Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lovell, piss off -- fuck'n asshole

That's right Lovell, keep running your mouth ya bastard. I guess with you being published on Xibiris that was the only way you got your book out there. I would rather publish with lulu.com than with Xibiris, but I guess you will keep derailing me along with your new found friend with that asshole who wrote the douchebag of a "book" that libeled my family. You wonder why I rail off on the Rockaway Hooker, it is because the bitch celebrates a book that is an endess smear campaign. That's right keep guessing about the book you asshole. Your own douchebaggary never ceases to surprise me mother fucker. I am going to just concentrate on getting this book done and do all I can to ingore you little fucks. 60 to 100 of you all spreading lies about me like wildfire that you forced many of the publishers to buy into it.
      Seeing half the blogs that railed off on me -- I know that when I get this book done people are going to buy the thing just to see if I am lamblasting about them. This book isn't about people being mean and call the wahbulance. Just as the blogs and message boards these days are the new fishbowl environment and the smaller press writers like you who are published on Xibiris who are friendly with assholes like McKeeman and others of that nature will get more connections than a guy that refuses to kiss their ass. Besides that who would want to get published by a loser who wears a dress.
      I've seen douchebaggery on many levels here, and the highest level of douchebaggery was by the asshole who got published with Prime Books and that is the only book he got published and it isn't even a best seller. This book will get out there and you're done. People said this book when it gets published the damage can't be reversed. Contracts will be destroyed and there will be controversy going all around. You assholes condone book burning and libel of books is just as bad as book burning. As for one of your friends, Lieder constantly committed libel of my books and how will that look in the courts?
      The difference between myself and you Lovell is this -- I am published in more places in the less amount of time. True you might be friends with assholes who accuse me of stealing my ideas from other writers, but what does that put you as? That puts you as every bit as amoral as they are. You got friends who went around posting every link to every short story in a short story collection just as it came out. I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked