Monday, March 29, 2010

someone really got on my shitlist here...

Tess Tillman []

Oh and to answer your question, it's because you posted my name and email on your website without my permission.

When someone brags about getting my titles as E-books as in they're pirated -- it's my personal war against it because I see exactly what Metallica saw when they've seen their material being passed around on Napster. I got some everlasting cocksucker going around saying the I.O.W.A. story he wrote is my title -- and this is bullshit because I never released I.O.W.A. as a free read because of its size. I am careful who I show the new novella too. I am guessing she got the pirated copy from an asshole known as R. because the faggot rushed me in getting the memoir done -- I later found out the faggot passed around the e-book like a sexually transmitted disease. I am guessing these assholes on the forums who say "Avoid Me like the plague" knows nothing about the nazi-like book burnings or the people pirating my book like it belongs to them.
       For those liars saying AVARICE is a short story, it's not even online. It's a novel not a short story, and I am still working on this title. Seems like they go around every social networking website and chase me around everywhere. It shows that they're fucking assholes going around pirating every title I have out there and threatening to burn every book I got published in the recent years. I see that Tess is trying to say that she respects the fact someone wrote a book -- then celebrates the fact that people have the book without paying a dime for it. In turn she's stealing.
       I have no respect for anyone who steals from the mentally ill, the very fact that she brags that hundreds of people have the book without paying a dime for it -- how do you think I am supposed to feel when she said that. I am not happy about that, in fact, I am pissed. This is another set of e-mails from the book pirating CUNT.

Tess Tillman []

I'll make you a deal: You remove me from your Wall Of Shame and in return, I will delete the pdfs I have of all of your books. Deal? Oh, I printed out a copy of Eye In Shadows to show my friends at school so that will have to be destroyed too. If I throw it in the garbage someone will see it and pull it out! So that one sadly will have to be burned. Nothing of value will be lost, it's only that book.

So, do we have a deal Mr. Pacione?

My response to that kind of post. FUCK YOU! I have no respect for anyone who seeks a pirated copy of a book because it's stealing from the table of the writer who wrote it. That could be someone's electric bill or internet bill for that matter. Welcome to the wall of shame for even thinking of offering pirated copies of a memoir out there; you stole money from me with that little remark about bragging about owning a pirated book. I am willing to take a guess that you walk into movie theaters with a video camera or offered pirated copies of movies that aren't even theaters yet. I am willing to take all of this to the press explaining how this cunt brags about pirating books from a mentally ill man along with the fucks behind
      This is the reason why I stopped offering e-books in 2005. Some asshole bought the e-book and bit torrented the fucking thing. If you go around asking me for an e-book of my titles, go to hell and pay for the flesh and blood copies. If you want to support the small press, purchase the paperback. If you want to support the band, buy the CD. I got some fucking dyke going around saying she's e-mailing the memoir to everyone she knows because I refuse to take her off the wall of shame. Shit like she's doing to the book is contributing to her being a long time resident of the wall of shame. I support the writer by buying the paperback book or the hardcover. I won't pirate the e-book if I hate them.
      The fucking cunt is trying to tell me to get another career -- go fuck yourself lady. I am willing to guess your life sucks as it is because you go around pirating a book written by someone with a mental illness and buy into the shit called "The Gay Troll In The Basement." Fuck off and die lady. Going around violating someone's creative properties and bragging that you got the memoir on your hard drive and threatening to print it out to everyone you know instead of having them buy the expanded versions of a book. If you hate my guts, fine you're entitled to that, but if you pirate a man's book you're white trash.
      When some cunt named HorrorGal bought the e-book of the anthology I appear in -- she's going around offering pirated copies of the book too. It shows how low some people will go -- I am willing to bet that Skullvines Press supports electronic piracy too. The bitch is claiming I read Twilight or listen to My Chemical Romance -- whatever lady. Everyone knows I like thrash and doom metal, the only thing I got from a Hot Topic was an Iced Earth shirt for the album Horror Show. I don't read Twilight -- I don't even have those books in my collection. It's a stated fact I own I AM LEGEND as a book and two versions of the film (one from 1963 and the other being the 2007 version. I freak people out when I have the book and point out the book is set the year I was born.)
      The bitch is saying that I need to get a different career as in working in fast food. That kind of post -- she earned her way on the wall of shame. Fucks like this try to break my focus writing my novella. She's going around looking for my fiction online so she can leave malicious reviews of it like the story she did via e-mail. She's not going to find the opus stories online -- I won't let that happen. I am willing to guess if the bitch works in a fast food eatery like the character from The Fandom Writer. She's up there with the faggot named WilliamDoItTheSecond with posting all the lies about me on a website and passing them off as truth -- trying to pass me off a faggot, that shows how heterophobic they are.

Tess Tillman []

Seriously, take my advice and give up on being a writer. You've been writing for how long? Two decades? You're still not good and still haven't earned any real money or readership? How long are you going to be poor and fail before you realize it's futile, and quit? I didn't say retire I said quit trying.

Don't you dare put me on there again. I'm contacting blogspot to have you removed. My cousin is on the force so unless you want Detective Rodney Shaft sicking the law on your ass I highly suggest you take my name down right now.

