Monday, July 30, 2007

Guidelines are drawn up for Six

The guidelines are ready for six and he blames me for him closing his magazine. You interviwed me, and you were wanting to stop the Tabloid Purposes machine. I didn't do anything except to be myself. The guidelines are ready for the magazine and I will throw those up soon. I will be making it a higher paying market again too.

I did the guidelines and they're ready to go. My magazine is going to be active again too after the anthology is finished. The deadline is announced, and trying to get thing things ready for a convention. All I want to do is sell some books damn it. I am still working on the non-fiction book too and seems like Dagstine is wanting to stop that book from going to press. The book is reformatted to see how long it is -- right now it is about 34,000 words and climbing from there.

I ain't no fucking monster. I am just a man who seems to not fit the current landscape of things nor do I want to. I honestly wish him the best with the magazine and he begged me to submit him something. I was just busy with other projects and a story that I had was a reprint status. It's a fucked up thing that he'd blames me for the demise of the Literary Bone. I had nothing to do with that.

He wanted to see my small press die in the progress, but that thing is bigger than I am and some assholes are going around typing up bullshit stories about the books on LFP -- and I did start a new imprint for the non-fiction book in case someone decides to go after the book. All the other files won't be lost.

Dagstine, look -- you were libeling me about using your story on Tabloid Purposes IV. I originally accepted it remember I told you that when I got the story, but now that you withdrawl your story -- you decided to start a mutiny before it even starts. I am busy trying to meet a shit load of deadlines here, and what I hate doing is having smaller submission windows. I was nothing but professional with you and now your fucking new friend xxneveahxx is trying to fuck everything up here in Chicago because of what, that I left the apartment because I was tired of being broke. The fact the bitch is libeling the fact the birds were left in the cold when they got a good home in a long time friend's place.

You have to be able to take the heat when doing a magazine, and yes it will get tough doing one. Even dealing with the impossible people too. Pretending to be a friend too -- man that is low of the low.

For fuck's sake -- I have a Conservative mindset and does that make me a criminal. Then all these assholes who were out of the old regime decided to get in on the act. The moment I try to protect myself on there you get all bitchy and whine about it. Blame me and trying to destroy my publications sorry man, that won't fly well with me. Mr. Painted Smiling Face.

Blacklisting me won't work because people tried to have me blacklisted on a number of occasions. Even getting kicked out of the Horror Writers' Association because of what I was defending a project I edited nearly three years ago. Just because someone didn't get their way of getting a book of mine cancelled. Yeah there are many factors for a small press folding. My unconventional methods make it work, using an anthology to get another writer out there is the main reason I am out there as a publisher. If they can use my press as a stepping stone to get their feet wet, then I did my job.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dagstine's Motives Are Known

The real motives are known for the interview, to stop me from writing the non-fiction book. It won't be stopped or prolonged. Yes this book is going to be out there and already he's building the hype around it and there will be a new press coming out exclusively for this book. Angry Guinea Books, and this will be the first book coming out from AGB. Just for that I am not going to count his interview as an interview that helps my career.

I am adding more to the book and yes this thing is going to be about 88 pages right now, and pitching it to a few places. Publish America wants it but I am going to send them the finished bound copies saying if they want it they have to give me full creative freedoms other than that no. This is going to be a huge game of chess, knowing what his motives were and now I am going to keep the motherfucker guessing my move now.

Mental carnage when I do get it finished, but this is more the filtered version of the original book that I was doing in 2005. If I had that version out there, it will caused more damage than this version. If I can get this book done, it will get in the hands of the newspapers out here along with a video explaining everything. So yeah it will be done, and it is going to take a darker turn with it too. The darker it is, I think the more people will keep reading. The fact there are going to be a lot in the industry playing pied piper leading people over the cliff. This book is going to have acid and piss in the veins too and I showed a publisher who is running a short story of mine a passage of the book. He saw the interview too and learned the motives why Dagstine did it.

