholes have no permission to post my works on your forum so I suggest it isn't a good idea to do so. Angeline, what if someone decided to post your stories up without your permission? That is exactly what you fucks are doing to my works too asshole and Koehler, I've read your story on Covenhouse you two-bit slut -- it sucks. You assholes want to know who's reputation gets dirtied up in this book keep guessing bitches.
     Oh by the way Marlowe1, listen up you libeling fag -- I've paid the authors in Tabloid Purposes and Tabloid Purposes II, so do you want to keep libeling my books. You are just mad because I am seeing publication of my works outside of now. I will say this the non-fiction book will be the death of you man, keep libeling me you have more fuel added to the fire. I am just trying to get books sold like the next guy -- it is immoral what you're doing and it goes against your entire belief system. Thou shall not steal, and you're stealing from my pocket you pushy little fag.