That little e-mail -- FUCK YOU. I am going to be a writer until the day I die. I am willing to say the bitch never wrote a short story in her life. Her little comment saying I need to quit -- pisses me off to the core. There is a special place in hell for these kind of people, who go around telling someone to give up and brag about owning a pirated book. She's pissed now about being on the wall of shame. Trying to sic johnny law on me and saying her cousin is a law enforcement officer. I've had people try to sic their lawyers on me because of a few interviews I did a while back. I am posting the e-mails from my faithful heckler.
      Ever since I added this feature to my blog, it seems like the hecklers go out of their way to take a piss on my tastes in music saying I some damn poser in the metal scene, yeah right bitch -- fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I don't dress like Lestat at all -- everything I have is black denim and hooded black sweatshirts that are pull over. One of the people who worked at Sears in Chicago knew me from Writings From The Grave and she helped me keep a hard edged look and I refuse to wear fucking make up of any kind. I guess when they realize they make their way to the hall of shame, they get even more pissed off by the day and try to flag me for having hateful content. This blog is driven by freedom of speech. This bitch comparing my work to Twilight, that's an insult to me and to everyone who writes the harder style of Gothic Horror.
      There is a special place in hell for people like her. She's trying to get me to write about the stabbing -- I already have that floating around somewhere. In fact it's part of the story on called Inquisition Revisited. I am sure the faggots of Stupid Free will have fun with this particular bitch. She's even threatening me via e-mail and these treats are hilarious. This cunt is claiming I listen to glam metal and emo when most of my collection is thrash/speed metal, doom metal, death doom metal, death metal, Industrial Metal and hardcore metal. I am guessing this lady is one of those mall goths that says hi to her friends at emo topic. She likes to lie about so much she believes herself, and saying I need to get out of the business of being an author or publisher. I am willing to guess her only place on the web is a fucking or some variant.
      She e-mailed me with the PDF of An Eye In Shadows and I will say she still supports piracy of any kind of media medium. With the little attempt to send the book to 43 people, she earned her way on the wall of shame. Taking the story LOSS OF BLOOD and putting it in the pirated versions of An Eye In Shadows -- classy lady, really classy, now go fuck yourself while I go back to writing my novella. People like this cunt make me sick along with the asshole calling himself Vinne Beats saying my Chicago access is revoked -- they can bite me. These kind of people think they know me, but they don't know a damn thing about me. With that being said -- I am going back to hammering away on my novella

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Wall Of Shame Entries --- book burning groupie and a person who got pirated copies of the memoir

There are two entries to the wall of shame, the first one is from the person who took a crap on Inquistion Revisited. The person was angry because I tossed her e-mail up on the Wall of Shame, now she's bragging about owning a pirated copy of my memoir. People who pirate Mp3's and pirate books electronically really need to be dealt with like a termite or cockroach. When they say the things they said in my e-mail, it angers me to the core when they own pirated copies of a book. That's stealing from an authors table especially when they don't have a lot of money to begin with.
      The people from The Writers Forum and Absolute Write message boards each contributed to the book burning in some way -- so I am going to put that on their heads because they are practicing censorship. They are saying I am wasting their space when I get hostile -- they are contributing to the burning of my books just by their actions. The moderators who agree with the book burning thing -- that puts you up there with the Nazi's. I am going to present this question to one of the moderators. If they support the book burnings, then I will take it all to the press. EVERTHING THEY DID to fuck with Lake Fossil Press. I guess in that sense -- the blood of one of the authors is on their hands.
      I am going to take EVERYTHING to the press because their actions, my memoir got pirated and some of them were trying to do the same thing with my anthologies. Hawke if you're not going to listen to what I am going to say, then fuck off. The fact you locked the thread that would clear my name, if what I say disturbs you just walk away. The blood of one of the authors is on your hands because of that -- do you want that on your concious? I am guessing both forums are forcefed the lies about me and they believe them like gospel truth. You want to step on me -- I am going to step on you every chance I am going to get and using the press to do it. I guess with the one sack of shit -- saying she obtained my memoir as a PDF. I already know who sent out the pirated copies and I am posting the e-mail address here. The pirated copies originated from [] because he posed as a good friend just to rush me to finish the e-book version. When I realized what he did, I blocked him from my profile on MySpace.
      I don't mince words when I say something, I will say the most vulgar thing some people will imagine when they brag about geting a pirated copy of a book or Mp3. That hurts writers as much as it hurts musicians. Some people don't care if they rob from the tables of writers who are struggling to get out there. I want to ask these writers this question, what if your books got pirated and they burn the flesh and bloods -- would you respond politely to that. I wouldn't. Who ever does the book burnings needs to be drawn and quartered for it. If you don't want to listen to me about this, don't waste my fucking time. Also I posted something up on a website -- this is a version of the lengthly article i wrote on Helium originally but I edited some content to make it less controversial sounding. The two entires are very controverisal in many ways.

Wall of Shame Entry One: Tess Tillman, Part II

From Tess Tillman []
to Nickolaus Pacione []
date Mar 20, 2010 4:33 PM
subject ever since you put my email address on your "wall of lame"

You put my email address up without my permission. However since you did that, I've gotten a lot of supportive emails from a lot of really nice people! A few of them told me you have issues and your autobiography explains that so they offered to send me a pdf of your An Eye In Shadows book or whatever. I turned down the anthologies and other crap I don't think I want to read anymore of your stuff anytime soon but those are some great people!

