Monday, January 3, 2011

my rebuttal

I am trying to keep all my publishers secret until I get the publications in print and sealing the deal because I don't want faceless idiots like ExposeTheFucktard, and dickhead-with-the-NY-Cellphone-number harassing who publishes me. Whoever publishes me, it's their prerogative. So if they don't want to publish me, they'd communicate with me in private. So that's why I don't publish my acceptance letters on here, unless I have a photograph of me holding one of them.
     I sent a new creative nonfiction story out west and they were using an upload system much like the one I am going to use with my creative nonfiction anthology. I don't have a title for this because I don't want that homo who is pushing the goddamned cockstain going around and going out of their way chasing me forum to forum. Going out of their way saying that they're in charge. I just proved them to be a liar when I put Issue 12 out and working on Issue 11. I've seen that Timothy Willard is looking to blackmail me because I am trying to go to the press about this saying, "Who are they going to believe, a psychopath or a veteran. The reason you got kicked out of the military is that you were a 2313."
     It's public record that I am not a damned 2313, but I am a 2311 which is a psychological medical discharge. That was coined as entry level separation. The thing about when they found my learning disability is I was at a good point in basic where I got my working blacks. Willard would repeatedly lie about what I am in terms of sexual orientation. I am not a homosexual or a bisexual, so that narrows it down to a heterosexual. I wouldn't be caught dead dressing as a woman, where I was brought up. The only way a man would wear a dress is if they lost a bet. The loser of the bet would have to mow the lawn wearing their wife's wedding dress.
     So Willard flat out libels me like an asshole, there is no honor in that. No matter of one served their country or not. He actually went and altered my magazine's listing on because he's the only jackhole who does that damned "sparkle pony" remark. He claims to have honor, but really he's showing none. I am also guessing he also supports e-piracy as the fuckstain, Slade Kraven, does every time the son of a bitch does a libelous tag on a cult tag. Saying that I "support" plagiarism.

That kind of accusation is fucking libel. That is something Slade the bastard was willing to coin me as as then with the bitch named Sweet Exile. Going around calling me the troll when I've been around almost 14 years online. How could I be the troll when I don't hide behind a fake name and don't hide my identity. If I was a troll I wouldn't be the one telling the truth here. As for Timothy Willard aka 50 Foot Cockroach. They're just contributing to the lie that they want to convey as in the blogosphere about being a troll. The ones who do the unauthorized feeds to my blog on their fucking blog, just so they can harass the shit out of future publishers so they don't run my short story.
     This is what some people pulled on another message board to harass the magazine into dropping Blood Contender. The magazine e-mail me after these fucking e-mail trolls and said they were letting me out of my contract. That kind of shit is sort of crossing the line. As what Tim Willard is trying to do when I am getting ready to go to the press with everything I've done and my statement goes in the 5500 range as one of my new stories is right now

Sunday, January 2, 2011

progress on the new

It will be almost a year since I started GAME OVER, when they get up there I can only write in bursts of 400 words at a time when it gets higher in the word counts. I am still creating the graphics for, and I got my flesh and blood proof for the namesake anthology. Whoever does malicious tags now will have their account disabled from I brought this crap to the staff's attention and especially when I am waiting for two flesh and bloods of Issue 12, one person decided to do a malicious tag and Brian Keene appeared on anotehr social networking site as "Todd Hollis."
     That was something the cocksucker did when had the original horror message boards upon when I released Tabloid Purposes 2. My new location for An Author's Blog is I am thinking about getting a third domain for this blog because it's became something akin to what I had when I had The Ethereal Journal when that was on It's been two weeks since took The Crusty Rail and An Authors Blog down because of ongoing conflicts. I just found out how disrespectful and dishonorable Brian Keene is because now he wants to do an anthology called Writings From The Grave, and calling his book Lake Fossil. I am trying to get an injunction about getting this stopped.
     Hate the person all they want, but leave something that's their signature story alone or a website the person been indentified with alone too. I am now thinking of going after his Hail Saten name, but going as "Fuck Saten." This is up there when he had his hissy fit about Shocklines carrying House of Spiders 3. I am going to put this out myself as a two pack book or just include the novella in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 13. I am still working to get Issue 11 finished up and ready for press. I am still writing up the press releases for Issue 12. I found out that there was a typo in the TOC and went back and fixed this. I will be doing the same with Issue 10 too.
     That flaming faggot, Marc Lyth, took his anger out on Collectives along with the hasbeen Lame Goat Press' Wild Weasel. Anyone who was left high and dry with Lame Goat Press, Lake Fossil Press and will be glad to help these authors become DYIs. I always believe in the do it yourself ethic because that was something my family instilled on me when I used to help with the home improvement projects at our home in Glendale Heights. At the end of my freshmen year we painted the whole house from a puke tan to a blood red. I remember the old english C on the garage door and we used to have a basketball hoop hanging from it. Until the fucking neighbor's kid did a Shaq and tore the hoop down. This might be funny for Shaq but not for us because a basketball hoop isn't cheap in the 1980s.
     I actually wished I owned a basketball at the apartment because I found out that Justice had the largest basketball court in the south side (over 18 basketball back boards.) I didn't really blog that much from the apartment because I was busy editing and writing at the time. I was editing Issue Four from the apartment and then doing Tabloid Purposes 3. I was working from three computers at the time. I started the current and published version of An Eye In Shadows when I was living in Justice, Shawn was able to save all my files on a CD-R related to that era. It was a Godsend because when I was reworking the namesake anthology, I actually took the master copy of Ghosts In The Tornado and pasted it into the anthology again.
     I am working on a new short story, but I am not saying the title because I don't want that faggot stealing the name and the story. Robert Baupader is anotehr David Boyer, and I exposed him as this. I also noticed he did something unconstitutional when he decided to make my private facebook postings public. They subscribe to this "You have no privacy you fucking crazy person" mentality when I am telling the truth about everything. That is one of the reasons I keep all the publisher's idenities a secret until after the publications are long in print or just released to print. I noticed that the faceless troll calling herself HorrorGal did a malicious review of my magazine's twelveth issue also. I am trying to find out who did she harass to get a copy.
      I also noticed that the everlasting cocksucker, Scott Colbert, also had a hand in trying to sabotage sales of my publications. Does he realize he's sabotaging his friend's sales? I guess someone like that really doesn't give a fuck as long he's going to burn in hell in the end. Same with his allies who go around pissing on other Christian writers when they profess to be Christians. I found out that son of a bitch's last name so I am using it in GAME OVER. There is a death in the novella that I got inspiration from when I used to watch Ren and Stimpy. I told one other person about this one, and I am going to keep it like that for now. Let's just say each death is very aggressive in parts. Some deaths actually came out of the brawl scenes. With GAME OVER -- there are scenes in the story I am going to say hello from the gutter.