Sunday, August 12, 2007

who ever is behind samyoung05

I wish some really bad things happen to him, unspeakable things. And getting a virus on his computer will just be a start of it, I know who you are. I am going to press with all of it and you are going down. If anyone is the vanity press hack around here is you, mother fucker. You can't strangle the markets, because it is a sicker form of censorship. Do you think people have a right to own books of mine? Yes or no?

I am also addressing the assholes who go around ruining sales of my projects too, do you think you have a right to ruin sales of books or stories? Just because I am writing a non-fiction book. Some are right, this book will end careers and one of them is yours. I am blowing the industry open wide and my book is the dentinator.

I noticed a lot of harassment in the poll already 37 assholes responded to it, and I guess with them they don't want people reading the series. What are they afraid of?

Here's the stupid motherfucker's IP. Keep harassing me bitch and I will be reporting you to ISP. Working off of: IP: +4 -- your ass is mine mother fucker. So you still want to be stalking me, fuck off. son of a bitch. I am coming for you. You have 24 hours to take my phone number down from your blog.