Wall of Shame Entry Two: Book Burning Groupie

From: Jenna Leary []
Subject: anthology/magazine question
Date: Sat 03/20/10 04:40 PM

When are we going to see more YouTube videos of your books being burned?

I LOVED those! They always made me laugh and brightened my day! I especially loved the Ethereal Gazette one because it had piss at the end and just when you think the fire won't go out, the piss saves the day!

Can you put me on some sort of mailing list and let me know when more LFP book burnings are uploaded?


This is my response to that e-mail, warning this is very ideologically sensitve and extremely vulgar. I compared this one to a member of the World Church Of The Creator. I actually took on someone from the World Church Of The Creator becuase of my KKK hanging from a tree. I guess people like this are the ones that get me fuming more than anything -- because book burning is an act of Nazism in the highest degree. Whether it's one book or many, it's still censorship in any form.
     I put this particuler shit in the same catagory as the fucks who shot up Columbine in 1999 and my website was in the crossfire of that shit too. I guess Jennifer Leary goes around celebrating book burings like it was the start of World War II all over again. Those of you who are thinking I.O.W.A. is online -- that isn't my I.O.W.A. My novella I.O.W.A. is 11,000 words and it won't be online anywhere. The faggot named Lewis Unknown decided it was funny to use my name to write the fucking fake story, those of you see this asshole posting on, report the shithead for plagiarism. I guess the assholes behind the domain are working to the best of their ability to fuck over the real magazine. The real Ethereal Gazette doesn't publish satie or parody, I publish horror that doesn't forcefeed the pollitically correct dogma that's currently in the horror community.
     I am gunning for Lewis for that one because he stole my ideas and stole the concept of the story to do his fucked little slab of shit. He was pissed off when I explained the guidelines when I said I don't take any kind of erotica or alternative romance. He went balistic and called me a bigot on the Shocklines Forum and the person behind the fake Gazette is named Beero. And now this is my response to that e-mail. I am going to block the bitch from e-mailing me and some asshole who calls himself robot reader obtained pirated copies of my memoir too. When tney support piracy of books, that's worst than shooting up a high school. Please excuse my language on this one.

E-Mail Response To The Book Burning Groupie:

Subject: Two Words

GET FUCKED -- welcome to the territory of being a horror target for the book burning remark. Nazi cockstains like you really piss me off. It makes me sick when I get another e-mail like this one, the fact you endorse a new kind of Nazism on the internet. Let me ask this question, have you even read a Lake Fossil Press title?
     Saying that they need to be burned -- that is an instant way to get me royally pissed off. It gets me angry enough to get the press involved with this matter, and yes I am posting this entire e-mail and your e-mail address with it so people can tear you apart verbally. If you go around saying things like that, it will not be something to gain favor with me personally. Supporting the act of book burning, what's wrong with you lady? The fact I don't support homosexuality in any form puts people on blast with me -- they hate me because of that reason, and refuse to publish stories by the alternative romance communities. It's comments like yours that really put me in a state of anger -- a kind of anger where I seek vengeance for it. You realize you insulted every author to call themselves a Lake Fossil Press allumni.
     A comment like that when it comes to book burning, that makes you a perminate resident of the wall of shame. So with that being said, say hi to your friends at The World Church Of The Creator. I guess you go around with Nazi symbols your clothing and follow Hilter like some bitch long after he's rotting in the grave and somewhere in hell for what he's done to the Jewish communutiy -- I will be standing in line to take a huge shit on Hilter's grave.
     Supporting a book burning, what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, didn't your mother and father give you enough love when you were a child? The e-mail will be posted in its entire form with your name and e-mail address attached to it . If you go around saying things like that -- that's a very fast way to make enemies. When they see the comments you made -- they are going to want to crucify you for it. Personally I want you drawn and quartered using semi trucks for that comment and those videos aren't mine.

Wall of Shame: Taking away my Chicago Privileges --- (giving the finger)

This jagoff tries to pass me off as a faggot and he sees all the doctored pictures before he e-mails me. So I am posting this particular FUCK up here to have a little fun with him. He's taking away my Chicago Privileges when I am born in Illinois. Just outside of Chicago to be exact. I get these kind of e-mails every other day and it's something new with the jokers on the wall of shame. I started doing the wall of shame on facebook, but I think it's funnier when it's on this one.
     Welcome to the wall of shame you fucking prick. Those of you who want to play with this bastard via e-mail and all those places, that really is his e-mail address. This asshole is going to be flooded with shemale porn. It's so fun to be the internet bad boy, especially when I get the e-mails like this. When I live up to the administer of agitation -- I like to chew these jokers up and spit them out. This one is trying to say I am not Italian. Tell that to my publishers who have a hard time pronouncing my last name.


To: Vinnie Beats []
From: Nickolaus Pacione [}
Subject: what is this

Are you kidding me? You bring shame to our city. You quit telling people you're from Chicago already capiche? You also stop telling people you have Italian in you. You keeping popping up here and there on the net, and whenever I see your name (Content blotted out) You lost your Chicago privileges and you certainly ain't no Italian (I am an Italian you fucking dumbass.) What don't you go back to Iowa or San Francisco whatever other city or state you were born in cause it ain't here.

