Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What gives you assholes the right...

to go posting my address and phone number? You have 24 hours to take down the address and number from your blog or I will take you to the authorities because that is a felony. Leave my relatives out of this. I saw the blog posting to that and you assholes need to be shot for doing that. It's not even funny the first time. There's three sick people in this house, and if you address I will call the FBI on you. You will be put away for good, I have never listed someone's address. Leave my family alone. Threatening to post my entire family's address just because I am writing a non-fiction book. I have a right to my privacy you assholes.
       Things will get violent if someone doesn't take that address and phone number down. I never listed the address of people I hate so give me that respect For fuck's sake, it isn't even remotely funny when people do that. Magnus Press had my address when I submitted a manuscript so if you submitted a story to them and hate the person, they will list your address. The head editor gave them my address, I know where they got my address you gave it to them cocksucker. That is bad business practices. That will explain how they got my address. David, piss off this non-fiction book will be written and published.
      It isn't even funny when people list someone's number one number at a time. You're a piece of shit for doing it, and yes I will make it clear that you're the fucker behind this one. I saw the e-mails from a loser who goes on as "valentinevegen" and I won't give away what is his isp on it but I will say the asshole is trying to harass authors I haven't even published either. Yes this asshole will be toast when I get done with him, and I will take this to the press too. You fucks double dare me about it, I will blow it all open using the press to do it. I began to put it all together and this is the MO of the Moderators of the Other Dark Place. You want to try to burn me at the stake via the world wide web, you assholes will be burned at the stake offline via the press.