Monday, December 20, 2010

the sources of that remark

Those of you who were saying I was making death threats to kids, I am going to clear the air with that one. The statement was based off an article I read on another website about bullying leading into a school shooting or suicide. The article that the statement that was based on was taken from this article. I've been researching about the causes of school shootings since coming back from Iowa 11 years ago.
     The comment was actually rooted in facts that take place in the states about school shootings because usually the person who does the shooting is the one who goes pulling the trigger. I was being bullied by another magazine publisher via and some on because she chases me forum to forum like I am some kind of canned hunt. So that was why I made the statement I made because kids inherit the habit of bullying from their parents.
     I've seeb the claims that the mother of my son claims that I was bullying her outright, well no, she has a history of doing mental abuse. I was punched in the chest by her because I made the catty screech that cats make when they were pissed. We were in an argument that was rather one sided. I would actually make the remark about some adult bullies who saw their kids for the same thing then reward them a damned Play Station for they're bullying.
     Here's another thing I found that backed up my statement, and they say name one's sources so I am doing to do just that here -- by sending the reader here and something I found on a typepad blog here (the latter actually did a study on this.) Here's another example about the example of bullying leads to murder taken from What I said of Cox was based on facts because this happened before in the states where two kids actually murdered their bully.

farewell to

The blog hosted by will be closed on the 21st because of the ongoing conflict with The Rusty Nail and I am guessing they also closed her down too. But they told me if I wanted to have a wordpress based blog I can get one with a registered domain. I am seriously considering that because when it's hosted on an actual site, there is more people can say without getting in hot water about it.
     All the articles I wrote on that blog aren't lost though. In fact, I got them all backed up in a book I am going to be putting out some time in 2011 named for one of the articles. I have a new one written and shopping it around and this actually doesn't mention names. I am going to talk to my long time friends about doing a group blog on too because they have a high tolerance for content too. normally have a high tolerance for content, but the thing between myself and The Rusty Nail became too much for them.
     Also I had a bout of absent minded-ness this morning when I let the dog out. I dosed off and she was out for about 25 minutes. I made an honest mistake there. I always had a history of being absent minded, I was this absent minded since I was a kid. With Wordpress I was wondering if they were as tired of the back and forth as I was. I will be celebrating 9 years with, but just in the recent years I've been using them as my official blog. Blogspot has a higher tolerance for content but I wish they had the cut tag. I am guessing if when that one blog started working with the ex-cousin-in-law caused it to come ahead.
     I am talking to a group of friends I've known for a long time about doing a group blog on because they have the updating tool much like uses. I've been with for seven years too. I got them before going off to Baltimore, Maryland. I retained all the graphics I created from when I've been with wordpress, and also plan to upload the graphic I used for my anthology submission call that has a $5.00 reading fee because other creative nonfiction publications also have this. Some of them change $45.00 for the reading fee has a $5 reading fee before submitting out too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well this is cool.

I got a short story accepted but I am really not at the liberty to speak where it got accepted at. This story is something my IM contacts will know because I used to pass this short story around. It was taken right from the headlines in 2008 about the infamous myspace mom that told a teenage girl to commit self-murder. I am publishing another story I wrote from the same period in the 11th Issue -- I am publishing them in reverse for a reason. I will say one thing that this coming issue will have on 12 that other small press imprints lack, it's two words and those two words are star power.
      I am getting all the accompanying artwork for this issue and one thing is this. The magazine is going to be really badass. I just got done and republished my namesake anthology between editing the magazine. The publication that I am going to be in will be launching me hard in March 2011. The namesake anthology I am publishing the book under Writings From The Grave because it's a history of horror fiction as told in the realms of horror fiction. Anyone wanting to grab this book up can do so by coming here or going to the Lake Fossil Press storefront on I couldn't get the shoot that I wanted to do booked so I took some new photos when I picked up my Metra ten ride ticket. Meaning I will be prepared for a couple promotional shoots for the issues of the magazine, Dirty Black Winter, and the reboot of the namesake.
      I jokingly thought about doing the pictures in the true black metal corpse paint because I wondered what I would actually look like if I was a black metaller than thrash monger. I did the photos akin to the 2003 and 2002 era of Writings From The Grave and my diary-x journal years pulling out the drab tops and black jeans. One of these photos became the table of contents header of Issue 12. The photos that my cousin took will be used on I also learned that is interested in doing a vehicle for me as an editor too. I think I still might have a line up for DYERS EVE, and no it won't have that fake femine hygene cover that the loser "AngryInIllinois" came up with. I am thinking of doing the photo that's a homage to R.L. Stine's opening sequence on Goosebumps. I used to watch this show more as a writer studying how to make horror accessible, but at the same time not lose my edge as horror writer.
     What one will see with the story going into the publication in 2011 is one that really shows how ambitious I can get in writing a short story. GAME OVER is that ambitious too along with a new story in issue 12 that's done. When I redid the anthology, I brought in four more current authors and three more public domain entries. I will say this much with that one story I wrote, I am really fighting back against the gossip bloggers and the liar websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank. Sites like that contribute to the most teen suicides in the 2000s. I learned of another incident that was in the UK because of bullying. One band is looking to do a song about this, and they were wanting to grab a copy of An Eye In Shadows for some of the source material for this one song. I will say this much of 2010 so far with my work, I might not have many freebies to provide because everything I have is becoming epic in nature.
     GAME OVER is now 33,000 and it's 66 pages right now, The Fandom Writer 2 is 13,000 and climbing from there, then I finished one story I wrote as Mr. Pacione and that one is being submitted around for consideration. That one is about 7900 words. I've been very selective of where I send my work to in terms of magazines. I submitted to an e-zine with the story Misguidance. That story was an online reprint from my days on WritersCafe and that was an exclusive story to that website. The some of the stories in the collection Dirty Black Winter (and no this won't have a naked queer on the cover. The troll put a name called "Dick Sinu" which I think is a fake name.) I've seen these trolls also put the "fan fiction" and something connected to Harry Potter Slash fic. I pointed this out to and they're going to help me remove those tags because whoever is tagging the books this must be getting high on dog crap. It pisses me off when they do this because they're also insulting the writers in the magazine and on the anthologies.
     This same troll decided to get an account under my pen name saying that I kept Boyer in the anthology after finding out he is a plagiarist. In truth I actually took the book down from sale so I can rework the book. I had to copy the .pdf to open office, after 2 weeks and 18 hour shifts of editing. I managed to make it available once again and having ISBNs on all the editions. I am considering of putting this available on kindle. I had to do line up changes on both the 12th Issue and the namesake. The longest story bowed out, and I had plenty of time to remove it. So I had about 5 more authors come in to fill the spot that story left. I will say the issue's body is 281 pages, I am trying to make this the size of Tabloid Purposes IV. The Editor's Lounge section is exacly 6 pages on a 6.14 x 9.21.
     I did a new cover for the namesake's back cover and this one is also one of my drawings too and it's signed as Nickolaus A. Pacione so it worked with the back cover. I borrowed some things from other dark websites and that's the dividers. I really wanted to show that this book was 100% DIY. I take from the punk fanzines with that ethic. Something that Atomic Jack and it's sister mag noticed, they also counted the kinds of horror stories in there. And this would also apply to he namesake. I included my notes as the acknowledgements. With Issue 12 I am ready to compete with newcomers in the small press with authority as what I am doing with these newer stories. I am writing the very dark parts with authority.
     I will say this much about 2010, my readers from are all now in their 20s. I will have something for everyone in this collection I am compiling in terms of the horror stories. When Angels Wept Blood is an urban fantasy yarn set in DuPage County. God might not have given us a spirit of fear, but I want to approach the subject of fear on it's own terms. But as far as Boyer goes, if I knew in 2007 that he plagiarized the story he sent me I wouldn't have included it. When it comes to horror, there is a delicate balancing act between darkness and light. I will say of the readers of my official website, they come in different religions meaning that includes pagans and Satanists.
     I was actually slated to do my first interview in 1996 with a black metal fanzine in Glen Ellyn. The person who ran the magazine read some of my binder era and was shocked when I told him I was actually a Christian doing it. When Coach put his project out, I wish he did it in 1997 because he approached the last taboo. What he taught me is a faith that's a grittier approach than the watered down kind of thing I encountered with churches that frowned upon heavy metal and horror books. I didn't get rid of my collection in 199-1998, it got stolen when I was hospitalized. I am guessing my former bosses daughter stole them to see if she can get money from the CDS in a pawn shop, and I got my tape collection back without the stronger bands in the collection. So what people will see with my CD collection of the present. It was an accumilation from 1999. My best friend gave me some of his CDs and of them came some of the most unique ones I ever came across.
     I lost all my faith books when I moved back to Illinois given to me because they were trying to get me from shying away from writing horror fiction. If that person is reading this, horror had always been in my blood. It's something I wanted to write for a long time. Last month I celebrated my 20th year as a horror writer and a writer in general. I got a lot of flack for having a dark website in 1998 when I was living in Iowa. One of the daughters of the owner of a place I went to for editing my place when I was homeless gave me the most flack and someone from their family actually stabbed me five times. I was commissioned to design a website for Upper Room Ministries, but the owner of the library banned me from ever appearing in the library again. They allowed me access just one time because I was trying to keep in touch with my family about coming home for a week.
     The churches I got involved with in Iowa really shunned heavy metal music, and I told them I would openly listen to secular metal whether they like it or not. My short story I almost got published with actually came out of this along with a friend's personal history of metal. I was trying to form a heavy metal band in 1996 but everyone was getting into KoRn and Limp Bizkit around that time. They didn't want to do thrash metal with TOOL styled vocals. With these new stories I am doing, I am going to be really living up to my nickname given to me in 2008 and that's The Heavy Metal Author. That is part of the reason I jokingly do a photo looking like a black metaller. It would be a bitch to pull off because I actually have facial hair. I got accused of being a Nazi Skinhead because I used to have a shaved head in 1995. Part of the reason I grew my hair out was to get rid of that tag on me. (I have a drawing of a KKK hanging from a tree, would a racist do a drawing like that?)

