Sunday, December 11, 2011

updated blog locations

These are the updated journals as this blog gets updated, I prove that the one person who is doing those so called magazine covers of "Unicorn Man" -- I did a web search and proved he didn't do the pictures that were in the cover. Clearing my pen name from being a fag in other words. They want to try to convince the world until they're blue in the face that I don't run Lake Fossil Press I just proved holes in a few of their stories. I got one of their covers taken down from another website for copyright violation of my novel. The one known as Thomas M. has a mindset similar to child molester with his obsession with my company and he's got an unhealthy fascination with fire. Making him a socialpathic type who goes around trying to get people to believe his delusions.
      The two webjournals have different things updated with them -- one of them is a full time weblog where I post video on there. This journal has video too but it is one of those that will be more explicit with the language and this one is one that is designated as adult content because of the language within the digital page. So with that I give you the journals themselves. The InsaneJournal will have brand new video postings I did earlier today. I did a video version of my Editor's Lounge. I use as my video blog because of it's media embed feature. I did this with the Goth community on towards the end. I should have been a little more careful with the video there because some got pissed off because I exposed them on video.
      Psyche of a Bipolar has a feed on this blog so you can see the updates on the side here too. I have the guidelines in the journal archive. I am writing out the guidelines so I can distribute them on college campuses in the DuPage County and Joliet areaa, especially with Issue 15 and 14 in mind. I am planning to take submissions for both isses at the same time. I am looking to make Issue 14 about 180 pages pending on the novella submissions for the issue and the ratio to short stories. They want to do the illusion that my magazine is imaginary or call it insulting names with the vandalism so people don't submit to the magazine. They are trying to strangle me into folding but that is going to backfire when I get the e-mail back about the owners of the photographs reporting them to
     According to my entry about the pictures they came from a fag site, and I didn't link the fag site to the entries on the blog but I did some research to see what I can do to nail AngryInIllinois as a fraud. He uses the fraud domains that were created by trolls as respresentations of the website, taht is proof he doesn't own the company right there and he's comimg up with the damned "Unicorn Man" for the covers of the upcoming anthology that's in progress too. I proved that Robert Baupader is a plagiarst too known as a ghostwriter type plagiarist meaning he will change things around to make the novel look like he wrote the thing.
      I nailed the loser on for the covers being DCMA violations, all I needed to do is show the real cover for GAME OVER and describe a key scene within the book and they took the cover down. I have this feeling that ZombieDiva is going to crash the appearance at the museum, and organize a demonstration because of what I said about Willard. I turned the tables when I said the whole thing I said about him and his daughter, since he likes to say what he says about my son and sister. Baupader is another who can't come up with an original thought for the life of him and Daverana Enterprises wants to publish the plagiartist making them fucking hypocrites in the process. What they're doing to my magazine is as vile as the 9/11/2001 attacks and child molestation rolled into one.

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  • I noticed my blogs on are becoming a little more lengthly too and it is going to give visitors a lot of information to take in when they see the video combination with it. With that being said, there will be some new video blogs going up too on Nick Rants. They are going to be quite vicious too where one is saying I am some kind of fucking closeted retard, never call me the r-word fucking psychopathic white trash piece of shit. I should try to make a run to get his books pulled from and get Daverana Enterprises shut down from Suffer you white trash loser you fucking earned this, and willing to destroy someone's magazine by sabotaging someone's submission processs by intentionally getting the magazine the wrong kind of listings. That isn't professional, in other words fuck your motherfucking gaming books you fucking child molesting faggot.

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    trying to get me to quit

    This video is a message to those who are trying to get me to quit or fold as a publisher and get a day job working at McDonald's or some fast food job. It's not going to happen, even if you fuckers try to fill out applications online using my name. I am sure some of you are trying because one of you has access to my social security number. With the recent harassment via mail does show intent, and with the vandalism of my publishing company listing. What are your personal motivations in getting me to quit? I am not going to quit this because I've been force to quit many things in my life, I am going to see my writing and publishing career through. I know I will make it on a larger market and I am going to try for a larger market as a writer -- if I can get that market, it will help me a little further as a publisher. Brian Keene actively tried to get me to give up being a writer, I told him he was better off getting genital warts than sseing me give it all up and call it a day. I am sure there are a lot of people waiting for me to call it a day as a writer and wanted to see Sammi Cox keep going with it. Those are all her ass kissers trying to get me to quit as a publisher, fuck them. I am going to keep going.