I am that loaded gun, and that interview was that gun going off. I noticed another "editor" blasting on that interview too. Yeah I am mouthing off on the dickhead too in here, Lincoln, listen boy -- you got something to say to me, say it via email and take with me on a one to one basis instead of a mob action. The more people respond in mob action I will respond with this book.

You can't stop me Dagstine, stopping me will only drive you mad. You only got your soul to lose there man, and messing with "Old Nick" when you go messing with someone's career. Get used to seeing my name published more often in different places, because that's going to burn your ass more. Success is the best revenge mother fucker, get used it.

Two takes on Horror Interview with authors Mike Philbin and Nickolaus Pacione

Two different takes on horror -- one real and the other is surreal. So in that light, here's the interview with myself and Mike Philbin on He deserves top billing on this one. I chose to include a lot of what happened to me in real life as far as the answers because of the story The Pattern of Diagnosis and Terry Vinson suggested I do a book on the real life stuff. I am writing a book like that right now so I figured it would play into the interview being the author who wrote real life dark stuff.

It is a good contrast as one person commented to me on Myspace about the interview. People are going to get mixed reactions from the interview as Mike will say, people looked at us as sinners before but I think the more people see this interview they'd be more understanding.

I was talking with an editor about his anthology, and he told me that I was his first introduction to underground horror and seeing how some of the many stories in the genre are do damn different from each other. So it is an interesting thing getting to know the new neighbor in the small press.

more progress on the non-fiction book

The non-fiction book is currently 33,000 words and climbing from there. I am adding more to it as I speak right now and I noticed already a lot of shockwaves because of the interview. I am waiting for the hatemail to come and already I guess there is an asshole trying to ruin the book signing from happening in October. It is funny that this person who is trying to fuck things up for me became fast friends with a person who ruined sales of an anthology I did three years ago.

It is going to get more interesting as it goes on when I go further to writing the non-fiction book. The person who is trying to make my life a living hell for what leaving the apartment that I lived at for a year and a half, and I wasn't happy because I was always broke. The fact my business was suffering because of it and couldn't get contributor copies for the contributors or didn't have enough for review copies either. So yeah it will be business as usual. Seems like Dagstine wanted me to give the names of the writers on Tabloid Purposes IV -- that is a closely guarded secret with me until the book comes out because of the incident that happened in 2004.

Nice try mother fucker, mr. painted smiling face. I am not going to reveal the line up. And that non-fiction book won't libel anyone. You're twisting around what I say again like an asshole. Motherfucker get a life. Remember you asked for the interview, you got it now you're scared because what I am saying with the book is going to shock the industry in the balls.

It seems like the more with people like Encyclopedia Dramatica is doing to do libelous postings of me on that site, every chance they get they're going to libel me. I just addressed what they did in the book and waiting for them to choke on their words. Girlvinyl you need to get a fucking life. As for the editor named Lincoln, you realize you're fighting overseas for my right to tell you to fuck off. As much as I support the troops, this is the only one that I will try to bite my tongue because I know it will not end pretty if I say something. I know a lot of people who served and I was a man in uniform that was short lived because of my learning disability, so I will say this -- Lincoln shut the fuck up.

Friday, July 27, 2007

this is nuts now and something badass that Philbin said.

I showed the non-fiction book to Mike Philbin and the suggestion he made completely blown me out of the water. I should pitch the book when finished to a movie producer (damn this is really motivating me to really get this done now.) Mike -- wow, holy shit. That is a killer idea. I am thinking about it more and more now. It will be interesting to see what happens.

It was written out of his advice of me being an investegative journalist and some of my investigation came to realize that Dagstine wants to now stop my career too. Doing a book like this is dangerous, and yes if it makes it out there it will make me a force of nature. It was a challenge for me to get as far as I did with this book already and it is close to the size of Mike's 40,000 word novellas. The book itself will be 200 pages when I have it done or close to done.

This thing by September will be close to 80,000 words if I keep going. Scars Publications will be in contact with me to get it out there. The short run of the book will allow me to get it in the hands of the producers out here. I noticed some are getting scared that the book is being written and wondering if they will be libel'd or not.

