Thursday, November 22, 2012

Submission Call Is Posted

My Submission Call is posted on InsaneJournal, read the submission guidelines carefully when you want to submit to this anthology this is the make up publication for Issue 14, it will be replacing the original Issue 14, and the original one will be Issue 16 instead so if you want to submit keep sending the stories for that but I am looking for the writer's actual nightmares for the anthology. I am looking for them to be about 2400-5600 words and fill a book about 250 pages that is a Royal trade paperback format. I am working on a manuscript right now for another anthology but looking for submissions to this anthology, if you want to help promote this you can do the google+ link on here and tweet it if you want.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skullvines Are Scumbags

This video is to the scumbags of Skullvines Press, they got mad at the nut cancer crack so I am not going to apologize for that and I respond to the faggot RainGods video calling me out of name. I am working on new material right now and to see them advocate bullying and piracy of books, they need to be closed down because they are with the horde that hang out in the legion of fuckwits message board to harass me, Lawrence Dagstine and now Sheri Gambino. The reason they come after me the worst is that I am the one who is the most vocal about it and will jump to video when it gets ugly.
     I begin to think they are the scumbags who are impersonating me on goodreads and stole one of my pen names to start up shit on there with the help of Melany. It is driving me crazy and she wants to screw over any dating life I have too. Well she needs a life too. I am not going to let her screw with my career as much as she has and I am not going to let Skullvines Press screw with any career I have too -- calling me a fanfiction writer, they don't have the balls to say that to my face because I will take a swing at Balzer. If they went after his crazy batshit wife he would be on a warpath. Well he is a batshit piece of shit who got mad at one offensive joke at his expense. I am not apologizing for it either.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I dated a psycho

Looks like Melany is at it again with me on goodreads saying that my son will never find me and she was sucking off Brian Keene with one of his rants at me making fun of my single life. He goes as far as to mock my publishing career back then, but now Keene put a truce out there because we been going at it for eight years. He should had not gone in the defense of Darren McKeeman though because McKeeman likes to bully people and create fake accounts. She befriended one of the plagiarists who tried to pass GAME OVER off as theirs. I will say this of Melany, I used to love her but now I wish she can go to hell. If you're going to fuck her please be kind and put a bag over her head first.
     If I saw a picture of her in 1997 before I met her I would not had made the trip to Iowa. I was told to go by mutual friends of ours from firefly because she was trying to contemplate killing herself. She was too much trouble than she is worth, now she wants to try to steal The Storms Of Armageddon for one of her titles that she is writing for the novel writing contest. I was planning to have GAME OVER for that but I couldn't get the bad boy done in time. She is supportive of the impersonators on twitter, I wonder if Keene knew about that and the fact that Melany might do something akin to what David Boyer did. The stunt she is attempting to do is something that was egged on by Janrae Frank's publishing outfit. They should remove Janrae Frank from Wikipedia for being a self-publisher if they deleted my page for this they should do the same with hers.
     As for Kevin Lucia following the fake, I have to say this of him -- started out a nice guy until Lawrence Dagstine pointed out he was playing both sides of fame. Melany became a horror target when I wrote Media Darling for Emanations. There are a few who are crapping on the book because of my inclusion on the anthology. I am still writing though as much as some people try to defame me and all of that. Lieder was one of the people who did this by tagging my books "gay erotica" and "gay sex" -- my books are not Queer Fear (I am taking a shot at Micheal Rowe here in his part on the comment about Keene's rant about my craigslist personal ad I took out on there.) I am happy to say I will have a date, and she is a woman from my past (the sister of a previous girlfriend.) I dated since Melany left me, and she smells like a fish taco. No matter how much she showers she smells like a fish taco.
     I am going to keep wise cracking about the ex on here because what stunts the fat cow pulled on She caused me to lose the account the first time and now I am back on there using facebook to login. I am happy to be back there now and you can track me as napacione there. The only thing Melany is responsible for and she can have this is giving me the face to my website on the internet in 1997. I tried to do video in 2002 but the technology wasn't quite there yet to do it. I use tumblr and for my vlogs, and submission calls on I am also addressing the one called FoxyGothicUnicorn because he got his head up his ass. If he is defaming me why doesn't he show his real face instead of doing this shitty videos and uploading them to What makes me sick is Melany had been talking with them and became fast friends with some of them too. She belongs in a zoo if I am the one that needs to be locked up. I think Melany is obsessed with me failing for some reason, this will piss her off -- what if our son wants to go to the Poe Muesum and check out the library of the museum. If he goes there, he will see what I look like and haven't really changed much since he was born in that sense meaning I still have long hair. She tried to change this about me and didn't like the fact I did smoke, but that was part of the package. Saying that I am abusive, she was the one mentally abusive. I never raised a hand to hurt her in any way but she turned around then punched me when I made the catty noise.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I am accepting donations for my bills that I have to pay yet, trying to collect money to pay my Authorsden membership and the rest of my phone bill -- do not donate less than $5 for the donations because I tried this before and got some jackhole donating $ .01 when I was at need. I need money for medication that I have for the next doctor so I don't know what that will be, I am looking to have donations done by the end of the week here. I am trying to get this going because it seems like some blogger has one of these to keep their domain going -- this should also pay for my domain too so I am raising money for that too. Thank you for donating ahead of time and I will also donate some of this to the Red Cross what I have left over. I am trying to get the bills paid with the donations so my family can have a Christmas this year, I have to pay for the garbage bill and the phone bill -- this should cover and you want to sponsor my account this quarter on the Den -- donate about $10 and tell your friends to do the same, six of you will cover my membership this quarter too and thank you greatly for donating either way.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hey fuck for brains

