Thursday, August 30, 2012

I hate people right now

What is it with people wanting to vandalize my page on Amazon with that fucking picture stolen from my website -- I know it is Sheri Gambino doing it and it's making me sick when she does it. The cunt created nickypacione on twitter when I was working on the second namesake to warn people away from it and try to get people convinced that I was David Boyer that is the sickest thing I've ever been accused of -- I may be a lot of things but I am not a fucking plagiarist.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus H. Christ

I have to spell this out to the people who are going on my page--quit anally raping my page trying to make me looking like a damn homosexual and trying to say that Brian Keene is one of my influences. Keene and I hate each other and I consider Sangiovanni a bargan bin hack who doesn't have any small press leverage in the industry. The memoir I wrote actually criticizes both of them and some people thought it was funny to post some libelous tags with the books. The joke's over pal and hope you die of anal cancer for doing it.
     I've busted my ass on the amazon books not to have people mislead from the titles of what they actually are. I am a damn Christian and do not want to be looked at as a writer like what Andrew Wolter is -- I am not like Jerry Sandusky or David Boyer. You vandals are just like Jerry Sandusky and James Holmes rolled into one. That is the worst thing to be called - a child-molesting shooter. Shut up and let people read my work legitimately instead of being the voice of fucking everybody. Each of you is the voice of nobody special, and if you think I am going to be bullied out of the business by each of you. I would like to invite you to say why you want me out of the business to my face when I am in Richmond, if you're a male I would shatter your teeth down your fucking throat. That is like saying that Sheri Gambino sells knock off goods as a sales person.