I am surprised that this is some of the best advice I got so far in the industry. I think this is something that needed to be written, and the thing that gave me the kick in the ass to wrtite a full length effort. When Mike Philbin gives advice like that about a book, you know it is going to be something that will be huge. This book will have the revulsion of the peers covered. Hope he doesn't mind me quoting him on that one.

A few years ago, I couldn't imagine being in an interview where I would have been comparing notes with Mike Philbin, but now when I read his work over the years -- and speaking also as a surrealist photographer. It makes sense now to me. Since conducting an interview with Philbin myself, I also managed to pull off paragraphs that start at 100-105 word burts.

Mike taught me the business in some ways, and others I learned the lessons on my own the hard way about the mutinies in the business. When they do an interview with you, be prepared for the editor to either like you or hate you afterward. When the editor e-mails you saying you got a home on the site, they like you. If they go trying to trash up the publishing company and sabotage the anthologies you edit -- they hate you. I've seen the jerkholes who are doing this and one of them serves our country, as much as I support the troops who serve this country in the time of war. This guy is an embarassment to this great nation of ours.

Both these two I think fucked the pooch so to speak, and when this book comes out I am popping the shocker here. They're nervous and yes I can't wait for this sucker to get finished because of that very fact. They are going to keep looking on this blog waiting for what happens next. Supportors and enemies alike will be watching what happens Next. And Dagstine, I will not be running your story in my anthology. I just said what I said to get a rise out of you and see how pissed off you'd get.

this non-fiction book will be written

"Prison for praise is not worth thinking
Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking
So unleash the dogs - the only solution
Forgive and forget, FUCK NO
I'm talking about a REVOLUTION"


Now I seen some of the posts on here -- I got work to be done on the non-fiction book and some careers need to be fucked with. This book is happening and will be done. I am doing a dirty deed that is done dirt cheap and coming in as a real investigative journalist not a fiction author here. Dagstine, nothing can stop this book from happening. You called that interview a publicity stunt. Now he's saying my career needs to be stopped. It can't be stopped it won't be stopped. This thing is bigger than I am now. I am seeing what is happening the shit storm is becoming bigger by the day. Even if I have to put this book out myself, and shell out the $195 to publish it with Scars Publications I will put it out.

Since I've written stories that tend to flip the masses off if they are naysayers, this one is going to throw up the shocker. The index finger and middle finger up then the ring finger is bent over the thumb with the pinky sticking up. Two in the pink, one in the stink. So yeah this thing is going to be ugly as hell once it gets published. I am even going to talk to a few publishers in the higher markets who are daring enough to do a publication like this will be willing to run a book like this. I am starting to learn how underminded some could be in trying to ruin a person's career and I think this is another reason why I am going to get this book finished and in the hands of the newspapers. All 6 million of Chicago, and all of Joliet will know what's going on.

Then some are claiming what I said in the interview is hate speech, yeah right that just me being myself. Using the f-bomb here and there and using the fag-word like there is no tomorrow. I say this with wry smile -- Publish America will be one of the places that will get the book after it is released with another publisher. No names were mentioned that are libel -- I mention authors I am influenced by in there. Controversy will follow with this book.

I know it is going to happen every new mass marketer is going to feel the sting of this one (the ones who are in my age bracket are going to feel this one the hardest.) It seems like the ones who blasted on me the worst will be the most scared of this project -- and yes I am smiling too because I dropped the nuke. My career is going to live on a larger level. Philbin said the genre is going to die out by 2012, and this book will easy be thing that will echo the catalyst of it.

Dagstine is another Nicholas Mounts and I will write him off as such. That's why the interview with is all the sweeter. True people will be trying to sue my ass over the book to make sure it doesn't get written but the more people will try to back stab me about it it just give me more fuel. Don't worry I won't mention you in there, just I know similar people to you when I was younger and my real friends will understand more about this because they've seen me go into this mode. This is the real Pacione writing the book and the angrier it is the more I think people will relate to it.

