Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fandom Wank, your ass is mine.

I got to find a new set of assholes to rail off on, I have to not rip on The Other Dark Place but it was fun while it lasted. So that leaves the pricks at fandomwank. I did add more to that book and so there is a truce now in place with one commmunity but as long as Brucha and company steals copyrighted work from people I will hammer on them even more than usual. Brucha what makes you so fucking special you fucking cunt if you wrote a story that ripped off Marvel comics.

some loser's ip number. The one who is writing that real person slash story.

Velmonturna -- you should know better than respond when you admitted yourself you wrote a real-person-slash story of myself and my kid. Posting my address you sack of fuck. Someone needs to fucking shoot you like the animal you are.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

some people need to shut their fucking mouth.

Some people need to shut their fucking mouth. Let a man write his book in peace and let him earn some money off the anthologies he publishes. If you get in the way of that then you will be asking for a kind death wish. Spreading constant untruths like on different message boards (Ahem, Robert Lewis and the main assholes on The Other Dark Place.) I guess you're willing to lie about someone to get at them. There is one way to get them, and it isn't about lying about their shit either. It's being truthful and take it to the press when it is time to get the other projects off the ground. This book when finished will give me a foothold in that sense. You think by getting me to blog about you fucks every three days will distract me from writing anything period -- sorry doesn't work like that.
       I think it was Enck that said, "Let the man sell his books." As much as he is waving the flag for the otherside he has a point here, even if that person is me. I am not standing in the way of promoting people's work unless it was something that the shit couple wrote. Personally I think those two would reward their kids with something expensive if they did a Jonesburo or a Columbine. I guess someone claimed I am going down, someone is going down it isn't me. I guess some people want to stick me in front of a firing gallery. A line full a rifles and pull the trigger without that last cigarette or that shit. Yes I am firing back at the 20 plus websites that are spreading lies about me and no research goes into them. Robert Lewis you claim to be a "journalist" boy, but your nothing of the sorts because you don't have your good sources.
       I challenge every jouranlist who is on that side to do an interview with me and with the results of that interview you don't dehumanize me one bit. You publish it on associated content. You want the real shit you're going to get it right from me not from these force fed hacks. I am calling you losers out on this one. This is a challenge to the enemies who think they can do a decent interview -- that means you must read the story that is exclusive to print and not pirate the fucking thing before you do an interview. Come on you motherfuckers -- you know you want a dig into my mind. It's a terrible thing to taste. No prank interviews you want the real dirt you're going to get it right from me not from the liars who are speading bullshit about me. You want proof if I am the real thing or a fake, let's prove it. As far as I am concerned people like Sangiovanni and Keene are fakes in this business, especially Keene because he lied the most about me.
       I guess you fuckers want to pick me apart in a mob action, that's the pussy way out on your part. You want to piss away my respect, I want to see you assholes try. That is the one thing that keeps going with me respect. You fuckers have none for me, the fact I got more heart than any of you even have. Choke on that bitches! I want to see you assholes try to break me down -- I haven't broken down yet mother fuckers, and keep guessing my next move because you are not going to know. Especially you MacDonald or that leftist hippie, David Naill Wilson. The genre went so far to the left these days it isn't even funny. I'm still standing. The only way you can stop that non-fiction book from being written is to kill me, and are you assholes willing to serve life in prison for that?

Someone's bullshit cover

Some asshole did a bullshit cover of An Eye In Shadows, and I will tell that asshole that isn't the real cover. Whoever did that cover can go ahead a exteriminate themselves. Going around creating libelous postings and now they are trying to boil the fight over to forums.I can tell there will be a fight that will break out before this book gets done. I can tell that Encyclopeda Dramatica had something to do with that one and it's proof they are the main source of lying about my career. I know right now people are going to hate me even more when this book comes out but I don't care at this point. It needs to be done and needs to be written.
      And I want to ask this question to the fucks over on The Other Dark Place, what gives you assholes the right to go steal my blog entries for your message board. I guess you got the idea from the cunt from Kentucky because she was the first to steal them and Keene would edit them up to make me look like a fag when I am not one. I deserve to get some money from my books, and you sad fags have no shame in respecting people's privacy. The fact that you fuckers will stop at nothing to violate my personaly privacy. My phone number and address are not public information assholes.
      Listen dickhole, you're contributing to them wanting to harass me even more. I will never buy a book of yours and in fact -- more IUniverse authers are more entitled to royalities more than you. The Rusty Nail isn't romotely journalistic but they are another type site devoted to libeling every step I make and adding e-piracy to their arsenal of things they want to do to a person. Stealing people's copyrighted works. What if they went and stole an entire short story of yours and posted it. Then again you're another asshole who doesn't give a fuck about my career.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Updates: An Eye In Shadows

( ::::::::::::::::::#======= )
53,104 / 95,000 (55.0%)

Every novelist seems to have one of these items, I guess this should work for every writer who is doing that lengthly book too. I attempted to have one of these before but now I am going to have it now so it can help me gage what I wrote on this book. I can just imagine some are either trying to spread many lies about me right now and it is unbelieveable that they're willing to do that. Bastards who have no life if you ask me. I am going with an all black cover of this book -- no about the author here because this book is basically an about the author in a backdrop basis. I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly. I can imagine what Ms. Temper Tantrum is saying right now wondering who gets libeled or slandered the worst in the book. It's not like I am writing that book that Susan Taylor and her boyfriend got drunk and were writing between sessions of eating peanuts from each other's shit.
      I guess there are many who are going to do everything they can do within their ability to stop a book like this from being published because it is the kind of book that will ruin some careers in the process as one person said. The damage to them is not reversible.

Lovell, piss off -- fuck'n asshole

That's right Lovell, keep running your mouth ya bastard. I guess with you being published on Xibiris that was the only way you got your book out there. I would rather publish with than with Xibiris, but I guess you will keep derailing me along with your new found friend with that asshole who wrote the douchebag of a "book" that libeled my family. You wonder why I rail off on the Rockaway Hooker, it is because the bitch celebrates a book that is an endess smear campaign. That's right keep guessing about the book you asshole. Your own douchebaggary never ceases to surprise me mother fucker. I am going to just concentrate on getting this book done and do all I can to ingore you little fucks. 60 to 100 of you all spreading lies about me like wildfire that you forced many of the publishers to buy into it.
      Seeing half the blogs that railed off on me -- I know that when I get this book done people are going to buy the thing just to see if I am lamblasting about them. This book isn't about people being mean and call the wahbulance. Just as the blogs and message boards these days are the new fishbowl environment and the smaller press writers like you who are published on Xibiris who are friendly with assholes like McKeeman and others of that nature will get more connections than a guy that refuses to kiss their ass. Besides that who would want to get published by a loser who wears a dress.
      I've seen douchebaggery on many levels here, and the highest level of douchebaggery was by the asshole who got published with Prime Books and that is the only book he got published and it isn't even a best seller. This book will get out there and you're done. People said this book when it gets published the damage can't be reversed. Contracts will be destroyed and there will be controversy going all around. You assholes condone book burning and libel of books is just as bad as book burning. As for one of your friends, Lieder constantly committed libel of my books and how will that look in the courts?
      The difference between myself and you Lovell is this -- I am published in more places in the less amount of time. True you might be friends with assholes who accuse me of stealing my ideas from other writers, but what does that put you as? That puts you as every bit as amoral as they are. You got friends who went around posting every link to every short story in a short story collection just as it came out. I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked

Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Open Letter To The Rusty Nail

