Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ben McClellan "There Nick goes again, projecting his homophobia, which is possibly covering up his deepest, darkest secret, onto other people.
      Actually, his biggest skeleton in the closet might not be his true sexual identity, but the realization that this fantasy world that he’s created and is trying to force everyone else to live in (or at least recognize as legit) is nothing more than an enormous collection of lies and delusions of grandeur, and Nick deep down knows that his life essentially sucks, and he’s in no position to do anything about it but sneak onto the internet and attack people who already know what a joke he’s been all of his miserable, stupid life.
      This is why I think he needs to be kept off the internet, and away from computers permanently: it’s the only place where he can keep digging that hole deeper and deeper, without a chance to get out of it without looking like a bigger tool once that fantasy world finally implodes.

This is coming from someone who sucks on his mother's left tit all day. I edited the entry for formatting and get my name right. It's Nick or Nickolaus, not nicky, Nikita, or Nikky. I am willing to bet he sucks on someone's dick all day as well as sucking his mother's left tit. IF anyone has a shitty life, it's you. You don't have the balls to use that comment on your LiveJournal as a public posting. I am willing to guess his family are all assholes too, especially the cunt called his mother. You must hate your life enough to go around prodding around and making my life online and writing life a living hell.

Melany you're nothing but a fat pig who gets their jollies off pissing on people's lives who might not have everything. You join with swine who go around pissing on people's lives. LEAVE ME ALONE! What have you got for life, nothing. Just end yours right now. The day your mother died is the happiest day of my life and I am just waiting on your dad to wither away too because he's nothing but a punk.
      You don't even hold a candle to what I've done in my life and I did get published outside of You're going to burn that magazine that I appear in too? I am glad that you left me because you were cramping my style. I just hate you with every bone in my body. You're going to wish all you want to see me locked away but we all know that I got some of my freedom the day you left me. You still want to slap me across my face for what I am saying here, this is my blog and I can say what I wish when I wish. You hold no control over what I say or what I do. Maybe that son isn't even mine.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

For the record

My creative streak is back and the new story that I am writing is coming along nicely. I'm just not going to go posting a story for free just some asshole can steal it word for word. I was not committed when I went to the hospital, I signed myself in back in December. I go away for a few days at a nice hotel with money to burn, I had me a bottle of beer, and a can of SPARKX. If you don't know what that shit is, it's an energy drink with alcohol in it.
      To the fag who said my technology taken away from me, you can go to hell. I am not letting any of you ruin my new creative streak. I've been busy editing the magazine and did a hardcover edition of nn anthology that was available privately. Ben if you're looking for a fight, I am standing here waiting for the day that I can kick you square in the face with a well placed roundhouse kick. You want to fight me pal, or you're just too busy sucking on your mother's left tit. I am standing here. You calling your little coward friends up to pick on me, grow some balls bitch.
      Mark my words, I will put you in the morgue with my bare hands. I can walk too on temp insanity. Going away for few days and going to Shedd Aquarium was my taste of freedom. I don't make threats and you suck on your mother's left tit. My step-cousin told me about people like you and I am willing to bet he kicked your ass all over the halls of the school you went to. Your problem is you can't stand on your own feet to fight with me, you hide behind your recent group of assholes.
      You assholes assume too much when you pick on me like school kids who have an ego to blow up. I am not going away and you can't think for yourselves and don't have the balls to say you hate my guts, or you're just jealous because I did get published wih a couple short stories. I am not some hack you can chew up and spit out. The Rusty Nail for one is a liar, and she can't tell the truth for once about me. One of my other enemies finally shut up and checked out one of my magazines. Ben you should know better but you don't. You yourself threatened to show up at my house. The fact some of you go around making my address public when I want that to be private.