Monday, August 20, 2007

the fucken nerve of a few people

Someone's got a lot of nerve to accuse me of stalking when I was just following links someone tipped me off to a forum where I was berated at when I wasn't able to speak up for myself. I will say on record I wasn't stalking him. I just responded to the people who were berating me as a whole there. Little Boy got a lot to learn about respecting his elders. The Rusty Nail is a sick little bastard who has too much time on his hands and I think the more I get this book written the more people are going to be foaming at the mouth. I will berate MacDonald here for feeding into the venom. Berating me for doing the same thing he's done over the years and that is publishing with I found his shitty novel on that site. The fucker should not have tried to berate me on a public forum.
     Fuckhead blasted on me for using when his piece of shit chapbook is published on there. They all got a lot of nerve for this accusation, I just went to the boards to speak up for myself and all the assholes just turned it into a fucken boobytrap. Then when someone accused me of calling them a mother fucker when I called the one board a mother fucker, it is the main board's big asshole commitee who stalks me forum to forum and chased me down blog to blog like pieces of shit. Feed the kid some lies about me and he believes them why don't you. I will say something when I think something is wrong, and what some of those assholes done was berated me when I didn't have a chance to speak up for myself. I might look into publishamerica after all with this non-fiction book just to tell MacDonald to go fuck himself.
     I will say he bugged me with about 20 e-mails saying he wanted out but I told him he will have the story out but it will take me a long time to get the story recalculated and formatted to my liking. I wasn't really happy with the fact that stories in the middle are the hardest to pull out of an anthology. I guess the middle guys didn't get thet bulletin about the point of no return policy for center writers. I often save the middle slots for guys who are serious about staying in an anthology because it is always a bitch to get the anthology formatted how I wanted it after it is all said and done.