Cease from posting my fiction anywhere because you don't have permission to post it. If you want to contest this, there is a comment area posted below that you should be able to post at -- I want to hear your response with a real e-mail not some fake address that will bounce back. Also I am paying the authors via paypal when I got the cash to pay them -- within reason and not being able ot max out my bank account. Let me ask this then what gives you the right to libel the hell out of me every post your make. My work is copyrighted and I do expect to have that copyright honored and those of you who are on -- I noticed you're stealing my work again so cease from doing so. Dan Fox and Susan Taylor have no respect for people's copyrighted material and my phone number isn't public information. Lovell you vanity published prick, I don't steal stories for writing on motehr fucker. What gives you fuckers the right to around stalking me from forum to forum -- leave the community I maintain alone because they've done nothing to you.
      If you want to bully people around bully the assholes who write fan fiction and steal from Marvel comics instead of being friends to them. I have no respect for anyone who says a fan fiction story is better than original works. That's a slap in the face to everyone who writes original fiction. Calling me a fan fiction writer is a flat out insult and yes I am getting published in different publications and what gives you the right to go harassing the magazines I signed the contracts for already? I noticed that The Place That Should Not Be Named already have a blatant disregard for copyrighted works and so does Koehler. She basically pisses on anything that my work has a copyright on. Bitch if you want to prove you can sell more books than me try to do something at an event I am signing books at. So I guess the loser brigade gathering around stealing my posts and doing an endless pissing contest. None of them produced anything noteworthy so I guess they are flaming on the projects in jealousy. I guess the loser who hides behind the Zombie Jesus picture will grow some balls and actually use his real photograph, and so will that fake bastard who hides behind an effeminate mask. Before you start flaming on me mother fuckers show your real faces.
      Koehler you heartless cunt, let people buy my books and let them be the judge how it is not you. You are no real place to be the judge of how my work is because I read your little story and it sucks balls. Write real things then maybe I might consider you a worthy opponent. Put your money where your mouth is -- because in the mean time you should shut your mouth unless you're giving some asshole head.

Friday, August 24, 2007

thrown off -- big fucking deal

The owners of the place are dicks anyway and they get off on stealing characters that aren't even theirs. I personally did nothing to Brucha Meyers first so I am going to address her here by saying what have you done that is so noteworthy besides take a collective piss on my name. If you want to beat me at my own game, then create something that you can truly call yours. Instead of going on and stealing characters from The X-Men, and by the way does Marvel know you're stealing from them? At least I am getting paid for my stories I write now. What's your excuse? I personally want the bitch to say exactly what she's saying about me online to my face. How fucking dare you call The Fandom Writer fan fiction? Yes I do plan on expanding the original version of the story, and make it a lot more offensive than it was when it was first written. The moment that An Eye In Shadows is finished and published I will concentrate more on newer short works.
      In fact Brucha, I challenge you to create a story that is entirely yours, and I will even publish it in my magazine just to prove a point. Just the kind of person I am, I am a sporting person and you're a heartless bitch. No stolen characters and no acts of copyright infringement then maybe I will judge you on that than the fact you steal with a word processor. If anyone are the wannabe writers, its both you and your asshole friend of yours Jim Smith which both of you are both comic book geeks who steal characters from your favorite comic books and write unauthorized stories. I expect this from people who are teenagers, not from dipshits who are both thirtysomethings. If you two assholes write an original fiction story and get it published in the small press level I will not rail off on either of you again. But of you keep discrediting me in public both of you I will say, your asses are grass and I am the lawn mower.
      I bet my entire fiction writing career on the fact both of you can't come up with an original plot and have 100% original characters. Come on you know you want to show me up on this one, I want to see you assholes try. You want to start a rivalry with me then you're fucking with the wrong person especially if you're local. I'd rather write original fiction and publish with than steal characters write fiction with them. You can even get your new "friend" at The Rusty Nail to publish your fiction. Since you like to discredit me nail let me see if you would do it without stealing my content or berate me every chance you get -- you can start by publishing these two fan fiction wanks. I want to see what they are truly capable of -- try me mother fucker. Try me.
      Really I want to know what you two assholes have done that is so special, come on assholes you know you want to comment on this post and the form is posted below. I want more than a one sentence post, and an intellegent comment. Challenge my mind and make me think -- the fact that Brucha is a Militant Leftist makes this even better to go at it verbally with her. The Other Dark Place -- I know you assholes are already chiming in so stay the fuck out of it. This is an old score. Riser this includes you, fucking punk. This is an old score that I am settling and this has nothing do to with you wankers. This is a call out from a jouranlist to fan fiction author. I want to talk to you from original fiction author to fan fiction writer here, and to me you're nothing but shit at the bottom of the barrel.
      Both of you remind me of an asshole who was named mr. grand marshall a few years ago. The fact he got paid more for masterbating on fan fiction novels than coming up with original fiction will make me even more pissed off. I got more talent than all three of you put together. You accuse me of not being a talented writer, tell that to the magazines and the publishers who bought my work. You're both not even farts in the wind as far as I am concerned, but enough to be a pimple on my ass and I will say this -- go fuck yourselves, both of you. I guess doing threads like this shows what kind of shitty life you have.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

more details on the book itself now.

Hard to believe I managed to reach 45,000 words with the book and this thing I am aiming to make it at least 70,000 words by October. I will say I got an e-mail from a publisher interested in running the book when it is finished. I sent this publisher a sample of what was already done and that was the 1990-1991 section of the book. This thing has a lot of insight to how I think, and I guess some of the trolls are still guessing about the book. I am going to piss off the wank community now too. I will say that The Other Dark Place committed the P-word now not me. They're the ones posting my fiction without permission. I will say this the person who invoked fandom wank to stalk the hell out of me managed to plagiarize characters from Marvel Comics.
     Now dickhead, I know you accuse me of stealing stories from an author I have a lot of respect for -- at least my work is original, mother fucker. Before you blast on me for self-publishing my work blast on this bitch for stealing X-men Characters. My original works are comic book ready in some ways but this bitch shouldn't even have access to a word processor. So with that being said what gives you losers the right to post my fiction on your forums? Do you have any respect for copyrighted material (you want to comment on this use the form below.) I guess Elizabeth Peake and her friends have no respect of anything I've written to the point they would steal it and post it on the forum. I noticed dickhead did post the google search of my book and magazine. They don't allow the whole preview of the books on there so I guess the magazine is still needed to be purchased to read the stories in it.
     You assholes have no permission to post my works on your forum so I suggest it isn't a good idea to do so. Angeline, what if someone decided to post your stories up without your permission? That is exactly what you fucks are doing to my works too asshole and Koehler, I've read your story on Covenhouse you two-bit slut -- it sucks. You assholes want to know who's reputation gets dirtied up in this book keep guessing bitches.
     Oh by the way Marlowe1, listen up you libeling fag -- I've paid the authors in Tabloid Purposes and Tabloid Purposes II, so do you want to keep libeling my books. You are just mad because I am seeing publication of my works outside of now. I will say this the non-fiction book will be the death of you man, keep libeling me you have more fuel added to the fire. I am just trying to get books sold like the next guy -- it is immoral what you're doing and it goes against your entire belief system. Thou shall not steal, and you're stealing from my pocket you pushy little fag.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Open Letter to Girlvinyl

You say that you're not the devil but you helm a site that is devoted to destroying people maliciously. Let me ask this one, what if someone who has a gun you were slandering shows up at the convention they're doing with wanting to spill your blood -- and I won't be the person feeling sorry for you if that happens. I would be the person pissing on your grave after it is all said and done. Is it worth slandering and libeling someone online like that is your life worth that? I want to give you that scernario right there, the fact someone who edited the site posted part of my phone number for fuck's sake. Then one of them got the sick idea of posting parts of my mailing address. I see you as more the target for a hitman or someone taking a bounty on you. What would you say in the court of law about a site like that? Would you defend a site like that behind a prison cell?
     You say that you're not the devil then prove it then start by taking down the page about me. I hope someone throws battery acid in your face for posting my number then uploads the picture to You want to ruin someone's hard earned career? I guess you're the type to do that and personally I spit in your face for it. As far as the rest of the loser brigade that you run with that site you do -- I think you all need to play russian roulette with a loaded shot gun. I guess you and your new friend AL_Kilyu were in carge of the constant libel of me so I guess both of you should play a game of suicide, take turns slashing each other's wrists While you're at it drink a shot of bleach as you both slowly die. I know that AL_Kilyu is behind the WilliamDoittheSecond handle becuase that is something of his MO.
     If you want to prove you're the better person than those assholes, then prove it by deleting that actual profile and step down from doing the site. Put it like this Girlvinyl -- someone comes to the club you're hanging out at and sees that site, then sees that you're in charge of it. He fires off a warning shot in your direction, what do you then continue to libel the person or delete the profile? You're nothing but a piece of white gutter trash. Just stay the fuck away from me in person. You call that site satrical but all you've done is spawned more bullies. That is what is going to happen you're going to cause kids to bully people without end.

The progress is posted.

This is all you losers are going to see of this book so get used to it. This is more in reaction to the posts that some people did over the years on Since you assholes wanted to pick a fight -- you picked one with the wrong person. What have you assholes done that is so important besides try to berate someone's book. Kiss my ass you fucking losers. I saw the posts that these assholes are doing and I will say this much the pigfuckers have too much time on their hands and no life.
      Seeing what the losers posted on Wank Report honestly have no life and no journalistic value to what they say. So if you fuckers want to start up old wars fine you mother fuckers. You and a lot of the other forums who are just a haven of motherfuckers. Whoever did the idea for lolzcon, you can kindly die a violent death. A community of thieves with word processors trying to discredit a project I worked hard to do, fuck off. This book will be the ultimate fuck you on my part and the reason it needs to be out there becaus someone has to shut those assholes up once and for all.
      Comment feature is a form e-mail so I will be able to sort out responses without the mob mentality that is a LiveJournal style meltdown. Shit like this will not be tolerated on this blog. I noticed it happen when I posted to some communities when I tried to start a civil discussion then you get these assholes coming in hijacking the damn thing. I address the fact a mother wanted to write an incest story between my kid and I in the book and yes I imagine if they fould a story like that on the person who wrote it if he was a teenager in 1990-1991, and if he was someone my age too -- he'd get his ass kicked without mercy and this book I am writing is all out of mercy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An open address to the assholes on the other dark place

You assholes are in violation of my copyright by stealing my stories for your sick amusement. Adam Heauser -- I hope someone beats the fuck out of you to the very inch of your life for what you've done. That shit isn't even funny the first time you've done it and I suggest you refrain from stealing my fiction. Does my work have a creative commons copyright on it -- fuck no. Don't do it. Heauser, you're prey motherfucker. You can't hide behind that board forever. Koehler, I have one suggestion to you bitch and that is you can go kill yourself for encouraging the fag for posting the story.
     You assholes have no right to go posting a story of mine on that forum, you had no permission to use it. Heauser I will be sending you a $300 bill for that story. There will be an invoice in your paypal, do you want to pay that large bill -- if not then quit with the theft of my work. Asshole. Sure I respect the copyrights of authors I even hate, but when they see something copyrighted by me -- fuck off they grab a story and post it without permission like assholes. I should go and steal Freeman's story and post it on here to prove a point but I won't do that because I won't stoop their lows.
     You fuckers are worst than those Journalfen losers who steal material from other places and write stories for their own amusement. Example here -- shithead number two, someone who gets off on being a thief with a word processor -- someone who is the big P word in this business. The other dark place supposed to have authors who are professionals not what I seen here they are a bunch of overgrown fandom wanks. And this I will say with a large oversight because these are the assholes I get into the most vicious of verbal brawls with.
     Piss off, slash writing fags, get a fucking life -- pricks. Then I got this dipshit from the Skokie area who went and libeled me on a post on Keep running your mouth bitch because I will be sending this non-fiction book to the place you work at and they will be quick to fire your ass for it. So yeah just because you're life sucks that doesn't mean you have to ruin someone else's sales of a book. A dipshit is a dipshit, but when a dipshit is local -- they get fired from a job they're working at.
     All that forum, The Other Dark Place is a bunch of asshole wanks who have nothing to do with their time but trash talk behind my back and derail every project I put together. Fuck off and get a life -- leave my copyrighted works alone. Get a fucking life goddamned fucksticks. If you think you're distracting me from writing, sorry you're dead wrong there -- even when I have to defend myself on forums on a regular basis I am still writing something new.

Monday, August 20, 2007

the fucken nerve of a few people

Someone's got a lot of nerve to accuse me of stalking when I was just following links someone tipped me off to a forum where I was berated at when I wasn't able to speak up for myself. I will say on record I wasn't stalking him. I just responded to the people who were berating me as a whole there. Little Boy got a lot to learn about respecting his elders. The Rusty Nail is a sick little bastard who has too much time on his hands and I think the more I get this book written the more people are going to be foaming at the mouth. I will berate MacDonald here for feeding into the venom. Berating me for doing the same thing he's done over the years and that is publishing with I found his shitty novel on that site. The fucker should not have tried to berate me on a public forum.
     Fuckhead blasted on me for using when his piece of shit chapbook is published on there. They all got a lot of nerve for this accusation, I just went to the boards to speak up for myself and all the assholes just turned it into a fucken boobytrap. Then when someone accused me of calling them a mother fucker when I called the one board a mother fucker, it is the main board's big asshole commitee who stalks me forum to forum and chased me down blog to blog like pieces of shit. Feed the kid some lies about me and he believes them why don't you. I will say something when I think something is wrong, and what some of those assholes done was berated me when I didn't have a chance to speak up for myself. I might look into publishamerica after all with this non-fiction book just to tell MacDonald to go fuck himself.
     I will say he bugged me with about 20 e-mails saying he wanted out but I told him he will have the story out but it will take me a long time to get the story recalculated and formatted to my liking. I wasn't really happy with the fact that stories in the middle are the hardest to pull out of an anthology. I guess the middle guys didn't get thet bulletin about the point of no return policy for center writers. I often save the middle slots for guys who are serious about staying in an anthology because it is always a bitch to get the anthology formatted how I wanted it after it is all said and done.

More fucking hate mail.....

"dear diary:

we cannot let this sick unstable man write that book, so i propose we pool our resources and our money together and write a little book of our own. the book will be fiction, based off non-fiction events, and take place in Morris, IL. the book will be about a man writing a book! yes, the main character is mental and happens to be writing a book and trying to railroad careers, but at the end of our book --- better written, too --- he goes nuts and the fiction becomes a tragedy in the likeness of Shakesspeare. yes, diary, you see in this book, he is the pawn."

