Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Son of a Bitch

In the six years I've been a publisher, I had never been violated in the worst way until I learned about David Boyer's stunt. A guy by the name of B. tipped me off to this and he was looking out when he gave me the heads up. I am now reworking the anthology and will be either taking the story out or getting the permission to run it under the original writer's name. Ferrel got a hold of me in private about the details there because it would be cool to have the story because it is a good story, just it wasn't David Boyer's to write. Nicholas Grabowsky inteviewed himself as a pen name, pulled out Nicholas Randers one more time for this and I must say he did a hell of a job with this kind of interview.
      I guess Timothy Leider will be picking on Boyer for now on because what I did is somewhat petty compared to what he did. I will be keeping his story in Issue 6 but I will not be selling them publically, I will be getting them privately and use his story as a PSA about the plagiarist invading Lake Fossil Press. Boyer you fucking tool, you want to be a publisher but you will never be one now because no one wants to work with a plagiarizer. There was a real shitstorm brewing on Shocklines and what Boyer did is just the same as Lewis Unknown did with my work and what "Dirk Strongjaw" pulled a few years earlier. I am going through the painstaking task of re-editing my namesake anthology and I am about 50 pages into it. A few stories are done but the task is editing the others.
      I wonder if everyone on LiveJournal.com is blogging about this plagiarizer too. Well Boyer you got your fame, now lets see how long it takes before you choke on it. I am personally going to choke out your writing career. After all the accusations of plagiarism on my work, the only thing I can say is this how can I plagiarize myself. I got called this throughout 2007 and some people were trying to get the publishers to drop Damnation Observes in future editions. I have to commend Bobe for not budging an inch here, but I am glad I didn't get Boyer in other publications because I would hate to see the shitstorm that he caused get carried over to other imprints.
      I normally wouldn't do guest blogs but if anyone wanting me to do a guest blog on your wordpress blogs about Boyer, I want to be the John Walsh that puts him behind bars. I am hoping the owner of the story gets a hold of America's Most Wanted with this asshole. I got a wealth of information from B on yuku.com, he even gave me Boyer's home phone number. Want the kicker, he's 50 years old, older brother, and lives with his aging parents. I was even given all his Department of Corrections information. Now let's see if we can all send him back home behind bars.
      I got the heads up and started messenging the owner right away and took all the things with Boyer's plagiarized story down and the issue with his so called other submission down. I am pissed because the issue he did this in is the first time I unleashed Lloyd Phillip Campbell, my pen name that I really guised up my halmarks to make it sound like another writer from Will/DuPage County. I might have the owner of the original story as a guest blogger on An Author's Blog. This is where I wish the gossip bloggers will shut up about me for once and start going after the ones who really deserve it. I really don't need the unwanted publicity with Boyer, I am just wanting his blood for what he did and unlike other magazines and publishers, I actually will fight fire with fire. I am trying to set a trap for him to make the worm admit he stole the stories he submitted.
      This was part of the reason why I didn't want to take the job of writing term papers for other people in college because that was considered dirty money iif one is a writer. Plagiarism is a white collar crime, it's known as creative fraud. Very common among the fan fiction community according to FanHistory.com. Then again among the fan fiction community it's common for them to commit copright theft. Though I am active among the self-published circles I don't go for the copyleft movement. There are some things that aren't meant to be creative commons, and other writer's stories currently active is not creative commons or hide behind the thing known as fair use. This is one of those times I wish that Fandom Wank Wiki took their focus on me and target Boyer because this is something they're very known for and they often commit acts of plagiarism or copyright infringment.
      There are four words I want to say of Boyer and they are Son of a Bitch. I am waiting for Boyer to try to reveal his ugly head on a blog and trying to defend why he plagiarizes but I am going to be hammering on him like the faggot known as Raingods would try to hammer on me. Boyer really fucked up when he did what he did to my publishing company, especially when I struggle as it is to get sales of magazines out there and sales of books. House of Horror -- I sometimes wonder if they would end up keeping Boyer's story because it's funny that he actually invaded them too. Not with any story, but with the same fucking story that was in my anthology. Ferrel and I were talking about this on yuku.com immediately after it happened. And damn Ferrel is out for blood with this piece of shit.
      One thing about this is I will bounce back stronger than before, I've had things happen like this in hte past especially with the National Geographic controversy -- someone actually helped me get out of that by pointing me to a public domain site that had some cool storm pictures. They really saved the publication from the hell that was caused by Shadowtron for pointing me to a picture that I had no idea it was copyrighted by National Geographic. I made light of this in Norwood's Discovery. What Boyer did was just as bad as what R.J. Sevin did in 2007 with my photographs, where R.J. would steal my 2002 photo shoot pictures that I used for AuthorsDen.com for alleged covers of what would be An Eye In Shadows.
