Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the book progress now

The non-fiction book is now 72 pages and rising from there (after formatting the book.) The actual word count is 34,700 words and climbing from there. If I was on the skids, then how would they explain the recent publications featuring fiction and non-fiction from me. I already see the shit storm brewing with the book in progress and the hate mail coming in such as calling me a son of a bitch and all of that. I am smiling to when the book comes out finally which I am looking for a november release with this book if not sooner. I wanted it sooner, but I am aiming for a early 2008 if anything. The fact it will take this long to flesh everything out. The 1990-1991 part right now is 24,000 words alone. Writing this in parts instead of chapters made this a faster write and it is a sarcastic little bugger too.

I noticed that the naysayers aer wanting to get advanced copies of this book every chance they get -- you know that won't happen you little assholes you have to buy it like everyone else. This book is already the same size as the novella I co-wrote. The first version of this book didn't even see the 30,000 length. So I would love to imagine the dirty looks some are going to give me for writing this book. Koehler keep guessing bitch because you know nothing about me or the projects I edit, just that you bash them because my name is attached to them. If it was someone else editing a project of a similar nature you'd be quick to buy the book. I would never buy your books, in fact read part of SLAYER and thought it sucked.

You're just a little trainwreck anyway. I noticed that you were whining the worst about the interview. Another one I noticed got pissed off about the interview is Bob Freeman (Listen mother fucker -- you will never get a sale from me of your book. I would rather buy books published on Iuniverse than your titles. You'll know where I will be if you want to tell me to fuck off or punch me in the head.) And news will be with the Lake Fossil Press publication itself -- after October I can offer the larger rates that I was paying in the beginning (including anthology bonuses.)

You guys on previous publications I do owe out some money, and copies -- will be mailing out a contributor copy plus the issue that followed it. I am sending a misprint edition of issue five (this was a beta that I had.) I am trying to get stocked up for an event. I am trying to make sure I have copies of the anthology and a few of the magazines handy for it. Then I can get some drawings going for sites that I wrote on over the years too. I won't announce the guidelines of the contest yet but I am going to be making notes that this book I am working on is making people nervous. Koehler you have every reason to be nervous you cheap White Wolf Role-playing fan fic writer. You get fucking paid for writing fan fiction.