Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Someone's bullshit cover

Some asshole did a bullshit cover of An Eye In Shadows, and I will tell that asshole that isn't the real cover. Whoever did that cover can go ahead a exteriminate themselves. Going around creating libelous postings and now they are trying to boil the fight over to forums.I can tell there will be a fight that will break out before this book gets done. I can tell that Encyclopeda Dramatica had something to do with that one and it's proof they are the main source of lying about my career. I know right now people are going to hate me even more when this book comes out but I don't care at this point. It needs to be done and needs to be written.
      And I want to ask this question to the fucks over on The Other Dark Place, what gives you assholes the right to go steal my blog entries for your message board. I guess you got the idea from the cunt from Kentucky because she was the first to steal them and Keene would edit them up to make me look like a fag when I am not one. I deserve to get some money from my books, and you sad fags have no shame in respecting people's privacy. The fact that you fuckers will stop at nothing to violate my personaly privacy. My phone number and address are not public information assholes.
      Listen dickhole, you're contributing to them wanting to harass me even more. I will never buy a book of yours and in fact -- more IUniverse authers are more entitled to royalities more than you. The Rusty Nail isn't romotely journalistic but they are another type site devoted to libeling every step I make and adding e-piracy to their arsenal of things they want to do to a person. Stealing people's copyrighted works. What if they went and stole an entire short story of yours and posted it. Then again you're another asshole who doesn't give a fuck about my career.