      Boyer featured this memoir on his website he had during that time but I really doubt he did his homework on me like Withersin did. The problem with some places doing their proper homework on me, it doesn't last. I wish I could have retained the FanHistory page about me because I would have used it for my WordPress.com blog. But when I speak of Boyer, I see him as one thing they saw him as all his life, and it's one word -- CRIMINAL. Boyer did when he sent me that plagiarism was raised his leg and pissed on my company. He also pissed on my friend Zorn's memory with doing what he pulled. So when I see people like him, it's going to be a premature burial of his career but then again according to the Horror Writers Association, his career is pretty much done before he even started.
      In 2004 I made it my personal war with writers who plagiarize. I've seen some from the other dark place violate my copyrights by posting my stories word for word on their forums, it shows how low some of them were and could easy hung out with Boyer comparing notes on the art of plagiarism. The fucked up thing about Boyer is this, at the time of writing An Eye In Shadows he didn't try to plagiarize me. But at the time I had no idea how far deep he got into plagiarism of other stories. From what I read of Grabowsky's blog and facebook link, Boyer plagiarized even Stephen King. I guess Boyer's career now will be pretty much doing blogs about why he stole from other writers, which is a crime that sometimes goes unchecked. It's up there with creating knockoff goods.
      It really irks me about how bad some of them would go to get their name out there by riding the coat tails of others and some would do it instantly by putting their byline on someone else's short story or novel. "AngryInIllinois" is actually doing plagiarism by putting Baupader's byline on two of my novellas that aren't even available, one done while other is a work in progress. So with that I am on a roll because Beero plagiarised too because he would write stories as my maternal grandmother then post them on a storefront called "LakeFossilPiss" which happens to be a direct insult at Lake Fossil Press. It's bad enough that I found a plagiarizer in the midst. Ferrel dropped me a note via yuku.com saying he was very sorry that I got caught up in this too. B pointed this out to me and I acted quicker than a lot of people who are on lulu.com. I am angry because I had an ISBN on the anthology that this story appeared in. Boyer -- he's nothing but a piece of shit.
      I am trying to keep my composure with this, but when I did a google on Boyer my blood boils all the more because it makes me think where he sneaked his act in. He ran New Voices Of Horror, New Voices Of Fantasy, and some others and he's got a facebook for his new e-zine venture. Sams Dot Publishing acted quickly in cancelling his anthology because he ripped the artwork from a video game on Activision. I wonder if Boyer is familar about how his world is now a cigarette ash. It's up there with how one publisher's entire history of works being exclusively being fan fiction before getting a book published. I had a falling out with Ms. Slade, but she was not informed about my information about going after Boyer.
      She should had done some reading on him and as much reading I did on his information and the sources, I didn't realize B. did that much research on him so I am inviting B. to do a guest blog on my wordpress.com blog about his information and sources because I think his information is a wealth of it and could easy do a true crime book about it. So now The Web Of Horror will be no more, but I have a new admin position and won't give the details away because I don't want the trolls to go in there causing trouble. I don't want people like Boyer sneaking around the group, yeah I got a lot of dirt about him within the past 48 hours and I got blindsided with it.
      All my information about Boyer actually came 48 hours before just doing this blog and since this blog gets a lot of traffic from search engines I will use this blog here. Those of you who have blogs communities on LiveJournal.com want more information on Boyer, drop me an e-mail and I will share my information about him. It was a good thing I didn't do the press releases for the publications because it will be a huge clusterfuck now. I will say this, I will personally see to it his career is buried and forgotten. He will be an endnote in this industry, some were telling me not to put a replacement story in the place of this one but I found a public domain story that was actually out of the 1950s caled Hex because it's a science fiction/horror vein from a pen name out of Poland.
      Boyer's career is The Titianic sinking in half right now. Cox's career is sort of in the crosshairs of two of my cousins because of her Pacione Disease remark. I am inviting two of my cousins to do real person horror stories for the new version of Library Of Unknown Horrors and using Boyer's pen names as characters in the story. He aptly ripped my pen name for his Leo Wolfe pen name, I had this feeling it was familiar because my pen name in 1999 was Theo Wolfe. So I started to work on some more of these stories I am writing, but I am pissed off about this asshole sending plagiarism over plagiarism off as something he wrote. Something didn't ring correctly with Boyer back in 2007, it just seemed that he was doing things so rapidly. I am looking at the recent e-zine site and he's got two people working with him, someone tipped me off that he was writing as Leo Wolfe and another told me that it was a bad idea to submit a story to him.
      This was just before getting tipped off about him too. I thought it was a different person, but I was pointed out that Boyer uses about 10 pen names. I am curious if he actually published an anthology using all his pen names as contributors (as some jokers will say that I did but wouldn't do such a fucked up thing as that.) The whole thing with the loser named Beero, it seems like he'd get along fine with Boyer and the only way Boyer will be published is if Beero published him on his bogus website.