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    some people are delusional

    I got an e-mail from a delusional skank who thinks I lost my publishing company what I found out that the loser who is doing the fake ownership is violating a lot of DCMA deals because of his using the "Unicorn Man" image for the said "covers" of my magazine. He found those images in a web search such as this one. I am sure some of them want me to throw in the towel I am not going to quit or have any plans on retiring as a publisher any time soon. I got another submission for the anthology and did a blog on One thing I want these bastards who vandalize the listing to do when they die,, and that's suffer. I am trying to catch the copyright violators in the process. I got one thing taken down from the I got the ones who are going around trying to destroy the magazine's listing each chance they get too -- what is that going to accomplish.
         The illusion of a hostile takeover is one of their tactics too to make sure I don't get any submissions either. Going around with the illusion that the magazine has a new owner when I haven't applied for a loan -- I don't even apply for loans. I believe if you can't get it out of your own pocket or unable to do something on layaway you don't do it at all unless you can do it without using a credit card. How could I even apply for a loan, I never used my company for a collateral. So in my eyes -- the fag named Thomas M. lied about everything and the whole thing with his page is a fucking mockery of my company. He's using the troll created domains as a representation of the company. So in that -- I am setting the record straight with the publishing company here. I didn't lose it. I am going to laugh as the faceless coward lights himself on fire eventually. I guess when people look at a post like this and see I am telling the truth about the loser, they would eventually open their eyes. The whole thing with the Lloyd Phillip Campbell that showed up on wordpress, that isn't the real one -- the real one exists on paper.
         I am that author they don't want you to own legit copies of and the votes say there is one person who said they'd pirate everything I have, someone decided to try and pirate Ghosts In The Tornado that is really irresponsible because I never posted that story. I want that story to be a true exclusive. I am not going to play into everyone wanting me to die off the publications -- seeing everything fold before their eyes, not happening. I just got GAME OVER published and trying to promote the hell out of the book and it will be the PublishAmerica page I am going to promote of it too. This is the book everyone likes to lie about now. Whoever tagged the book "gay porn" and "unicorn porn" needs to die a horrible death. People are entitled to hate me and I accepted that but they are not entitled to ruin the magazine because they just hate me -- getting at me by vandalizing the magazine, the magazine is like my child in that sense of the word.

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    because of the language

    I designated this blog as an adults only blog because of the use of hard swearing and violent language. I will be graphic in terms of the violent language as for the naysayers I would be laughing if they die while taking a shit meaning they bleed out and they can't stop bleeding. That must piss them off but I am doing the adults only rating to protect this blog from being flagged. I noticed that the bastards vandalizing the listings have became more intense with it -- the magazine will never be known as Pictures of Dorian Gray or The Boy Love Gazette. Whoever is doing that and male, I find them they would end up punch drunk. It seems that people don't want this magazine to even be known as The Ethereal Gazette. Does it bother them or offend them that much that I don't allow gay or GLBT oriented content? It's something that they have to live with knowing the magazine will always be known as The Ethereal Gazette. I want the one place that isn't something like that, I will never be that kind of publisher.
         Some are going as far as calling this blog a hate site because of the violent language and sometimes disgusting metaphors. But either way this will piss a lot of people off saying I am not changing the name of the magazine nor I am going to stop publishing the magazine or promoting my novel. Pirating the novel is not professional, if Publish America catches wind of that one they'd be all over their ass. I had this blog for ten years actually just haven't used it until now. It does contain explicit language so that is part of the reason why it's got the adults only designation for the blog. Google will not let me have the adsense on the thing because of the hardcore profanity. So kids get out of the pool, this blog is adults only and those who are saying the blog is my official web presence -- no it's not. My actual website is my web presence and I am not jumping on the wordpress bandwagon for an official website because it takes the fun out of designing a website from scratch.
         I am planning some new projects and I have to keep this blog adults only because of the flagging threats I've been getting from Sheri Gambino -- but seems like she's trying to get this blog censored because it's offensive to certain groups well fuck them an the virus they rode in on.