I dare this fucking joker to say what he says in his e-mail to my face because he's a prime winner of the punch in the head award. I don't always know where these jokers come out from but they always sign my guestbook with fake e-mail addresses but the message board you must have a real e-mail address to sign up, and I find out the e-mail when I get to edit the member's profiles. It's not like the proboards years -- the new versions of proboard make it hard to add new forums and all of that. I had too many spammers and lost the e-mail address password that I use to maintain the board so I have to start a new one from the ground up.
     Say I bring shame to our city pal, there is one place for this kind of e-mail and it's called the wall of shame. I am guessing you're getting plugged by some SHIM on the fucking north side -- Vinnie Beats, you're fucking idiot. I am guessing you're the blind leading the blind in this department, believing the doctored pictures to be real -- keep dreaming, pal. I have a charm that will rub people the wrong way -- get used to it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another featured on the wall of shame.

This one is saying I better not put her on the wall of shame, but with one of her remarks via e-mail flaming on Inquisition Revisted -- I will post the bitch's e-mail edited in parts because some of them are calling this particular short story a blog entry or an angry e-mail.
      I wrote this one about a very difficult time of my life. The short story was written about how I was losing my family and been the subject of a witch-hunt in Iowa. This bitch took a huge shit on the short story because I made it a freebie. I normally don't make new stories available for free but this one is a freebie. I took all the other insulting parts out of this e-mail before I tosses this cunt's address up there. Calling me a whiny Goth kid -- fuck off lady. That little remark got you a slot on my wall of shame. Enjoy your fucking day at the mall and say hello to your friends at Emo Topic. (I had to borrow that line from another wall of shame on a website -- it was too funny not to use. This one that responded was similar to emo faggots I deal with on other sites.)
      I guess she read about my wall of shame on blogspot -- this is a new feature that I added to my blog, since my wall of shame canidates come from all over the world. It's kind of hard to keep track of them all but the ones who earned a perminate slot on the wall of shame, are the ones who plague me from message board to message board. The other wall of shame canidate is from someone on because she thinks I am one of the fakes making their way on the board (changed my mind about wall of shaming this one.) She claims to have all my titles when she didn't spend a dime on them -- I am thinking she pirated those so every post I have from her will be on the Hall of Shame. She thinks that sn NickolausPacione is a fake -- no, I am not the fake. I am going to throw her profile for the screen name on this one so you can go adding her asking her about how she got my books if she is such a "fan.".)
      So she thinks that the person sending her that message is a fake -- will the fake have access to all their messages in the imbox? I decide I would play with her emotions a little bit, not cyberbullying here but all the posts she said to me -- were insulting because she thinks one of the trolls invaded my account. So with that being said I am tossing up her messages on the wall of shame. Those of you who see her books in the store, don't buy them because she claims to have every book of mine -- ask her if she's got the flesh in bloods or the pirated E-books. Electronic Piracy hurts writers as much as it hurts musicians. E-Piracy is my personal The comments about her saying she has all my titles -- BULLSHIT, because if she really was a fan she'd be spending the money on the books instead of getting them by ill means. Another one who earned a perminate slot on the wall of shame is that fat faggoty loser from Scotland since he's fucking with one of my novella titles likea cocksucker.

From Tess Tillman {}
From: Nickolaus Pacione [}
Subject: My opinion on Inquisition Revisited

So I saw on Shocklines you wanted people to read your story then email you their opinion. After reading it I felt compelled to give you mine.
     First off I don't see how you can call it a story. Nothing happens!
     My biggest complaint though, is that it's called a story and it's not. There's no beginning, middle, end, there's no story arc, no characters or character development, nothing. It's a blog entry or an angry email, but it's not a story. I think you even knew it sucked that's why you posted it for free instead of trying to charge people to read it.
     So that's my honest opinion which you asked for. I saw you said if people flame you that you were putting them on some Wall of Shame or something? Well I'm not flaming you so I damn well better not see my name on there (too bad lady, you got a slot on the wall of shame with the whiny Goth comment! Enjoy your stay on the Wall of Shame.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wall of Shame -- "writer" of a 100 year old story

This one I find a little funny because the story The Weird Violin had been released into the public domain nearly 100 years ago -- so I published the story in the 10th issue of the magazine. I did my research on the story and it's part of a website in the land down under. This is the very same The Weird Violin this joker is talking about here, I don't believe he's the author of the story.
     Welcome to The Hall of Shame pal. The magazine that published me also published a Springheeled Jack story too. I had to take one author out of the magazine in the 11th Hour, and I don't believe this joker is the author of the said story because it's been in the public domain for almost a century and a half. I am in the process of trying to get a hold of Ms. Washburn to get some fact checkiing on this particular loser who calls himself Reggie Stevenson. The Weird Violin is similar to Sweeny Todd in terms the writers stayed anonymous. The true writer behind The Weird Violin is really anonymous and the story was launched in the public domain four years ago in 2006.
     I did my fact checking before publishing The Weird Violin and the story I published from Plots Magazine is called Show Me You Care by a mystery writer. I am showing this e-mail to make an example out of the fool, he sounded intellegent but he doesn't know when the real story was written. I studied up on Margone Bowen in the recent years and she existed as a pen name for somoene who had a longer real name. This joker claims to be the real author of the story, but when I did my research on the short story before I ran it.
     I think this person is a fake, because I was doing my research on Ms. Washburn when I started Tabloid Purposes in 2004 -- the anthology is a cross between The House Of Pain and Plots Magazine. My magazine is starting to get name recognition in the small press, and if you see the domain that's not the real magazine. They claim to be an online mag posing as my grandmother when she didn't write any books -- she doesn't even sit in front of the word processor.
     The jokers behind that site appeared on Shocklines to mislead people from the real magazine; the real magazine is a print mag. I might be planning a second magazine but I am not sure yet, something that is more in common with Readers Digest but with a very dark angle to it. I am not sure yet what I want to do with that one, but I want to be the Gothic version of Reader's Digest. Some of the horror writers read Weird Tales while they were growing up, I only heard stories about the magazine. Reader's Digest was always a magazine I got my hands on when I was a kid. I almost sent The Pattern of Diagnosis to Reader's Digest.

