Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Open Letter To The Rusty Nail

Cease from posting my fiction anywhere because you don't have permission to post it. If you want to contest this, there is a comment area posted below that you should be able to post at -- I want to hear your response with a real e-mail not some fake address that will bounce back. Also I am paying the authors via paypal when I got the cash to pay them -- within reason and not being able ot max out my bank account. Let me ask this then what gives you the right to libel the hell out of me every post your make. My work is copyrighted and I do expect to have that copyright honored and those of you who are on -- I noticed you're stealing my work again so cease from doing so. Dan Fox and Susan Taylor have no respect for people's copyrighted material and my phone number isn't public information. Lovell you vanity published prick, I don't steal stories for writing on motehr fucker. What gives you fuckers the right to around stalking me from forum to forum -- leave the community I maintain alone because they've done nothing to you.
      If you want to bully people around bully the assholes who write fan fiction and steal from Marvel comics instead of being friends to them. I have no respect for anyone who says a fan fiction story is better than original works. That's a slap in the face to everyone who writes original fiction. Calling me a fan fiction writer is a flat out insult and yes I am getting published in different publications and what gives you the right to go harassing the magazines I signed the contracts for already? I noticed that The Place That Should Not Be Named already have a blatant disregard for copyrighted works and so does Koehler. She basically pisses on anything that my work has a copyright on. Bitch if you want to prove you can sell more books than me try to do something at an event I am signing books at. So I guess the loser brigade gathering around stealing my posts and doing an endless pissing contest. None of them produced anything noteworthy so I guess they are flaming on the projects in jealousy. I guess the loser who hides behind the Zombie Jesus picture will grow some balls and actually use his real photograph, and so will that fake bastard who hides behind an effeminate mask. Before you start flaming on me mother fuckers show your real faces.
      Koehler you heartless cunt, let people buy my books and let them be the judge how it is not you. You are no real place to be the judge of how my work is because I read your little story and it sucks balls. Write real things then maybe I might consider you a worthy opponent. Put your money where your mouth is -- because in the mean time you should shut your mouth unless you're giving some asshole head.