    progress on anthology

    Still waiting on a few stories -- I will consider autobiographical Gothic Horror for this bad boy too. I am trying to get a video uploaded to for the progress of the anthology and the process of submissions for the magazine. The blog that got suspended is pissed that it's suspended so he's taking it out on the listing of the company on Pirating my novel and all of that too -- I am guessing it was something to do with not allowing sexual content that really pisses people off, and outright banning homosexual content. Is that phobic, no but practicing freedom of choice though. I got someone trying to flag this blog because they are upset at the content within the digital pages. I use this one to be a little candid and sometimes the content gets a little vile at times.
         I will not allow certain tings on this magazine or in the anthologies, and I expect my wishes to be honored there. Some of the writers who harass me or try to organize a boycott clearly do not want me to be a publisher anymore for some reason or another, and that is their personal reasons. I am not going to throw in the towel because what they intend on doing with the publications. If they don't like the mag, don't read it. Don't go around sabotaging a planned anthology or planned issues of the magazine. It's not professional. I am just trying to get an anthology published and the contributors rounded up for the rest of the line up. I can put the book out now if I wanted to but I want to wait until I get the rest of the authors.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    to the voters, fuck you

    What's this only 30 voted? Now I am laughing at them because out of the so many out there only thirty want me to fold. To those thirty wanting me to fold, fuck you. The tribe had spoken and I am keeping the doors open -- the magazine isn't The Boy Love Gazette, Pictures of Dorian Gray, The Pink Triangle Productions or The Eerie Gay Man Gazette. Nor is it The Ethereal Gazyette it's The Ethereal Gazette or The Gazette for short. Go play in traffic and die in a fire to those thirty who voted. They know who they are, and seems like they are the ones who want this thing to close more than anything well it is not happening. The blog that had it right with them is this blog. The blog doesn't count for my written works just an update deal of what my writing life is like on some places or my editor's life is like on others. I am going to be that editor no one wants people to own copies of work to legitimately but there will always be someone who will pick it up just as long it's not the cocksucker who hides behind a Gene Simmons picture.
          What the voting poll is worth, it was for my own amusement -- I will take my time with Issue 14 though so Issue 13 can ferment a little bit in terms of people getting tired of the issue. I am promoting the hell out of the issue though because it's a damn fine read to say the least. There were a series of insult names that came to my company years ago -- one of them was Dead Fossil Press. They would come up with a lot of cute insulting names for the magazine and for my company but the thing that will piss them off is I keep producing issues of the magazine and anthologies people will keep reading until the next one comes out. I am waiting for batteries to arrive so I can do a trailer for the anthology and a promo for the museum. The reason they haven't announced it yet is because they wanted to keep it a surprise.
         They don't want the magazine to be known as the name of the magazine because they flat out hate my guts whoever is voting for the poll, yeah it shows that it is from a group known as anonymous. The defamation that some of them would do -- I sometimes wonder if they would lead to doing an actual assault. The kind of thing that I think about when I do this magazine is all the damned stalkers devoted to wanting to fuck with the mag.

