Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lake Fossil Press Isn't Closing, Not Now Not Ever

I am just redesigning Tabloid Purposes IV and doing damage control right now. The anthology will be published -- resized and every I am paying in authors in droves if 3 to six at a time pending on how much I am giving them. No one forced my hand in closing, and I am not going hitatus either. Just reformatting an anthology and redoing a table of contents. So Dagstine, Lake Fossil Press isn't going black because there are more anthologies to publish and as long this publisher is up and running I will keep doing them. But I will have a new policy with younger authors wanting to submit -- no authors under 17 submitting to Lake Fossil Press and you must be close to turning eighteen years old.
     No one did force my hand, and yes I will say that right now -- you fuckers didn't close my press down and it will keep open.
     The fact I am returning to being a larger paying market says volumes, well until I get my own place again. There are small presses out there who are publishing younger authors than I am. The youngest in Tabloid Purposes II was 17 years old and the guy's been with the series all that time. So by the time he goes professional he's already been road tested for the masses. Dagstines, Lake Fossil Press is staying live and I am publishing Tabloid Purposes IV -- won't be the last anthology that I am running and there will be more. Tabloid Purposes One was the experiment to see if the FictionPress writers can keep up with the small press counterparts. Kiss my ass fuckers, I'm staying open and I will continue to publish some kick ass anthologies -- whoever posted the forcing my hand you can go to hell.