Monday, November 1, 2010

so far...

Managed to get the anthology completely re-edited, now looking for the replacement for Boyer's plagiarism. I got the most explosive rant out there on my other blog and now back to the business of working on The Fandom Writer 2 and GAME OVER then a short story I have about 6400 words into the other. I am going to make Boyer feel like a true fugitive until someone brings him to justice for multiple counts of fraud and identity theft. Yeah I can see the writer blogs going crazy with all this information right now. I decided to make Boyer a character in The Fandom Writer 2 and looking for a few more stories to fill the slot void by Boyer's plagiarism being pulled.
      I have about 270 pages before the front page, copyright page, introduction, TOC and about the editor's page. I am aiming to make this at least 295 pages with the material and using dividers found on the web for text dividers. Boyer falls into the meme, "fuck you -- pay me" catagory. Yeah I am so blind with anger right now that I want to take a trip where he lives drag him out into the street then stomp him in his forheed. I am trying to propostition the two liar wikis to take the pages down about me but instead have a page that railroads Boyer every step of the way. I think they would be doing everyone a service there instead of lying about me every where they go.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Son of a Bitch

In the six years I've been a publisher, I had never been violated in the worst way until I learned about David Boyer's stunt. A guy by the name of B. tipped me off to this and he was looking out when he gave me the heads up. I am now reworking the anthology and will be either taking the story out or getting the permission to run it under the original writer's name. Ferrel got a hold of me in private about the details there because it would be cool to have the story because it is a good story, just it wasn't David Boyer's to write. Nicholas Grabowsky inteviewed himself as a pen name, pulled out Nicholas Randers one more time for this and I must say he did a hell of a job with this kind of interview.
      I guess Timothy Leider will be picking on Boyer for now on because what I did is somewhat petty compared to what he did. I will be keeping his story in Issue 6 but I will not be selling them publically, I will be getting them privately and use his story as a PSA about the plagiarist invading Lake Fossil Press. Boyer you fucking tool, you want to be a publisher but you will never be one now because no one wants to work with a plagiarizer. There was a real shitstorm brewing on Shocklines and what Boyer did is just the same as Lewis Unknown did with my work and what "Dirk Strongjaw" pulled a few years earlier. I am going through the painstaking task of re-editing my namesake anthology and I am about 50 pages into it. A few stories are done but the task is editing the others.
      I wonder if everyone on is blogging about this plagiarizer too. Well Boyer you got your fame, now lets see how long it takes before you choke on it. I am personally going to choke out your writing career. After all the accusations of plagiarism on my work, the only thing I can say is this how can I plagiarize myself. I got called this throughout 2007 and some people were trying to get the publishers to drop Damnation Observes in future editions. I have to commend Bobe for not budging an inch here, but I am glad I didn't get Boyer in other publications because I would hate to see the shitstorm that he caused get carried over to other imprints.
      I normally wouldn't do guest blogs but if anyone wanting me to do a guest blog on your wordpress blogs about Boyer, I want to be the John Walsh that puts him behind bars. I am hoping the owner of the story gets a hold of America's Most Wanted with this asshole. I got a wealth of information from B on, he even gave me Boyer's home phone number. Want the kicker, he's 50 years old, older brother, and lives with his aging parents. I was even given all his Department of Corrections information. Now let's see if we can all send him back home behind bars.
      I got the heads up and started messenging the owner right away and took all the things with Boyer's plagiarized story down and the issue with his so called other submission down. I am pissed because the issue he did this in is the first time I unleashed Lloyd Phillip Campbell, my pen name that I really guised up my halmarks to make it sound like another writer from Will/DuPage County. I might have the owner of the original story as a guest blogger on An Author's Blog. This is where I wish the gossip bloggers will shut up about me for once and start going after the ones who really deserve it. I really don't need the unwanted publicity with Boyer, I am just wanting his blood for what he did and unlike other magazines and publishers, I actually will fight fire with fire. I am trying to set a trap for him to make the worm admit he stole the stories he submitted.
      This was part of the reason why I didn't want to take the job of writing term papers for other people in college because that was considered dirty money iif one is a writer. Plagiarism is a white collar crime, it's known as creative fraud. Very common among the fan fiction community according to Then again among the fan fiction community it's common for them to commit copright theft. Though I am active among the self-published circles I don't go for the copyleft movement. There are some things that aren't meant to be creative commons, and other writer's stories currently active is not creative commons or hide behind the thing known as fair use. This is one of those times I wish that Fandom Wank Wiki took their focus on me and target Boyer because this is something they're very known for and they often commit acts of plagiarism or copyright infringment.
      There are four words I want to say of Boyer and they are Son of a Bitch. I am waiting for Boyer to try to reveal his ugly head on a blog and trying to defend why he plagiarizes but I am going to be hammering on him like the faggot known as Raingods would try to hammer on me. Boyer really fucked up when he did what he did to my publishing company, especially when I struggle as it is to get sales of magazines out there and sales of books. House of Horror -- I sometimes wonder if they would end up keeping Boyer's story because it's funny that he actually invaded them too. Not with any story, but with the same fucking story that was in my anthology. Ferrel and I were talking about this on immediately after it happened. And damn Ferrel is out for blood with this piece of shit.
      One thing about this is I will bounce back stronger than before, I've had things happen like this in hte past especially with the National Geographic controversy -- someone actually helped me get out of that by pointing me to a public domain site that had some cool storm pictures. They really saved the publication from the hell that was caused by Shadowtron for pointing me to a picture that I had no idea it was copyrighted by National Geographic. I made light of this in Norwood's Discovery. What Boyer did was just as bad as what R.J. Sevin did in 2007 with my photographs, where R.J. would steal my 2002 photo shoot pictures that I used for for alleged covers of what would be An Eye In Shadows.
      Boyer featured this memoir on his website he had during that time but I really doubt he did his homework on me like Withersin did. The problem with some places doing their proper homework on me, it doesn't last. I wish I could have retained the FanHistory page about me because I would have used it for my blog. But when I speak of Boyer, I see him as one thing they saw him as all his life, and it's one word -- CRIMINAL. Boyer did when he sent me that plagiarism was raised his leg and pissed on my company. He also pissed on my friend Zorn's memory with doing what he pulled. So when I see people like him, it's going to be a premature burial of his career but then again according to the Horror Writers Association, his career is pretty much done before he even started.
      In 2004 I made it my personal war with writers who plagiarize. I've seen some from the other dark place violate my copyrights by posting my stories word for word on their forums, it shows how low some of them were and could easy hung out with Boyer comparing notes on the art of plagiarism. The fucked up thing about Boyer is this, at the time of writing An Eye In Shadows he didn't try to plagiarize me. But at the time I had no idea how far deep he got into plagiarism of other stories. From what I read of Grabowsky's blog and facebook link, Boyer plagiarized even Stephen King. I guess Boyer's career now will be pretty much doing blogs about why he stole from other writers, which is a crime that sometimes goes unchecked. It's up there with creating knockoff goods.
      It really irks me about how bad some of them would go to get their name out there by riding the coat tails of others and some would do it instantly by putting their byline on someone else's short story or novel. "AngryInIllinois" is actually doing plagiarism by putting Baupader's byline on two of my novellas that aren't even available, one done while other is a work in progress. So with that I am on a roll because Beero plagiarised too because he would write stories as my maternal grandmother then post them on a storefront called "LakeFossilPiss" which happens to be a direct insult at Lake Fossil Press. It's bad enough that I found a plagiarizer in the midst. Ferrel dropped me a note via saying he was very sorry that I got caught up in this too. B pointed this out to me and I acted quicker than a lot of people who are on I am angry because I had an ISBN on the anthology that this story appeared in. Boyer -- he's nothing but a piece of shit.
      I am trying to keep my composure with this, but when I did a google on Boyer my blood boils all the more because it makes me think where he sneaked his act in. He ran New Voices Of Horror, New Voices Of Fantasy, and some others and he's got a facebook for his new e-zine venture. Sams Dot Publishing acted quickly in cancelling his anthology because he ripped the artwork from a video game on Activision. I wonder if Boyer is familar about how his world is now a cigarette ash. It's up there with how one publisher's entire history of works being exclusively being fan fiction before getting a book published. I had a falling out with Ms. Slade, but she was not informed about my information about going after Boyer.
      She should had done some reading on him and as much reading I did on his information and the sources, I didn't realize B. did that much research on him so I am inviting B. to do a guest blog on my blog about his information and sources because I think his information is a wealth of it and could easy do a true crime book about it. So now The Web Of Horror will be no more, but I have a new admin position and won't give the details away because I don't want the trolls to go in there causing trouble. I don't want people like Boyer sneaking around the group, yeah I got a lot of dirt about him within the past 48 hours and I got blindsided with it.
      All my information about Boyer actually came 48 hours before just doing this blog and since this blog gets a lot of traffic from search engines I will use this blog here. Those of you who have blogs communities on want more information on Boyer, drop me an e-mail and I will share my information about him. It was a good thing I didn't do the press releases for the publications because it will be a huge clusterfuck now. I will say this, I will personally see to it his career is buried and forgotten. He will be an endnote in this industry, some were telling me not to put a replacement story in the place of this one but I found a public domain story that was actually out of the 1950s caled Hex because it's a science fiction/horror vein from a pen name out of Poland.
      Boyer's career is The Titianic sinking in half right now. Cox's career is sort of in the crosshairs of two of my cousins because of her Pacione Disease remark. I am inviting two of my cousins to do real person horror stories for the new version of Library Of Unknown Horrors and using Boyer's pen names as characters in the story. He aptly ripped my pen name for his Leo Wolfe pen name, I had this feeling it was familiar because my pen name in 1999 was Theo Wolfe. So I started to work on some more of these stories I am writing, but I am pissed off about this asshole sending plagiarism over plagiarism off as something he wrote. Something didn't ring correctly with Boyer back in 2007, it just seemed that he was doing things so rapidly. I am looking at the recent e-zine site and he's got two people working with him, someone tipped me off that he was writing as Leo Wolfe and another told me that it was a bad idea to submit a story to him.
      This was just before getting tipped off about him too. I thought it was a different person, but I was pointed out that Boyer uses about 10 pen names. I am curious if he actually published an anthology using all his pen names as contributors (as some jokers will say that I did but wouldn't do such a fucked up thing as that.) The whole thing with the loser named Beero, it seems like he'd get along fine with Boyer and the only way Boyer will be published is if Beero published him on his bogus website.