Leave my fucking page alone -- what the fuck do you have to gain in trying to ruin it. I don't bash every fucking author out there when I do my rants just the three that are white trash suckoffs. Keene is an uneducated punk who needs to shoot me if he wants to shut me up but I doubt he's got the balls to fucking shoot me with one of his guns. HE's too unstable to be owning guns and Sangiovanni is the biggest fucking bitch I had ever crossed paths with. Garton, you pussy show up in Richmond and say you want to stick me in a fucking loony bin because you will be keep telling yourself that the moment I am punching on your head to the point it bleeds and when you're doubled over I will fart in your face to add insult to injury. there is no apologies for what I say here and those who are hacking my page on you're a fucking coward.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I hate people right now

What is it with people wanting to vandalize my page on Amazon with that fucking picture stolen from my website -- I know it is Sheri Gambino doing it and it's making me sick when she does it. The cunt created nickypacione on twitter when I was working on the second namesake to warn people away from it and try to get people convinced that I was David Boyer that is the sickest thing I've ever been accused of -- I may be a lot of things but I am not a fucking plagiarist.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus H. Christ

I have to spell this out to the people who are going on my page--quit anally raping my page trying to make me looking like a damn homosexual and trying to say that Brian Keene is one of my influences. Keene and I hate each other and I consider Sangiovanni a bargan bin hack who doesn't have any small press leverage in the industry. The memoir I wrote actually criticizes both of them and some people thought it was funny to post some libelous tags with the books. The joke's over pal and hope you die of anal cancer for doing it.
     I've busted my ass on the amazon books not to have people mislead from the titles of what they actually are. I am a damn Christian and do not want to be looked at as a writer like what Andrew Wolter is -- I am not like Jerry Sandusky or David Boyer. You vandals are just like Jerry Sandusky and James Holmes rolled into one. That is the worst thing to be called - a child-molesting shooter. Shut up and let people read my work legitimately instead of being the voice of fucking everybody. Each of you is the voice of nobody special, and if you think I am going to be bullied out of the business by each of you. I would like to invite you to say why you want me out of the business to my face when I am in Richmond, if you're a male I would shatter your teeth down your fucking throat. That is like saying that Sheri Gambino sells knock off goods as a sales person.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There are three new blog postings I have on other websites. The blogs are found on and then the one that has been running now for nearly 8 years, I've been with blurty for nine years and will be doing a new community on I invite everyone from facebook to join me there.
    I have to get going here but if you want to check out some new shit there is some stuff linked from my blog on insanejournal. If you want to get ahold of me do so on facebook. As for that dyke Gambino and that faggot Marlowe1 -- Marlowe you want a fucking Nazi look in the fucking mirror. I hate to keep this one short but I have to get out of here and drink the soda I picked up from the store.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

some fake is going around

Trying to say that I am a homosexual when it is clear that I am heterosexual, and get this it's with my pen name. It's fucking sick what this disgusting asshole is doing to my beloved magazine listing too. Trying to say I was out of the navy for blowing some dude when that's not true. I was discharged because I had a learning disorder. so with that being said I am addressing the loser right here and now, why do it? I don't see this being done to others in the business that I know of but the ones who are following him seem to buy into it trying to say that I am David Boyer too when I am not him.
    I am busy trying to edit the magazine and this shit pops up what if my family came across that asshole's twitter account. I don't even watch porn to begin with. This troll made it my personal war in the battle for my name. He calls himself nickypacione on twitter but don't follow him.