Sunday, August 5, 2007

Naysayers are foaming at the mouth! Filmed at 11PM

Is it me or the naysayers are currently foaming at the mouth? They constantly are trying to flag my blog because someone got butthurt. They are foaming at the mouth more because of that book, and that's right you fake witch slut keep running your mouth about me. They want me to play nice -- yeah right when they don't. They got butthurt and pwned in two interviews. That's nothing mother fuckers. I am constantly pwning your asses this time. All your base belongs to us, fuck you. I have a right to blog and a right to write what ever the fuck I want or publish what I want.

You assholes are violating my freedom of speech. Even Shrewsbury is falling into the liberal bracket. Yes Shrews I call you a liberal. I never seen soo many people roaming at the mouth because I am selling my short stories. Combination of being self-published, small press published and semi-professionally published this is getting fun. You assholes want to reach across the screen and kick my ass for something I say or do, for a bunch of dicks who hate my work you're hanging on my blog picking apart every word. Fucking vultures. My success is pissing you assholes off, and I am just biding my time for my nonfiction book to be done. You can't out smartass a smartass, once a smartass always a smartass. I say what I want when I want, without giving the shit about repercussions of it.

Keep running your mouths about me because I am getting bigger by the day. Bite me assholes. I tried to give Shrewsbury's Dack Shannon book to goodwill and they didn't even want it. I even tried to give Hawkes' first collection to Goodwill and they didn't even want it either.

I am tempted to do a book of all the hate mail I just so I can make a quick buck from it, keep all the money too. It will be funny just to piss you assholes off -- might be another project for Angry Guinea Books.