I guess the more he did this interview I had this weird feeling he would really turn. A smiling assassin scenario. Someone told me back when I started out and getting published in more places I learn fast who my friends and enemies are. I am making people nervous with this book, but then again I started this book originally two years ago before the controversy started. Someone with a bullshit contest did so to humiliate me so this book when finished is my vengence. Anger in eyes, sucess is my revenge. I don't get mad, I get even.

I knew that getting published with The Literary Bone was too good to be true, when the saying goes -- when it is too good to be true, it might be too good to be true. This book is going to allow me to be a real bastard too, and I am going to be a bastard about it. The Illinois Bastard Son is going to be heard. This book has a lot of hype behind it and there will be people losing their contracts when this is done, and the one whose going to feel the sting of it is going to be the Rockaway Hooker.

This book will start a revolution and yes I live to start them. This country is born on revolution. That's the beauty of being an American, knowing that revolution is our history -- and this is what drives me to do the books and the anthologies. I know I need to get something of a rally here and this is it. Mother fuckers like The Other Dark Place will come and go, despite some of them intending for this media blackout. I will expose them in the papers and take them to hell in the process.

They cost me a really good writer and one who really wanted to be in the anthology, history repeating itself and I am pissed as hell. Shit like this always happens when I am doing the flagship project, seeing what Dagstine pulled is another Mounts -- pretending to be someone's friend then when they decide to do the interview it all goes too. Motherfuckers, and this non-fiction book will have more added to it. I can understand the hornets nests that were stirred up when my old room mate posted on the phonograph lists because this is the same fucking thing with certain circles in the horror community. And Ron H, mentioned shit like this on the midnightersclub saying, "Play the game you're all treated the same, but when you do something that goes against what they do -- they're quick to start a witch hunt."

damn this is nuts

I have to hand to the Navy guy here because I know a lot of people who get off on bullying people online. So yeah this guy I will have to say I am smirking a little bit because it is a scary scenario because of the fact some people would go offering up doctored pictures that are libel. I know the hatemails will pour in but I will say don't fuck with people who did serve in the NAVY because you might never know what kind of crazy shit a sailor might do.

I get more therapy writing retribution type stories, this is the type of thing I only write about. When I see a story like this come to life I was thinking, "Holy shit did this guy found something I wrote and got some inspiration from it."

The only thing wrong is that he got caught. But damn, I smile because all those internet fucks who give me a lot of time wish got some viruses on their computer and eat all the doctored pictures they did or they end up getting a virus with a book they pirated.

I will make a remark to the kid who got his house burned down there, dude you fucked up. Don't mess with people like that because shit is bound to happen. It is disturbing but true, and yes I feel like Geraldo Rivera sometimes when I look into stories like this and as like Mike Philbin suggested I should get into investegative journalism.

This is another reason why people shouldn't goad people who have a mental illness, or someone who is that resourceful. I get mad yes, but would I go actually burn someone's house down, no. Would I taunt someone to tell them to use my picture as a dart board -- yes. The guy who burned down the trailor took internet rage to an extreme.

I never thought of this before, some people when they get pissed off at me will express a lot of web rage. So the texas instance is the first case of web rage in the united states, and what's scary about it The Fandom Writer is a story about web-rage.

My house was ravaged by someone with web rage when they've went as far to pull up my old apartment's address, then another instance. The day Brian Keene did a signing in Morris, the window on the side of the house got broken. Someone threw a rock at it thinking that was my room. My book is going to be touching more into the web rage factor because that is someting that I think talk shows should talk about because of it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

more hate mail

"Yo Bitch,
I want my money you stupid cock monkey. You owe me for 5 cases of vodka and 5 boxes of tylenol. You stupid weasel dick motherfucker.
Saying that I pirated your works was laughable at best. All I had to do was google your name and I found the stories online. On the websites YOU submitted them to.
As for that quote on your blog, that's not from the Keene. I know the man.
All I see from you guys is a LOT of jealousy. You're all hacks of the worst sort.
And I've heard about how you're not afraid of a little physical confrontation? Face down and ass up.
You're a little scuzball.
And for the record, if we ever meet, (pray to whatever god you worship that we never do), I will say this shit to your face.

