Monday, August 13, 2007

The Other Dark Place Is Unconstitutional

Being published is a right. Not a fucking privilege, and sabotaging publications of stories is unconstitutional. I will take this shit to the press and they will suffer the fate that suffered, half the reason why was burned under the McKeeman management is because of the fact I did take what they were doing to the press. Keep messing with my books and publications, I will take everything to the press and you will all be done in this business. Freedom of press mother fucker, and you're violating my right to freedom of press. The first amendment is designed for the unpopular speech and that pisses you off even more. I am going to fuck with all of you using the document that this country was designed on.

The way they treat the industry is a fucking dictatorship, and this is where I am going to fight even harder to keep the stories published. I fought hard to get published, and I will fight even harder to keep published. You think you fucks can strangle me keep fucking dreaming mother fuckers. This non-fiction book is your funeral. As some of you noticed there is a poll up -- if you vote no on any of those -- that means you're all in my crosshairs. I will take a personal bounty out on each of you, since you bastards put a bounty on various publishers for running me.

I noticed since that interview in July you bastards each felt the sting of it so you're taking it out on my publishers, they did nothing to you. Rule number one, an editor stands behind his writers. A publisher stands behinds its editors, and you mother fuckers refuse to honor that. You want payback -- fine, I will give you payback and it is hell. I know who is behind the piracy of Tabloid Purposes IV, and he was responsible for fucking with the first anthology. Your career is cursed asshole, even your teaching career is fucked with now. You won't be able to collect unemployment when I get done with you. This nonfiction book is my bounty hunt, and yeah be afraid mother fuckers, this nonfiction book will go to press soon -- it is not done yet but it will be. Mark my words, do you want to keep fucking with a man who has nothing to loose?

You motherfuckers are Nazi Germany and I am storming the beach. Denying a mentally ill man a chance at having a story published is discrimination. Discrimination in the worst form and that makes you as guilty as murderers or book burners. In turn you're becoming the very thing that Nazi Germany created, and that enforces book burning and all of that shit. Stealing people's anthology as a .pdf is the same as book burning in the 21st Century. You think it is doing the industry justice no you're just hurting the authors and colleagues who decided to get published in other places.