From: Reggie Stevenson []
To: Nickolaus Pacione []

Mr Pacione,

We have never met before, but I was searching for information about Plots Magazine recently and I came across a story I had submitted to them years ago called "The Weird Violin". I then saw that you ran it in a magazine you have.

Years ago I submitted that story to Margi Washburn for Plots magazine. I chose at the time to not be credited under my own name and instead use "Anonymous" as I was not comfortable using my real name at that time. Even today I write under a pseudonym and keep my real name off of my stories.

Regardless, I have proof that I am the one who wrote "The Weird Violin". While I understand you did not know who I was when you featured it in your publication, the fact remains my permission was not given to do so.

I am currently in the process of submitting that story to another magazine and the contract stipulates that it not be currently available for purchase anywhere else. The company understands it was in Plots years ago, but they realize that issue is no longer available for sale and are allowing me to submit it to them regardless and receive financial compensation for it.

I am officially demanding you remove my story from your publication immediately. I don't know how many copies you have already printed of your "Ethereal Gazette" but they must be pulled from shelves at once and destroyed, and further prints are not to feature my story in any form.

I am trying to be civil in this matter so I am not officially involving my lawyers, however they are advising me on this and are prepared to step in for me should you not comply.

Thank you.

Yeah that was just one of the Wall of Shame entries, there's about two of them that I can think of. I noticed the fake Ethereal Gazette brought up they were going to steal the characters from Spectral Exile so I can take a very good guess whose behind the website. Some of the SomethingAwful set are behind it because they were doing all those "stories" off my character.
     I am not going to throw up the e-mail from those assholes because I don't want to give them any publicity. They had the gall to create a domain of my other publishing outfit -- I will have a domain for them next month and will be hosting Ethereal Gazette's detailed website from there. I have a website for the magazine now, so this would be the link.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A little article I got published on Hellium

When I First Came Online

I am sure some of you will figure out the characters and the names because they are real. This is in reaction of being bullied out of a forum. I did nothing wrong, just the people that chased me around place to place came causing trouble. I am in the process of finding the newspapers of two of the people who caused all the bullshit are based and will be writing a nice letter introducing the book and introducing what the three assholes had done. Brucha, Joe Smith and White Serpent. They want the fame, now let them choke on it.
      The forum folks are good people, they didn't deserve to be nailed like that with the sick doctored pictures and things like that. This article has a lot of vulgar language because I used Ray Garton's exact threat against me on So you little cyberstalking fucks -- you think you got my number. Read up because this is me fighting back and doing so in a way that I know how. For that faggot who is trying to get me not to make hostile comments towards the abomination rag -- you can kiss my ass on that one because I will say the snide comment making fun of that "flag."
      The slash community will always be a target for me because I hate what they do to characters that aren't theirs. Making Harry Potter into a flaming faggot -- If J.K. Rowling read that shit, she would have the same reaction that I have. I don't like when they make her copyrighted characters into flaming faggots, someone has to speak up for it because she's a Christian. You don't do that to a Christian writer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fucking Faggot is trying to hold Lake Fossil Press hostage


The fucker created a domain trying to mislead people from my company. Anyone wants to send this pig raping faggot hate mail they can do so at the address above. Publishers -- do not take submissions from this person. He's set out to destroy Lake Fossil Press. My company's been around six years and I am not about to let some faggot ruin the company. If he wants to start a fight, he's got one now. I will see to it every publisher will not publish any of his manuscripts. Prepare to die asshole because your work is going to die with you. Welcome to the wall of shame you fucking goat raping piece of shit.
    You don't own me motherfucker -- you're in my fucking crosshairs you pigraping son of a bitch. People like you make me sick, and if you're trying to tell people your the owner of Lake Fossil Press. I will see to it that the industry skullfucks you out of the business.