    Sunday, December 4, 2011

    heard from one of the artists

    She told me the artwork will be ready inside of a week, and she will be photographing the progress for me because she can't do the color pencil medium. Well it was cool to imagine the cover done in color pencils though, because my medium is pencil for drawing. I am still waiting on a few writers for the anthology, and few people are trying to organize a formal boycott of my work. I wonder who is organizing this sick boycott, where they are willing to destroy works too on Well no matter, I will have my anthology and that is going to be something special for me when I have it done. I wonder what the reaction will be when I get the anthology published and ready to go.
         That is my curiosity there. I am just waiting for the writers who are still writing stories for the anthology. I have about 326 pages for the anthology already here and seems that Gambino has nothing better to do but make my life a living hell, I am guessing she is the one who is also called "Dark" on another site too. There is inspiration there for horror and their obsessions is something that would lead to a horror plot somewhere. I have ideas too and they might be a sequel to a story that is published in Emanations. I am still working on the anthology and some people want the magazine to fold or me to stop all production on anthologies. I am planning the next set of anthologies, House of Spiders IV isn't planned but Lake Fossil IV is. I haven't started writing on that one but I am looking to do the third sequel set immediately after the events of Lake Fossil 3.
         The sequel to The Fandom Writer is going to be a fucking masterpiece in terms of the way it's delivered too. So I am thinking how would I go about selling this story. Like I said with the anthology it is my comeback anthology into the realm of editing anthologies. My thing with people wanting me not to publish anymore, why don't they try to do a competitive publication -- do something constructive instead of being destructive. The one known as Thomas M. doesn't know I am in the process of working on the anthology sequel to the one in the museum and he has no respect for classic horror if he's willing to torch an anthology with classic horror stories in there. The "cover" he uses is flat out pornographic where the fucker shows an erect dick. The covers are copyright violations up the ass so to speak.
          I will be doing some filming for the book trailer for the anthology that's in the museum and looking to have the rest of the book ready just before Christmas. What I want to do is time the release around the same time as the original version of the namesake four years ago. I am in the process of font shopping for the book and if anyone of my long time friends want to get me something for Christmas, I am looking for the High Tower Text font to reissue House of Spiders 3 as part of Issue 14. It will be a novella issue so I am looking for more stories for this. I got a lot of fresh faced writers for the anthology as well as a few Tabloid Purposes alumni. These members of the roster haven't appeared together in a Tabloid Purposes but they were part of past Tabloid Purposes though, one of them is an original Tabloid Purposes roster member. I will be the only one who appeared in the Tabloid Purposes that was from the first book, I am planning six and seven -- got them outlined for the submission guidelines and posted on the Lake Fossil Press fan page.
         2012 will see the offshoot anthologies for the magazine and they will be published between issues. The magazine presents anthology series are going to be 4theluv, the reading fee market is going to be a nonfiction publication because creative nonfiction journals you have to plunk down $25.00 for them to even look at the entry. I saw that Gambino is obsessed with seeing me close my doors, she's got the venue to start her own publication so she might as well start one where it doesn't have the rigid rules of my magazine. I am looking to do more focused concept anthology spinoffs based off my list of guidelines and the wish list that I have on the magazine's website. The anthologies that are presented by the magazine will be based on the wish list I have on the guidelines in parts.
         The Tabloid Purposes sequels are paying markets, but looking to do a contest anthology again like I did with Tabloid Purposes 3. The reading fee anthology will be used to contribute to the prize pool. I am looking to do anthologies as EPUB exclusive works too also for -- I want to embrace the EPUB medium because that is a new readership right there. The one who needs to find something better to do with her time is Gambino. She needs to go count the dust particles on her bookshelves or the cracks on the ceiling. Going around Pacione bashing, it seems like the national past time but fuck them because I got better things to do with my time than deal with the assholes trying to ruin and sabotage a project. One thing is this one of the people who tried to steal from me is out of business, and the ones who are going after me because I am making fun of this -- the one who called me The Pacione Disease is getting a flesh and blood copy of the anthology when it's finished because it would send her over the edge.

