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Another one of my "fans"

"hey cocksock, we're sick of shirley pickin up the phone. answer your fuckin phone! what are u afraid of? your grandmother is a sweet ol' lady, but it's YOU we want to talk to. we just wanna have a few words, greasy. come outside. you dont think we let this slide, do you?

and whats this! we see you got published again. darkened horizons...tsk, tsk... spreadin the taint..... i guess we'll have to destroy that publication and its authors reputations. all because of you. or better yet, maybe we should pirate it; friends of yours are friends of ours on the inside, did you know that? damnation observes no one, you fuckin plagiarist pig! yours will be the first story we pirate from this collection.

were comin pachone. so shut 'em down!

-A Holiday Valentine"

Seems like this asshole has no respect for copyrights and you guys want to e-mail this pig, his address is I have one more anothology to edit and another story to write. I am still working on that novellette lengthed story, and will be hammering out a few stories for Darkened Horizons too -- I want to write something for issue five for that one. The server is coming form out the country here so I am thinking who did I piss off that was overseas. Threats of piracy this time to my short story that is previously unreleashed -- I think they should be more worried about the story that I published in issue six by Lloyd Campbell.
    Getting accepted left and right, this is where it is going to get fun. I think the more they get pissed off about it the more I think it is funny. My success with getting a story published here is just the beginnig. The fact I got my non-fiction book redesigned to my liking is going to piss them off all the more. Happy holiday's you morons, I am putting a betting block here -- and what to bet is Karen Koehler's career and the career of the asshole named Enck, now how many times can someone mispell "penis" in his own novel. He is going to be P-I-S-S-E-D about that one.
    As for that bitch named Jane Stolz, she can get on her knees and suck my Italian Sausage all night. Sad thing about you naysaying assholes, all your negative publicity is going to bite you hard in the ass. You're saying my past is getting caught up with me -- yeah right, all it is going to do is give me more stories to write about and yeah I am still writing despite what they say or do. As for Louise -- shut the hell up lady. What if one of my stories was to appear in an anthology with yours, what would you do -- encourage people to buy it or let people pirate it? Pop quiz lady, I've been professional with you and seen the shit you fucks are doing to my project on The Other Dark Place, and I will boycott Karen Koehler and Creeping Helmhock Press. RJ, you faggot -- you should have never listed your phone number for that little stunt you pulled. That isn't my artwork to do that too so you had no right to that mother fucker. I am looking to fuck your world up pal, leave a guy's artwork alone. There is more to this one and I am going to share the cunt's message on here for those of you wanting to see what the hell I put up with on a day to day basis.

"And this is the type of persona a "serious" publication wants to be affiliated with? May I jest!

Here is the email I just recieved from Pacione. There are three of them. You may want to re-think your ramification clause:

" didn't plagiarize my story. What made you think that? What the hell made you even think that. You area cunt and need to burn in hell for that remark. "

And number 2:

"Please kill yourself. I wish you were no longer around -- to accuse me of plagiarism, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

I believe that constitutes as a threat. I take threats very seriously.

And number 3:

"didn't plagiarize my story. What made you think that? What the hell made you even think that. You area cunt and need to burn in hell for that remark. FUCKING DIKE!"

So he copies and pastes and emails me with the firm belief that I am a lesbian. Also, I have to admit, anyone who supports writers that are homophobic do not interest me or (and if I may speak freely) the general census of the reading public.

I think you have a wonderful book here. I just can't for the life of me understand why any solid company would pick a notorious homophobic racist for a collection? I would advise researching the submissions and hence, the authors as well.

Pick up any H.P. Lovecraft book. ( Most notably,AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS) to further any doubts in Mr. Pacione's supposed "inspirations."

I'm sorry...but a person who threatens people's lives should not IMO be allowed to stain the reputations of real talented authors. I am not alone in my beliefs. This wonderful world of the internet will provide proof of that. Just type in: NICKOLAUS PACIONE in google. That will be enough I think to re-issue this steller book without the infection and let it encompass the readership it was set out to do so.'

I will say this much the person who are leaving these kind of reviews are not buying the books. These are the people who are quicker to believe a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica than the source who actually wrote the story themselves, and this is the kind of thing I will put on the table here. I want to see them try and put an anthology of their own together, no trying to harass the editors of the anthologies who put my stories in there. These are the assholes that don't dictate who publish the stories, it is the editor of the project who does and if they like the story -- it stays. These are the same fucks who go around trying to get pdf copies by befriending some of the other contributors, and this is an open letter to the other contributors -- tell these bastards who are asking for review copies to take a hike, and spend the $13.49 to get the print copy. This way they can pass the book around all they like. If it is in the pdf form then don't pass the book.
     The ones who have the most venom about the book is saved towards me and there is a response at the very top of the page here and you want an answer with that, look to the video or the still above because I expressed what I am going to say rather well when I say it here and they're two words. They are "Fuck You." Going around with your so called allegations of plagiarism, truth is I was on a reading sabbatical when I was writing Damnation Observes the only thing I was reading was my older works and I was bringing back some older characters with that story. As for the shitmonger The Rusty Nail, who happens to practice what they call yellow journalism. Leave the anthology alone if you hate my guts so much if you like the book buy a print copy if you want to go passing around. I am boycotting Creeping Helmlock Press and those who want to support the anthology I am in, you'd do the same thing. I want RJ Sevin to go broke becuase of his little stunt, that's right asshole I am going to sell your uncorrected proof for $300, and use that money to help stock my books up. Unsigned guys -- want a book that is a paperback for $300. It is without the introduction, either that or put it up a resale shop.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am dealing with ignorant assholes

Another damn impersonator popped up, and I have to say whoever does that shit are a bunch of assholes. If you're trying to get a rise out of me -- I am doing all I can to keep a cool head about it. But sometimes seeing the impersonator -- that's a crock of shit along with the fucks who update the page on (yeah fuck you too there.) There are a lot of ingorant fucks in the world, and they say it is just the internet. Explain that to the families of the people who lost loved ones because of some asshole who turned out to be a neighbor. Here we are nearing the holidays and people are still acting like utter assholes.
    The internet is full of thieves despite all the new laws in effect. I guess fuckers like the asshole who are stealing my work will answer to justice sooner or later. People like Encyclopedia Dramatica will end up doing time for what they're doing because it is harassment. They do everything in their power to get people believing all the lies. A crock of bullshit when someone goes using a way back machine to find all the old files that are said to be lost in time. That thing came in handy with finding some of my older stories, but I had assholes like that fuck on The Rusty Nail who hides behind a fake name and using "journalism" to document my downfall. I am using a video camera to document theirs. Stealing from me is your downfall pal.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a message from blogspot


Thank you for providing us with the specific URLs in question. We will contact you once we have finished processing your complaint.

We appreciate your patience in this regard.

The Blogger Team
I've taken the liberty to send a $500 bill to the asshole who is stealing my blog entries stories and other content. Think the little shit is pissed off about the bill deal -- I am going to keep billing them until they give me back all my files without the watermarks. I am trying to figure out who the mother fucker is because they knew where to look for my letter to my son. Yeah I am not pleased about that one, but I will say the reason I lost my first livejournal account is because of the stunt that Lokust pulled.
    I am finally glad they are getting involved here with the process of getting that bastard in trouble. With the Mp3s that I had -- I got them from when it they were providing offical Mp3s from the bands. I ended up buying the CD of the band after I got the mp3 or would ask when their CD is coming out so I can grab it. That will clear some things up on that old entry. I guess that the person behind ExposetheTard was someone originally from the first LiveJournal account and in theory knew exactly where to look with the files and knowing certain ones will piss me off. I am not mad -- just that I know that their punishment is due and it is coming fast.
    I guess that bitch who is stealing my content doesn't have a life and eventually when that blog is shut down their world will be fucked. The cunt who created that domain that "parody" my work needs to kill themselves too. That's right I am working on that blog next. The asshole clearly created the blog for harassment purposes.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh Naysayers. Kindly -- go fuck yourselves.

I guess they don't like being toyed with in real time. Take a look at what the faceless pussy sent me. This is the same cocksucker who pirated my book. Yeah you can't dictate what I can or can't do mother fucker, if you think you can then move to North Korea because they will love your kind there.
      They don't like me more now because I know using video I can have more fun with them. Now they're threatening to shut my youtube down. I guess they eat that faggot's cornhole too often. You fucking dared me asshole, and yes I got the balls to do it again. If I had sound it would piss you off even more because I would had done a video tape flushing Brian Keene's picture down the toilet after I've taken a nice big steaming shit on it. Grow a dick and do a video showing who you really are! My silent sarcasm continues. Yeah I will stop when you fucks are living in Arizona Bay.
To: Nickolaus Pacione
From: Valetine Vegan <>
Subject: your silent film days are over...
Date: Dec 3, 2007 1:07 AM

because we said so. and we can. and we will. we've reported you to youtube.

pull another stunt like this, greasy, and we shut you down for good. then you wonder why the 20 of us who use this handle keep wannabes like you back and bring in our own or who we prefer.

you have no class. you can't write. you copy from other authors. you're a fake. a fraud.

do this again, we dare you, and you will see what horror REALLY is.