Monday, March 8, 2010

This Susanna Holmes Character

Since Susanna Holmes likes to do a smear campaign about me -- I am giving her the right place to start up with me on here and handle this on my own terms, if you want to respond to this post my e-mail is posted. Sites like or Encyclopedia Dramatica aren't viable sources for a journalist. Holmes you're not a jouralist and you're chasing me around forum to forum just so you make sure I end up like Poe or Lovecraft who were both scorned in death. This joker is trying to get me scorned in life because I refuse to publish slash writers and because I refused to tow the party line.
     I wrote about these kinds in my book, and they are mentioned in the bio on Writings From The Grave. I've seen these types come and go -- I dealt with them all my life and in the progress of writing the novella, I am going to make this particular joker into a horror target and give them a very brutal death. I am trying to keep it clean with this particular one but I want to bring her out to a playground where I have more dominion than she does, since her game is more getting people to gang up on me in a message board. I am not going to let her do that on a place that I just called home.
     I watched these types start trouble on almost a few years ago but I am not going to let them do it on a new board. If they want to start something -- that's what my board is for because I do allow swearing and I do allow personal attacks. But if you try to post doctored pictures like what you tried on the forum, don't let the door hit you on ass on the way out. Let me present this question to those who follow both those libel sites, do you think those websites are reliable sources on a person? I want you to bring that arguement to this blog if you're going to respond to me. Best response goes on the blog as a guest contributor.
     I sometimes wonder if can either of you respond to this without being ignorant. You're not going to scare off contributors because of the antics both of you try to do on the message boards. I guess you really don't have anything better to do with your life than piss on mine. The one called Professor Norwood, come on -- can you do someting that doesn't steal from my creations? Do you even have a life? This Susanne Holmes character is going to be making her appearance in the novella I am working on and yes the kill for her is going to be graphic. Since the bitch is trying to go after my cousin too, I am going to have a little fun with her kill in the novella -- her's will be one of the more graphic kills in the novella. A kill similar to Vlad The Impaler.
     Since this Susanna Holmes likes to cause some trouble on the message board I am starting to get settled into -- I am going to make an example out of this coward. Along with the jagoff who calls himself SoundGardenFan, (using my birthday as a birthdate? Cute move asshole -- getting people thinking you're me. Do you think that will work?) They're trying to do something that gets me kicked off another message board, but I am not going to take the bait over there -- they came there just to see how much they can do to get me banned.
     I am very curious if this Susanna character goes around stalking people to every forum they go in, or just the ones that I found myself home in for the very first time since the days that Trench has his forum. I am thinking this Susanna Holmes is another WilliamDoitTheSecond or someone along those lines because she's carrying herself like one of those piss bloggers I dealt with over the years -- someone who doesn't have a real website except for some presence.
     Susanna if you want to start with me, don't do it on a board that asks people to keep it clean and forbids personal attacks. I refuse to go after someone on a board that forbids that, and don't want to do anything that will get me thrown off another message board. I will say this much if anyone has a mental imbalance it would be the one caled Susanna Holmes if that's her real name. Yeah I can imagine the bitch being a character in a horror novel and not living very long for picking apart every little thing -- and in fact I made the sorry bitch a horror target because she decided to pull those fucking links out trying to make me look like a criminal when I've been keeping my nose clean on a forum.
     Someone like her is truly morally bankrupt picking on someone with a mental illness, but she doesn't know me very well in terms of being a writer or a journalist. If she likes to come after me on a forum, I am not going to take the bait there. With that Susanna, welcome to the wall of shame on my blog you sorry sack of shit. Don't ever mention my family on a forum just to see if I would flame you openly on there. If I see you doing it anywhere else I will see to it that you're on The Wall of Shame for all time and I will have other horror writer buddies making a horror target out of you as I am doing. You go around trying to make me look like a villan or demonize me because I don't like slash writers.
     If you hate my guts and made it clear that you want to make other people who barely know me try to make me demonized when I did nothing wrong. The only reason that you bastards do sites like on Encyclopedia Dramatica or Fandom Wank is because none of you do your fact checking about the person and harass the publishers that run my work like you have a death wish coming. Calling me a damn con artist, lady there is one thing I have to say to you is to look at my picture on facebook long and hard -- see what the photograph is telling you. I really think that people like you support e-piracy too because it's in your nature, do you go to the movie theater with a video camera and tape the picture? That's exactly what you're doing when you go on a forum to cause trouble. I've seen twats like this come and go -- trying to pull out an old piece of shit of a board that intentionally lies about me and passing it off as truth. I guess you're quicker to let people believe the lies when the truth is written, and the truth is written by the source of the person.
     I really think this bitch also behind the storefront, LAKE FOSSIL PISS. Very cute lady, it shows that you're nothing but a fucking bitch.

Friday, March 5, 2010

You Asshole -- Welcome The Wall Of Shame

I am not going to throw the entire body of this e-mail up there but I am going to throw in the part where he says Erotica, and he doesn't read my submission guidelines. I refuse to publish Gay writers -- never did and never will, and I am not about to start now. He uses the name that the fucking libel site uses for my magazine. My comments in the body of the e-mail are in gray. I am going to toss up that little "cover" they did of my beloved magazine. I treat the magazine like it's my second son. I don't have the offical wall of shame like other sites do but I've been playing around with the idea since 2000.

Yeah fucking right you morons. The only reason you jagoffs did 'cover' is I didn't have cover art yet for the magazine. Go to my facebook profile and look at the picture long and hard -- what is the fucker telling you? You bastards did the same fucking thing with Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and with AVARICE when I already have the cover for the one public.  What bastards have the right to steal my creative properties, they don't carry a creative commons license.

From: Stefan Wiles {}

Mr. Pacione.