It's like I said -- all hate mail will be posted. Guys who you are finding this from MySpace. The Administer of Agitation is back. My nickname coined by Trench Renoylds, when I would go off on murder junkies and nazi-fuckers. They are fucking pouring in now and damn somewhat I am amused but at the same time seeing the new impersonators wasn't even remotely funny. I am turning what the bastards are doing from the Media Blackout into something that will piss them off even more. Iti s like the pages of Marjanovic's novel. It is about peeling back the layers.

If they would be doing this to me in 1997, I'd be pulling the handle sharing prank and messing with them, but now I am trying to play it smarter the more they squirm it works to my advantage. Mike Philbin taught me a few tricks and now they are coming to play too here. I am a methodical type of writer and a methodical promoter too. So I know what I am doing here and it is amazing how many waves in the genre are and they either saying, "Yeah I know who Nickolaus Pacione is," or "fuck that mother fucker!"

I got to thank my line ups for being around as long as they have, the ones who stayed around the longest I am the closest knit with. I got a lot of the responses saying, "fuck that mother fucker."

Some of these Get Carter scenarios are coming and there are going to be more stories about conspiracy theories -- more the reason why Marjanovic is going to be a main stay in this business because her ability to create novels from conspiracy theories. This is almost coming right from the pages of a Tabloid Purposes in some ways too. I am officially part of the who's who of the horror genre now. If I wasn't already. Keep bitching ya bastards because all you're doing is giving me fuel to write about in my non-fiction book or the short stories.

Yeah I can actually picture some in the business right now printing up a picture of my head shot so they can play darts with it. Being the most pirated author in the business is one of the most insane things too and I can see where some would want to make sure I get pirated -- being the rants that I have on here. I could see the Rockaway hooker playing darts with my picture as she's trying to get a lawyer on me. Just because she's trying to do my career now I am going to keep coining her the Rockaway Hooker and I honesty think she turned a trick to get on Leisure.

For that fake goth from PA -- I guess she's giving the Rockaway, NJ, the shocker -- two in the pink and one in the stink. That one I can imagine showing up to one of my signings so she can just spit in my face or present me with a dart board with a picture on it hitting a bullseye or two. Some of these authors who got lamblasted in the interview acted like I have naked pictures of their wives on my desk. God I am making myself laugh so hard right now.

I just did an interview it's not like I went and fucked their wife or anything.

All Hate Mail Will Be Posted

"The interview's done, jerkoff? This ain't the end, you fuckin closet fag! I will undermine you, low-bread, dagstine and your newest supporter 9eric enck and all of your other authors... your tabloid purpose authors will feel it cuz of u.

Hail Saten "

I will post all hatemail, something I did a lot of when I was younger and it will happen in this form. Posting all hate mail and this mother fucker has a connection to the F.U.K.U. camp. I refuse to suck saten's cock and rather send him back to hell. This is what happens when he fucks with the PACIONE entity. He doesn't know history too well when I went at it with the old editor of, the one that basically encouraged the piracy of my books without end. I locked horns with McKeeman and won because look who got published in more places and the other has a generic looking book cover.

This one was submitted to me via myspace and those of you who are part of the line ups of Tabloid Purposes I will be e-mailing you giving a heads up on the losers who are trying to sabotage the project. There will be an e-mail address people can take it up with the complaint department. Since I blocked all comments on this thing. All threats of lawsuits, jail time, and such will be posted too.

I am handling this one with a lot of tongue in cheek humor which pisses the naysayers off even more -- fine mother fuckers, you like to have the lulz at my account, fine. Just giving me more fuel to write about on that non-fiction book I am working on. I've seen hate mails like this at least twice a year -- for the last ten years. So if I was to publish a book on all the hate mail that I got it would sell because it shows what kind of shit I had to put up with.