Career Fineato-

I think this says everything that I want to say to those assholes who steal my work and artwork. No respect for copyrights what so ever. My career is far from over and far from dead. I am not even done with the writing for that matter, let alone publishing. So with that I give these naysayers one thing they needed to see from me on video. That is also my answer to them demanding me to take my book down too. Choke on that awhile pricks. That was said loud and clear in silence.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

hey fuckheads

If that silent rant doesn't spell it out for you, I will say it right here -- my work isn't for your taking to post on your blogs as you please or your message boards. So with that, QUIT. STEALING. MY. WORK. Did you write the story, no? Did you draw the picture? No again. What gives you assholes the right to go around watermarking the artwork like it is yours. FAGs. You need to burn in hell for that one.

Friday, November 30, 2007

People like the one behind the Rusty nail

Are nothing in real life so they have to prove they are big shit by going around harassing someone online. The Rusty Nail aka Jane with the help of Jess Patrick. I began putting the two together when the bitch said the reason I hate her guts was the comment she made on Insect. She is also Expose The Tard too on Blogspot. What does she have to prove by doing this shit -- I think what it comes down to is that she is famous for doing nothing. Nothing but stomping on my name every chance she gets and for that I hope her hard drive explodes or her house burns down in the process. Burn in hell bitch.
     What fucking right do you have in taking stories I wrote, they don't have a creative commons on them. You didn't write the story, didnt' take the photo, or do the video -- you don't have the right to steal them. Cunt I hope you rot in hell for what you've done. That's right you're a faceless coward who hides behind a copyrighted character just to make your points known -- yes they're all pointless the fact you tried to have people influenced into not working on stories for anthologies I edit. I have the right to get my copies out to higher ups, and that bothers you so much why the fuck do you read my blog then? You faggoted cunt, and your fiancee is a loser who is a failed author too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Koehler you CUNT!

I've seen her recent blog and I will say this, Koehler you're nothing but a cunt. I guess it is clear now you really hate my guts, the fact you don't mention me by name but I know you're mentioning me by the fact my myspace profile is private. The blog here is more my personal rants for fuck's sake. It is a public blog dealing with cunts like you who need to have your careers destroyed. You're nothing more than a glorified vanity press author. That's right your dirty little secret is in the open. SLAYERS flat out sucked, and should never even be considered for publication.
       You're coming on here to start a war, yeah that will happen and your career will be the casuality of it. Fuck your novels -- fuck your books, I hope you fucking go broke. I do smoke and yes I will blow my cigar smoke in your face. I guess you really have a lot of hate for me now, yeah that's right you do fucking hate me. I am giving you a better reason to hate me now. A little Wiccan who believes in To Harm None, yeah I am using your belief system against you here. What you do to fuck someone over is going to happen to you threefold.
       I make blasphemy of your personal dogmas. It is coming -- the wrath that will become the death of your career lady. You go around adding my real life friends just so you can get more dirt on me. That's "profressional." If you were any kind of profesisonal you would not use your blog to carry a grudge with me. You're lack of professionalism is astounding. You publish your projects, let me do mine in peace. CUNT this is America, it's my right to produce anthologies and speak like a fucking trucker. I read her book when it was available for free and I will say she sucked then and she sucks now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Natives Are Restless

Natives are Restless – seems like that in the territory in the small press when one rival author calls me a snake oil salesman. The truth in the matter of doing Tabloid Purposes it was originally a group of friends from two different writers websites getting together and wanting to do an anthology together. It always had been that, just different groups of friends meeting together. Tabloid Purposes had always been a collective when it came to the input of the anthologies and how they were done. The core crew had helped in the direction I wanted to take with this project. One or two malicious reviews here and there but we’re still getting up and pushing, prodding and poking our way to getting discovered by someone huge.

The only snail oil sales lady is the person trying to put a hex on the series and succeeded to get one author stabbing in the back in the process. The fact she let five years of correspondence and respect go to hell when she stared to listen to this particular lady trying to put a hex on a series. There are many things people tried to do to the series to make sure it never went to press or never got the readership it deserved. Such critics never really go far in the business because the only way they got there is by working on a publishing company, and if they didn’t have that publishing company they wouldn’t have jack shit. I did some research on this person early on in my own career and will say she’s got a past that is less than clean of her own. Rivalries like this do go on for years and I am trying to avoid it in the sense that I am just trying to get the authors discovered and paid along the way.

Doing Tabloid Purposes is always been something to get an author out there – either new or established alike, but always had that small bunch of mid-list assholes going around making their lives difficult for that reason. I never really liked how some authors will go around to play the political game and go with the dirty politics and turnabout play. This is the dirty side of the small press that I never really cared for. It is an age of cronyism. What I mean by that is they go around basically in their little circles smearing who they don’t like and pissing on authors who don’t go in with them. When that particular individual goes around adding your real life friends just so they can get the dirt on you, that is a crock of the person’s part it is making them a lower than the dirt they drag their feet upon.

I am going to use her own words against here, don’t be afraid to use the internet to learn more about the author – there are three sides to the story, theirs – yours, and the truth. The truth is something that falls between their side of the story and your side of the story, usually they are quicker to believe blind people like that. It is the blind leading the blind sort of thing when it comes to those kind of authors – new age peddlers who piss upon authors who think all of that goes against what is said in the business.

I am not going to blow sunshine up someone’s ass when I don’t like a story that I read, and when I like the story a lot I will e-mail the author asking if they would want to be part of the magazine or part of an anthology. I know how this business is – they would go and turn the person who you known for many years against you some cases people you knew for 20 years or more. The moment I did An Eye In Shadows, I knew that something like this would happen. There will be blogs like ExposeTheTard who steal people’s copyrighted material such as photographs and writing in my case. The ones who celebrate alternative horror as being the trend right now, and when horror writers who don’t use that kind of shit in their fiction they have this mentality, fuck them. I refuse to pull the party line for anyone and that was the reason I did the interview with it was more the reason to tell the rest of the mid-list who go around bullying people where they can get off at.

In this business – it is hard to keep a good friendship going, and this is the case with one author who recently admitted that she stabbed me in the back. I am not going to talk bad on her here but I will say this, there will always be those who will go around fucking with what you worked hard to establish. The fact I had too many people going off on me who hide behind fake names, they don’t even have half the balls to come out on someone and rip their nuts off. It doesn’t matter if you’re a best selling author, if you go around disrespecting me on a message board and I am in an eyeshot of it – I will say something. Be lucky this isn’t the century of Andrew Jackson. Otherwise I’d be drawing a duel – two guns, take ten paces turn around and open fire at each other.

This is the 21st Century the age when people hide behind the computer and be mean to people, I will actually say what I say to someone’s face on top of what I say online. This is when I go out on a limb and say when the industry attacks, and it gets ugly at times. Being a Chicago guy this is when we’re at our most hostile in ways, having to fight for what we gained. This is how it is in Chicago, when we see something that is bullshit we call it bullshit. When I see online names like I think when I see something that is good in my eyes – I will do everything I can to get the author discovered. I pay them yes, but also the bigger payout is when they see their story on the big screen. When people expect to force me into hiatus, it is not going to happen. That is when I am working on another last minute anthology which I try to get in the hands of promoters. Ie for their giveaways and all of that – my system of working on getting authors names out there isn’t a conventional way of doing it but it works for me. When they call me a snake oil salesman – they are all that. They write fiction for a living for fuck’s sake.

I am nothing but truthful to the writers involves with the anthologies, I will pay the authors but it will take longer for me to get contributor copies because something came up like a book signing and I will need them in another place – I am just one man who runs everything. It is really hellish when places like Encyclopedia Dramatica go around hounding every forum one person hangs out that – just because they have an outspoken world view. I learned this one from my family, you sure the fuck can’t please everyone all the time – and they get a little greedy the moment they get published on a place that is a bigger.

I am always going to get people submitting no matter what I do, either fiction or nonfiction –– I will look at the story either way and if I like the story they’re part of the line up the contract is an e-mail contract or the galley cover and ask them to sign it and keep it for their records. If the author is local I invite them to join me on a few signings when I do a book signing (the signings are few and far between because I live so far from civilization. So being a print on demand author has a few strikes against me and working with has the natives restless. I consider this my mission statement and this works with coaches who play football – be in it for the long haul, and go hard or if you can’t take the heat when it gets really rough then go home.

