Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mirrored The Curator's Notes

Since the King James Only Movement is trying to put a bug under my ass I decided to do some formatting to my museum curator's notes as this is my namesake anthology mission statement. I am going to be writing a Lake Fossil Press Mission statement as well for Facebook.com. I have a new story up too and had been able to embed my postings from Google Plus finally to Tumblr.com and able to get them seamless and what not. I have a new short story I am working on that's about 5700 words and it's larger than The Pattern of Diagnosis.
     I got all my authored works from when I was with Lulu.com back online which is a good sign all I am waiting for is the introduction for the project I started on Linkedin.com as this is 185 pages without the introduction and will be about 194 pages for an anthology and it will match Issue 10 in the page count.
     I will say this much with the new stories -- I seen a few rejection letters that are very encouraging as in one asked for something else of mine. I got the "not quite for us" rejection letter which is encouraging if you ask me. Well I was looking at the articles that alleged author Megan Fox had a meltdown in The Evolving Earth Exhibit at The Field Museum; is that exhibit still going on? Well I am featured on Gutenberg with a new short story Yest Ye Become One. I seem to be a lightning rod for King James Onlyists these days ans I had banged heads with a couple of them it's bound to happen too from time to time. Nut at the museum vs. the mind behind a horror anthology that became a museum -- I invited her to audit this one to see if she could.

You guys are featured on the curator's section speaking about my namesake anthology along with a documentary about Edgar...

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

See For Yourself...

I will say this much I can show you what's now back online; it was a year ago since I was thrown off Lulu.com but not before I gave them a nice parting shot. Go hang on pinterest if you want what I got back online; as I am working on getting The Condensed Volumes as that might be a good candidate as an Outskirts Books release. I am happy to say I do have a new solo release out there and waiting a year plus for the rest of my ensemble project; well I know one thing it's worth the wait when everyone is in play and in place.
     I wish Blogspot does have a feature where you can do a cut tag like wordpress, tumblr.com or InsaneJournal though I am happy to say I got my new collection ready to go and got my second collection re-issued. Now I hope this one gets a second life on CreateSpace.com with a new story in that collection An Urban Gothic Tale which didn't seem too out of place on that one -- though there are stories in there that have the strong language to keep the faithful coming back for more. The fourth collection as I am going to get the third collection back online shortly as I found all graphics I used originally to create this book and one aspect that really had me thinking how to do the introduction to play up the existence of Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape. If you want the second collection you could go here; Metascape is not recommended for children under 17 because it's very dark and nasty. I will promise this with my readers they are not going to be paying for air when it comes to my work. They will see a physical book either of my own work or anthologies I edit though with Karen Koehler you are paying for air.
     Same case with J. T. because she shelled out a half grand or $800 to publish her book in 2008. You're getting ripped off and the tools I have I can merge pdfs and all that to allow me to work with who I work with now. After returning to the fold; I wish those tools were in play in 2007 or 2008. Persona is a plaything to them as I will go back to what Koehler pulled on Lulu.com as Robert L. Baupder plagiarized Stygian Dealer. She's lying for him too as Brian Keene also did. When it comes to my work; your are not buying air. I have the freebies and my print exclusive; don't judge my print exclusives on my online reads or blogs because it's a different style all together. With Pathogen on his night club events you're paying for air dude. So tell me what would you rather have -- a museum that comes to your home for $8 more than what you're paying to get into Matt's event or something you can carry with you wherever you go that's a conversation piece at one of his events.
     That would be the very real DJ Pathogen from the story Media Darling musical plagiarist. He makes a mockery of artists as Matt (Caustic) apologized to me because of the damage he caused in 2007 and been plagiarized because of the scandal that unfolded after this. What Brian Keene and Karen Koehler had done by denying I was plagiarized is on par to denying The Holocaust occured. This is not an online slapfight when you plagiarize someone that's an invitation to a brawl where the plagiarist will come away missing a few limbs. Media Darling was born out of the rage that I had when I read about the MySpace.com Mom because Pathogen would had harassed someone into killing themselves as he's a follower of that it-of-a-bitch Chris Korda.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

the others are more updated

More often updated are A Publisher's Confessional and An Author's Blog; I've been busy moving shit into CreateSpace.com and going through my files along with new material too. The new material is haunting as hell too to boot. I am looking to finish an anthology and get another filled as fast as possible because when October hits I am planning a 25 year anniversary event for my writing period. 18 years as Writings From The Grave and nearly ten years as a video blogger too. I've with you guys on blogspot.com as long as I was with Diary-X.com in their original run -- you can see occasional reviews on Psyche of a Bipolar since I returned in 2014 after a year hiatus. The challenge I issued on Linkedin.com is the Lock and Key Challenge for short story writers who can do 3000-6800 words and see how fast I can fill a 180 page volume and this will have public domain artwork. I am training a classmate to be an editor and I will walk her through getting a new e-mail address and establish a blog account for her on DreamWidth.org so I can teach her how to use what I use with InsaneJournal.com. FictionPress.com has a few freebies I wrote back to back. I am fan funded with my channels on youtube.com so ultimately I can go on assignment too as I am planning something very unique for 1000 subscribers when I get them -- full length video blog as I will host this as entry on InsaneJournal.com as they have the html based cut tag. My testimony is published if you want that as that's linked from An Author's Journal.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tenere tua puttana animale al guinzaglio.

