Monday, August 13, 2007

another comment from the asshole commiteee

"I have the cure! It's an intravenous administration of oxygen. I found this is the best method for silencing unwanted outbursts from patients. They may thrash around a bit at first, so I'd suggest restraint prior to administering the IV. You might place a spit shield, soaked in ether, over the patients head too, just in case. Works every time."

-- one dumb motherfucker

Yeah one rebuttal to that mother fucker and my suggestion for him he he should sit on OLD SPARKY! Keep running your mouth uncle fucker. With me writing this nonfiction book they should be nervous and I will say a lot of them are foaming at the mouth like they have Rabies. I guess a mother fucker such as him is the dumbest they can get and the crazed hostage taker is mocking the non-fiction book. Yeah she will be pissed as I would be laughing all the way to the bank. I will say this much, they can't stand in the way of progress. What does she got to gain by trying to fuck with my career. One of the two interviews I did really touched a war nerve in her. She isn't a real Texan either so I will rip on that fact.

I won't mention her name byut I will say the school teacher is behind it too. The fact he tried to harass one of the authors involved with a project, not cool at all man. Fucking bastard, get a fucking life you failed writer. You failed as a writer so you became a teacher. Those who can't do -- teach. I did want to be a teacher at one point but I am too much of a doer for that. I like to get the job done and writing is a dirty job. I can't begin how many times I got my hands dirty when I was putting the anthologies togheter. It is blood, sweat and gears here. Moter oil is in my veins writing the kind of horror I write. It is more fun to write a good fight scene than a sex scene. Fight scenes come natural for me.

I am addressing the fake gothic witch from PA here who writes shitty anime novels. Can you do anything remotely realistic? I can do better work when I am writing true stories than your fiction. Hell my true crime is scary too. What you going to do commit some black magic on me now? Try to put a curse on me -- when you try to fuck with someone like that, it will come back on you times three. You get burned sevenfold too, so you seriously want to mess with a guy's career? I want you to think about that question long and hard before you answer it then get back to me.