What they expect in the business is to play by everyone else’s rules – the hell with the rules they’re overrated. If you want to get into the business as a publisher places like what I work with are the way to go about it. Publishers out there don’t give you full creative freedom, and it is a revolutionary idea. The very thing this country was born on. So with those who are going around calling me a snake oil salesman – this is America, like it or get the fuck out. This country is a Republic and I voted for the leader who is in office right now. The publishing business – thrives on the whole idea of Freedom of Press, and if I remember right I am not running this from North Korea.

I publish what I want, when I want. I know the kind of stories I am looking for and this is the type of thing that really pisses off the likes of the Effort Witch Lady. Stalking me on and going around digging all the dirt you can about me. I will say this right now – there is a war waiting to brew and she’s starting the jihad, a holy war. She wants a word from the wise I will give the word to the wise here, people like her don’t last when they are driven to topple something that is bigger than the person who is putting the project together. I am starting to see the anthology Tabloid Purposes as something bigger than me, bigger than all of us in this business. People like this one person calling me the snail oil salesman will fail, they’re designed to fail. This is the kind of author who I liken to the terrorists on 11 Sept 2001, the fact she is willing to ram an airplane into someone’s career. (I am not being insensitive to the victims of 11 Sept. 2001, but I am proving a point here. The blog post she made on her own website was the plane that rammed the twin towers.)

There are people who are demanding that I apologize for such a strong statement – using the term jihad as the term for the infidel in this business. I do call this person an Infidel here. I think when someone like that is trying to force hiatus on someone – that’s a jihad waiting to happen. That is when a boycott on her novels begin and I do call this – boycott any book of hers and if she tours and notice there are no lines in Chicago for her books, that means there is a boycott going on her own works. That will hit her harder than anything I will say here in this article or rant. If you want to know what I am talking about look no further than her rant the blog she made on November 19, 2007.

I guess ExposetheTard or THe Rusty Nail didn't see this report. Because it's very clear to me that they are sock puppets to someone else. I am thinking ExposeTheTard is a sockpuppet to Douchbag Webb. Because she would know where to look to steal my shit like a total bitch.

a message to the asshole stealing my work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warning: Extremely controversial article. It seems like Koehler just committed an act of Jihad on my ass. Yep she's the type that would ram a pair of jets into someone's business like that. That is a fuck you rant of fuck you rants right there, Koehler you're the one who is holding writers hostage bitch! I will see you in hell.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Steal my videos you're a dick.

Pacione at Gothicfest 2007

Add to My Profile | More Videos

I will go on a limb to say the lighting sucks on this thing, but this is the first time I am loading a video up. If you bastards go around stealing video from someone that is being dumb on your part, this thing could have been longer but I managed to get a minute, twenty seconds out of it. First time ever I did video on a site and I also posted this video on the Goth community too. When I go on the road I will do more video blogs. For instance if I am eating out somewhere I will do the video blog.
        It is a matter of time before I start getting the hang of the video camera part. I was using Myspace because it supports the video files that my camrea has. It uses an odd file ending so myspace is better for this. I have two videos on this thing and cleared out my memory card for more pictures and photographs. My throat was gone in this one for the most part but I was seeing how the video worked. I wish this thing was five minutes but the memory card I had didn't have much memory on it but it worked for its purpose. I will tar and feather the mother fucker who steals my video footage.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I guess you idiots don't know what happens when someone gets bullied for too damn long, this is what happens. And this happened to a young woman on This is just plain fucked up, and the fucker named Josh Evans -- justice will be served will be done. That mother is a total bitch who did the actual account to encourage the pulling the trigger for the daughter.
       This is one of the reasons why I wrote the non-fiction book. Seems like people like Expose The Tard and The Rusty Nail enjoy this idea if it was someone else, but I am going to say this. I am going to be around for a long time to come. Places like the Other Dark Place do encourage something like what happened to this teenager girl because they constantly do everything to break someone's character.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Expose the Tard is a fucking loser

Why I say they're a fucking loser -- it's simple, they go around stealing my photographs and they have no right to those pictures. Stealing older works of fiction when there wasn't a creative commons on the damn thing. Quit stealing my shit you piece of shit. Obessed little loser who posted my family's phone number up when it wasn't even listed so I am thinking they got it from Susan Taylor or Russo.
          The horse raper has nothing better to do but pirate and swipe my work without end. fuckers are trying to break my spirit, sorry it is not going to work. I think people like that fucker need to be drawn and quartered five ways. One car pulling their right arm, one car pulling their left arm, the other pulling their right leg and the other pulling their left leg. Then the fifth one -- going around their head. Each person takes turns hitting the gas. First the car on the right going about 140 MPH. Then the others go next the same fashion.
          This mother fucker is doing the same thing as the assholes who actively steal mp3s on Napster did. Listen you cunt -- I have a fucking right to get my books out there and get some legit cash for the things I write. You're violating that right and breaking the law while doing so. I think you're an obsessed little worm who needs to exterminated like some termite or cockroach. If you didn't take the picture or write the story, then why the fuck are you taking it and posting it on your blog? Copyright rape, that is exactly what you assholes are doing on that blog and on The Other Dark Place -- repeatedly stealing from someone's blog and that fucker who goes on as AL_Kilyu -- needs to have a well placed bullet between his eyes.
          I will say this much, that site will be extinct by the time I get done. Trying to get my long time friends (real life friends of 20 years, that is the most lowbrow shit I've ever seen done. What the fuck is wrong with you? The fact you got a lot of this information from me when talking to him.)
          Assholes calling my house and threatening my life on Halloween, fuck off mother fuckers. Whoever steals from people as far as copyrighted works -- it is the ultimate sin in this business and they deserve to be stoned to death.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enck you fag

Stealing from a myspace blog, someone needs to shot you in the head like a rabid animal. The fact you wanted to get yourself into Tabloid Purposes IV just so you can steal the thing. You fat fuck, get a life you fucking loser. It is a good thing I am going to keep these assholes guessing on Supernatural Broadcasts. There will be no passages from this story being posted up there and I should have guessed that Enck was eating Koehler out. If you submit to his anthology you support e-piracy of any form. Those of you who support indie writers fuck that anthology he's putting out because it is going to crush under the weight of my three coming out this year.
     You're what they call a plant and sent by Koehler to be in Tabloid Purposes IV. You're a piece of shit who needs to go to hell. What kind of example are you really setting for your daughter, not a very good one if you ask me. Dick. For stealing all my blog posts on The myspace blog I shuold bill you $2000. Pig raper. The fact you think you are famous when really your not. Fucking fag, you have no respect for people's creative property you sack of fuck.
     As for Koehler -- fucking with me, I will be making funeral arrangements for your career. That's right get another occupation you fucking cunt. Did you get an STD when you were sucking Enck's dick? I bet you gargled while you were sucking his cock you fucking cuckhold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the myspace is friends only for a reason

I don't want the fucks from the other dark place stealing my blog entries, yes this is a common practice for them too. The fact they bragged about pirating books too and that pissed me off to no end the fact they are sending prank mails too which is a crock of shit. The fact we had to change our number one more time here because of the assholes that is a crock of shit, my family don't need that. Not now, not ever. The fact those assholes steal from my blogs and steal pictures from my site. you fucking losers -- I blocked one cunt from trying to add me, I would rather see Susan Taylor kill herself. I'd charge admission to her suicide.

The guy named dudelove

That guy gets it. I am smiling wide because finally someone gets it. I might not have read Richard Laymon but I read some of his contemporaries. I was tipped off he's a huge fan of the small press so I am going to point him to a few places where he can get some of my work in the print only medium. Yeah more of my work is becoming print only these days, the fact that a few are threatening to pirate my print only works. It is the truth there -- the print on demand medium allows more writers to get out there and many of the publishers are going that route these days. The fact that some think Iuniverse and became the downfall of an author's career. Bullshit, it is the medium to allow authors to get anthologies out there and send them to another publisher and show them what the author has out there.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Russo is crazy

She's reading between the lines about wanting to sue me for libel; I didn't even mention her by name once. Might have mentioned how lazy she was in code but never mentioned her by name. It's weird. Things like this do happen and I guess the courts have to read the books just to get the facts straight with the book. I guess I should have brought a copy of the book to Gothicfest 2007. This is just crazy the fact this is going to be hanging over my head here, I have ideas like crazy here for stories and this threat of a lawsuit is giving me a massive idea to play around with. Lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits. I am being extremely sarcastic with the fat little clown. Yeah I would like to see her file a countersuit.
      Famous for being famous vs. blood, sweat and gears. If someone went and wrote a story about how she really is and did it as a work of fiction, they'd make millions off the story. The little mommy dearest. She couldn't control me at the apartment and trying to dangle this lawsuit over my head because I wrote An Eye In Shadows. The whole Russo thing does come into play here with her lost touch with reality. I heard many stories about her and fuck I wish they were wrong, but they weren't. Maybe with all the input, I might end up coming up with ideas that will blast on the mental midget. The midget thinks that she's the biggest thing to the business or the community but in the metal community she's just another piece of ass.
      Am I afraid of this one, hell no. The fact I knew I was going into a territory that would be bad ground. The fact she is a mental midget who might have about 2700 friends on The fact we do run in similar circles, and from those circles I also hear the stories about her too. I can just imagine her buying a voodoo doll that looks like me and throwing darts at it. Russo you really fucked up. Face it -- if you didn't fuck with my signing, you tried to fuck with my book. War is hell, and you just stepped into it. This won't end pretty on either side. The fact that this lawsuit is already felt across the Goth Community in Chicago, and the only people who can protect you from my fury are Koehler and Keene, and even they are fair game for me. Hell I could see you calling on them as witnesses on your case for this book because I rip them a new one too in this.
      Sue me for what, I got no money -- I am not a millionare. This is definately the hammering process going on. The fact some people hang out with her is because they feel sorry for her or give her the money she wants because they don't want to hear her whiny voice. Showing up to a band vocalist with a wedding dress on -- she's looking for a husband guys, run. The fact I am writing new material right now, and no it is not about the crazy, fat little clown. You messed with an investegative journalist Russo, and yes this kind of journalism has no kind of mercy. You're pissed now Russo but I haven't even started yet. to. royally piss you off. The fact I am beginning to think you gave everyone my phone number to prank call.
      You told my best friend of twenty years that I was trying to get into your pants -- you're seven years younger than my mother. I date at oldest four to five years older when it comes to the female sex or six years younger. Russo, you're too old you lying spinster. Lying to my long time best friend, what's wrong with you. You max out two of my bank accounts, and eat me out of house and home. Food I saved for my buddies when they come over for a Chicago Bulls game -- you feed that off to people before you ask me about it (I got nothing too feed my buddies when they come over there.) You drink all my six packs when I need that for on the train or when I take my medicine. You eat more than me.

Calling my house and listing my address.... off limits

You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It's not even funny the first time doing it. Stealing my photographs and watermarking them -- shit isn't even funny either. The fact you're trying to chase me back into obscurity isn't going to happen. This seems Jerrod has to go as far as to get into the mix of encouraging people to crank call the house and steal my photos -- that is why I am going to say I hope Skullvines Press will go broke and never sell a copy of his shitty novel.
      Jerrod, you're a fucking loser who has no life and the fact that you ripped off Tabloid Purposes with your cover scheme shows it. Loser ass mother fucker, yeah I will go full on cyberpunk by 2008 because it shows how morally bankrupt the mid-list is right now. The fact you assholes go as far as to list someone's unlisted phone number and unlisted address. I took my mailing address down for the reason someone tried to harass me in the mail because of the second Tabloid Purposes. My family doesn't need this shit and the fact my grandfather is very sick right now. Bastards -- calling my house on Halloween, threatening to kill me. I will not yield to any of you assholes.
      I am going to have to get a cell phone because of this shit. You assholes put my family in danger. Not cool. Do you think this shit is even funny anymore? Using the mail system to harass me -- Jerrod you're a loser for encouraging them. You fucks are mad because I wrote that book. The fact there will be a follow up book to An Eye In Shadows. I think it's shit that The Other Dark Place will go as far as to harrass my family, going as far to harass every person with the last name Pacione because this book is out there. Leave. my. family. alone.
      You assholes are nothing but lowlifes -- Jerrod, I will never buy your book and fuck skullvines press because of it. Fuck Skullvines, Fuck Black Death Books, and fuck all those assholes who pirate my books. A lot of nerve to call my house and extort me for money -- if this is another way to bully me around it won't work.

drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V

Tabloid Purposes Five is going to be drawn up but I am also going to dredge up the reading list and in fact planning to get one book before I finish the guidelines for this. The reason being I have Philip K. Dick in mind with the influence of this one.
      I also have information on who the bastards who are trolling my message boards are too, the fact that they were the very same asshole committees who tried to keep the anthologies down for so damn long. The reason being they don't have half the brains to do an anthology that mix differnet strong genres that compliment each other. Nicholas Cook, if you think I am such a shitty editor why don't you take a stab at editing an anthology with some of your friends to see what happens.
      The difference between The Blackest Death and Tabloid Purposes are very telltale, Tabloid Purposes is a darker project and it is more involved with it. The fact that none of the authors involved just want to be read. The fact I got another anthology nearly close to done, and it will be available as a private link to those who want to get the print copy while this will be the givaway project at events I appear at.
      The fact that I noticed that Karen Koehler took a jab at one of her old anthology mates becuase of it -- which I think is kind of shitty on her part and the fact I will never spend a dime on her books. The fact I will not read them if someone paid me $200.
      I learned of a book that will be similar to An Eye In Shadows -- an expose book called AN INDUSTRY OF CRONYISM also contains two years worth of research. I am waiting to see this book hit the streets too when it is finally finished. A correspondent is working on this project too, and seeing as he was an observer of everything that is going on -- I had to mention An Eye In Shadows in this light and the knowledge I am recently armed with who the trolls are, and why they're doing it. Being they're a bunch of mid-list nobodies who don't have a notable title out there unless they sucked someone's dick to get the review.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

this is bullshit -- getting harassed via the mail system

Whoever this cunt from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a bitch named Monica Weathers sending me a rubber duck with E-Pirate written across it and a note saying this:

Yarrr Matey!
    I be here to pirate yer anthologies!"
I hope that cunt hangs in her bathroom while her life fades from her. Fuck you woman! Fuck you! My cousin is a police officer and he will lock you up -- fucking bitch. You're a fucking bitch who needs to get a fucking life. Go to hell you cunt. You realize you broke federal law by using the mail system to harass me. I think what she did was bullshit. I got the exact mailing address of the bitch too who did this and it was a wast of a $1.30 and a first class mail rate for that. What the fuck?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

finally got banned from Shocklines

Fuck you Nicholas Cook -- you fucking pussy. Showing your true colors you fucking gutless worm. Can't handle the fact you got your balls ripped off on the forum, you're barly a pubic hair in this business. Sucking off your brother's cock too long, fucking mother fucker. In this wide business, you're hardly a spermstain. What kind of damage can you do to someome's career, not as much as Crazy Michelle Russo. Talk to her about publishing you because between the two of you, you just might make a killing off her famous for being famous shit. I have to take a zing at my ex-room mate here for that matter too in the process. The only way you might be able to get published is get in her pants.
      The only way you can get far in this business is to hire a hit man and try to murder me or have me murdered -- that way you can get far with the blood money you made. The question is -- are you willing to result to murder just to get me out of the picture? Cockroach. You're nothing but a cockroach who goes around pissing on names of people who don't like the authors you read. Loser. Coattail riding bitch, playing the famous for being famous card. The fact the little fag won't let me promote my projects anywhere on there -- what the fuck is he really afraid of, me becoming more famous than him?

Monday, October 29, 2007

the two signings

Gothicfest 2007 wasn't that bad at all as some people online would try to say, but it could have been a hell of a lot better if the crazy bitch didn't show up. I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event (If I had about 30 of those I would have made a killing.) The fact Fragmentation had a good set on Friday will also add to the fact I did sell a few copies too at this event -- I had just two copies of Tabloid Purposes IV there just as a test sort thing. I did the write up for Gothicfest 2007 on Associated Content and noticed a few dumb asses giving this thing a one star rating just to be a dick about it. The fact that some loser who stabbed me five times decided to get in contact with me via e-mail recently so I look at this with some perspective. Thinking it could really be the dick that stabbed me or some other jerk who went digging around my old website to see the information, either way these assholes don't have a life. I did notice these assholes are trying to go around stealing my old work and watermarking it -- do they honestly think that is funny. The fact they got my best friend involved with this shit now -- really, getting my own best friend involved with smearing my name. You're a bunch of lowlifes. The fact that my best friend of twenty plus years is involved now with the smear campaigns are going to be a nightmare waiting to happen. It's bad enough that The Other Dark Place tried really hard to ruin my career, the fact they got my best friend as a valuable tool working with them sucks. The reason being he's doing this is because I couldn't get him into the venue I was signing at for free.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Michelle