Send your best hatemail ya bastards, come on you know you want to have a shot at me or take a shit on my name. Especially you assholes on The Other Dark Place. Since you like to blast on me without any intellegence I am giving you assholes a chance to take shots at me and get published for it. Come on mother fuckers you know you want to.

Since you like to really hammer on me --I want to see you hammer on me one on one instead of hammering on me in a mob action. Ya fuckers, you can't handle one on one confrontation. I have proof of that on a number of occasions.

Sure I am used to the people hating on me now, but damn leave the hate off of amazon where people can actually buy the books. Reviews are supposed to help sales of a book not encourage piracy of a book. I noticed that people are bragging about how they're pirating a preliminary version of an anthology (the first one in 2005,) christ the mass pirating they're talking about.

This is what happens when you refuse to suck saten's cock, and he makes it really hard for people who hate his guts. So yeah it is a funny thing to watch when he doesn't get his way. He's another McKeeman, and I see people like him come and go. Keene won't last in this business because of the kind of shit he does to people in the small press. He makes it hard for authors to get readers and sales, and brags about getting your books for free when you never made them available for free.

His friends would go around putting your books up on php and file sharing programs, brag about how they're going to pirate a book.

So if you have complaints want me to go fuck myself, or all your fucking threats against my career take it up with the complaint department.

The interview will be moved to here

The interview what was on the Literary Bone will be thrown up on here. I am going to draw all the fire away from his blog, and that was his publicity stunt. It worked -- a little too well. Dagstine won't be in Tabloid Purposes IV, instead will be a close friend of his named Richard Charles Fleming. The Invisible Enemy was one of Fleming's lost manuscripts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

open address to naysayers

I noticed one of the fuckers now on myspace who is a dickhole trying to ruin me on myspace. I guess I should point the little fuck to my blog entry right here. I will do a post here about that little "blackout" the cuckold sisters are doing. Those of you who read the interview will get the joke behind the cuckhold sisters.
The cool thing behind the interview is that I made a lot of new friends in the industry and might end up having a publisher out of too. There aren't that many interviews with me some are the ones that will sting and one was fake interview from the asshole convention. But the interviews I am getting now are the real thing, and that is making it all the sweeter too.
I guess with that light, there are going to be a lot of assholes out there who are going to bitch all the more and finding ways to pirate the existing anthologies I got out there. Fuck -- more doctored pictures are turning up and damn it isn't even funny anymore. I got one editor who lamblasted me already when I haven't had any beef with him. But seems like when he came to comment on me it took the interview to show his disgust with me. Sure insult someone who also served the country. I am trying to not say anything because he did serve the country.
Seems like I can spark up controversy by myself, but wait until I get more signings and the idiot brigade are finding out I am being published in more places. I won't be sending to Michael Knost anytime soon -- after the reply he made to the post from the cuckhold sisters. I also got bored and googled my name 47,000 hits back too. Some from the asshole gallery too, my warring and locking horns with two members of the evil fuck squad. Evil fuck squad here I refer as mass market asshole, the fan fiction masterbator, and the cuckhold sisters.
So yeah the more they bitch, the more inspired I become so keep bitching ya bastards. I am going to be writing more that book and get it in the hands of the Chicago Sun Times -- so ya sure you want to strangle my career?

One of many new interviews that are popping up

This one is one of the interviews I did getting ready for the appearance in The Literary Bone #2, and I am at my most raw here. Lawrence thanx for giving me a chance to rail off about the industry, and the non-fiction book is taking a break for some new short fiction I am working on as I speak.
It was fun to do this interview and this is as long as my non-fiction story in The Ethereal Gazette. I also noticed that some faggot is back up and running too. The interview that I did with a newspaper two years ago, the Morris Herold I think could been handled better but it took a pot shot at a fucker who did a book that had a generic cover.
I will doing an interview with, and that one I am not railing off here but it will shock people thow two writers who are so damn different from each other can get along.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nelson Ford Is A Infant Raping Son Of A Bitch