Friday, October 8, 2010

more progress

The Fandom Writer 2 reached the 9500 word range. I got a fight scene in there that's sort of like They Live but with females brawling it out. The story I am writing by last name only is 5,000 words. The question will be with these magazines out there is will they even look at a story that's nearly 10,000 words. The novella GAME OVER is about 32,500. When they get up in the higher word counts I have a hard time really get going and go to town on the stories. I am in the process of editing the real Ethereal Gazette at the same time of writing three different things at once.
     I even figured out the occupation of the asshole who made my life online a living hell for seven years. I think it would be funny if they found him beheaded in a car accident and then at the wake they urinate in his open casket. I did an entry on my blog in response of his "fucking joke" remark on his When I learned his occupation that explains a lot because he deals with a lot of customers, and he got this customers suck attitude. I didn't realize that I was dealing with someone who claims to have gotten a copy of my anthologies without paying for it, well that is equal to shoplifting.
     So with that I am thinking of doing a wikia for the entire blogosphere, including authors who use blogs for their websites and shit like that. I bet the LiveJournal set might want to do something like this. It might prove interesting to do my own wiki site, it will be separate from Writings From The Grave or An Author's Blog. I keep my wordpress blog as a separate blog from the blogspot, blurty and insandjournal accounts. The last of the named is still linked and active. The version of Writings From The Grave on actually went black so I had to move the site somewhere stable for it to grow as large as it was in 2000.
     I had this account on blogger almost as long as I've been with zanga in some form. With that and all trolls aside, I am really making some progress on The Fandom Writer 2 and still writing the other ones in the process. I am getting submissions here and there, but I got a novella submission. The whole thing with that one will cause controversy because I wanted the writer to not use the six letter n-word. I have no problem with people dropping the other f-word because I do drop it on my blogs. That is one thing I like about blogspot and wordpress, they don't censor anything but I wish they closed down The Crusty Rail or HorrorGal's blog because she supports piracy and stole a domain I was trying to get for my anthologies.
     So I will be working on to make it active. I have the Tabloid Purposes section done and got the magazine section don first. I just opened a wiki and calling it after my wiki the blogosphere. Basically seeing who'd be willing to put information about their blogs and published works on the same thing. A few years back I wrote a chilling article about the blogosphere, and it seems that many people got nervous about this article because I am putting the reader's on the spot because many of them don't have a fully functional website or have e-zines that are a complete eyesore in the layout.
     I will never submit to an e-zine that pays about $5 for stories. I actually take the ten dollar sale over a $5 one because I can use the money from the ten dollar sale, and pay for my post office box in Joliet for it. I am shopping around for some magazines that will take one of my stories outside of the genre, since that was something late author Gerald Grimmet enoouraged me to span out from just writing horror fiction. But if one looks at my blog or memoir looking to write horror from someone's life that would be a good start.
     As one wiki states, the more angrier I get the more inspired I get. The Fandom Writer 2, Jesus Freak, Bleed The Freak, The Fandom Writer, House Of Spiders, GAME OVER, and FUCKBEATER were born out of anger, but The Fandom Writer 2 and GAME OVER are relatives. I do have a character from The Fandom Writer getting published in a fictional magazine called IN THE DEPTHS, which was enrtirely something that will have a personally of it's own. As does the issues of the magazine, each one takes a personality all their own at times. Issue 12 is going to be a work ib progess because I am waiting for some visual submissions as in the artwork or photography.
     I got a cool submission for the magazine, and now I am trying to seek out a photographer to help me with my editorial photos. I can't reveal who will be on Issue 11, and I want to keep Issue 12 a bit of a suprise so that is why I am secretly seening out the artist for the covers (as I told a contributor I am trying to make this issue a conversation piece along with my book collection because %45 of the books are signed.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

added a new article

Well I just added a new article to my blog, and I wrote this about the time whe I was just about to get kicked off Dark Writers. I will go on record here that I didn't write anything sexually violent in the chatroom. I was getting bullied left and right by House of Horror (I am not going to give the bitch the pleasure of linking her site.) So I did this article, Bully: A Study. I do allow comments on the blog but under heavy moderation meaning I will not allow comments that come from a fake e-mail address or a fake name. I am addressing Jon Pack here too with this particular article because I talk about his kind, I've seen this before when I was running the Goth Community on I saw this in Matt Pathogen.

Friday, September 10, 2010

website updated

A Head's Up

Updated -- the reading room section has the update and the stories there have the full html treatement. I did the update on first then this blog is almost the last one that knows. Those of you who want to take a look around the website, the link it clickable from here or from the corners of the place. I am also working on the newer stories right now but seems like I am stuck, so Issue 11 will not have GAME OVER in it because it's turning into a short novel so I already have the alternate story for it done and ready to go. I am going to be publishing Issue 12 and 11 in reverse order.
     I have a few more contributors just joining the fray with this one and I am trying to decide on the typesetting for this to try to keep he cost down. I am playing with an idea to get the word out about the magazine and I am going to use my old manuscript trading days to do it. The stories that got the HTML treatement that rivals many of the blog e-zines out there are The Statue (2004) and Inquisition Revisited (2010.) These two stories can be read in the reading room section of the website.
     If you're looking for the old version of The Fandom Writer, that's over on because they have a high tolerance for content. I did some edits to both versions that are out there of the original Fandom Writer story. I am also doing some with the sequel as I speak. I am just trying to see where the hell I can take it. I am just waiting for the slash writers to get pissed off again with the version of this story appearing on my blog's subpages.
     So those of you who go around turning Harry Potter into a poofter, I guess you never read this short story -- it's targeted at the people who do things to copyrighted characters that shouldn't been done especially if the characters are actually a minor. Yeah I really want my sister reading that crap online because she's at the age now where she's finding stories online and reading them. She's reading the small press magazines and discovering the good stuff early. I am speaking up for every writer who doesn't need to use that crap to tell a good story either in horror, literary fiction, or science fiction. My magazine for the past years been a safe haven for the writers who doesn't write with sexual subject matter to get published. I guess that makes a lot of the erotica authors nervous because it's a taken as a direct threat to their world.
     So with my wish with these people who add my blog as a follow list, go and check my main website out and check the magazine out. Ignore what the tags say because I don't write with erotic content or publish erotic content for that matter.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Addressing James Fletcher

I am insulted by everything you said to me Fletcher, I didn't fuck your wife so kindly not look at me in the same light as I did. You got a lot of complaints about me -- how many complaints is that, really? Is it from the dirty mods you enlisted to run the place. You basically insulted your boss by suspending me, and I as in middle of getting the information to get those moderators taken down once and for all. But you will not listen to what I have to say, it is almost like I was the dirty admin when I had the admin powers. I wasn't the dirty admin, I was doing the thing better than you even began to do -- your job. I am making the statement on here that I want my admin job back and I will clean the site up of the dirty moderators who used their moderator powers to push me around. I suspended the ones that needed to be suspendeded and allowed the others to post as they please.
     Your admin style is too fucking passive for a place like what Watts had going, if you allowed Watts to let me do my thing in terms of admining the place it would have ran smoothly you pig fucking son of a bitch. Look, I don't know you you run things in before I came to the picture but you're letting the dirty mods run everything and that is something I don't like. The fact you fucking buddies with these dirty moderators. You let Jenny Torgensen to take a steaming shit on Lake Fossil Press like some fucking prick. Therefore disrespecting something that gave Watts a vehicle to get published for the first time and all my roster came in to his aid. What you did -- in my eyes about the criminal element is jack shit in my eyes, but you just let them do a shitty job and allowed them to cyberbully everyone and everyone connected to my imprint.
     What I am asking you to do is step down and let me have my powers back to do a good job with running a large community, I had plenty of experience in this field and ran a community of 2000 people all by myself for a good part of 2002 to 2008. So what I am saying is this, since I am not in the confines of the ning's rules here is are you going to be some brainwashed asshole and let every faggot step on you? Or you willing to give me a chance to do my job as a moderator -- I want all the moderator powers that you gave those assholes, as in I want to run things the way I know how. I would rather see them do a mass exodus than see them take a piss on the living room rug. I speak of Watts with the highest respect, but when I speak of you -- if I was talking to you to your face, I will be blowing cigar smoke in your face.
      I am addressing you uncensored here, but do you have the stones to respond? won't let me speak with a full range of vulgarity and I think you need to hear me out somewhere I can really say what I am going to say. This is the only entry where I am going to allow comments so you can say what you're going to say if you have the stones to say it -- if you're going to be an asshole about it, come on lets see if you can handle being deballed from a Guinea from the South Side of Chicago.

Progress on a new story

Welll I am working on a sequel to a story, not just any story but the one that they wanted my blood for writing. I am putting the link to The Fandom Writer for those who want to read this one. That story is by far me at the meanest and rewriting the story three times over, each rewrite became more notorious than the original version I wrote six years ago. I can say this much the real person fiction community is going to HHHATTEE me for doing this one. But who cares, I am writing it because I know it needs to be done. I will say this much about the sequel it's going to make me notorious, as notorious as GAME OVER is going to be when it gets done.
     I will say this much with The Fandom Writer 2 -- I am not holding anythining back when it comes to writing this one. I will say this much, I wish James Fletcher took his head out of his ass when he took my words to heart because he was listening to he the trolls too much. So I am giving Fletcher an open invitation to respond to this via e-mail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You're cleary not from Morass -- you homo

I just did a *69 on phone and pulled up this gem, yeah I am going to have some fun now with the loser. Next month I am going to join up with a site that tracks down who people are by their cell phone numbers. The fact that never took a loan out on Lake Fossil Press, and he decided to fuck with my publication on Lame Goat Press -- well that sparked me doing my third collection and will be published under my Lake Fossil Press label. I will say this much about the collection it's about 261 pages before the TOC, acknowlegements, and copyright page. The fact I had to fix my listing a few times in the last 5 hours -- the shitstain likes to change the title and information to a half-naked fat fuck with dog collar (one of those fucking cone collars they use to prevent dogs from scratching.)
      This subhuman's cell is 646-465-XXXX and I will be getting an account next month to find out who he really is. This AngryInIllinois can't produce a snail mail address in Illinois and he likes to fancy himself being from Morass. I have the domain's graphics loaded up and I got the GL page uploaded for the magazine. I guess my rules really piss him off. I guess he didn't like the fact that my novella When Angels Wept Blood was supposed to be publishd by LAME GOAT PRESS but it will be a Lake Fossil Press release instead. He's trying to take over my craft print Angry Guinea Books too well he can't have that and can't take that away from me.
      I keep thinking that damn song by Limp Shitdick when I think this joker -- yeah what is it, oh yes Counterfiet. I will continue as the Lake Fossil Press moniker despite what this asshole is attempting to do with it -- I've seen what his stunt with my unfinished novella. The shit he's doing is distracting me from getting back to work on this one. The fact the little poofter is going around distributing an unfinished version and did unauthorized rewrites of the novella then putting it out under another person's byline. I did a post on wordpress about this in a way with the little graphic he used with an alleged cover of GAME OVER trying to rewrite the novella where the character I torment in the thing gets the rival mag, whell that's not how it will go when it's done. The Zorn Hritz character is just a contributor to the magazine, In The Depths. In The Depths is based on three magazine all of them I've been published in and the editor in chief of the one magazine makes a cameo as one of the writers of In The Depths. The asshole is trying to change everything about the novella, I guess the novella really pisses him off because it's written with the denim and leather characters being the heros in the novella.
      Her character in the novella documents one of the most gruesome deaths in the thing. I actually do a vlad the impaler in the novella. That's what I want to do with AngryInIllinois -- I want to string him up on a spike ass first and let him sink into the spike then impales the faceless piece of shit. The loser did this fucking cover of When Angels Wept Blood of a half-naked man in a pair of skivies like he's about to get buttfucked sort of thing. This faceless clown is buttfucking my imprint. I am curious which former Tabloid Purposes contributor actually submitted to the loser. They know I didn't give up the imprint in fact they know it's my publishing moniker.
      Yeah I guess the loser likes to assume that I made this alleged "loan" and I want him to produce these so-called papers. Therefore his argument holds no water. The fact the contributors to this mock version of the imprint are all the trolls. The fact I made those rules for the GLS is so I can get some damn good submissions for the mag and I got them, and I will be doing Issue 11 and 12 just not they won't have the covers that he alleged to have -- the fact he's got a damn unicorn fetish. The fact my mag got vandalized at least 50 times within the last two days on so I saved the details on (remember that blog?) Whoever this fuck is, he needs to get into a car accident and then find his body nice and crispy -- yes that is a referrence from GAME OVER from one of the deaths.
      The fact one of this assholes goons got me dropped from an e-zine and then the twat is putting out a fake version of Witch's Party with a quote from a forged note from author on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. Yeah this fucking homo isn't from Morass. I think I might be up for having a nice long chat with his cell carrier because he's using the services for prank calls. I didn't post the fucker's full phone number on here because I don't want to lose the blog on here. Yeah I am pissed that he's trying to turn my publishing moniker into a brokeback publisher, over my dead body that will happen. So with that I will rejoice that the fucker will get himself beheaded, call me a little evil for this one but what he's doing is an abomination in the eyes of God. So with that -- the little homo doesn't own the imprint, and I am applying for a sole propietorship well that is the kind of business I have with it right now.
This is NOT the artwork for the magazine.  I should have that within the next few weeks.

Coward Sperm addi[]

I email you to tell you that I won't post your family's number on the net or give it to trolls, and you pay that back by posting my fucking cell number on a page and ask people to prank it?!

The fucking subhuman is making a mockery of my imprint with his fucking covers so I thought I would have a little payback. I am going to have a nice conversation with Cingular. He's got two phone numbers listed in two places -- one in Seattle and the other in New York so I am guessing he's a fucking con artist in that sense of the word. He's trying to get my roster siding with him but a lot of them see right through what the homo is doing. One thing he doesn't know about me when my things are fucked with, I will play dirty and will blackmail when needed. I got the white trash troll swearing and he's "publishing" trolls with the faux publications planned by the real Lake Fossil Press under it's siblings.
     I will publish as Angry Guinea Books too and Broken Mindframe Books (the other doesn't have an official domain yet. I am working on the imprint's domain and currently getting all the graphics made for it.) Since this faceless piece of shit is playing games with my imprint and magazine with his fetish about getting fucked by a unicorn. He's got a Cell based in New York then he gets this which is based in Seattle (206) 203 - XXXX -- I did a trace on this number too and it's unpublished in Seattle. I am going to be applying for a sole propietorship. I guess I am going to be in for a fight for my imprints, and I guess I pissed him off by throwing up his cell on the listing for the magazine that I had to edit back a few times after it being vandalized with that fucking fat man with a dog color. By the way, there is nothing Gothic about unicorns -- I guess he likes to jackoff a horse.
     I will get disgusting when make fun of someone and the prick lacks originality with the "covers" because I think he stole them from somewhere along with the rest of them. At least the covers for the real magazine are original. The author photo for the real GAME OVER will be done in a diner to go with the novella. The fake cover -- the asshole has a fascination with the cock. I guess that's why I think he's got a fetish for unicorns. The fucker claims I went back to being a nobody well I am not a nobody and will continue to publish as Lake Fossil Press. If he sends me a cease and desist I will line the birdcage with it, like I did with Bennet's cease and desist. I will openly diss a court order when he's involved. I really doubt he's got the actual flesh and bloods of the fake version of Issue 11. This is history repeating himself. They attempted to pull this shit on another site forcing me to have the guidelines for IV rushed. That was my only thing with the fourth Tabloid Purposes -- the submission guidelines were rushed while Tabloid Purposes 3 I took my time with them. I plan to continue the Tabloid Purposes anthologies with twin books and no it won't be those infernal parodies that some twat without a face wrote.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Domains! All Mine!

