An Author Bullied

Article by Nickolaus A. Pacione

My name is Nickolaus Pacione, and I am the subject of a number of cyberbullies online. The most recent one is been put in charge of a forum that I also co-moderate. I am trying to tell the administrator about this cyberbully and he said he would keep his eyes open. There is so much some people can do about these types and I’ve dealt with them from the beginning. The sick thing about it is that some of the cyber bullies go around trying to say they support a fake staff change of my magazine and publishing company. I’ve been so far with it and there is so much that I am able to do with it.
      I’ve been pushed around too much by people in the business and one of them did an article called “when horror meets crazy.” I got a lot of trolls bullying me on different websites, and when they saw the article I put out there they had me banned from the website because I was telling the truth. It bothers them when the truth is told, and it seems like when ever I tell the truth they throw the word libel in my face.
      Some of them would create domains and threads saying “Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press” and a few others would go as far as to plagiarize my stories and properties to make them something they’re not. I got a lot of malicious reviews of my books because they would do it for their sick amusement. I try to tell my story, and did with An Eye In Shadows and they would actually pirate the fucking book right before it went out. I’ve been harassed by the ex-financee to this day and she contributed to the endless libel of my name and endless libel of my company.
      I’ve been on the receiving end of it from the ones who go around writing fan fiction exclusively especially from a shitty fandom blog site called I got the most flack from the staff of this blog and they would go and steal my work and post it on a wiki site they would have out there and call me names like a psychotic asshole. Then they would do everything within their power to cause harassment on other websites too. I’ve been bullied online for a good long time and by people who think that heterosexuality is wrong in their eyes.
      When they go calling me every name in the book and distribute my works and do malicious reviews saying they are wasting their money on a project – that is an act of bullying on their part and I’ve been bullied by both genders. The ones that bully me the worst are the ones who hide behind having no picture and a fake name. Then I got this one joker who created a fake profile of me saying that the profile has me as a homosexual when I am not any of those things. There are some things I wish I was truly making up.
      It’s that kind of thing that really disturbs me in every sense of the word, especially when the cyberbullies come on as sock puppets. I remember on another message board that author Brian Keene, had a sock puppet account on when I called Brian Keene a cunt and a pussy he e-mailed me in a few hours seeing that and was royally pissed. I did my research on this. The handle of Lokust created a new account immediately after getting suspended from
      This person started up on me back in 2003, and this was when I lost my account. I got thrown off for the second time in 2008 because I exposed someone as being a cyber bully and using their real name too. I figured out who he was and found his phone number so on a writer’s hunch, I called that number and tracked him down. One of the bullies is an author of the book Pedestrian Wolves, named J. Grant and with the tag “the dancing abortion.”
      What I tell here and now is a horror story of sorts but I wish I was making all this up. When e-zines and publishing houses fall right into their hands, they the trolls and cyberbullies made a vow if I got vocal with what they’re doing they will harass every would be magazine into dropping something I wrote or have written. One of the bullies is Robert Baupauder when he puts his byline on something I wrote or been trying to write. When they go around putting a half naked schmuck on a unicorn outfit saying he’s the face of my pen name. Then I get the ones who go on as my characters Thomas Jode and Todd Hollins saying they are not exactly who they say they are.
      Todd Hollins is really the alter ego of a blogger who calls herself I came up with Todd Hollins for House of Spiders and another coming on as Thomas Jode via -- I am not amused by any of it.
      Calling me a dictator when I was doing preventing measures from the criminal element of the forum from doing their smear brigades. I was studying this with a writer’s eye and I will say this much, Todd Hollins is my creative properties in terms of the novella House of Spiders 3 and the short story House of Spiders. So when I saw that HorrorGal is doing with the character, that’s cyberbullying in the highest reguard. When they steal your characters and do it in a malicous way, then that's bullying -- doing it where they would promote the page that tells the most lies about someone or violate their copyrights then hide behind the fair use umbrella.
      What the character on is doing is an act of cyber bullying in the degree of him inventing a personality of “Dick Sinu.” Then “Hose Canusee” saying that my job is getting the coffee for these assholes when my true job is I am the publisher of the imprint. I say what stays and what goes. Then there are some other fake names that are placed in the listing that would be on one site. I saw what some of these people are doing first hand via
      It shows how far they go with what they can get away with on there. I am on a mission to prove that the person who calls himself Todd Hollins that he’s not exactly who he is or what he is. It’s an invented persona by a blogtroll, and those are worst than message board trolls. Every nightmare become of the person encountering this sort of thing and especially more so on xanga and The whole damn thing is disturbing and is a scary place when you bring those demons to the surface.