I guess when I was banned from's forums for six months it was because of this faceless faggot, Nelson Ford, as far as you're concerned I have a suggestion of a game for you to play. It's called why don't you go play drink what's under the kitchen sink. Asshole, I don't like you -- never liked you from day one. You're a faggot who needs to kindly kill himself and let me enjoy my career as spanned out as it is starting to become. You're nothing but a dick who needs to go fuck himself in the ass with a harpoon. When his "friend" HorrorGal decided to pick on my science fiction story -- it was something that she didn't like the fact it got published somewhere. I don't see her posting any of her legit fiction anywhere, she used's forums as a dumping post on me to sabotage my projects like a little cunt. Nelson Ford is also another loser in that vein too.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

More on that response about Elizabeth Peake's testing

The reason I said what I said about Elizabeth Peake is because what the bitch tried to do early on, and old scars don't heal. Recently she mentioned on a message board that she had been tested negative, but personally I don't give a shit either way if she was positive or negative. The reason is that she took some of my old blog postings without my permission and posted them on a rivals message board edited up to make them look like something they're not. I will not buy her books when they come out, personally I would rather see her go broke for what she's done. It might be a harsh way of looking at things over the years and I could see her hunting me down with a double barrel shotgun but personally it gives her rivals something to tell her to openly fuck off with.
It wasn't a death threat or anything like that but it is just a really cold way of saying I just don't give a fuck. She stacked the dominoes trying to knock them down on my career and saying I didn't have a career to begin with but when my career is taking off more it will piss her off even more that my success is the best revenge. I might not be a bestselling author, it is because her little group is making sure of that. I am happy being a micro-press and seeing authors take off from where they start. I give them a starting point and where they take it from there is something I don't always know.
Seeing her post on a particular message board brings back a lot of old venom and it reveals itself in ways that I can't even or don't want to imagine. I don't see her putting things out there, and don't see her selling her work. Well she's got nothing to show for her site, and sometimes I dismiss it as professional jealousy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the progress on An Eye In Shadows

Took a word count on the current non-fiction project in progress and will say I felt that it is surprizing that I worked on this less than a few months and already is the length of House of Spiders 3. (Give or take the same size as the short novel.) 100 pages already too, and so far PublishAmerica is interested but I want to send them the version that I am doing to put on but available to me only so I can show them what it looks like as a finished book then send the book to a few publishers with a disk including a promotional kit including a video explaining the project instead of a cover letter. It is funny when something of this nature picks up speed then when you really get into writing a full length book it is tough to keep focus on it -- so I was killing some time by playing around on I've been so busy with editing Tabloid Purposes IV and writing the non-fiction book that I haven't written any new short fiction in a long time.
The last new short story I wrote had to be Blood Contender and that was a few months ago and I wrote Misguidance back in March in about two hours so I am making that one available for free since it is a 2800 word short story.. It got accepted too on a publication. I won't say where yet because I don't want the asshole convention harassing them. The non-fiction book is about 30,700 words and climbing from there -- hopefully by the end of this month I will have that 30,000 doubled to 60,000. I am hoping to get more added to the book in the sense of the section that has the longest part -- being my freshmen year alone. The book itself will make The Fandom Writer, Bleed The Freak, and FUCKBEATER seem like child's play for me. The difference between those three stories and the book itself is that the book is a work of nonfiction, and the other stories are works of fiction -- Bleed The Freak is close to how this book is going to be except that it will echo true to life in that sense.
I've shown part of the non-fiction book to the editor of The Literary Bone because he is publishing the story that originally got published in England for the first time in the United States. It is a reprint now but still a print exclusive, this time exclusive in the United States. Those of you who are international and had copies of the magazine it appeared in you'll know the story I am talking about here. With that being said the non-fiction book right now is coming along slowly but pacing myself with doing this kind of project. Misguidance is the story that will show the blueprints for the third rewrite of the book. I am pleased with the way this story turned out.