I registered with (guys I am coming home. Some asshole created and with a fucking My Little Pony header -- then making fun of Tabloid Purposes and The Ethereal Gazette. Fucking homos. What the hell is wrong with people? That was not fucking cool at all, that's about as a bad as getting a domain in my name and smearing me with it. I guess I am going to host Lake Fossil Press from the host for Writings From The Grave's host instead. The pigrapers got the magazine spelled wrong, they're using the Encyclopeda Craptica's spelling.) I previously worked with when they were a free host and it cost me $240.00 plus $10.00 a month for the place. The cool thing is that I won't be working with or some other blog service with this domain along with my personal website domain Right now the other domain is being in a waiting period to be created because the server noticed my registration town is different from the IP server. I connect from Joliet for the internet, but if I remember right with the host they have what they call default.html instead of an index.html page so I have to remember that when I design the website's index page. Then I will have pages for Tabloid Purposes history and the history of The Ethereal Gazette then GLS for other anthologies I plan to do as Lake Fossil Press or Broken Mindframe Books (no I don't have a domain for this imprint.)
      I noticed how Jane Beresford (The Rusty Nail) took the domain for my name so I can't get that in any form along with the loser Brian Knight, I remember that Brian Knight was bribing me to get the domain pointed to my websites. So right now I am debating how the hell I am going to get Writings From The Grave domain ready. I paid for 5 years on the domain but next month I am going to pay for another five more years. I was looking at other sites to see who they went with. I noticed Jet went with with his site. I registered using I will be getting a post office box in downtown Joliet for correspodence. I just wish that other authors don't go using lame layouts on or some other site where it makes it lazy for them to do the html codings and shit like that.
      Yeah it's going to happen. I will have domains for my accounts and the one host I am entited to two domains with it and 500 of space. My host I use for Writings From The Grave I can have up to 15 websites on the sucker, I am watching what I say with some stories and watching the violent content from not going too far overboard because I don't want to lose this host. I lost because of a part of the early incarnation of the reading room that said "Fuck Poppy Z. Brite." I am just waiting out three more days before I can get back on one website now, but when I get back on that site I should have the domains battle ready by then. hell that will be a lot of work to get the subpages together, but it will be all worth it. I am employing some of the methods I used with Tripod back in 1997 when I designed the site but some of you who followed me around for the last 13 years noticed that the site went through a lot of changes. I am talking with Scott to see if I can borrow his website's skeleton for parts of my website. One thing I want to add on the domain incarnation of my website is a public domain horror movie room. I am trying to remember my password for NickolausPacione on so when I get broadband and speakers, I will make it more interactive again. That was an addition I did in 2007, but one thing I want to do with Lake Fossil Press On are live book trailers. Something I toyed with the idea of with House of Spiders 3 of doing a trailer that was a tribute in part to Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train video. As in having me stand in middle of a railroad track in Glendale Heights, Illinois. This is sort of what I wanted to do with the trailer for Tabloid Purposes IV's Passener.
      I am planning to use a new PDF site for Misguidance. The only thing that sucks is I don't have the artwork for this one. I've seen an few authors use this site for their stories, but the text sucks on the Den if you're posting them as PDFs in the body of the text. I think like an old school HTML techie at times, and some people might not understand under the long haired heavy metal caveman appearence that I am actually a computer geek.
      By September I should have Lake Fossil Press registered with Will County so it will be recognized in Illinois as a legit operation. I want to get it funded by a few grants. I am working on the paperwork to get these grants because there are places the offer free money to write a novel and things like that. I just wish I actually knew about these programs. If I knew about them at the apartment, I wouldn't have to worry about the comcast bill because I would have the money to pay it on time -- I am also using for things relating to the work I am doing as a writer. I noticed that there are a few tools doing malicous reviews of older stories just because they hated the terrorist insult. Well if they go around putting their byline on my work, they deserve to be called that. So with that Lake Fossil Press isn't under new ownership, they're just a bunch of pranksters who hang out at My Little Pony conventions fapping away at the middle aged soccer moms who collect them. I guess these jokers like to girl up the imprint, well I am going to give it's Outer Limits inspired skin and attitude with
      My site host has a feature where I can take payments via and fun shit like that. So I am just figuring out how to get the default pages ready for the domains and shit, I want to keep the sub domains for the sites too and plan to continue to use them. I got the headers for the domain ready to go. I am just writing the content for the subpages out on Altantis Ocean Mind, and thinking about going with Niceboards for Lake Fossil Press' message board -- but the thing that makes Lake Fossil Press what it is would be the creative use of profanity.
      I hope my buddy Scott doesn't mind that I borrow his bricks background for The only thing that I don't know how to do again is set up the pop mail server that the host provides. I have to remember to watch some of my language on the website because they have a policy of no hate propaganda and a no libel policy. So I use more than one host for stories because some places have a higher tolerance for the hard profanity. I really miss one host greatly because they allowed adult websites, that was fucking perfect for my website because of the hard profanity and vulgar insults. I am guessing the fuckers who took the info and net, I guess they have an unhealthy fascination and fetish with Hasbro (does Hasbro know they are violating their tradmarks?)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Am Not A Pawn...

Well someone on the e-zine made the accusation that I was creating more than one handle to harass them, but it seems they are always going to be in that forever looming shadow of the e-zine they tried to escape. It's clear that they used me to piss off the one magazine, I don't really need their help to piss off a zine like that. Stephen N. Marshall hates me as it is because he knows he will not be The Ethereal Gazette (I think his magazine is a rip off of The Ethereal Gazette. The staff fell for the bait that the AngryInIllinois brigade started, and what he's doing isn't running my publishing company -- he's making a mockery of it. It's clear they are plagiarizing a novella and leaked the fucking thing before it's even finished. The "rewrites" are unauthorized.)
      The story that the jokers leaked by doing google cache on it. Well I decided to make it avialable on me, but if there is anyone who can give me a good heads up on a print magazine that takes a reprint and no don't go referring the fake domain of Ethereal Gazette. I guess WriterFace didn't like my 9/11/2001 terrorist insult to the naysayers who were trying to say "Avoid Lake Fossil Press and Nickolaus Pacione." The faceless prick made it clear he was trying to say that the trolls are going to be in charge of the magazine, well I am putting this on record about that so called loan -- it never existed.
       I really pissed off Willard by calling him an Al Quida terrorist, well Brian Keene actually called me that on one of his blog entries (then pointing to my video telling off the yellow journalists. I noticed one of the fake fans of the imprint went around harassing would be contributors to the real magazine using Encyclopedia Dramatica as a source of "truth" about me. They are trying to pass Lloyd Phillip Campbell as a queer when he's not.) I am sending this message to the staff of that fledgeling magazine that I am not some chess piece they can use as they please. Yeah banned me for two weeks for bringing the cesspool's postings to the website to throw what the trolls were saying back in their face because Baupdeth violated my copyrights when he posted what he posted about what I wrote of my company. Yes, it's still mine.
      "The Don't Publish Pacione" conspiracy started with a media black out post on a now dead website, I guess the domain didn't like what Dan Fox and his slut were doing to the name of authors in the small press they didn't like. Yeah it seems like the small press community has a huge left leanings to them. It makes me sick they voted for a damn socialist. I came to the conclusion that Obama is approaching the BP suitation all wrong. Well with that being said, I am going to post the this story as it is hosted on my website and on which is linked from there as a black and white text edition. I am using the 1.5 spacing format and span tags for this one.
      Some might be really offended by the feminist rally joke in the story. This isn't a horror story persay compared to what I usually do but this is something for those who are regulars of the blog wanting a true story to read that isn't exactly a throwaway, but forced me to put it out myself because of the leak.

Witch's Party

Friday, June 25, 2010

Seems like when I get a story accepted....

I shall take this back from you trolls.I get the jokers popping up left and right, then someone starting a fight with me on another website with their fucking "Avoid Lake Fossil Press...." thread. Just the past few days I had people coming up with my old pictures as their profile picture, and I stole some of these pictures back. I did a post on my wordpress blog about some of these trolls hijacking my threads posting about hats and shit like that. Then I got this one asshole saying he's in charge of Lake Fossil Press when I never sold the company or did anything of the like. I made this particular post on relating to the details of the so called new "ownership" being the fact I haven't done the artwork for the magazine's cover yet or the cover of DYERS EVE.
     I noticed that there was an emergence of trolls coming on to the website I am active with and coming on with some of my old pictures -- and these pictures weren't online anywhere, but they were of me playing pool. These pictures emerged as did so called reviews of stories that aren't available online and things like that. I will not let anyone make a fool out of me by posting bogus covers for the magazine or bogus covers of the anthology -- I've seen Encyclopedia Dramatica do this with Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and with Ethereal Gazette: Issue Seven. It seems like when I am very close to getting a story accepted somewhere they would go offering "review" copies of stories that aren't even done yet.
     Especially when one of those assholes been spamming ALL my inboxes with one message. I posted this one on the wall of shame on Between writing the novella and doing promo for the magazine acceptence I've been trying to do troll control on each of the sites I am active with. I noticed that one of the trolls have a bogus cover of the magazine with a fucking unicorn on the damn thing, is he trying to turn my magazine and publishing venture into something cutesy? It seems like when I try to get my magazine together or the anthology, some asshole would announce its "full" when I am not even done with the project.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing progress and more....

Guess who made their appearence on the site I called home five years before all this shit decided to make it's way on the site all over again. Yes the asshole who invoked the harassment of my grandmother and posted the address on a new site.
     Thankfully the admins are zero tolerance about posting physical information on members on the website. Some of his friends weren't exactly happy about this so they posted doctored pictures of me portrayed as some Anti-American sect that burnt American Flags and shit like that and I am going to be posting a comment by some emo bitch about my photography too with a link to her site so the bitch can comment on the post via my e-mail I noticed that some people have NO RESPECT for privacy or for creative properties so I made the destruction of her artwork comment.
     Yes even my psycho-bitch (bubble butt) of an ex-fiancee shows up on this one -- yeah I still stand by what I say about her mother kicking the bucket a few years back on my old blog on That one was the one I got in backlash to the shallow fucks on The cunt that said the one content said she would rather have a LiveJournal than a real website. That's an insult to all the old school web designer types who write with HTML as the coding for their websites.
     The fact she said this about my novella too that shows how Nazi-like she is--it makes me sick when they do that along with harassing my family via snail mail.
     (I got some asshole from Turkey calling me Comrade like I am from the Soviet Union -- hey asshole this isn't The U.S.S.R. The U.S.S.R. is dead and rotting in hell.) Put it like this she's been living a miserable existance in Iowa while I've been busy getting the contributors for an upcoming anthology planned by Lake Fossil Press. I am not linking the jokers who did the fake ass website trying to make the site all faggoty and girly. I am an equal oppertunity asshole -- if I am going to mess with them, they don't have a gender they can be an IT as far as I care.