Friday, October 8, 2010

more progress

The Fandom Writer 2 reached the 9500 word range. I got a fight scene in there that's sort of like They Live but with females brawling it out. The story I am writing by last name only is 5,000 words. The question will be with these magazines out there is will they even look at a story that's nearly 10,000 words. The novella GAME OVER is about 32,500. When they get up in the higher word counts I have a hard time really get going and go to town on the stories. I am in the process of editing the real Ethereal Gazette at the same time of writing three different things at once.
     I even figured out the occupation of the asshole who made my life online a living hell for seven years. I think it would be funny if they found him beheaded in a car accident and then at the wake they urinate in his open casket. I did an entry on my wordpress.com blog in response of his "fucking joke" remark on his Xanga.com. When I learned his occupation that explains a lot because he deals with a lot of customers, and he got this customers suck attitude. I didn't realize that I was dealing with someone who claims to have gotten a copy of my anthologies without paying for it, well that is equal to shoplifting.
     So with that I am thinking of doing a wikia for the entire blogosphere, including authors who use blogs for their websites and shit like that. I bet the LiveJournal set might want to do something like this. It might prove interesting to do my own wiki site, it will be separate from Writings From The Grave or An Author's Blog. I keep my wordpress blog as a separate blog from the blogspot, blurty and insandjournal accounts. The last of the named is still linked and active. The version of Writings From The Grave on actually went black so I had to move the site somewhere stable for it to grow as large as it was in 2000.
     I had this account on blogger almost as long as I've been with zanga in some form. With that and all trolls aside, I am really making some progress on The Fandom Writer 2 and still writing the other ones in the process. I am getting submissions here and there, but I got a novella submission. The whole thing with that one will cause controversy because I wanted the writer to not use the six letter n-word. I have no problem with people dropping the other f-word because I do drop it on my blogs. That is one thing I like about blogspot and wordpress, they don't censor anything but I wish they closed down The Crusty Rail or HorrorGal's blog because she supports piracy and stole a domain I was trying to get for my anthologies.
     So I will be working on lakefossilpress.org to make it active. I have the Tabloid Purposes section done and got the magazine section don first. I just opened a wiki and calling it after my wiki the blogosphere. Basically seeing who'd be willing to put information about their blogs and published works on the same thing. A few years back I wrote a chilling article about the blogosphere, and it seems that many people got nervous about this article because I am putting the reader's on the spot because many of them don't have a fully functional website or have e-zines that are a complete eyesore in the layout.
     I will never submit to an e-zine that pays about $5 for stories. I actually take the ten dollar sale over a $5 one because I can use the money from the ten dollar sale, and pay for my post office box in Joliet for it. I am shopping around for some magazines that will take one of my stories outside of the genre, since that was something late author Gerald Grimmet enoouraged me to span out from just writing horror fiction. But if one looks at my blog or memoir looking to write horror from someone's life that would be a good start.
     As one wiki states, the more angrier I get the more inspired I get. The Fandom Writer 2, Jesus Freak, Bleed The Freak, The Fandom Writer, House Of Spiders, GAME OVER, and FUCKBEATER were born out of anger, but The Fandom Writer 2 and GAME OVER are relatives. I do have a character from The Fandom Writer getting published in a fictional magazine called IN THE DEPTHS, which was enrtirely something that will have a personally of it's own. As does the issues of the magazine, each one takes a personality all their own at times. Issue 12 is going to be a work ib progess because I am waiting for some visual submissions as in the artwork or photography.
     I got a cool submission for the magazine, and now I am trying to seek out a photographer to help me with my editorial photos. I can't reveal who will be on Issue 11, and I want to keep Issue 12 a bit of a suprise so that is why I am secretly seening out the artist for the covers (as I told a contributor I am trying to make this issue a conversation piece along with my book collection because %45 of the books are signed.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

added a new article

Well I just added a new article to my wordpress.com blog, and I wrote this about the time whe I was just about to get kicked off Dark Writers. I will go on record here that I didn't write anything sexually violent in the chatroom. I was getting bullied left and right by House of Horror (I am not going to give the bitch the pleasure of linking her site.) So I did this article, Bully: A Study. I do allow comments on the wordpress.com blog but under heavy moderation meaning I will not allow comments that come from a fake e-mail address or a fake name. I am addressing Jon Pack here too with this particular article because I talk about his kind, I've seen this before when I was running the Goth Community on LiveJournal.com. I saw this in Matt Pathogen.