      The moderators on the board also incide a lot of bullying and already have infractions by saying it. I haven't incited drama as what James Fletcher claimes. I am not going to add the other moderator because he is really a cyberbully and the way he carries himself hides that fact I bring to the table. I will not be silenced by this at all, I am going to take action and see to it that he's pulled off period. The faceless loser named AngryInIllinois is going around making my voicemails live because I am pressing charges on him.
      I will not approve the asshole's friendship in fact I will get him taken down from ning before that happens. I will say this much the ones who hide behind the faux veil of Christianity to do so is making them them the worst kind of bully. I will say I left some nasty voice mails but those voicemails are rather provoked. The person uses two phone numbers – one in Seattle and one in New York. I admit that my voicemails got really hostile, and that's because he was bullying my company first – trying to come up with fake names as his contributors as such then one of the moderators is one of the forged names for titles that I wrote and still haven't finished.
      What makes me sick about this is that some editor in chief is also getting into the act about it and for the sake of the articile I will not use her real name but her initials and her last name because in the United States it is a very common last name.. We will call her Sarah Ellise Cox for the sake of the article here, and she is contributing to the cyberbulying by threatening authors who appear on my publication after they were published with her. This would be the name of a character in a new horror story I am writing. The user known as AngryInIllinois had made libelous claims of me threatening him when he made his phone number public in an e-mail address he took up assuming the identity of my magazine. She actively bullied me via my blog and e-mails.
      One of the moderators actually did a personal attack saying I need to find “hooked on phonics” or something of those lines then he puts a chocolate milk icon on his profile page saying that I need some chocolante mith, way to insult my itellegence. The sick thing about this is being he served his country, I have a lot of respect for veterans, but when they go actling like trolls on the internet is when I get my blood boiling. They go around saying they're in control of my publishing company and dangle it like a carrot when I never lost it to begin with.
      I will not approve his friendship on this forum nor I ever will. I also checked him out to see if he was listed in Roselle, Illinois, and there is no one with his name in Roselle, Illinois. This is where the fact checking comes into play and when they say I am the liar, well there is no one by his name in Roselle or the surrounding areas. This one is up there with the one who kept vandalizing my magazine's listing on another website. There is two words for people who are cyber bullies and it is horror target. People like that you throw everything you got at them.
      When I got suspended from chat unjustly, it is slowly stifling what I had to say and what I had to do. It shows what some would do to maintain someone being silent. Going around saying I am the Goon and I am the troll, that's a bit of reverse psychological tactics to make someone look like the bigger asshole than they are. Trying to force me to add him each time when I say something against them, and they say I am entering Gemany 1931 online.
      What they say about this is a half-truth, being when I was in the right. When the loser goes using my angry voicemails on youtube, especially the one where I use the taunt “Let's Play God!” I refused to be bullied at my age, especially since I was the product of being bullied all my life because of one thing or another. Seeing what this person is doing is re-opening another can of worms. There is a picture I illustrate here and it's a true life horror.
      When they don't use their true face to harass people and they do things that push the lines of bad taste and insult someone or assassinate their cahracer – trying to make libelous claims about one's sexaulity, that is the work of a classic cyberbully. When they take your pen names and use them against you, that is an act of a cyber bully at work.
      I don't know what I could do to help tell this story, or why it needs to be told or said – just maybe it could reach one person who've seen the ugly side of the internet first hand. Just some stories are so unbelievable until it happens to them. When this happens in way of the blog, it's also known as yellow journalism or as what I call piss blogging.
      Piss bloggers are assholes who use to get their sick message out there, and they boiled over to places like When the cyberbully is using scripture to back up their reasons to bully someone and use Chocolate Milk as an icon on their profile, they are proving themselves to be the worst than insect shit in my eyes because they are insulting my intellect. They go without reguard of subject matter and libel everything that one does. In other words, they are a monster that lives behind a keyboard.
      They are not supernatural in terms of the evil, the type that horror writers deal with in terms of the paranormal, but the ones who have an abnormal obsession with the subject to the point where they say, “You are merely a hobby of mine while my main career is separate from this.”
      When they say harassing someone or trying to stifle their business, that's rather fucking sick if you ask me. They truly need to find a new hobby instead of chasing someone blog to blog and forum to forum. When I find out who trhis loser really is – and I will find out who they are and will be using their real name in a horror story and send the fucking out to ever magazine people can think of.
      Payback is a bastard, and I find myself in a Catch 22 in scenario too. Some editor-in-chiefs act like total shits when it comes to another magazine or publication they grow to dislke, and they set up the writers of the publication for redicule. Some cyber bullies would go as far as take one's work rewrite the story and make it off as their own using the same titles as the ones one had originally written or altering and rewriting the novella into something it isn't. Someone like Robert Baupader is on a sick powertrip, barring me from chat for telling off his cronies. I've seen this all before on another level.