Do I have to say that one in English

Congratulations Chad you and your wife both are on the Wall of Shame; so think about that one next time you refuse to listen to someone when an outrage is about to happen. This is a full blown scandal that I doubt you'd be able to recover from either when you realize this is your pet whore who said what she said. This is what Trench would call the Punch in the Head Awards. And man you need to come receive your punchie from all my male members in the family for that one. Look Facebook you blocked me because I was reporting a scandal and the people who had me flagged didn't like the fact I had them in a place where they are screwed.

Sguardo Ciad - è necessario avere un serio a heart heart con Alex (ho guardato il suo sito Web alexsavage.com su whois.com e fa riferimento a te). Mi conoscevate quattro anni prima sono entrato nell'arena dei gladiatori e giocato il bloodsport come editore; Lei sta prendendo colpi alla mia malattia mentale e a Chicago e nella scena heavy metal. Che Ecco dove ho il maggior rispetto e ti rendi conto quando mi hai visto progettare la mia antologia copertine - è perché capito quello che ho fatto e tutto ciò che credi è unilaterale da parte loro...
      Ero quella che che utilizzati fotografia di Darren McKeeman come una torta di orinatoio - era a causa della sua intensa bullismo ha fatto e perché non ho avuto molte vendite. Il motivo che ho ricevuto recensioni negative con il mio libro risiede interamente su di lui. Mi permetta di puntare a mio weblog e mostrarvi cosa intendo. Il tutto con il mio nome breve (bastardizing mio nome breve con un "y" alla fine) che colpisce è sempre piuttosto vecchio.
      Andiamo..--mi sono avvicinato come un professionista e se il mio roster è stato per avvicinarsi al design uno dei loro libri. Sapendo che sono apparsi sui miei progetti vuoi tu li allontanano? Suoi subalterni sono state spingendo i libri di Melissa in gola e hai sentito la rimonta davvero viziosa dove avevo usato mia antologia una parte del crack. Se si ascolta strumento sai dove ho detto "Impara a nuotare".
      Ascolterai il mio roster dirlo troppo, "fuck Melissa Ann Brite e scopare tutti i dannati cloni di suo" hanno ottenuto che da me..--la mia ostilità per l'autore è stato quando avevo appena 20 anni che è una rivalità che era lì che si concretizzò quando è stato di 26 anni allora è venuto ad una testa quando avevo 31 anni quando stavo scrivendo il mio libro di memorie di cinque anni.
      Mantenere tua moglie al guinzaglio corto, perché quando si tratta di gioco di polemica, lei perderà - so perché ho preso il mio ex datore di lavoro con il Obama masterizzazione dipinto la costituzione e ha detto che hanno usato la vecchia gloria a pulire il culo il 4 luglio. Il 15 aprile è una festa per il liberale di enuresi notturna. Che lavorato con per la decade passata usato molte parole d'ordine liberale..--quando ti rendi conto che io sono un conservatore; Chi è registrato come un repubblicano a votare e stato aperto sul mio conservatorismo dal 2002. Quindi pensaci perché Melissa Brite mi odia più di ogni altra cosa - che è il motivo proprio lì; il mio compleanno è venerdì 13 nel settore lavoriamo in perché è quando diventato pubblicato. Se utilizzi Bing Translator questo verrà a tradurre in inglese e questo verrà fuori abbastanza preciso..--quindi pensate a quello,
      che sto dicendo perché non colpirà mai una donna come lei sta facendo il giro spingendo un weblog intorno che mi è costato il mio affare di lavoro con Lulu.com che ho avuto per un decennio. Così pensare a quest'uomo..--sto parlando con te come amico come il modo siamo stati prima del 2006. Abbiamo anche molti amici in comune di essere nemici. L'ultima cosa che vuoi per un nemico è un italiano, perché abbiamo un atteggiamento e l'unica cosa che abbiamo paura di sono attrezzi in legno perché la nostra famiglia utilizzato per noi disciplina con un cucchiaio di legno. Con Alex..--ho chiesto una pizza non la sua opinione.
      Si desidera avere una mano a rovinare una carriera che è iniziato il loro compleanno? Pensare che un uomo..--vieni su, pensate a lungo e duramente con quella perché Darren McKeeman facendo quando egli impersonando me su twitter.com. Che è parte della ragione che ha avuto il pink slip da Gothic.net. Ancora lo fanno arrabbiare che ho trovato in scatola da Gothic.net. Ho notato che lei mi ha bloccato dal vostro google plus pagina quando affrontato questo. La verità brucia non è vero? Chiamata fuori tua cagna dell'animale domestico.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Don't Call Me A Rapist!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

tweeting my freebie...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Okay the video version of my project GLS

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to alienate your readers

Those of you who are readers of Cherie M. Priest -- I am going to show you how she aliented her readers; especially one who had a signed copy of her original version of her first book. I guess she was pissed off when I flat out said that is the last book I will ever own of hers -- give that readership to the namesake rosters. Especially the most personal one -- I will explain something with the Craig character his name is Craig Ryan Holzner -- he doesn't have a last name in the story but I am revealing who he is here. He goes by his first or his middle name as he answers to both. I guess Shock Totem became a rival now; and I welcome the spirit of competion as I love becoming the competition; it's what I am really good at. Those of you who want to be a part of the project I am doing and you fall within the era of my memoir. Just as long you're not a homo -- sorry I have my standards. I had a kick watching the ones who political correctness is encompassing their identity and those are ones -- the males need to have their balls cut off. Especially when you throw accuzations about me abusing my son and beating my ex-fiancee; I would never hit a woman. The ones who thrown this accusatin out there are the ones who are openly plagiarizing my work too. I am coming on here every niow and then but I am more active with tumblr.com. That blog is a little more explicit and I am more indepth with my blog entries over there.