I am not dropping the lawsuit and yes it is known that I am suing her for $1750.  The fact her friend stalked me the second part of the first night -- I almost got into a fist fight the first night at Gothicfest 2007 with the fucker because he conned my grandmother out of $100.   I am not going to let things go here either because this is family he messed with.   The fact my cousin was ready to beat on him was another thing I want to mention here.    
     Crazy Michelle -- if you are reading this you lazy cunt,  I will see you in court and you will have your day before the judge.  This is personal. You deliberately fucked up my book signing you fat, sad loser. You're not genuine -- I was giving you the finger the whole fucking night,  and yes I was making fun of you in an ear shot.  Some people might feel sorry for you so they hang out with you, but when you fucked up with me is when you made me get rid of my birds.  My friends hated you from day one.  That's why they didn't come over.  I will see in court and fuck off -- be prepared to not have any room mates ever.  And be prepared to live on the street you fucking bag lady. I will go on record of everything she did to rob me blind -- she used my disability money to pay for her 69 Eyes coat and for her 69 eyes stuff on E-bay!  She said she would pay me back but she never payed me back  -- in that she stole money from a disabled person. That is a crime, a felony.  She ruined my book signing on Saturday -- the fact I was making myself invisible when she was around because I knew I would spit in her face.  The fact I will go on record that she has a mental illness and has no touch with reality.  JV -- you were quite right about her, and I was hoping you were wrong but damn after I left.  Everything he said about Crazy Michelle was true. 
     This is more the reason I am not going to drup my lawsuit with her.  The fact she took my disability money and bought things like clothes for herself saying they were "gifts"  I wasn't fucking her --- why the fuck would I want to buy expensive shit for her when I would barely spend about $130 on myself when it came to clothes.  The fact that a fist fight almost broke out between myself and the fuck of a Janitor that she hangs out with, they are both incahoots with each other and they run fraud rings just to get all they can for free.  She tried to do this with my publishers -- it almost worked but when I learned what was going on I told my publishers right away about it.
     You told everyone the reason I needed an MRI was that I needed surgery, fuck you bitch.  That is slander.  If you were found in a bathroom tomorrow hanging from a noose,  I wouldn't care but the only thing I would care about is that I couldn't collect my money.  Some of you all you heard was her side about my moving from the place -- well this is finally my side of the story the fact I need to use this blog to get it out there, and it now can be said the fact I moved out was my family as tired of her taking advantage of a disabled person.  You never fooled me Michelle -- you lied to to my grandmother's face just to get me into that apartment.   You want personal Michelle -- fine I will get personal here,  I think you made your mother cry beyond the grave.  Your mother is not proud of you -- you choices suck, and personally you'd be better off flipping burgers at a McDonald's.  Those of you who are disability or get disability benifits -- don't move in with her.   I am the person who posted the warning up on Craig's list about her looking for a room mate.   You're a criminal Michelle and I will expose you for that.  She fucked me out of a possible nice apartment in Chicago for about $197 a month just about five blocks from Excaliber.  If I got that place,  it would been easy for me to get back and fourth -- but fuck no.  Bitch in the fake hair and fake face cried reptile tears to my cousins.   I know the real Michelle and this michelle is the ugly bitch that is violent and cruel to animals.   I am doing this for my birds too, and every pet owner out there -- they have to know what kind of person Michelle is.  The fact she claims to get sick around animals.  
      Consider this my impact statement when I take this to the stand. You want to come after me Michelle in the street,  you will have criminal charges on you and yes I will have a cop with me when that happens. That's right I will be the last person you see before they lock you away -- I am the last person you will see as they are going to throw away the key.  Either they lock you away in a mental hospital or a state pen because you were defrauding the state.   How the fuck did you get your dresses by the way at Gothicfest 2007,  someone told me you turned a few tricks.  You're scared Michelle to stand before the judge for this -- and yes I will call you out on that.  You say you're not like the other room mate I had,  Chris,  correction you're worst than he is -- the fact I came in when he was four months behind on rent and used my share of the rent to order out pizza every night.  I rented out a duplex basement and that was my space (the fact he used my money to get cable but refused to pay for it -- just like you refused to pay your share.)   You never paid your share on shit.  
      This will get ugly.  
      When things like this happen,  I will show no mercy.  You fuck with my family -- you fucked with me.  You've done crimes unforgivable -- to both the elderly and to the disabled.  And you eat people out of house and home you fucking fat pig.  I have no voice right now so I can't scream at you in person, but I will say this right now you are a cunt and a gimmick.  You call yourself a non-conformist but really what the fuck are you; a conformist.  Fuck your little ideas and how you are trapped in your little world.  37 year old woman, and I have more a grasp on reality than you would ever have.  Try living in the street three years before you yell at me on shit -- the fact you sent me out when I was medicated to get your shit, that's attempted murder.    You have no sense of what is right or wrong;  messing with me or messing with my family will be the downfall coming.  Do you hear that Michelle, that's your world crumbling.   You won't be able to hide behind Brian Keene there.  You will get the worst of my wrath.  This is a rightous anger Michelle,  the kind of anger that comes when you steal money from the sick for their medicine.  That's right people  -- Michelle Russo steals from the sick.   

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more from that donkey punch

This email I just received shows their true mentality, the fact that one person steals my pictures and old website graphics just shows they really don't have a life. They finally admit they don't have a life on here. They admit they want to break the law here by impersonating me and assuming my identity. It's fucking sad when people think I wrote these e-mails when I really didn't and when I go video I will go all on record of it. What fucking right do you assholes have in stealing my artwork and watermarking it. You didn't create the picture or the drawing, so you have no right to go stealing the old banners either.

To: Nickolaus Pacione
From: e-mail the pussy here

"your signing at gothicfest 2007 at the excalibur will fail and your book sales will fail too. you have no right to gain any legitimate readers or make any money too and your freedom of speech should be taken away. we have every right to impersonate you and steal your work like faggots because we have no lives. pissing on your covers and burning them too. it is legal to burn the flag for freedom of _expression and we will piss and burn on your books because we don't respect your copyrights. we plan on shitting on them too."

I honestly think it's rather unsettling how far some of them would go -- dredging up old feuds too. What makes these assholes so sure that I will fail? What I think is that they will go around printing up that article on the cunt convention's website. The fact they were threatening to crash both book signings that are confirmed -- like they did in 2005 which they didn't have the spine to do either. It is old bullshit, people who were on the asshole commitee who were stirring up old shit. The very fact that proves it that they were also behind the pirating of that non-fiction book I wrote. They were threatening me unless I destroy the book and take it down -- yeah right asshole, kiss my ass.
      They can stick a loaded shotgun up their ass and pull the trigger before I will even do that. The fact that one author who tried to twist my words around about who the fucker behind the asshole who did that was. Dude -- painting smiling face was talking about both of you in that book. Pretending to be someone's friend to get information about an anthology or a book. That is the worst thing someone can do to someone if you ask me. People like that -- I don't need as friends. I have more fun putting them in my crosshairs. It is so much fun writing a book like An Eye In Shadows because they don't know if you're talking about them or not in the book but writing in code.
      If it wasn't for hatemail like that, I might not have finished the book. Half the reasons why I wrote the book to begin with. Dealing with faceless chumps and the chumps who pretended to be a friend just so they can get more information about a book. They can kiss my ass. Yeah I am referring to both the skinheads from New England here. Coke sniffing schmuck. I will speak the truth no matter who will get offended by it.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

when hell freezes over, finocchio

"greasy, you will give in to us. this is not bullying or coercing. this is legal. spam is illegal. im sending you a letter, so listen the fuck up. we are fully within our rights to stomp on your rights. the same way you can use this freedom of speech and press spiel so can we. i'm sick of your sarcasm, pacione! and i'm gettin fed up. why do you think we pirated the book. and we'll pirate the next one, and every single one previous to that. we'll pirate all your work and you have no creative licensing, no say whatsoever. no copyright control because you yourself abused it. so, here's the ultimatum, pacione. you can either take the book down and destroy it forever. apologize to TODP. give up writing non-fiction forever, or you can keep the book up at cafepress and we sue you successfuly for the royalties AND take over Tabloid Purposes 5. that's right, stinky. we'll own you, your house, and the tabloid purposes trademark from series 5 on! my dogs are already on this, they've been getting the paperwork drawn up. why do you think it's so quiet round these parts. dont draw up any of the guidelines buttmunch, because it will be a waste of paper. we will make up new guidelines for tabloid purposes with new staff and new authors. what we're sayin greasy is run your publishing outfit!
--Valentine vegen"

