Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You act like a knob, get treated like one

What the fuck is your problem, you egomaniac? My arguments and issues with the fest, if you had ANY brains, are about fairness to ARTISTS. Since you're a writer I'd assume you wouldn't want to PAY if you were asked by a bookstore to do an autograph signing, right?
You try to start a fight on a forum I maintain, you will get thrown out. Fanale you were acting like a knob not me I won't mention your real name on Livejournal because I don't want to risk losing another account, but at least here I can say exactly what I am thinking. Blogger or my publishers have no control over what I say here, the views on this blog are entirely my own and no matter what I say someone will get offended by it -- now he's crying about it on another community to make me look like the tool here when he was the tool. So yeah you contantly diss me by calling me a fan-fiction writer so how do you expect me to respond, you're damn right I will ban you for it. My e-mail is working fine, prick. My problem is you contantly underminding me -- you never follow the guidelines behind a community and just because I am in charge of a place that doesn't mean you have to be an asshole and contantly test me.

Before you start pissing in someone's cornflakes, think of the aftermath. The fact you're acting like an even bigger douchebag about it motivated me to ban you even more. If anyone is laughing around here it's me. The fact that you started to act stupid, and you pay the price. I tried to be fair with you, you posted your flyers without posting behind a cut tag one too many times also and in that it made you look like the knob.

You're more of a knob than the people who go around stealing my anthologies or trying to railroad my career as an author or as a publisher. So to answer your question doing gigs like this allow me to get my publications out there, doing a nightclub signing allows a different vibe from a bookstore one. The book store gigs will come with time, I am happy with these for the time being.