Sorry asshole I have no plans in killing myself anytime soon. I began to notice the asshole commitee decided to try to railroad me on a few different forums so I had to go back and make my presence felt on the communities once again. They are trying to cause a lot of LameJournal style meltdowns. The nonfiction book is being written and yes it will get out there. If you want to stop me from writing this book I am taking bribes. They can be sent to me via paypal and it has to be a high enough bribe to do it -- none of these $10 bribes either.
     As for Fagstine, I am going to keep writing that non-fiction book and as what he said there will be a lot of careers turning to shrapnel when this book is done. I am just waiting for the rogue's gallery to go fishing around for clues at how much I have left on the book. There are people harassing every magazine that I published in on top of it -- leave them out of this.
      Harassing publishers or the magazines publishing a story of mine. Not cool. If have a score to settle take it up via e-mail instead of doing a rogue's gallery of blogs, libelous websites, or forums the rip me apart without giving me a chance to say my peace -- fucking losers, and get a fucking life. I am concentrating on this book and yes I am more driven to get the book done sooner than later but yes I will get this book finished. There is no webrage here just want to get this book finished. You assholes have your books to sell -- let me sell mine.
     Make your bribes all you want because all you're doing is paying for the ISBN for the thing. I know that you're the people behind the posts that flame on me from one forum to the next stirring up old shit -- Ahem, The Other Dark Place and The Rusty Nail. Dagstinte, keep trying to ruin everything I do because I see only one thing that is going to happen. It will get out there even more, and I will start even more imprints to do it. This non-fiction book will be written.
      All of you are doing is suceeding in one thing and that is pissing me off. Assholes, what gives you the right to do a counter book to the non-fiction book.

"Another thought...WHAT is he putting in this loosely defined "nonfiction" book [no, don't do a blog about it N, I don't care THAT much]...I mean all he knows is the crap that he imagines has happened...hell, we could scrap up all that dirt just from archived ODP posts and write a book to RIVAL his book...write it, wait for his crapfest to be "published", and then BAM! The NEW tell-all nonfiction book that HWSNBN didn't want you to have!"

-- Crazed Hostage Taker

I can tell they want to do a counterbook. the classic thing that Dennis Rodman's ex-wife pulled. This book I am doing originally started as a counter book that Dan Fox and his bitch of a girlfriend wrote about my family. Remember that bullshit that started the TruthAboutNick blog? That book is still there and they went and shelled out the money for an ISBN just to take a steaming piss on my name in print. This book I am writing there is nothing parody about it, in fact it will echo a lot of the bullshit going on these days in the business. The dirty shit that goes on behind the scenes so to speak.
     Yeah they're jumping a shark with the idea of doing this counter book. I am not paranoid about this because I do look at the other boards to see what's going on. Keep running your mouth -- all you're doing is giving me more fuel to write about either way. What they're planning is a crock of bullshit because the project exists. Yes the book exists and it is hanging over your collective heads.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I learned something who is behind the loser...

Nice try asshole. I put your response in the spam thing and you can kiss my ass motherfucker. Good thing I got that moderated blog too because it tells me the ip's of the jerks who frequently harass me. All you're doing is pissing me off. I didn't put your actual IP up on the blog this time around just linked it behind some vulgarity. So I am not exactly making someone's private information public.

Friday, August 17, 2007

One Shitstorm After Another

This book isn't even done yet and already causing some shockwaves across the board. All the hate mail I am getting now -- I am tempted to put it in the book. I am quite tempted and playing it cool here. Someone put their pawn up, yeah time to move the knight. This is a game of chess the more I play it cool the more they foam at the mouth. Yeah I noticed one tossed a libelous e-mail on a board here and there. I guess this is going to be the endless pissing contest that the The Place That Shall Not Be Named is trying to pull. I am not trying to rile someone up here, but damn I mention that I do something like this people will get pissed and threaten a book burning. Holy shit -- never thought doing something like this will invoke the hardest of emotions of people.
       I noticed that I haven't even logged on that Place That Shall Not Be Named, and say some people have their heads shoved up their asses about it. I am trying to leave the high school politics behind. The more I am not foaming at the mouth myself, they will be. The only way if they stop me from writing this book is they start offering me money and I am not talking singles and fives either. I am playing it smart here and making sure I do more with press releases on things I currently have out already. Just plugging away on the short stories and sending off, some old advice giving to me by someone who wants to railroad me now.
       One thing I am setting out to do with this book is proving one thing -- I am real. And being exactly who you are in person as you are online is the most disturbing. Yeah I can see Brian Knight trying to snag this post and pick it apart with The Rusty Nail or his other piece of shit blog that he has out there to stalk to shit out of me. My palms were sweaty because of the book becuase I didn't think I have it in me to write something of that nature. I began to make some observations with the asshole behind the e-mail address valentinevegen, and I will say he has a connection to that message board. I am always going to bounce back, and this is what they can't stand. My career isn't folding -- this book is going to be something I know is going to be interest to both naysayers just so they can find fuel to bury me with but at the same time the other side of a coin, I want the people to see the Nick my friends saw growing up.
       "I will sign petitions and do EVERYTHING in my power NOT to let you release this non-fiction book." That was the response I got via e-mail today and yes I will post it here -- who knows I might do a book that a best of this blog. The more shocking entries, and all of that good shit. The thing is with me, nothing is satire here but the other book -- there are elements of dark satire in it. What's going to piss the boards off more is I am making a fucking joke out of this. If they want to burn my books, all they're doing is wasting their own hard earned money. The difference between having a blog on other places and here. I've had this location now as long as I did have the others, but never really figured out how to put it to use.
       The views on my blog do not reflect the views of the magazines or publishes who run my work unless it is my own imprint, and I will not run this book on Lake Fossil Press. Tempting as it is, but I won't.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lake Fossil Press Isn't Closing, Not Now Not Ever

I am just redesigning Tabloid Purposes IV and doing damage control right now. The anthology will be published -- resized and every I am paying in authors in droves if 3 to six at a time pending on how much I am giving them. No one forced my hand in closing, and I am not going hitatus either. Just reformatting an anthology and redoing a table of contents. So Dagstine, Lake Fossil Press isn't going black because there are more anthologies to publish and as long this publisher is up and running I will keep doing them. But I will have a new policy with younger authors wanting to submit -- no authors under 17 submitting to Lake Fossil Press and you must be close to turning eighteen years old.
     No one did force my hand, and yes I will say that right now -- you fuckers didn't close my press down and it will keep open.
     The fact I am returning to being a larger paying market says volumes, well until I get my own place again. There are small presses out there who are publishing younger authors than I am. The youngest in Tabloid Purposes II was 17 years old and the guy's been with the series all that time. So by the time he goes professional he's already been road tested for the masses. Dagstines, Lake Fossil Press is staying live and I am publishing Tabloid Purposes IV -- won't be the last anthology that I am running and there will be more. Tabloid Purposes One was the experiment to see if the FictionPress writers can keep up with the small press counterparts. Kiss my ass fuckers, I'm staying open and I will continue to publish some kick ass anthologies -- whoever posted the forcing my hand you can go to hell.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fire with Fire

The threats are becoming more intense with writing this non-fiction book and I will be including one of the hatemails in the book and they won't see a dime from the hatemail they get published. I will make money on all of it. They threaten with book burning, they wasted their own money when they burn a print on demand title. Controversy sells, no one taught you assholes that. I will say this the non-fiction book is 40,000 words too right now.
      So writing this book, they're actually scared of it. I am guessing it is one of the people from Susan Taylor's forum. Yeah she's a complete twat and her boyfriend is a dick too. They got their heads up their ass and thinking it's funny to do a blog that libeled my family getting a book on Amazon that posted every entry from a defunct blog -- making money from trying to railroad publications I've done. Really, I am trying to take the higher road here but when I see losers who are trying to make my address available when it should never be available. It is one of those things people are losers no matter how you go about it. Offering pirated copies of Tabloid Purposes is one thing, but posting my address -- not funny. Or offering pirated copies of the non-fiction book, you think that shit is funny.
      Hey asshole you are in violation of the Fourth Amendment. What you are doing is clearly unconstitutional, so I suggest you close your blog and allow me to write what I want or get the readership I want to get without being harassed. So in that I think what you're doing is completely wrong, and for that fag, Joseph McGee. I didn't get people's information from the HWA directory as you claimed mother fucker. I didn't even know about the directory.

What gives you assholes the right...

to go posting my address and phone number? You have 24 hours to take down the address and number from your blog or I will take you to the authorities because that is a felony. Leave my relatives out of this. I saw the blog posting to that and you assholes need to be shot for doing that. It's not even funny the first time. There's three sick people in this house, and if you address I will call the FBI on you. You will be put away for good, I have never listed someone's address. Leave my family alone. Threatening to post my entire family's address just because I am writing a non-fiction book. I have a right to my privacy you assholes.
       Things will get violent if someone doesn't take that address and phone number down. I never listed the address of people I hate so give me that respect For fuck's sake, it isn't even remotely funny when people do that. Magnus Press had my address when I submitted a manuscript so if you submitted a story to them and hate the person, they will list your address. The head editor gave them my address, I know where they got my address you gave it to them cocksucker. That is bad business practices. That will explain how they got my address. David, piss off this non-fiction book will be written and published.
      It isn't even funny when people list someone's number one number at a time. You're a piece of shit for doing it, and yes I will make it clear that you're the fucker behind this one. I saw the e-mails from a loser who goes on as "valentinevegen" and I won't give away what is his isp on it but I will say the asshole is trying to harass authors I haven't even published either. Yes this asshole will be toast when I get done with him, and I will take this to the press too. You fucks double dare me about it, I will blow it all open using the press to do it. I began to put it all together and this is the MO of the Moderators of the Other Dark Place. You want to try to burn me at the stake via the world wide web, you assholes will be burned at the stake offline via the press.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The only peek you fucks get.

I guess you losers are looking to get a preview of this book, and this is all you fuckers will get of it. I did a print screen of the actual word count. I already got e-mail from one loser and I decided to include one of the hatemail's in the book just to fuck with them. I am haviung some fun with this too. You fucking morons I am going keep you bastards guessing there. And for the crazed bitch from Texas, I am not standing in the way of your career so that does you the right to fuck sales of mine? This book is currently 101 pages and it is starting to get more to it, nearly 40,000 words too. It will be 200 pages by summer's end -- by November it should be published. I might team up with Booksurge one more time but don't know yet. The version they did of Collectives could been done better. But the crazed bitch from Texas would be trying to make nice with me to get a copy of this book or have people pretend to be friends with me just so they can get a peak. Not crappening, and I already noticed they are trying to harass another magazine to get my story dropped from the mag.

It also makes me mad she's trying to threaten an e-zine that's no longer taking fiction either. All I did was the formatting on the thing and sent the finished html document to the head staff. Tabloid Purposes was born in the process, and encouraged me to carry the tradition of the e-zine and that is what I did except doing another dimension of it. I learned in this business who my friends are and aren't too, the ones who pretend to be friends until they get what they want. This was one of those people who pretended to be a friend. The fact when I first joined the Horror Writers Association, I remember right she was the person who e-mailed me saying if I had any questions she would be the one who fill me in. Turns out she backstabbed one of her own, a self-published bitch who betrays her own.

All she is, I will say it here -- is a white trash nobody who thinks she has a college degree. A college degree isn't shit when she goes tearing someone else down to get her name out there. Those are the authors who are going to fall even harder, and that was the point I was trying to make when I got published. I am in this for the long haul, and this is only round two. She started this feud not me. I am just going to get published with all her publishers just to prove my point.

She's been outclassed by a junior college drop out. That will piss her off even more, someone who never had the chance or connections to go to a university. Getting published in all the places she's getting published in, and this is even funnier because she's the one raising the biggest stink about it. So that is why when I get this non-fiction book finished she will be pissed off the worst. I never threatened her physically, made an insult at her expense about giving a signed book to goodwill that I paid $8 for when she paid $195 to get published. I paid less than that for two ISBNS. I am just being civil with my insults here, and her new friends are trying to trash on my books and threatening to burn them. I can picture her and her husband walking around with a white robe and a pointy hat, trying to burn a cross in front of my lawn.

A good friend told me this, "It's always a pain in the ass when an author in the small press gets too big for their ego. It's annoying when they get overbearing." I learned a lot from this guy because I've started to see what he dealt with in the business. He's a good teacher. I coined the term Instant Fame Syndrome. The bitch isn't even famous and her books are all up for grabs for publishers, PUBLISEHRS -- don't take them. I would offer to publish them for one $ .0004, that's all her ego is worth and even then I will tell her to fuck off. I admit I do have a lot of opinions to defend and they will burn into people's heads like sulfur. If she hates the fact I do anthologies, listen up "anthology queen" -- if you hate the fact I am out there, create your own damn small press. I remember you wanted to be part of the AuthorsDen anthology, I won't publish you in it. She forgot where she came from, and that is the worst mistake someone can make.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Other Dark Place Is Unconstitutional

Being published is a right. Not a fucking privilege, and sabotaging publications of stories is unconstitutional. I will take this shit to the press and they will suffer the fate that suffered, half the reason why was burned under the McKeeman management is because of the fact I did take what they were doing to the press. Keep messing with my books and publications, I will take everything to the press and you will all be done in this business. Freedom of press mother fucker, and you're violating my right to freedom of press. The first amendment is designed for the unpopular speech and that pisses you off even more. I am going to fuck with all of you using the document that this country was designed on.

The way they treat the industry is a fucking dictatorship, and this is where I am going to fight even harder to keep the stories published. I fought hard to get published, and I will fight even harder to keep published. You think you fucks can strangle me keep fucking dreaming mother fuckers. This non-fiction book is your funeral. As some of you noticed there is a poll up -- if you vote no on any of those -- that means you're all in my crosshairs. I will take a personal bounty out on each of you, since you bastards put a bounty on various publishers for running me.

I noticed since that interview in July you bastards each felt the sting of it so you're taking it out on my publishers, they did nothing to you. Rule number one, an editor stands behind his writers. A publisher stands behinds its editors, and you mother fuckers refuse to honor that. You want payback -- fine, I will give you payback and it is hell. I know who is behind the piracy of Tabloid Purposes IV, and he was responsible for fucking with the first anthology. Your career is cursed asshole, even your teaching career is fucked with now. You won't be able to collect unemployment when I get done with you. This nonfiction book is my bounty hunt, and yeah be afraid mother fuckers, this nonfiction book will go to press soon -- it is not done yet but it will be. Mark my words, do you want to keep fucking with a man who has nothing to loose?

You motherfuckers are Nazi Germany and I am storming the beach. Denying a mentally ill man a chance at having a story published is discrimination. Discrimination in the worst form and that makes you as guilty as murderers or book burners. In turn you're becoming the very thing that Nazi Germany created, and that enforces book burning and all of that shit. Stealing people's anthology as a .pdf is the same as book burning in the 21st Century. You think it is doing the industry justice no you're just hurting the authors and colleagues who decided to get published in other places.

another comment from the asshole commiteee

"I have the cure! It's an intravenous administration of oxygen. I found this is the best method for silencing unwanted outbursts from patients. They may thrash around a bit at first, so I'd suggest restraint prior to administering the IV. You might place a spit shield, soaked in ether, over the patients head too, just in case. Works every time."

-- one dumb motherfucker

Yeah one rebuttal to that mother fucker and my suggestion for him he he should sit on OLD SPARKY! Keep running your mouth uncle fucker. With me writing this nonfiction book they should be nervous and I will say a lot of them are foaming at the mouth like they have Rabies. I guess a mother fucker such as him is the dumbest they can get and the crazed hostage taker is mocking the non-fiction book. Yeah she will be pissed as I would be laughing all the way to the bank. I will say this much, they can't stand in the way of progress. What does she got to gain by trying to fuck with my career. One of the two interviews I did really touched a war nerve in her. She isn't a real Texan either so I will rip on that fact.

I won't mention her name byut I will say the school teacher is behind it too. The fact he tried to harass one of the authors involved with a project, not cool at all man. Fucking bastard, get a fucking life you failed writer. You failed as a writer so you became a teacher. Those who can't do -- teach. I did want to be a teacher at one point but I am too much of a doer for that. I like to get the job done and writing is a dirty job. I can't begin how many times I got my hands dirty when I was putting the anthologies togheter. It is blood, sweat and gears here. Moter oil is in my veins writing the kind of horror I write. It is more fun to write a good fight scene than a sex scene. Fight scenes come natural for me.

I am addressing the fake gothic witch from PA here who writes shitty anime novels. Can you do anything remotely realistic? I can do better work when I am writing true stories than your fiction. Hell my true crime is scary too. What you going to do commit some black magic on me now? Try to put a curse on me -- when you try to fuck with someone like that, it will come back on you times three. You get burned sevenfold too, so you seriously want to mess with a guy's career? I want you to think about that question long and hard before you answer it then get back to me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

who ever is behind samyoung05

I wish some really bad things happen to him, unspeakable things. And getting a virus on his computer will just be a start of it, I know who you are. I am going to press with all of it and you are going down. If anyone is the vanity press hack around here is you, mother fucker. You can't strangle the markets, because it is a sicker form of censorship. Do you think people have a right to own books of mine? Yes or no?

I am also addressing the assholes who go around ruining sales of my projects too, do you think you have a right to ruin sales of books or stories? Just because I am writing a non-fiction book. Some are right, this book will end careers and one of them is yours. I am blowing the industry open wide and my book is the dentinator.

I noticed a lot of harassment in the poll already 37 assholes responded to it, and I guess with them they don't want people reading the series. What are they afraid of?

Here's the stupid motherfucker's IP. Keep harassing me bitch and I will be reporting you to ISP. Working off of: IP: +4 -- your ass is mine mother fucker. So you still want to be stalking me, fuck off. son of a bitch. I am coming for you. You have 24 hours to take my phone number down from your blog.

More added to the non-fiction book

When I started this book, I never thought it would be as long as it is already. This already reached the length of 37,740 words and that is before I add the next section. No one really encouraged me to to the book as a full length, just a few seen some non-fiction here and there (and not having enough of it do a collection. So I thought it would be time to do a full length effort.) I never written a full length novel but that will be the next step. (Well by myself anyway, closest was a novella.) As much some people are attempting to have my blacklisted or a media blackout

The interviews are coming my way and I am starting to do more interviews as an interviewer. I am interviewing authors who are published on Iuniverse wondering why they do get the flack for publishing with them. So in that it keeps me really busy and I noticed with the poll on here it is rather hostile with the respones. Some of them would rather see me disappear but that isn't happening. A world without Pacione will be a boring place. And for those fuckers who are doing that convention in Chicago -- fuck off I am not interested. It will be because I would end up punching someone. That whole site involved is devoted to the libel of my name so no, I am not fucking interested. I wish the bitch who made that site will burn in hell, or fined for slander a large amount of money.

I guess when they do an asshole convention, they bring all the assholes together. I could just imagine some of the dickheads coming together just so they can urinate on my name. One of the reasons I am pushing to get this non-fiction book done by November. I am still playing around with the fonts to see how long it would get. I refuse to pull the partyline for anyone, and yes this will happen a lot in the genre I write in. Play the game they will treat you the same.

I want to give one more thought to that nazi cunt who runs that little publishing company in PA (the one who wrote those cheap anime novels. Her artwork sucks too.)

What do you have to gain in ruining sales of the projects, you're only hurting the writers in the long run.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Cockgobbler bands me from Clarkesworld. Pathetic little prick who has no life but destroys other authors, I would like to see a bunch of Nam vets gleefully kick the little fucks ass. I'd pay to watch that happen too because he has no respect for people.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Feels good to pay again

I just sent out the first wave of payments. I just $25 to a few authors already, it feel good to be able to pay them again. I hate not having enough money and that was the problem when I did the series last year. It will take almost six months to pay 43 authors but it is going to be worth it. Next set of payments will be sent in September, then in November. Being a publisher is a lot of work and dealing with assholes come with the job. As for the little Hostage Taker, I won't mention her by name but I will say she took hostages and trying to lead a black out.

It is funny in a way when they try to spread a large amount of bullshit around -- the core line up becomes a lot tighter for it. It's because the core line up is a group of friends then contributors. Lake Fossil Press is a micropress but I treat authors like extended family. So in that I try to give more if I can when I can. And Matamas, fuck you. I was telling you to go fuck yourself when I did my quere letter.

This is more the reason why I am looking forward to getting this book done. I take apart every scene and every industry, and comparing it to high school politics. I am trying to take the higher road here, but seeing that they'd harass authors just because they are part of Tabloid Purposes (past, present and future.) The more copies of the magazine or other anthologies that sell on Lake Fossil Press, the more money it will allow me to buy contributor copies or review copies (print copies.)

And for the last time to the hostagetaker, I didn't have access to edit the archives on The House of Pain E-zine. I would take the stories down if I could, but there is nothing I can do. But I will say a few are still going to be foaming at the mouth when I get this non-fiction book done from all sides. If they're not already from the interviews. I will say the asshole convention does have rabies right now, and the fact I am being able to pay authors some good rates again -- it is a relief on my part. Now I can redeem the Lake Fossil Press machine into the direction it was when I was doing it in 2005.

I guess I am getting it again from a faceless coward too, and I will say this much. He calls it that when I put a project like that together, but when someone like Crowley puts it together (and yes he fucking self-published his book too.) I guess someone like him is quick to urinate on a project because I compile it. I am biding my tim for the non-fiction project to be finished. Seems like they are trying to get everything to implode on me, making sure I get my markets strangled and all of that. I will insult a cockgobbler here who claims to be an "editor" -- the fact he rejected the story was a personal vendetta on his part. I had the gall to call him a dick in a submission letter. He deserved it because the way he treated one publication I got in.

Poll posted

The poll is posted and this is an open address to the naysayers who are calling me a pariah to vote and those who are not familar with the entire controversy around the series. I am tired of the authors involved being harassed for doing the anthology and I am not about to close down Lake Fossil Press. I worked hard on that anthology and want to get the readership legimately, no pirating or trying to find ways to make it available for free. Like some did in the past with Tabloid Purposes 2 and One.