Friendly suggestion to this asshole sending me e-mail, stick a high powered rifle up your ass then pull the trigger. I won't yield to terrorists and I will continue to get that book out there no matter what and there will be more Tabloid Purposes planned under my editorial supervision. Watermarking my artwork and some old photos -- you losers don't have a life and I mean that. I will go on video and say that too of The Other Dark Place, the fact you assholes can go to hell for it.
            I will not give in to these bastards who hide behind fake names and fake pictures. The fact I will still push An Eye In Shadows. I will go video by the end of this month and will have a good set of speakers. Using both a one time use video camera and seing that some of these assholes are going too far by stealing old photos and artwork. They're copyright rapists. They're committing rape by stealing people's works.
            You bastards successfully pissed me off. There's more dark sarcasm to throw around too and this will piss those assholes who hide behind fake e-mails too and managed to get one of them shut down too -- the e-mail that went under the sn called thehorrorconspiracy. It is a new generation of internet gangs, and this is something that will drive me to put this book out even more and the fact the cocksucker convention came through and passed.
            You fucking bastards really don't have a life -- a bunch of mid-list authors who can be the total jerks in the business. The fact these guys constantly suck Saten's Cock. Go fuck a shotgun! The only way you fuckers can stop this book is when hell freezes over. If you want me to pull this book, I have two words for you -- and they are, GET FUCKED!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

dealing with terrorists here

I am not going to give in to their demands -- they want me to take the book down but I am looking at them with a sense of sarcasm, "Oh I will taken it down when your a rotted corpse." I will not give in to their demands and in fact plan to order up a few copies of the book for the event on the October 26th signing. Have them sent to the signing mate so he has them for me there.

"we're comin for your cousin too, so you better not be makin that shit up chump. cause if you are, then we'll find a cousin of yours to fuck with.
          So do yourself a favor and take your book down, edit keene out -completely! then, with our permission you can put it back up 'bout your high school glory days. take keene out. last warning!
          --Legion; we are many!!"

The Other Dark Place are a bunch of online terrorists in this department. I really don't think what they did is remotely funny and for that faceless asshole who said pirating real books is wrong, my books are real and he supports piracy. I guess the way he is will show what kind of nature the asshole is and one suggestion -- drink an entire bottle of bleach already. It will be cool if I can push a few copies of these before the events -- knowing that the natives are restless now the fact I got a book out there that exposes Keene for the shithole he truly is. Yeah I am making their e-mail addresses known so people can send those cocksuckers floods of hatmail. Watermarking my artwork with your little screennames so I can't take it back is low even for you assholes. I guess a cocksucker is back to his old tricks in pissing on my name. If anyone seems like has a lot ot gain out of fucking with my career is that asshole, he must have of given McKeeman head back in the day.
       I am going to get them tossed from the venue if they tried to crash it distributing their little "book" before my signing starts. You want the real truth on these assholes, An Eye In Shadows, will deliver that real truth about them. That is why they are going around trashing sales of the book and pirating it on sites like Demonoid. You bastards who ever was behind that one -- that wasn't even funny to begin with. I would love to imagine what would happen if someone pirated Brian Keene's book or Mary Sangiovanni's book they would become more enraged that it would happen.
       I think those two support E-Piracy no matter who doesn't like them -- they support the piracy of books of their enemies. Well here's a wake up call -- e-piracy hurts the literary industry like it does with the music industry. Hurts the literary industry in the sense it hurts the small press at large. Anytime when an asshole sends me threatening e-mails about the non-fiction book, that's terrorism on their part. Trying to play the intimidation game. They think copyright violation is funny, and yes I will air this in video when the video blogs happen.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Send in the assholes

Damn, I got a signing or two coming up and already some asshole is trying to threaten the hell out of me to get me to stop a signing from happen. Yeah right. I am going to do signings and more are coming even if I have to do them in the rural areas first and work my way into the city. I realize the 815 alone is a large area and thinking Galena will be a good area to nail, never thought about that angle with where to go with this.
     The very fact that Valentine Vegen actually made his presence felt in my e-mail and christ it's getting old the fake sites -- what the fuck is next? Well I am going to press on and write new fiction, already started to write new short fiction and looking to get it placed around to different magazines. Send in the assholes and they're just getting even more lame by the moment. Trying to post my phone number on my very own guestbook you losers -- I am getting smart to it already. The fact some of you are going around posting my artwork and photos without permission, fuck's sake honor the copyrights of someone and not steal their creative properties -- I don't see a creative commons anywhere. Fuck you Creative Commons. Bastards have no respect for the standard copyright which my work is protected by. This is the fact that allows this kind of copyright when publishing a book in print and the next step is to get an Library of Congress number, and that is something that is well planned for some of the projects.
     Does it look like I have a creative commons on my blogs -- fuck off, I don't use that kind of copyright because I will eventually put my own blog to print and use to put it out there. The more venomous rants will be the ones that will be in print; the fact I can say what ever I damn well please on this pisses people off all the more. Here's to the assholes who pirated my non-fiction book, let's hear it for them -- those of you who want to send them endless hate mail the e-mail address to point it to is there. Send in the assholes, believe me they're fucking endless like zombies or cockroaches -- try to Nagasaki them, they keep coming back.
     They got highs in new lows when I did my annoucement on Nextcat about a Lake Fossil Press Babe, some asshole posted a fake site which had some fucking shemale humping a headstone. Jesus christ; schmucks. Son of a bitches have no life if you ask me -- and believe me, I am more than pissed right now I got some asshole calling me from another area code from out of state because some prick posted my phone number on myspace. This is getting more intense because this weekend is the weekend of cocksucker central, and yes I will call Valentine Vegan a cocksucker. I am starting to see a pattern with them the moment I get more promotion time with each book they foam at the mouth.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

more from the schmuck brigade

"the decision has been made, and what better day than today. the day is coming where books shall be burned in large numbers. works pirated in mass quantities; it's already started. group efforts made to annihilate the opposition. he wants to go live, hey, so can we. when were done he'll wanna crawl back under that rock though. the pacione family is going to be VERY embarrassed. Knock, knock, knock…"who is it" grammy pacione, we’re here for your son. open up! we just want to take him for a stroll. maybe tie him to a tree, smear doody over his face, shave his head. we know he’s in there….please tell him to come outside, mammy pacione.
    all of the pirated work will belong to pacione. all of the authors who pay dearly will be his cronies. that goes for his butt buddy across the atlantic too. and that shitbag from deviat art for his crude joke. we cant let that one slide. but first nickypoop. in the end, he'll be forced to tow the line for the pussy he is and he’ll eat the shit out of the ass of the big elephant. elephants have been known to stomp on mice. yes sirree, greasy wont have a choice. do you like peanuts pacione? no, really, do you fuckin eat peanuts…because before the month is over you'll be eatin grade A mass marketed nuts. and you're going to enjoy it too."

Bastards still won't learn. Two words "buy print" when it comes to indy press books. There is one master here and I am controlling the strings and I will continue to promote that non-fiction book plus put all the surface of all the cyber-bullying that's been going on. The fact being that some would go as far to impersonate me for one, steal copyrighted works. You didn't create the story or do the photograph, the only thing that you have the right to do is spend the money on it. My work of contraband is available for purchase. There will be an anthology that will be coming soon and submissions will be opened up to only people who've been bullied by Encyclopedia Dramatica. I am not talking the far left or those who are actually dicksuckers, but I am looking for the regular people who've been harassed by such sites without end. I am looking to get this anthology in the hands of Illinois legislature so they can see what kind of shit these people are doing and see if there could get a law passed for cyber-harassment and impersonation, impostor journals are bullshit. There should be a law against it.. RJ Sevin you fucked up by stealing my photos, no book sales for you asshole. I think they're mad because I am talking back my pictures one by one -- the fact I am taking back means I am the right full owners so get your grubby shit covered fingers off my intellectual properties unless you bought the book.

leave. my. family. out. of. this.

Listen up and good to the people posting as me and the people who are making my address public. This is the exact reason why I am doing my post office box in Joliet. Creating a fake blog which impersonates me is just wrong enough as it is. Going around saying my book was free is wrong too because that is misleading too. I never made my book available for free either. I never made my phone number public either so whoever posted the phone number your ass is mine too. Posting my address -- you're going to be fair game too.


To anyone who is posting and making our telephone number and address public this needs to stop here and now. My husband and I now live in this house and we will not put up with this. There are 3 ill people in this home that Nick lives in. It is hard enough to take care of ill people. Have you tried to take care of 2 ill senior citizens? How about you spend more time with your family than trying to play high school games. We do not need to live in fear of our address being made public because you feel that you need to carry on some vendetta against Nick. Also to whoever thinks it is funny to call someones home and hang up, your phone numbers are now being automatically sent to our local police station as the numbers come in private. And we are prepared to file harrasment charges each and every time. We are tired of having our daily lives interupted because you think it is a funny thing to do. This is not Nick's home. Nick only stays here temporarily due to his former roomate. This all needs to end.

