Friday, August 10, 2007

Freeman, you fuck

Now I wish all your books get pirated, harassing authors who are on Tabloid Purposes. Not cool. You want to deal with someone, deal with me in private you fucking coward. You and your faggot ass friend of a school teacher trying to harass the authors on the anthologies, there are serious repercussions to that. Man let people read the anthology legitimately you fucking asslicker. I guess you were harassing me by saying you bragged about owning a pirated copy. I hope you computer gets a fucking virus and eats your shitty new novel.

Magnus Press, man I should have guessed they wanted to fuck my career up. Freeman -- you pirated TABLOID -- you're career is dead. BITCH. I hope someone ends up punching you on the street. Let me ask this honest question, do you think TABLOID PURPORSES as an anthology series deserves to get its legitimate readers yes or no. I am going to get a poll going here for those who hate my guts and for those who support the series