I let you know I want to make submissions to your magazines and enter into conversations with you regarding future erotica (Erotica? Since when the hell I did that? I will never publish erotica.) projects.

From: John Smith {}
To: Nickolaus Pacione {}

You still haven't paid other writers (paid one of them $20.00) why would anyone trust you? Not that anyone takes you seriously enough as a publisher to submit to.

Your pathetic and give real small press publishers a bad name. Guess it's time to get you committed again.
Don't they even read the magazine? I ask people to at least read the magazine first before submitting to the magazine and I refuse to publish any stories relating to homosexuality because the lifestyle is disgusting. I openly refuse those kind of stories, I turned down one joker who tried to pitch a novella to me where the father was sexually attrached to his main male character. I tell those jokers to submit to Bent or some other magazine like that.
     The Ethereal Gazette never published that sort of thing, but when I published Daniel Willow's Testimony, it caught me offguard. That was the first time that I heard the story from an Ex-Gay. It stood out to me because I knew him for a long time but had no idea. It complimented the rest of the line up nicely -- but these assholes coming to me trying to say they want to submit, but they say they want to write faggot erotica for the magazine. What I say to them is this, keep walking.
     I will have a policy for real person fiction type stories and I am drawing this up too as I speak. If someone writes slash fiction, they're not welcome to be part of the magazine -- but if they write a cool dark real person fiction story of me in a story based off one of my creations and it isn't slash, they will get publised but it's exposure only on those kind of stories. I will draw up the GLS for people who write those kind of stories, but I am very strict with the magazine -- my reputation for being strict as a publisher follows me everywhere I go and for these assholes on the Writer Beware blogs who smear me every step of the way. An Eye In Shadows was written s a swipe at those who would go around smearing my name like I am some kind of villian in the industry.
     The cover for AVARICE will be a public domain painting. Those of you saying AVARICE is available online, it's an urban myth along with all my new works -- also urban myths. I just started writing that novel and working on two other novels at the same time as I am working on this one. I have a novella I am working on that's making steady progress. The lying assholes portray the cover of someone swallowing a load -- yeah they go around with an ANALLY INFLICITED DEATH SENTENCE. The real cover for Issue Seven was part of a larger picture called Watcher at the Sea, a photo I took in 2008 while in Chicago standing on the rocks. Revisiting the photos I took in 2002 for the website and
     I noticed that Regina Cook actually stole the candid photograph of me from The Editor's Lounge on Issue 10. What they royally fail at is ruining all my focus on the novella I am working on, and this novella is a masterpiece for me -- it's saved especially for issue 11. If you assholes are coming from the libel haven trying to say I will look at turd burgler type erotica yarns, you're sadly mistaken. I won't even look at those kind of stories, and I will make fun of you without mercy on my blog.
     I am not only trying to write three novels, a novella and a few other things -- what i am trying to do is return to my roots of where my writing got it's start, on an official website. I am in the progress of looking for a right click block. Some people are too lazy to actually write HTML these days so they seek ways to do a site without the coding so they turn to wordpress, Blogspot, and LiveJournal for their website. I notice that the assholes of Stupid Free can't come up with a solid concept for a short story or can't have a solid idea, so they shit on the people who do.
     Blogs aren't a good place to feature fiction beacuse the stories will go longer than blog page, especially when the blogs have about five to twenty entries going to them. Cut tags or not, I never posted my short stories on LiveJournal when I had the shitty place for a journal. I often notice how often writers are using a blog these days as their official website, but I would rather have a real website than just a blog because there is so much involved with working on a website -- I don't mind the work, but it takes a lot of tweaking to get the coding right. I am very old school when it comes to website design and that means hours of coding from scratch. It's a lost art because everyone will go with a CSS format for their layouts -- tends to frown upon advanced HTML for coding and shit like that.
     I will never toss up my submission guidelines on this blog because too many people will read the blog and get the wrong idea about the magazine -- I will be using my offical website for the magazine or other publications that are going to be done by Lake Fossil Press or Broken Mindframe Books. The blog will be home of the wall of shame, and I will be making comments about people who can't come up with original ideas such as HorrorGal who tried to con me out of $100.00 for backups of Tabloid Purposes II. Then there is one that would go picking apart every story I've written like some asshole, and that asshole calls herself Persephone In Pink or some other colors for each time I tried to block them on a site the cunt would pull out her other handles. I want to see this shit come up with an original story and concept.
     The bitch picked apart a story that got me my first sale -- and that got me angry as hell. I wish Matt did something about some of these reader accounts. I got a lot of shit from a flaming faggot on with a shitty review of my book -- I tore him a new one via e-mail and the faggot still decides he was going to take a shit on my career. These kinds go after me all the time because I refuse to write with Gay content -- I don't agree with anything of that lifestyle and what Dan Willow said basically kicks that community in the head. I knew what he was going to do, and I knew the magazine needed this angle going into the fray. But when I see someone like the asshole suggesting that I take that kind of shit, I will get pissed and tell him he will never get published with me.
     Wiles, if you're reading this blog you asshole -- pay attention as I spell this out for you. I will never take Gay Erotica, never have and I never will. So with that being said, enjoy burning in hell. I found the website of the male flesh pole sucker who took a shit on my first book so publically. I am curious if the asshole got pirated copies of my book and reviewed it from there, but I hate to say it to this asshole. I got published because of Collectives. I am willing to bet the little fruit has fun getting some from his nearest blood relatives. So with that being said, I could quote Eminem on The Marshal Mathers LP but I know he would say things that are even more offensive than I would ever write, though I've done just that with the upcoming novella. I am just taking a little time out of my busy writing and coding scedule to post an elaborate response on this blog of all the assholes who are going around posting fake covers to AVARICE or trying to say the story is a short story -- I am putting that urban myth to bed right now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A little gift to the pigs stealing my work!