For the record about the whole apartment situation I left on my own because I was tired of footing the bill for the particular room mate in question. I was in the negative 95% of the time because I was constantly stuck paying some of her bills. The bill I was stuck with was the Comcast bill and that was in my name. I got that because I needed a phone in the house and when I left, it was on my own accord. Rusty Nail you're twisting the truth around on that one and this will be made clear in this blog, here and now.
    I will go on record that isn't my grandmother writing that message. That is one of my cousins. They've done nothing to you so leave them the hell alone.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

bastards, fucking bastards all of them

My notes are in Italics here, and there is an imposter blog trying to get me looking like a fudgepacker when clearly I am not one of those. Whoever is behind that impersonator handle needs to be dragged to the street and shot like a rabid animal.

He used to brag that his 79 (add twenty points to that then you got it right. My IQ is 98 -- two points less of 100. I scored a 75 on the AFVAB. I am in the high average.) It's not even worth a B-. An IQ of 130 isn't too shabby, but it still won't get a person into Mensa.

Someone is impersonating me again and this time isn't funny. Boycott all titles by Creeping Hemlock Press in support of An Eye In Shadows. Do not buy any title of theirs or do not buy any book by Zoe Whitman. Fucking loser posted my address up this time around. Now I have to fight using video blogs now. It's going to happen I am going to go video too now just to prove that I am not the fake and those assholes are the fakes. Boycott Dubbyk Press while you're at it I am going to make Timothy Lieder go broke and cost him some book sales in the process. Do you think pirating someone's book is funny? I am beginning to think that Mina McGregor is behind the piracy of Tabloid Purposes II because when I sent her a copy of it -- she said immediately that it got leaked and then Kucek bragged about owning a pirated copy of the book
        Support the self-published instead of buying books by the assholes on the leisure roster who like to ruin it for everyone else -- the hell with The Rockaway Hooker or the fuck with Keene's books. I will never give them a dollar of my money. I encourage people to show up with their signings with copies of An Eye In Shadows asking why would they accuse an honest writer of plagiarism.

Book Burner: the censorship and pirating of nickolaus pacione from ferryman's wheelchair to eye in shadows (is that it?) is something new to consider, but this shit will start happening all over again. According to the masses, there have been challenges on specific works, with many industry names lodging complaints, often fanned by the flames of pacione's sudden outbursts or outrages against people, then stirred up by members of his original anthology series. Valentine Vegen: so what do you propose? Beatdown? Bodily harm?
    Book Burner: book burning rallies of his work are the way to go, if approached correctly, and if done at horror conventions may even prove successful (and funny as shit!), but recent "crusaders" (his homeboys from his lineups) have pressed for the elimination of such acclaimed authors as the ones you see on the Leisure lists. I think we need to involve his family. the fucker's got his relatives helping him buy and stock up on titles of this book of his. They deserve the prank phone calls. keep it up. I think we need to really mess with his head too. (see the new site that sprouted up. Just like what I said in the non-fiction book too.) He needs to be taught a lesson. The only nazi here is himself. In some cases, people like pacione can be persuaded or threatened with book burning or prosecution in a court if they see that the books are libelous and too controversial, regardless of grammatical errors.
    Valentine Vegen: interesting. I say we strike

I saw what you said you fag and yes you're days are numbered tick-tock, tick-tock asshole, someone's about to kick your ass. The little fag who wrote the story between my son and I bragged about pirating An Eye In Shadows. If you see this asshole in a club in Chicago -- punch him between the eyes if I don't get a chance to punch him first. This is the picture of the asshole if you see him before I do. Pirating a book is a fight waiting to happen and you made it clear that you are pirating my non-fiction book. Piracy hurts writers -- let writers earn their money from a project. I am going to do some free pdf of asshole's photos who will end up being dart board targets.

Got Darts?
"I just encountered a few people who were interested in purchasing Nickolaus’ non-fiction book so I sent them all FREE copies thus ruining his sales. *beams brightly*"

OPEN SEASON. It's hunting season and this asshole will be introduced to the pointy end of a crossbow. You crossed me for the last time, Velmonturna or better known as Christopher Pack is one of those assholes who isn't going to get anywhere in life so he is going to be famous for the asshole who sucessfully pirated one of my books. Damn loser needs to get a goddamn life. whoever is behind that impersonator posting, I am coming for you. Velmonturna -- I. am. coming. for. you.

Part two of this one another asshole who can kiss my ass -- fucking with a guy's disability. This is the kind of person who needs to be locked away too. This is the cocksucker's message on a particular message board. I think a phone call or an e-mail to SBC is in order here, the fact that the guy is making a threat against a guy's way to get his medical care.

What was his error, you might ask? Well, see, in telling me to kiss his ass (or asshole, it isn't quite clear), he's done nothing but piss me off. So now, Jim has a new hobby! You thought the Pike debacle was interesting? That was nothing, really. First up, I think the State of Illinois will be getting a phone call regarding Nickolaus and the funds he receives from the state due to his various and sundry disabilities. See, from my understanding, they don't take kindly to folks abusing the system. Not accusing him of anything like that at this point, just something they might want to look into.
    After that, the IRS might want to get involved to ensure he's not hiding funds he might be receiving from what he refers to as his writing. Not to mention, folks on disability are sometimes found to be working for cash in order to supplement their admittedly small checks from the state. Not saying Nickolaus is engaged in such behavior, but the state might want to check to be sure.
    At the same time, I'll be in contact with every online service he uses, from his ISP to web hosting companies. I want to make sure they know EXACTLY what he's up to when he's online.
    Might also get in touch with the IL ICAC unit and suggest they look into his activities as well, just to cover all the bases.
    Nick, I'm sure at some point you'll be reading this. Please know that I am very, very good at what I do. That is not hubris or braggadocio, just fact. See, out here in big people world, there are consequences for one's actions. The Morris Police Department might think you are nothing but a guy who slips off his meds from time to time, ranting and raving from his grandparents' basement. They actually have a higher opinion of you than I do.
    You are no longer in control of the situation.

The impersonator still mouths off on the asshole's blog. You bastards my address and phone number aren't public information. RJ you creating those graphics became your funeral. I got nothing to apologize for when I say what I say on here as much as this particular asshole who is posting my address and taking my idenity thinks it's funny to steal my name and everything. Now they are going and using my actual blog link for their link too -- do you fucks think that's funny? Really Do you think that's funny -- I don't think so personally. RJ -- you're an asshole for stealing my photos to begin with you sad faggot. I wish I had a voodoo doll and had some fun with the thing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am not going to apologize.