"Irene Baker"

That's great he came in here pretending to be a professional photographer only to have Dominae utterly shatter any hope he had of that.

Now of course he's going to show us all by going back to writing his fire fodder I mean kindling I mean novella. Burn baby burn!


It doesn't matter how long you've claimed to be a "photographer" for...Your "work" is actually just snapshots. You're WORSE than those emo kids.

Actually...Some people (unlike you) are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions about their things. Here, let me dissect your "photography".

Your images aren't colour balanced, your ISO is wrong for every single image...If you are using a higher end SLR camera you're probably using auto settings.

By the looks of it you're probably using an 18-30mm lense and seem to have virtually no interest in working with depth of field. You're clearly not using a tripod, and if you were then MAYBE your images would look less like snapshots. Maybe.

You're using low resolution, you haven't adjusted the camera to adapt for your lighting condition, hence the yellow glow which is created by indoor lighting when the camera isn't set to adapt for it.

That's not all of them either this time around, while working on this novella I got a few harassing e-mails saying they will leak the fucking thing when it gets done or try to find ways to pirate the fucker the moment it gets finished -- I am saving that one for the magazine when it gets done. The fucker impersonating me -- we don't say represent out here, we say based or hails from. Here's from the one I call Fakeione.
     First off, I will never get an e-mail address where it says This tool really wants to make an asshole of himself. but one thing that came out of the message boards -- got in touch with an old friend from the mid-period when my website got the most traffic. It seems that "angryinillinois" *knows* how my novella will end (yeah right pal, telling me to retire. Ain't happening)-- I don't even know how that one will end. I got the ones who think I am evil because of my views too on the world -- hell even my own family think my views are fucked up, but they respect me because I am driven by them. This isn't the first time I've been impersonated on a blog, some actually tried to do this stunt on and some cunt created a fake contest just to see if they can sneak into Tabloid Purposes 2 -- one of my friends stopped that dead in the tracks and I am in debt to him for doing so.

Fakeione []

What do you have against Illinois you fucking prick. Going after me because I represent the 815 -- that's the act of a cunt right there.

This little joker thinks I am dissing my home state of Illinois. I've represented Illinois ever since Writings From The Grave started and going into it's thirteenth anniversary, I am still hailing from Illinois. This time part of the 815 Nation. The fact some of these assholes are trying to hijack threads on different forums like they're saying this isn't America but a social networking website -- I will use those words against them. The fact I haven't skipped a beat with this novella but I have these assholes who are finding the pirated book like it was the published book. It pisses me off when they support e-piracy then play dumb when they are approaced about it. The fact this fake is trying to take my real insults and trying to become me with them, keep dreaming pal.
     The thing that makes me sick with these people giving me shit, they call themselves artists -- when I made the statement about setting their work on fire, they have a similar response to when people set my work on fire or when they doctor pictures portraying me as a flag burner. I already know who did that one and she's known as DatAss, fucking commies get a life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wall of shame: Paul Taylor

I like how you pay to have the Premium account on a website where no one likes you and everyone thinks you're a stalker. They and the rest of the world can see you're pretending to be an author and writer, so why can't you?
This one needs no introduction but I will say this much, he's one of the faceless assholes popping up praising the whole book burning thing. I am posting this here for everyone to read. I guess this doesn't fall into the cyber-nazi catagory but he was one of the assholes making trouble for me and Lake Fossil Press when he linked the fake tabloid purposes domain.
     The moment he pulled that link out and pulled the fact that he hates my company out of the woodwork he gained some instant favor with some writer forums. He has that illusion that he could make himself instantly popular in an heartbeat trying to make me hated on there like some forums hate me. Yeah that is his perfect world -- where everyone is throwing my books on a pyre and lighting them.
     I would love to have five minutes alone with this son of a bitch -- no dojo training with this one but just a good old fashion south side beat down. Saying I am pretending to be a writer -- that is an insult to writers who ran my work. One thing I will say to this asshole, welcome to the wall of shame..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Epic Wall Of Shame Postings

This wall of shame posting is actually a list of forum postings blasting on me in an open way ever since this pig raper decided to make his presence felt -- the fact he was only there for a few days and he got me forced out of two venues that were relatively dead to begin with. What pissed me off is he got the moderator of the one forum convinced that I am some kind of fucking stalker Now I got a fucking naysayer in the state now -- yeah keep dreaming pal, calling me the bigot when I am Conservative. You go around praising the book burning videos like a fucking asshole. I want five minutes alone with you and my dojo is the street. There was one asshole who tried using one of my promotional photos to get people thinking he was me -- I noticed by the doctored fake pictures that he was an impersonator. One of my mates noticed this as soon as I saw the comment he said about my novella on his profile.
       I quickly messaged him and told him, "That isn't me." I noticed I am that author that bridges the gap between Goths and Conservatives, and I've been known the reach across the board for a few years now. I've been reaching across the board in that sense since 2002 but I've been around for 13 years. The fucking fascist Slade Kraven (fucking fudgepacker) goes around with a bug up his ass about people who are mentally disabled because of psychological problems. So with this I give you the first of The Hall of Shame entries. The fucker calls me a freedom hater because I go at it with people who celebrate book buring. I've been an American flag waver for a few years now -- but I started doing it so openly in recent years. The fact I almost got a deal with Right Wing Clothing as their spokeswriter. This asshole calls me a damn "stalker" when the trolls been doing more stalking than I have ever been accused of.
      I fucking hate social networking snobs as much as I hate when people call their LiveJournal their official website. I am actually using what these assholes said on the site as referrences to what they've been doing the things they accuse me of. I would rather be a Conservative than a fascist pig that goes around wiping their ass with Old Glory. This is America -- like it or get the fuck out. Since PTaylor started a fight with posting the fake Tabloid Purposes links and trying to accuse me of being a racist when one of my best friends is African American and contributors are Jewish. If they want to throw around their Xenophobic rhetoric, I will throw my Conservative views in their face. Where they say liberalism is the world norm -- I say it's time for the Conservative invasion to begin. I am ready to do a Conservative invasion of that website -- I got one prominate Conservative on Facebook commenting on PTaylor and damn what she said was fucking hilarious. I would rather be a Hard as Nails Outspoken Conservative than a fucked in the ass bleeding heart. These people I deal with must use Old Glory for toilet paper.

Simon Miller []
Subject: WrittenInBlood
Nickolaus Pacione []



"Hello me, meet the real me" -- Megadeth, Sweating Bullets.
      This wall of shame entry came about the time when that fake LakeFoss1l got kicked off the website and I got a screen cap of that. This is one of those I had to throw up because this bastard can't even get my swearing cadence right. So I am going to throw up the e-mail of this pig raper -- and yes I really wanted to throw up when I saw this one. The fact this imposter claims that I do the stolen credit card thing -- not my style, but blackmail isn't something that runs past me because my buddies and I blackmail each other all the time. I will call this asshole "Fakione." Welcome to the hall of shame loser. This one is one of those I will make fun of even further and love to see this asshole come and leave an e-mail address with this post. The pigfucker tried to smear me as a promoter too trying to say I booked "emo" and "crappy pop" instead of heavy metal.
      The shitty hot topic black metaller types were giving me shit on the forum too when this particular one had no heavy metal in her player. Saying that she's got an elitist attitude too about it and I will be posting her little thing on the hall of shame on here -- she earned her hall of shame spot with her little "hick" remark.

From: Fakione []
{Since when the fuck am I a fucking hairdresser?}

What the fuck is your problem you cocksucker? Having my LAKEFOSS1L account banned from Vampire Freaks -- trying to make people think I'm straight and a conservative (ahem, I am straight and Conservative.) I guess you go around using stolen credit cards too pretending to be other people to rob their credit too.

This would be the PTaylor's Nazi type remark. This is the thing that got the new ally making fun of him. It's comments like this one that I want five minutes alone with the asshole. Five minutes alone means you want to kick the crap out of them. I want to kick him in the head for that remark because that is like kicking someone when they're down. Here I am busy with my novella, and some of them are claiming they already know the ending too -- I am guessing PTaylor goes into movie theaters with a video camera.
       Since Shawna blocked me on after PTaylor appeared -- after she gave me her phone number and wanted to talk with me offline. It shows that some people are really double-minded. I am very sarcastic and I will combine that with a Conservative world view -- when they see that combination they tend to hate it and throw the word BIGOT because that is their way of being a COWARD. So I hope you enjoy this verbal kick in the balls cocksucker. She went from wanting to write for EG to going around contributing to his fucking Communist rhetoric.

Slade, those videos rock. Nice to know that Pacione's incompetence is known outside this community.