Freeman, you fuck

Now I wish all your books get pirated, harassing authors who are on Tabloid Purposes. Not cool. You want to deal with someone, deal with me in private you fucking coward. You and your faggot ass friend of a school teacher trying to harass the authors on the anthologies, there are serious repercussions to that. Man let people read the anthology legitimately you fucking asslicker. I guess you were harassing me by saying you bragged about owning a pirated copy. I hope you computer gets a fucking virus and eats your shitty new novel.

Magnus Press, man I should have guessed they wanted to fuck my career up. Freeman -- you pirated TABLOID -- you're career is dead. BITCH. I hope someone ends up punching you on the street. Let me ask this honest question, do you think TABLOID PURPORSES as an anthology series deserves to get its legitimate readers yes or no. I am going to get a poll going here for those who hate my guts and for those who support the series

Flame Wars, Flame Wars ... They're everywhere

Seems like that threat of the media blackout started, and yes it also started with the Chicago Gothic Communtiy boards. One cool headed offensive joke and they get all pissed. I just found out that someone sent Tabloid Purposes IV to the schmuck brigade.

So yeah I am still writing that book, and there will be a lot of macabre un-pc humor in it too so those who want to know who gets bitchslapped and when. Keep guessing because I am not leaking the damn thing.

It is too damn large to be leaking but I will say this much, it is really abrasive and heads are going to roll when it is finished. More than what happened when Tabloid Purposes IV launched.

I guess the more when I work on this book, I can only imagine who is going to try to leak it. I won't say much right now but I want to make people think what's going on. I am not blowing my temper either with this but seems like mosnter blew her top at the friendly challenge. I didn't mean any harm by what I said in the sense of encouraging her to start her own editorial project. She took it as an insult, when I was just being friendly about it and being a smart ass at the same time. The shithead convention jumped down my throat about it.

Damn, I never thought she got all balistic about it. Well that was my entertainment for today, fun being a cranky editor. Yeah I actually added another part of the book. I'll make ya famous -- as one friend of mine said when I lived in Iowa.

I guess she was burned at the idea that when she dissed me she was dissing where she originally came from. How could she even be a Goth if she doesn't like horror novels or short stories that scare people? I wasn't even blowing my top, just wanted her to see the world how I saw it as a publisher for a week. Hell I gave her the GL's to play with, and even the tools to do it. I guess she didn't want to play.

another chump

"You're a waste. Matt posted something. You banned him. I like Matt, so i researched some stuff. In conclusion?

Kill yourself. Honestly. I see no reason as to why you shouldnt kill yourself. You're son? Better off without you. No one needs synchophantic, useless troglodites mucking up the air we breathe with low, conniving, spiteful, shitheads like you.

I tell you what: Give me three reasons why you shouldnt, you know, literally kill yourself, and i'll say i'm wrong. Please, i beg you. Because as a non-religious secular humanist, i'm OK with differences of opinions."

I guess this isn't the first death threat I got for banning someone, and it isn't the last. I am going to make it easy for a simpleton like you, gives me more fuel to piss mother fuckers like you off with more spiteful horror fiction. I am around just to speak you. So in this I thank you for giving me something to add to my non-fiction book.

Yeah I am not going to rage at this asshole, but I am posting his hate mail here for my amusement. It's seeing shits like this post make me laugh at the fact that I am alive and pissing them even more. I am going to make the shithead's eyes bleed. Yeah I am going to post all my responses on Blogspot where they have to send me an email in response to it instead of getting a mob action.

Easier for me to respond to one or two at a time than a shitload of them. Yeah I figured I was dealing with a humanist leftard. That's right mother fucker, keep making yourself look like a fucktard because you're giving me more material to write about. You wanted three -- I gave you five. The non-fiction book is now reached the 37,000 word mark and this thing is a bastard too. 97 pages of cynical venom -- yes there are parts in there that are sick in nature, I am tossing around horror and sci-fi humor in there too. Someone turned it into a pissing contest and I am just trying to keep it off LiveJournal.

So this isn't the first time I got messages like this and it won't be the last. If the guy wants to call me a tool, I am going to be a real tool and respond on my own blog here. Seems like the blogger account is more visible, and working on a non-fiction book that dealt with people like that over the years so it is nothing new. He's a piece of flyshit who has too much time on his hands.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You act like a knob, get treated like one

What the fuck is your problem, you egomaniac? My arguments and issues with the fest, if you had ANY brains, are about fairness to ARTISTS. Since you're a writer I'd assume you wouldn't want to PAY if you were asked by a bookstore to do an autograph signing, right?
You try to start a fight on a forum I maintain, you will get thrown out. Fanale you were acting like a knob not me I won't mention your real name on Livejournal because I don't want to risk losing another account, but at least here I can say exactly what I am thinking. Blogger or my publishers have no control over what I say here, the views on this blog are entirely my own and no matter what I say someone will get offended by it -- now he's crying about it on another community to make me look like the tool here when he was the tool. So yeah you contantly diss me by calling me a fan-fiction writer so how do you expect me to respond, you're damn right I will ban you for it. My e-mail is working fine, prick. My problem is you contantly underminding me -- you never follow the guidelines behind a community and just because I am in charge of a place that doesn't mean you have to be an asshole and contantly test me.

Before you start pissing in someone's cornflakes, think of the aftermath. The fact you're acting like an even bigger douchebag about it motivated me to ban you even more. If anyone is laughing around here it's me. The fact that you started to act stupid, and you pay the price. I tried to be fair with you, you posted your flyers without posting behind a cut tag one too many times also and in that it made you look like the knob.

You're more of a knob than the people who go around stealing my anthologies or trying to railroad my career as an author or as a publisher. So to answer your question doing gigs like this allow me to get my publications out there, doing a nightclub signing allows a different vibe from a bookstore one. The book store gigs will come with time, I am happy with these for the time being.

Anthology Is Available

Guess what -- TABLOID PURPOSES IV is just out right now, and for you bastards who like to pirate books good luck trying to pirate this one. If you want to review the book you have to buy it like everyone else. I guess you assholes have to wait for the non-fiction book, and one of them tried to harass one of my college buddies too. And Mark? Who gave you permission to use my photo?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bob Freeman can piss blood as far as I care.

Damn not very smart fucking with me eh. I have three words to say to that asshole, PISS BLOOD FUCKER! PISS BLOOD! I am going to get that non-fiction book done and he's already been foaming at the mouth. Yeah I could imagine him trying to collect my number and posting one number at a time like one of his friends did in the past. Yeah you think you can stop me career dead, good luck trying you fucking backwater redneck. I see what you're trying to do -- start a feud between Indiana and Illinois. Not happening, don't get the whole fucking state involved because I did nothing wrong to Indianna as a whole. But I could see that you were easy a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

I think I might set up a signing in SOUTH BEND to just piss you off. I got enough titles that are carried by Ingrams to pull it off too. Yeah I can see you're foaming at the mouth about this one and one of your fans wanted to slit their wrist I might end up getting the signing with the non-fiction book when comes out -- keep foaming at the mouth pal, the credits are coming my way left and right now.

fuck this is getting huge

You know when things are huge are when the Sodomite Magnet bitches about you. Damn the moment I get something published she's bitching about it again -- shut the fuck up already Poppy. Right when I am getting published, she shoots her mouth off about my non-fiction book. I am laughing right now because I saw the posts the assholes are doing on The Other Dark Place, now they are trying to pull out the petition that got them in trouble years ago. Wouldn't you like to know what are in the contents of that non-fiction book? I am not mad -- I am just laughing because the more I get my work published, and believe me the more people are going to bitch and moan.