The only thing I am going to apologize for what, being myself. I am not apologizing to those assholes who. I demand an apology from the host of that site who allowed the uploading of my book on there. I want to say this right now -- there are two words I am going to say to the fucker who calls himself valentinevegen and they are these two, piss off. I am going to make that interview available that was taken down from, and I thought Staggs was a stronger individual than that. Staggs, you didn't even show interest in the books I wrote or anything like that. What is your major malfunction? I will say this much right now, the bastards are pissed despite the public harassment on forums by a few nameless cunts here and there.
      I will be even more malicious when time goes on if people continue to flood my inbox with propaganda of Brian Keene's books I will get more and more motivated to go public even further with the non-fiction book and it is now. I guess you assholes have no real mentality of your own and The Other Dark Place are nothing but a band of mental midgets who have too much time on their hands. Seeing a site like The Rusty Nail stalking forums I call home too -- the fact that they're pathetic little white trash fucks who basically go around wearing white robes and pointy hats. Yes I am calling them KKK.
      What you assholes plan to do -- burn a cross on my lawn? I am not afraid of you assholes, the fact that you pirated the book is just a bad move on your part, and I will bring that to the press the fact that you did that is an asshole move of all asshole moves there. You fucks are harassing me saying that I should apologize to everyone I offended -- fuck off. You assholes are in violation of what they call freedom of speech and expression. That applies to me too and The First Amendment defends the more unpopular speech and that is something that Blogger seems to encourage -- the fact this place is a double edge sword in that sense of the word. What people fail to understand about this wonderful country of ours is that this country was born out of radical ideas, and the fact that I voted for George W. Bush will piss off the whole velvet mafia.(you bastards have way too many rights. Besides, I donate money sometimes to the American Family Association. I support the traditional family. Traditional Marriage does work.) I also learned something about John F. Kerry (the Anti-Christ -- as I referred to him on my blog on Modblog. Is one of George W. Bush's distant cousins, a few times removed. That it was why the 2004 election was intense -- it was a family feud like the Hatfields and the McCoys.) My book was forged out of conspiracy theories and yes I am intrigued by this whole thing.
      I think I am going to really love it here -- damn I couldn't even be half this shocking when I was posting on LiveJournal, Modblog, and some of the other ones. So I am going to enjoy it here the most. Who'd thought a guy from the Midwest can cause so much noise that would disturb the universe. I got a nice little article that I plan to put up on that one site. They want me to put a price on my head for what, I subscribe to Conservative Politics (yes I might be a dark author but that doesn't put me in that end of things that tends to have everyting left leaning.) The very fact that some of these assholes are wanting to go as far as to pirate all of the works that are published in print, please note I don't buy e-books but if I am going to truly support the author I would buy the print versions. I am an avocate for buying print books only because the whole thing with e-book piracy is just as evil as pirating a band's mp3.
      I didn't get in a particular anthology because I was too Conservative. I was almost published with one anthology but he learned that I subscribed to everything Conservative so he told me that I wouldn't be a good fit for that reason. One of the reasons I turned away one author on Myspace was because of this too. I apologize for one thing I don't subscribe to their agendas and I make no apologises about that. Yes this will piss a lot of people off and would make me fodder for a lot of things including Encyclopeda Dramatica, and I got my own little article I will load up and this is available for free.
      When I wrote this one -- I knew I needed to write it because the fact that a number of people are pissed at the fact that I finally told my side of the story. I am going to use the same place that they managed to use to pirate my book, except I see something useful for this place after all. I am tempted to make this thing a $ 3.40 download on In fact I just might -- tempted to make it available for free or for a download either way the story will be told. I might put an anthology together of all the entries that would stand out with this blog too dealing with other writers and dealing with the blogtards that are out there and this would be the assholes behind Encyclopeda Dramatica. "Free publicity" bull shit -- that's not free publicity. The fact they would be willing to link the pirated copy of the book from that site will be the thing that will be grounds to destroy the people behind that site once and for all. I am tempted to publish stories by people who have had bad dealings with that site, not talking types who write slash and that shit -- I am looking for the real people who have their horror stories to tell about that site and how they ruined their life. This is the only way I can really follow up this book is to run a true story anthology by people who've been harassed by that site. I am encouraging you all to come forward.
      If you have LiveJournal entries you've written that are at least five pages in length that would have your horror stories with this site, I will have an e-mail address set up for this. I am doing this book more as PSA how these kind of sites can do damnage that can't be fixed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the e-pirates are known

"such as send 13,145 unwanted yet pirated copies of Nicky Pacione's non-fiction scalding bucket of piss, scat, shit, doo doo, or urine to every writer of every level of genre. you got it, greasy, mass communication and mass emails. we did this by the book, just like you did your thing with your book. now you will lose sales, people will open their emails and laugh at you, perhaps even press delete. but, too late. what's done is done. you have been pirated. And we will keep pirating you. For the next project 13,000 will seem like 26,000. After that 26,000 will turn into 52,000.... After that 100,000." --
I got an e-mail from some cunt aolheller who I have to take a guess is a fandom wank with her mentality. I can tell Brian Keene is foaming at the mouth right now because the book exists and I will be able to get more copies at will. Dickhead responded and I will post the thread he blasted Lake Fossil Press on. I do have a freebie written and this thing is going to be sent around via PDF file more or less to allow people to really hear my side and not believe the bullshit that is openly spread around me.
      If no one is against me really then why the fuck would you pirate a goddamn book I worked hard to write. Keene you're nothing but a low life dick who needs to be taken down a notch. Is it really worth it to you to ruin some dude who has his own voice? You're nothing but a formula trend author who likes to strong arm his way to silence a person, knowing the kind of person you are -- you would more than likely do hard time to silence me. You know you want to get some trigger time on my work, that's the reason you try to get the books from but I am calling your bluff there on getting the copies of IV. You have no respect for people who refuse to kiss your ass. People are claiming you're the nice guy -- bullshit mother fucker, all I've seen is the bompous asshole who'd steal and lie about someone just to get their names dragged in the shit.
     I want to know what Philbin did to you guys that you have to put the heat on him -- leave the guy alone. He's trying to make his money like the next guy is. And this would be another goddamn hate mail I am getting from the same fucking address. I am thinking it's this loser who was making the crank calls. I guess that person who is doing all this hate mail has no life of their own.

"the end is here for you pacione. you aint doin no signings or gettin your non-fiction book in any bookstores. you're getting beat up instead. we're in the process of "things", you might say. Wayyyy beyond book burnings but that's still an idea. such as pirating and distributing EVERY piece of literature you have ever written. Authors den, everythign! its already been done extensively with your hateful autobiography, and now we will pirate it all and a certain demented man's family will become involved in the crossfire. the phone calls come for gramma yet, nicky? you did this to yourself nickypoo, and now the Paciones must pay. that's all there is to it.
       Philbin knew to flee shocklines as soon as he heard your book was coming out and that the storm was coming. oh, and it aint no F5 either. dagstine turned up evidence at the Rusty Nail, because even he knows he wants no part of your malignant swill. same goes for mr. enck. And your buddies with the original tabloid purposes will be taken care of in due time, but you first. oh, and that other malicious friend of yours with writer's cafe and deviantart? He will REALLY get what's coming to him. but you first nicky. this is a storm you will want to take cover from. were sorta like the CIA, nicky, but call us the HIA. that's how good we are at doing what we do. and we're far from finished yet."

This is how vicious this is getting and I got a tip from a guy who knew all about this, but I won't give away my sources -- so with that I got a deal coming my way with this guy's information that would cause more shockwaves than the autobiography did. I want to know what has my first line up did to this guy that really pissed him off? The email address is coming from -- this guy is hellbent and yeah I am going to hit the used book stores with the non-fiction book. That will be my method of attack with getting this book out there, First figure out ways to get the ISBN on this book being it was published with and this will be the first time I am going to really push a CafePress title.
       The idea for Broken Mindframe Books came from dealing this particular asshole. Fucking cunts need to get a life, and this asshole walks around threatening to get into a fight with me -- yeah I am waiting. This asshole wants to see me become the most blacklisted author in the business right now and one son of a bitch phoned cafepress to get my book taken down but I called to explain to them what was going on. They were understanding because I've been with them now for a good six years so they understand that I am a controversial figure even before I became a published author. Philbin I understand if you want nothing to do with me now because this book is out there. But one thing you always respected about me was an ironic sense of humor.

what fucking right do you have

To go around uploading a book on a site like, do you think that shit is remotely funny? I personally don't and those of you who buy books from assholes who pirate books from them, you're encouraging them. I hope Zoe W can't wash the blood off her hands for this because this is on her head too for posting on that forum. The woman is a cunt for buying into those assholes who pirate everyone's works -- so right now I am more than pissed, and want to kill someone for doing this shit. Keene you're responsible for this too and I will send my book in its physical form to leisure exposing you for the asshole you are. Do you hear me asshole, I am not a fucking failure. You're just a chump who sucked someone's cock to get your deal at leisure. You like to accuse me of plagiarism. I took the liberty to read the cunt's work and will say it sucks ass. I will ever buy a book of hers either because she runs with a circle of assholes who intend to ruin every sale of every book I have just because I did a book that is true. Keene -- you're going to be exposed for the asshole you are.
     You intend on crossing me one too many times and dissing on the publishers who do publish my work. I chose to self-release this particular project because print on demand is designed originally for the non-fiction books. I am beginning to think that effeminate mask is one of your suckbuddies who has an unhealthy obsession with trying to ruin my name as an author. Why the fuck can't you just let someone earn the money from their books. Richard Wright you're guilty of this too. All of you on that board who blast on me are nothing but mid-level white trash. I was proving a point with that book and my point was proven ten times over with people having a high school mentality when it comes to someone publishing themselves. Andy I hope you're reading this because this is what kind of bullshit I have to put up with every fucking day.
     I worked quite hard on that book and I think it's bullshit that you fucks actually went as far to pirate this project. Keene you're a fucking nothing and I will get this book in the hands of that fucking bookstore you got my signing cancelled from. If they turn this book away -- then they are just as fuckheaded as you are. That thread that bragged about stealing my book -- you're white gutter trash. Cussedness hope something nasty happens to you within the next six months such as a fucking chest buster. That's okay -- I got my ace in the hole. It must piss you assholes off that my stories are getting accepted in just about the same places you fucks got accepted at. Keene -- get used to seeing my name in print where ever you get published at dickwad. You assholes all need to die a horrible death, Keene you're providing a very bad example for your kid on the way. You assholes stalk the hell out of me to no end. Knight I am sure you're happy with your fuckbuddy, fucking pedofile bastards. Looking like rejects from To Catch A Preditor, I am sure you assholes go around looking for little boys to fuck in the ass.