Paul is that what you call yourself, I have my e-mail linked you want to do a rebuttal to this epic wall of shame post for your little celebration of my books getting burned you fucking Nazi cocksucker. I could write more about this but I am going back to writing the novella, I guess the asshole Lewis Unknown decided to steal Spectral Exile now and the faggot got celebrated for it -- hey fucker, I have a little present for you and it's a lead pipe to your head. Nothing meaner than an Italian when they have their family fucked with -- the fact this loser stole my ideas and concepts yet again and tries to mislead someone of the real stories. Lewis -- you're nothing but a loser, you fat bloated pig.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Retire? Fuck off pal

You liar you didn't put me on there. I didn't think you would I know you fear me.

Well, thanks for the laughs. Time for you to retire from writing.

This entry came via the comment area. Welcoke to the hall of shame poser! Have fun at the mall, and say hello to your friends at Emo Topic. Since the sad twat liked to gang up on me on some forums -- I decide to make a fool out of her on my territory.

My my my, What a temper tantrum we're having!

You of course...realize he's trying to wind you up right? Oh would require some level of cognitive thought.

I was forgetting about your "disability". I do apologize, how terribly rude of me.
Me retire? FUCK OFF and the horse you rode in on. Yeah I am working on the novella and the fucking asshole is threatening to toss the thing on a Twilight fan site -- the fucker claims to have given the ending away on the novella but the truth is I don't even know how I want to end this one -- the character that is getting tormented isn't the main character. The faggot went and did "reviews" of other stories I don't have online but claims to have gotten copies of. I am guessing that Paul Taylor is another alias for this prick. Angry In Illinois actually set fire to my books on youtube four years ago. So I am guessing the fucker bugged someone for a copy of the incomplete novella, he thinks I am a scared of him. Sorry pal -- I am just waiting to have five minutes alone with you because you threatened my parents who had nothing to do with this fight. I am in the process of doing a counter post to what PTaylor did on a social networking site. In other words if you're going ot accuse me of being a stalker yet you're the one doing the stalking.
      I had a case of mistaken identity of who Devils Childe was, the fake I found out that his pen name is October Lawrence aka Dagstine (correction, it turns out to be a different person posing as the one I knew from way back. To the real Devil's Childe -- sorry man, I was thrown off because the first time I saw the handle on taunting me about having my account suspended for a week. The real Devils Childe first came online in 1996 -- almost a year before I came online.) I also figured out how pathetic that HorrorGal is -- she's a fourty something who never got fame for her "work." Her real "fame" came from plagiarizing my characters as thinly veiled attempts at "parody." I am doing a post for my other blog too right now as I am working on the novella -- the faceless dipshit threatened to throw the thing up on a Twilight Fan Fiction Community on I think he needs to take his shit covered paws off my novella. I've put a lot of energy into that work and I am not going to let some faceless cocksucker ruin that for me.
      So you really want to fuck with a man on the edge? I am addressing the coward who calls himself Angry In Illinois. He was angry when I did my articles on associated content because I called him on his shit. I see him starting up again on a new e-mail box, it makes me sick when someone like that pulls all the shit the faceless bastard likes doing just ot see if he can break me. That's not happening anytime soon jagoff. I waited for the right e-mail to use of this cocksucker before doing a wall of shame posting -- the novella I am working on for the magazine is near 26,000 words. I put a lot of creative forces into this one and I am not about to let this one go for free. I am not about to let some faceless rat bastard do this to my pet project.
      The retire word came from Tess Tillman too and seems like this alias is this cocksucker's alter ego in terms of pirating books and posting stories without one's permission. Hey asshole, you never got permission to do anything with that novella. I am not afraid of you. Consider this picture an act of defiance. This angry in illinois jagoff is a fucking joke. I saw his little "review" on -- he got the villian wrong in the story. That faceless asshole is up there with the plastic fake, yeah go around messing with thrash metalheads -- one thing we thrive on and that's making fun of posers. I call her a plariarist groupie because she enjoys the plagiarized shit more than the original content. I have a screen cap of the true age of the one called HorrorGal, I am going to really show the world how pathetic the sorry excuse of a human being is.
      Yes I am pissed. The bastards on the cult are using reverse bigotry. I am doing this where I can handle them, and that's not when they gang up on people like jackals. When they do shit like that -- I have two words for them and they are fuck you. I am willing to bet the poser who said that message above reads this and realizes she's going down the same path as HorrorGal and that's the road to nowhere leading to tough shit street. This is the path that Slade Draven chose when the sack of shit decided to flood my inbox with fag listings.

Monday, March 29, 2010

someone really got on my shitlist here...

Tess Tillman []

Oh and to answer your question, it's because you posted my name and email on your website without my permission.

When someone brags about getting my titles as E-books as in they're pirated -- it's my personal war against it because I see exactly what Metallica saw when they've seen their material being passed around on Napster. I got some everlasting cocksucker going around saying the I.O.W.A. story he wrote is my title -- and this is bullshit because I never released I.O.W.A. as a free read because of its size. I am careful who I show the new novella too. I am guessing she got the pirated copy from an asshole known as R. because the faggot rushed me in getting the memoir done -- I later found out the faggot passed around the e-book like a sexually transmitted disease. I am guessing these assholes on the forums who say "Avoid Me like the plague" knows nothing about the nazi-like book burnings or the people pirating my book like it belongs to them.
       For those liars saying AVARICE is a short story, it's not even online. It's a novel not a short story, and I am still working on this title. Seems like they go around every social networking website and chase me around everywhere. It shows that they're fucking assholes going around pirating every title I have out there and threatening to burn every book I got published in the recent years. I see that Tess is trying to say that she respects the fact someone wrote a book -- then celebrates the fact that people have the book without paying a dime for it. In turn she's stealing.
       I have no respect for anyone who steals from the mentally ill, the very fact that she brags that hundreds of people have the book without paying a dime for it -- how do you think I am supposed to feel when she said that. I am not happy about that, in fact, I am pissed. This is another set of e-mails from the book pirating CUNT.

Tess Tillman []

I'll make you a deal: You remove me from your Wall Of Shame and in return, I will delete the pdfs I have of all of your books. Deal? Oh, I printed out a copy of Eye In Shadows to show my friends at school so that will have to be destroyed too. If I throw it in the garbage someone will see it and pull it out! So that one sadly will have to be burned. Nothing of value will be lost, it's only that book.

So, do we have a deal Mr. Pacione?

My response to that kind of post. FUCK YOU! I have no respect for anyone who seeks a pirated copy of a book because it's stealing from the table of the writer who wrote it. That could be someone's electric bill or internet bill for that matter. Welcome to the wall of shame for even thinking of offering pirated copies of a memoir out there; you stole money from me with that little remark about bragging about owning a pirated book. I am willing to take a guess that you walk into movie theaters with a video camera or offered pirated copies of movies that aren't even theaters yet. I am willing to take all of this to the press explaining how this cunt brags about pirating books from a mentally ill man along with the fucks behind
      This is the reason why I stopped offering e-books in 2005. Some asshole bought the e-book and bit torrented the fucking thing. If you go around asking me for an e-book of my titles, go to hell and pay for the flesh and blood copies. If you want to support the small press, purchase the paperback. If you want to support the band, buy the CD. I got some fucking dyke going around saying she's e-mailing the memoir to everyone she knows because I refuse to take her off the wall of shame. Shit like she's doing to the book is contributing to her being a long time resident of the wall of shame. I support the writer by buying the paperback book or the hardcover. I won't pirate the e-book if I hate them.
      The fucking cunt is trying to tell me to get another career -- go fuck yourself lady. I am willing to guess your life sucks as it is because you go around pirating a book written by someone with a mental illness and buy into the shit called "The Gay Troll In The Basement." Fuck off and die lady. Going around violating someone's creative properties and bragging that you got the memoir on your hard drive and threatening to print it out to everyone you know instead of having them buy the expanded versions of a book. If you hate my guts, fine you're entitled to that, but if you pirate a man's book you're white trash.
      When some cunt named HorrorGal bought the e-book of the anthology I appear in -- she's going around offering pirated copies of the book too. It shows how low some people will go -- I am willing to bet that Skullvines Press supports electronic piracy too. The bitch is claiming I read Twilight or listen to My Chemical Romance -- whatever lady. Everyone knows I like thrash and doom metal, the only thing I got from a Hot Topic was an Iced Earth shirt for the album Horror Show. I don't read Twilight -- I don't even have those books in my collection. It's a stated fact I own I AM LEGEND as a book and two versions of the film (one from 1963 and the other being the 2007 version. I freak people out when I have the book and point out the book is set the year I was born.)
      The bitch is saying that I need to get a different career as in working in fast food. That kind of post -- she earned her way on the wall of shame. Fucks like this try to break my focus writing my novella. She's going around looking for my fiction online so she can leave malicious reviews of it like the story she did via e-mail. She's not going to find the opus stories online -- I won't let that happen. I am willing to guess if the bitch works in a fast food eatery like the character from The Fandom Writer. She's up there with the faggot named WilliamDoItTheSecond with posting all the lies about me on a website and passing them off as truth -- trying to pass me off a faggot, that shows how heterophobic they are.

Tess Tillman []

Seriously, take my advice and give up on being a writer. You've been writing for how long? Two decades? You're still not good and still haven't earned any real money or readership? How long are you going to be poor and fail before you realize it's futile, and quit? I didn't say retire I said quit trying.