    Friday, December 2, 2011

    seems like I got some ugly votes

    Man the votes are hostile, it seems that one person should find something better to do such as count the dust on her shelf. I know someone is going to be saying that's insensitive. I don't need sensitivity training. There are only nine people voting on that one that means it is only nine people who are causing the most shit with the magazine. I am not going to let nine people fuck with the magazine. There is some wishful thinking on their part. That they're doing by pirating my work is not professional -- going around saying I was the one who posted Blood Contender on the listing when I wouldn't post my stories on a listing for my magazine. The archive for October 2011 will have the entry about the submission guidelines about the magazine.
         The one person who is trying to get me shut down has OCD -- doesn't she have dust particles to count? They've became very obsessed with wanting to see the magazine fold, the line up is culturally diverse but I will not allow gay content. This is the item that they want me to fold over -- I am aware of the books My Daddy's Roommate, I agree with Sarah Palin on that one that book doesn't belong in a public library. The same people are going in with the vandalism saying seven year olds are better at math than I am--I just suck at college algebra. They are saying that I need to be locked in a padded cell and the white coats should be coming for me.
         Well what if someone was to say that the white coats will come for them and say they need to be locked away for a good number of years. Some of the things they're doing is intentionally breaking the links to the magazine and to the storefront, doesn't sell suppositories. I had an issue with only three contributors on The Ethereal Gazette -- I lost touch with another one back in 2006, the reason I had a hard time paying the line up on Issue 3 was that I was having hard times at the apartment. My crime is losing touch with a good number of them. I would pay the one from Issue 3 my editor's choice rate that I offer now. Editor's Choice can be anywhere from $30.00 to $45.00.
         One walked from Issue 12 after some careful consideration after he was paid $20.00 for his story. He passed up being part of the line up that might not happen again in a long time. People who'd pass up a line up of a lifetime for any magazine or anthology is a fool. To pass up the chance to be on Issue 12 is that of a fool, that was a dream line up in some ways -- I don't think I can produce another Issue 12. It would be hard to top it. For many years it would be hard to top that one. I need to go back and fix the TOC on that issue though. The TOC came from my bad habit of late night editing.
         Well to say the least, with the people who are voting is a small number who want to see the magazine fold. I really have no plans on folding or going on a long hiatus. I am just on anthology break right now meaning I am putting my focus on doing an anthology. They are trying to associate David Boyer as the editor of my magazine then having two muscle fags sitting in a chair reading as the avatar for the magazine -- they go doing the insult name for the magazine, the first insult name it got was The Ethereal Gayzette, that will get you blacklisted faster than anything if you say that when you query for the magazine.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    a poll for the naysayers

    I am not folding the magazine and this is a little poll I am doing because I am curious about the answers. Why would you want my magazine to fold, and I want you to explain why of your reasons. I would rather see Robin Eduardo starve and lose her fucking house then in a freak accident get beheaded. The whole thing about her saying I need to be in poverty. That explains a lot about her amoral character, being she's an amoral bitch who needs to die in a fire. Calling that hate speech? No it's not hate speech. That is based on what I've seen her do and brag about by saying she bragged about getting me banned from places.
         She's a fucking nobody who has one little story on Kindle and her publisher is one of the most corrupt as they come. One of the people running the place is a fucking hermaphrodite. I wonder how many hermaphrodites she worked with or had impregnate her. I noticed her female sweetie actually got mad and tried to get my blog yanked because of my rant that stated Brian Keene had genital warts. Well he might be a tranny chaser too. Some people might be blushing when they see this -- well I can't help he's a doughnut puncher.
         The ones that don't want this magazine published are the rump rangers in the business, does it really piss them off that much that I am practicing the freedom of choice. The whole thing pisses them off that I don't allow a certain kind of content in the magazine. It's part of the magazine's policy that carried over from the days when I was an e-zine editor. The poll is for my amusement to see how many haters out there who go around touching their offspring in inappropriate ways. I am implying that they are just like the assistant basketball coach from Syracuse or the assistant football coach from Penn State.
         IF these people who don't want me having a magazine out there, why don't they try to do a competing magazine that takes the things The Gazette doesn't allow but with the same intensity as the magazine. Many don't want this magazine to have sales or have a readership that I am trying to obtain with the magazine. I guess it bothers them that much when I don't allow GLBT oriented material, I am not going to start now. I challenge them to start a rival magazine that does that though -- can they do the same kind of intensity for that crowd?
         I don't go for The Human Centipede type horror -- I don't want to read about someone forced to devour shit. If someone wants to staple themselves to another person's ass after they've had a load of laxatives, I am not going to watch that trainwreck because I might end up vomiting from it. I edit a magazine where I represent the Religious Right but have a well working knowledge of the scare. That is the kind of thing I look for personally in horror -- a religious horror/metafiction type horror scare. But if they are bothered by the whole thing I am taking a poll to see how many are pissed off by this.