This time Poppy called me out, damn. Fuck you bitch. You're making a big mistake underestimating me -- the same mistake that became Darren's funeral as the editor of Poppy you were dealing with a pre-published Pacione last time. This time you're fucking with someone who is a publisher and a published author for a different field. Nothing funner than a sodomite magnet starting up an old feud. I read parts of that book you called good, when I have to say it sucked ass. Not even a good cover design would get some sales of it.

Yeah you can go to hell. Keep running your mouth about me lady -- I was already writing better stories than you were in your twenties when I was in my twenties. Don't ever doubt that I was a writer again bitch, don't ever underestimate me -- at least I didn't rip off H.P. Lovecraft's THE HOUND. So yeah in response to that, I am posting the original uncensored version of THE FANDOM WRITER (tempted to expand this version.)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Naysayers are foaming at the mouth! Filmed at 11PM

Is it me or the naysayers are currently foaming at the mouth? They constantly are trying to flag my blog because someone got butthurt. They are foaming at the mouth more because of that book, and that's right you fake witch slut keep running your mouth about me. They want me to play nice -- yeah right when they don't. They got butthurt and pwned in two interviews. That's nothing mother fuckers. I am constantly pwning your asses this time. All your base belongs to us, fuck you. I have a right to blog and a right to write what ever the fuck I want or publish what I want.

You assholes are violating my freedom of speech. Even Shrewsbury is falling into the liberal bracket. Yes Shrews I call you a liberal. I never seen soo many people roaming at the mouth because I am selling my short stories. Combination of being self-published, small press published and semi-professionally published this is getting fun. You assholes want to reach across the screen and kick my ass for something I say or do, for a bunch of dicks who hate my work you're hanging on my blog picking apart every word. Fucking vultures. My success is pissing you assholes off, and I am just biding my time for my nonfiction book to be done. You can't out smartass a smartass, once a smartass always a smartass. I say what I want when I want, without giving the shit about repercussions of it.

Keep running your mouths about me because I am getting bigger by the day. Bite me assholes. I tried to give Shrewsbury's Dack Shannon book to goodwill and they didn't even want it. I even tried to give Hawkes' first collection to Goodwill and they didn't even want it either.

I am tempted to do a book of all the hate mail I just so I can make a quick buck from it, keep all the money too. It will be funny just to piss you assholes off -- might be another project for Angry Guinea Books.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Go Fuck Yourself Freeman

"Enjoy being unpublished, unremarkable, and unwanted, Nick. Life is what you make it, and you made yours a world of shit."

-- Bob Freeman

Keep telling yourself that Freeman, you keep telling yourself that as I got another story accepted somewhere. For a fat fuck, you're not that smart either. I read that little story of yours too, and I will say this much -- it sucks balls. Come on, there's more to Gothic Fiction than that shit you call writing.

Professional jealousy in his territory I guess. I've seen writers published on Xibiris more talented than him and far more imaginative. Come on Freeman you want to keep attacking me, yeah right farm animal fucking motherfucker. I am going to piss you off even more here. Fucking bastard. I have more heart than you have and twice as much talent to boot. You might have got your dick sucked by Koehler for that review you have. You call yourself harsh, sorry asshole I am twice as harsh as you would ever be.

You write your shit that you call "fiction" and let me earn my royalties and enjoy having a career as an author. You started this feud not me. Just because they have to pay an arm and a leg to get their book published that doesn't mean they are less talented than the mass market. Just because interviews are falling on my lap now you get pissed off, and maybe I might have another diss story in me somewhere. I said all hate mail will be posted, right?

I've written better stories than "Pillow Talk" on a bad day, and I will say Misguidance is much better than that one is. He's just another fat fuck who got his ass burned -- listen Bobby, don't burn a guy on his birthday. It is a good way to really get shit going the wrong way on you. I never liked you from day one as a person.

I don't give a flying fuck about your career, and the next thing I want to do is take a shit on your novel and video tape the aftermath. All I did was an interview and you're acting like I just fucked your wife.

I didn't print out naked pictures of your wife so don't act like I just fucked your wife. You're acting like someone just got naked pictures of your wife and trying to get my blog flagged, yes I do read your blog mother fucker -- shut the fuck up already. Vile -- not really, just get pissed off when fucks like you try to discredit me. You're fuckbuddy Keene often disses me and gets away with it for way too long. I guess you're pissed off by the little fact you just got DISSED. I didn't fuck your wife man, and I didn't threaten you. I may have taunted you but didn't threaten you.

An Equal Opportunity Insulter

I guess a few people got pissed off by a little insult I made on this blog, but I think I will do a post that is even more insulting than the last one. I am an equal opportunity insulter. Not discriminatory who I am going to insult, but if someone insults my intelligence I will say something. Yeah don't like it, take it up with the complaint department.

So I will say this -- not only of the bimbo who recently messaged me but I will say this of the 2313 that insulted me after the fact I did an interview.

The little bitch decided to rattle off about her publishing credits -- it doesn't matter what her publishing credits are, if they diss on me then it will be something that will unleash the hounds of hell. Get a life, fucking bimbo.

So I guess her idea of horror is the style with overt sex scenes and shit. That's not my idea of writing horror, and I like to write with pure muscle. I am sure the bitch will keep smarting off somewhere about me, two words lady -- fuck off.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the book progress now

The non-fiction book is now 72 pages and rising from there (after formatting the book.) The actual word count is 34,700 words and climbing from there. If I was on the skids, then how would they explain the recent publications featuring fiction and non-fiction from me. I already see the shit storm brewing with the book in progress and the hate mail coming in such as calling me a son of a bitch and all of that. I am smiling to when the book comes out finally which I am looking for a november release with this book if not sooner. I wanted it sooner, but I am aiming for a early 2008 if anything. The fact it will take this long to flesh everything out. The 1990-1991 part right now is 24,000 words alone. Writing this in parts instead of chapters made this a faster write and it is a sarcastic little bugger too.

I noticed that the naysayers aer wanting to get advanced copies of this book every chance they get -- you know that won't happen you little assholes you have to buy it like everyone else. This book is already the same size as the novella I co-wrote. The first version of this book didn't even see the 30,000 length. So I would love to imagine the dirty looks some are going to give me for writing this book. Koehler keep guessing bitch because you know nothing about me or the projects I edit, just that you bash them because my name is attached to them. If it was someone else editing a project of a similar nature you'd be quick to buy the book. I would never buy your books, in fact read part of SLAYER and thought it sucked.

You're just a little trainwreck anyway. I noticed that you were whining the worst about the interview. Another one I noticed got pissed off about the interview is Bob Freeman (Listen mother fucker -- you will never get a sale from me of your book. I would rather buy books published on Iuniverse than your titles. You'll know where I will be if you want to tell me to fuck off or punch me in the head.) And news will be with the Lake Fossil Press publication itself -- after October I can offer the larger rates that I was paying in the beginning (including anthology bonuses.)

You guys on previous publications I do owe out some money, and copies -- will be mailing out a contributor copy plus the issue that followed it. I am sending a misprint edition of issue five (this was a beta that I had.) I am trying to get stocked up for an event. I am trying to make sure I have copies of the anthology and a few of the magazines handy for it. Then I can get some drawings going for sites that I wrote on over the years too. I won't announce the guidelines of the contest yet but I am going to be making notes that this book I am working on is making people nervous. Koehler you have every reason to be nervous you cheap White Wolf Role-playing fan fic writer. You get fucking paid for writing fan fiction.