Don't you dare put me on there again. I'm contacting blogspot to have you removed. My cousin is on the force so unless you want Detective Rodney Shaft sicking the law on your ass I highly suggest you take my name down right now.

That little e-mail -- FUCK YOU. I am going to be a writer until the day I die. I am willing to say the bitch never wrote a short story in her life. Her little comment saying I need to quit -- pisses me off to the core. There is a special place in hell for these kind of people, who go around telling someone to give up and brag about owning a pirated book. She's pissed now about being on the wall of shame. Trying to sic johnny law on me and saying her cousin is a law enforcement officer. I've had people try to sic their lawyers on me because of a few interviews I did a while back. I am posting the e-mails from my faithful heckler.
      Ever since I added this feature to my blog, it seems like the hecklers go out of their way to take a piss on my tastes in music saying I some damn poser in the metal scene, yeah right bitch -- fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I don't dress like Lestat at all -- everything I have is black denim and hooded black sweatshirts that are pull over. One of the people who worked at Sears in Chicago knew me from Writings From The Grave and she helped me keep a hard edged look and I refuse to wear fucking make up of any kind. I guess when they realize they make their way to the hall of shame, they get even more pissed off by the day and try to flag me for having hateful content. This blog is driven by freedom of speech. This bitch comparing my work to Twilight, that's an insult to me and to everyone who writes the harder style of Gothic Horror.
      There is a special place in hell for people like her. She's trying to get me to write about the stabbing -- I already have that floating around somewhere. In fact it's part of the story on called Inquisition Revisited. I am sure the faggots of Stupid Free will have fun with this particular bitch. She's even threatening me via e-mail and these treats are hilarious. This cunt is claiming I listen to glam metal and emo when most of my collection is thrash/speed metal, doom metal, death doom metal, death metal, Industrial Metal and hardcore metal. I am guessing this lady is one of those mall goths that says hi to her friends at emo topic. She likes to lie about so much she believes herself, and saying I need to get out of the business of being an author or publisher. I am willing to guess her only place on the web is a fucking or some variant.
      She e-mailed me with the PDF of An Eye In Shadows and I will say she still supports piracy of any kind of media medium. With the little attempt to send the book to 43 people, she earned her way on the wall of shame. Taking the story LOSS OF BLOOD and putting it in the pirated versions of An Eye In Shadows -- classy lady, really classy, now go fuck yourself while I go back to writing my novella. People like this cunt make me sick along with the asshole calling himself Vinne Beats saying my Chicago access is revoked -- they can bite me. These kind of people think they know me, but they don't know a damn thing about me. With that being said -- I am going back to hammering away on my novella

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Wall Of Shame Entries --- book burning groupie and a person who got pirated copies of the memoir

There are two entries to the wall of shame, the first one is from the person who took a crap on Inquistion Revisited. The person was angry because I tossed her e-mail up on the Wall of Shame, now she's bragging about owning a pirated copy of my memoir. People who pirate Mp3's and pirate books electronically really need to be dealt with like a termite or cockroach. When they say the things they said in my e-mail, it angers me to the core when they own pirated copies of a book. That's stealing from an authors table especially when they don't have a lot of money to begin with.
      The people from The Writers Forum and Absolute Write message boards each contributed to the book burning in some way -- so I am going to put that on their heads because they are practicing censorship. They are saying I am wasting their space when I get hostile -- they are contributing to the burning of my books just by their actions. The moderators who agree with the book burning thing -- that puts you up there with the Nazi's. I am going to present this question to one of the moderators. If they support the book burnings, then I will take it all to the press. EVERTHING THEY DID to fuck with Lake Fossil Press. I guess in that sense -- the blood of one of the authors is on their hands.
      I am going to take EVERYTHING to the press because their actions, my memoir got pirated and some of them were trying to do the same thing with my anthologies. Hawke if you're not going to listen to what I am going to say, then fuck off. The fact you locked the thread that would clear my name, if what I say disturbs you just walk away. The blood of one of the authors is on your hands because of that -- do you want that on your concious? I am guessing both forums are forcefed the lies about me and they believe them like gospel truth. You want to step on me -- I am going to step on you every chance I am going to get and using the press to do it. I guess with the one sack of shit -- saying she obtained my memoir as a PDF. I already know who sent out the pirated copies and I am posting the e-mail address here. The pirated copies originated from [] because he posed as a good friend just to rush me to finish the e-book version. When I realized what he did, I blocked him from my profile on MySpace.
      I don't mince words when I say something, I will say the most vulgar thing some people will imagine when they brag about geting a pirated copy of a book or Mp3. That hurts writers as much as it hurts musicians. Some people don't care if they rob from the tables of writers who are struggling to get out there. I want to ask these writers this question, what if your books got pirated and they burn the flesh and bloods -- would you respond politely to that. I wouldn't. Who ever does the book burnings needs to be drawn and quartered for it. If you don't want to listen to me about this, don't waste my fucking time. Also I posted something up on a website -- this is a version of the lengthly article i wrote on Helium originally but I edited some content to make it less controversial sounding. The two entires are very controverisal in many ways.

Wall of Shame Entry One: Tess Tillman, Part II

From Tess Tillman []
to Nickolaus Pacione []
date Mar 20, 2010 4:33 PM
subject ever since you put my email address on your "wall of lame"

You put my email address up without my permission. However since you did that, I've gotten a lot of supportive emails from a lot of really nice people! A few of them told me you have issues and your autobiography explains that so they offered to send me a pdf of your An Eye In Shadows book or whatever. I turned down the anthologies and other crap I don't think I want to read anymore of your stuff anytime soon but those are some great people!

Wall of Shame Entry Two: Book Burning Groupie

From: Jenna Leary []
Subject: anthology/magazine question
Date: Sat 03/20/10 04:40 PM

When are we going to see more YouTube videos of your books being burned?

I LOVED those! They always made me laugh and brightened my day! I especially loved the Ethereal Gazette one because it had piss at the end and just when you think the fire won't go out, the piss saves the day!

Can you put me on some sort of mailing list and let me know when more LFP book burnings are uploaded?


This is my response to that e-mail, warning this is very ideologically sensitve and extremely vulgar. I compared this one to a member of the World Church Of The Creator. I actually took on someone from the World Church Of The Creator becuase of my KKK hanging from a tree. I guess people like this are the ones that get me fuming more than anything -- because book burning is an act of Nazism in the highest degree. Whether it's one book or many, it's still censorship in any form.
     I put this particuler shit in the same catagory as the fucks who shot up Columbine in 1999 and my website was in the crossfire of that shit too. I guess Jennifer Leary goes around celebrating book burings like it was the start of World War II all over again. Those of you who are thinking I.O.W.A. is online -- that isn't my I.O.W.A. My novella I.O.W.A. is 11,000 words and it won't be online anywhere. The faggot named Lewis Unknown decided it was funny to use my name to write the fucking fake story, those of you see this asshole posting on, report the shithead for plagiarism. I guess the assholes behind the domain are working to the best of their ability to fuck over the real magazine. The real Ethereal Gazette doesn't publish satie or parody, I publish horror that doesn't forcefeed the pollitically correct dogma that's currently in the horror community.
     I am gunning for Lewis for that one because he stole my ideas and stole the concept of the story to do his fucked little slab of shit. He was pissed off when I explained the guidelines when I said I don't take any kind of erotica or alternative romance. He went balistic and called me a bigot on the Shocklines Forum and the person behind the fake Gazette is named Beero. And now this is my response to that e-mail. I am going to block the bitch from e-mailing me and some asshole who calls himself robot reader obtained pirated copies of my memoir too. When tney support piracy of books, that's worst than shooting up a high school. Please excuse my language on this one.

E-Mail Response To The Book Burning Groupie:

Subject: Two Words

GET FUCKED -- welcome to the territory of being a horror target for the book burning remark. Nazi cockstains like you really piss me off. It makes me sick when I get another e-mail like this one, the fact you endorse a new kind of Nazism on the internet. Let me ask this question, have you even read a Lake Fossil Press title?
     Saying that they need to be burned -- that is an instant way to get me royally pissed off. It gets me angry enough to get the press involved with this matter, and yes I am posting this entire e-mail and your e-mail address with it so people can tear you apart verbally. If you go around saying things like that, it will not be something to gain favor with me personally. Supporting the act of book burning, what's wrong with you lady? The fact I don't support homosexuality in any form puts people on blast with me -- they hate me because of that reason, and refuse to publish stories by the alternative romance communities. It's comments like yours that really put me in a state of anger -- a kind of anger where I seek vengeance for it. You realize you insulted every author to call themselves a Lake Fossil Press allumni.
     A comment like that when it comes to book burning, that makes you a perminate resident of the wall of shame. So with that being said, say hi to your friends at The World Church Of The Creator. I guess you go around with Nazi symbols your clothing and follow Hilter like some bitch long after he's rotting in the grave and somewhere in hell for what he's done to the Jewish communutiy -- I will be standing in line to take a huge shit on Hilter's grave.
     Supporting a book burning, what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, didn't your mother and father give you enough love when you were a child? The e-mail will be posted in its entire form with your name and e-mail address attached to it . If you go around saying things like that -- that's a very fast way to make enemies. When they see the comments you made -- they are going to want to crucify you for it. Personally I want you drawn and quartered using semi trucks for that comment and those videos aren't mine.