The Bullet To The Head Edit

Right now I am in the process of getting some of my favorite short stories together that been published online and in one place. I am trying to work on my main website to reflect the current publication credits and I got some new graphics from the magazines who ran my work. I see that Lewis is stealing my concepts and titles and creating pieces of shit with them. I've read his little take on Halloween Girl, I like my version hell of a lot better.
      I got some pigraper on posing as LakeFossilPiss, and I am making funeral arrangements for that little asshole. I have them as a nice little horror target in my novella I am working on and I got HorrorGal as a horror target in this motherfucker -- the novella is a lot more offensive than THE FANDOM WRITER was. These assholes have to understand something about my short stories THEY're COPYRIGHTED.
      I wonder if Lewis repeatedly fucks his mother in the ass repeatedly then sucks her cock. Yes I know I can be a little nasty when it comes to insulting people -- I got that down to an artform and I got a little pigfucker on another site who started on me because of the pigfuckers central. I get my revenge on them in a short story that isn't online anywhere.
      I am surprised it's now almost six years in May since I wrote The Fandom Writer. It's one of those stories, the more you flame on the fucker -- the more you're adding to the sting. It's just like H.P. Lovecraft's The Horror At Red Hook in terms of the controversy. I dedicate this story to the entired slash writing community. Without them giving me so much shit over the years, I wouldn't have written this kind of story, it's still my fucking favorite short story -- the expanded versions are a little more offensive. This was stemmed from reading Carol Sullivan's entry in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. She's writing someting just as offensive in issue 12!
      I know one thing with the novella when it's finished -- it's going to piss a lot of people off to the core. It's going to have the rub people the wrong way charm to it. If you hate The Fandom Writer -- there is a picture on my facebook profile, take a long look at that picture what's it telling you? This version has a louder FUCK YOU aspect to it. I did something cool when I did this version, I did a link to Jack T. Chick's doom town.
      Come on asshole! I dare you to do a response to this story on Associated Content, you fucking pigraper! I am about open a pandoras' box but ask me if I care here -- since the little fucks like ExposeTheTard steal content all the fucking time, I have them in the crosshairs with this one too. They just unleashed the wrath of god. The new edits to The Fandom Writer are designed to rip the nuts off any slash writing shit raper -- I added "Slash Fiction" to the meta tags so people will pull this story when they pull up "slash fiction."
      Pay attention kids -- this is most evil Uncle Fossil can get. This story is very loved by the old school grave diggers for a reason too -- Terry Vinson first read this one and he said I didn't pull any punches with it and that is why I love this one so much. I like it as much as A Cemetery Dream. I dare someone to go on the slash fiction sites and post this link. First one to do it -- will get a signed copy of An Eye In Shadows. The fucker pulled 43 Reviews on I am tempted to throw one of those reviews. Up on this blog with their e-mail address so people can write to them. I am in the mood to really fuck with people and this story is designed to fuck with people. They said in the reviews that The Fandom Writer clocks in as the most offensive horror story ever written -- it written to give the finger. Making a slash writer a fast food worker, and this is something that got to a lot of them because of the tone it was written. The font change is his words -- mine are the red in Garamond.

:blink blink:Well, I always said I was going to hell for writing slash, but really...As a slash writer, a fanfiction writer, and a devoted Roman Catholic, I would like to say this: don't you think you're being a little too melodramatic (Melodramatic? -- BULLSHIT YOU LITTLE HOMO! Little bastard needs to crawl back to momma) Personally, I think God isn't going to abandon me just because I like to write things in a different light. I realize this is just a story, but still...If you could e-mail me and explain your views, I would appreciate it. I believe my e-mail address is in my profile.

The ones who are the most pissed off with The Fandom Writer are the ones who write stories like Poppy Z. Brite where the character takes it up the ass or another male sucking the flesh pole. I still get over how many motherfuckers left reviews just to take a shit on it. It's like a right of passage for the little faggots. I designed this story to be a kick in the head. I've been writing stories that kick people in the head for nearly 20 years so I've been doing it for a long time, the new novella will be doing that on an epic scale along with the novel that I am working on. I am working on three novels but the novella is very inspired.
      I am doing stories that are just as abrasive as The Fandom Writer was -- but the novella is going to have the vibe and energy that gave The Fandom Writer it's magic. I remembered when I showed that story to Gordon when I was first working on it. He was laughing his ass off at parts, I just added more scenes where the horror are too. I did more with the coffin in flesh scene in the story and fixed the typos. I fixed the reviews on see the uncensored reviews. The one that made the "ass-fuck" remark needs a guy filling her pussy a few times and quit munching rugs. People like her don't like openly straight and proud.