Monday, October 31, 2011

Brian Keene Has Genital Warts

Okay that will get his attention, and click here for naked pictures of Mary Sangioanni. I will shove back, and this is me shoving back. Keene needs to be exposed for his bullying and with this maybe that would happen. Then if he flags the fucking thing I am going to post it on another site where people can read what he's doing. Some bitch using the site to pepper things about me all over the place because I am not going to stop posting dating ads on there. Keene wants to fuck with the fact I am trying to get a girlfriend I am going to fuck with him on That thing will be there a week then after the week is up I am going to wait two weeks then repost the thing. Keene is fucking with my publishing caeeer and the faggot editor chimed in, the one where he publishes horror where they take it up the ass.
     Keene is a motherfucking asshole who needs a well placed bullet in his head or another heart attack. Maybe that would be the heart attack that would kill him; God laughs when he dies. Someone bitched because I did a post where I hammered into Keene without any mercy, slitting Keene's throat is nicer. He really should have thought twice about fucking with my social life because that is something that is not done to a single man. I wonder if he was one of those who had his ass plugged a few times in his life. Might been blowing dudes when he was working as a janitor. An uneducated punk who got lucky if you ask me. So with that being said I don't give a flying FUCK if Keene is beheaded in a car accident because there is always someone wanting to pinch a loaf in the open casket.

Friday, October 28, 2011

the magazine details look here

If you're looking for a more reliable location for the magazine submission guidelines try the because the dicks on and their allies are vandalizing the pages on at a fevered pitch then making sure I would never get a line up. So I am going to post the guidelines as a link on this blog and they're going to be explained in this entry -- I don't want sexual content because it distracts the story and don't want gay content because I am a Christian; I don't subscribe to the gay agenda. IF they want to send shit like that to me I will tell them to go pull a rabbit out of their ass.
     If I get a cocky professional editor kissing my ass, I am going to say "fuck you pay me." Because of my magazine being the way it is I had so many taggers giving it insulting tags without reading the magazine. Some of them want every magazine out there to be a gay publisher. Well Lake Fossil Press and The Gazette isn't one of those publishers, it's clear as water. There are just many out there that don't want a magazine like this to exist and would be happy the day the magazine finally folds, well the day it folds will be the day I get too old and frail to run the magazine meaning I plan to do this magazine into old age if all possible. I plan to continue Tabloid Purposes also but the guidelines for each one gets harder and harder.
     I have a proposed publisher for the nonfiction anthology, J-Law sent me the link to the publication too. I was almost part of Raw Dog Screaming Press in 2006 when I was shopping around for publishers for House of Spiders 3. Of the writing team, I am the representative of the two. I am looking to publish a writer that Brian Keene made a crusade to make sure he never got published again. Well I am going to make the crusade to force Keene into the retirement that Poppy Z. Brite was forced into when she/he/whatever the fuck it is couldn't relate to the body of her/his/whatever the fuck it is' work.
     When I am on the commute I would always take a copy of the magazine with me to read, the one that I would take on the commute is Issue 5 because it's by far the most innovative of the issues. It's the most Tabloid Purposes-Like of the issues, up to Issue 12. It's now a debate of which one is the darkest issue, and hoping I can get something cool going for Issue 14 and should have my camera working. The cover of 14 will be taken at The Poe Shrine with the camera I bought that does video and still. So the reason the magazine's guidelines after Issue 13 are published on the blog because some retarded little prick mongrel bastard is going around anally raping the listing repeatedly trying to make it a damned gay publication or trying to say I "watch" some kind of sick gay porn. I don't even read porn magazines, I don't even own them those things degrade people like pieces of meat.
     Now those looking for the pay rate, I have that linked up too. I don't put my name on other people's bylines because that's not cool at all. That is what the fuckstain, Thomas Mudmuncher, does when he makes fun of the true story I wrote about the car accident I had as a bike messenger. It's not a pink girls bike that got crashed into the car and went under. The ideas weren't his to begin with and he's just like David Boyer in that sense of the word.
     Also when someone uses one's own pen name to slander them with a book, that is a case right there it's another thing similar to plagiarism. The mannerisms of the originator's pen name isn't there, you can tell who created the pen name by the style they used writing as them. I really masked my style writing as my keyname. Lloyd Phillip Campbell to me is Hertzen Chimera to Mike Philbin. A pen name is a treasured thing for a writer who created the pen name originally, and I will vouch that the pen name didn't write gay poetry or a slanderous book. The Pen name claimed I stole their identity when I created the persona for the writer. I created an image that is quite dark and hardcore as Lloyd, and I will keep writing as him but I will work on shutting down the books that the terrorists would do just to bully me as him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a kind message from

Hi Nickolaus,

     Thank you for your email. We have identified the taggers and will be in touch with them. Thanks again for letting us know about the issue. If you see inappropriate tagging continuing to show up on your content, please inform us immediately. Thank you for choosing and have a wonderful day!


     T Brittany W.

The ones who are doing the malicious tagging are also behind the vandalism on the listing of the magazine so if anyone wants to know more about the magazine, please go the website itself. It came to my attention that the gay mafia member Janrae Frank managed to get a copy of Blood Contender. The only conclusion I can draw is that GUD Magazine leaked the story and they're lying about it up and down. The biggest hoax in the business that magazines don't leak stories -- well it is true with The Dark Fiction Spotlight and it's also true with Gayest Uncommon Denominator. So I sent him an invoice because how many times it had been violated because of his irresponsible handling of the story so I expect to be paid for the costs he had cost me. The headaches of not being able to place it because it was leaked.
     That is the worst thing you can do to a writer -- leak a story on them without their permission or steal their pen name to write a libelous book using their signature story for it. Brian Keene stole my pen name and I am guessing he is behind the circle that is AngryInIllinois. Paranoid no -- he has a vendetta because I called Mary Sangiovanni a whore. Well he said it not me. Brian Keene will have a massive lawsuit on him for stealing my pen name for his sick game. Then coming on a site with my old pictures trying to say the pen name writes homosexual slash fiction when he writes politically charged Gothic Horror.
     Writing a story using a writer's pen name is just like raping someone's wife and making them watch. Brian Keene's books need to be boycotted for that matter and all his catalog needs to be torched for that reason. He's an amoral prick that should have died of a heart attack, maybe I would pray for the next one to kill him.
     It had also came to my attention that some cult on is going around posting my work without my permission, what if I wanted to sell those stories? I've been trying to shop one of them around and the homo named Thomas M, had tried to put his name on my work -- pulling another David Boyer. Meagan Hightower the fat landwhale had also did the same thing with Blood Contender because it showed up on the panic press board saying that the story is a pussy fairy story when the real story is a boxer story where the fighter is a vampire. I had done a blog on about how they would vandalize my listing frequently and they're not going to stop either. My account has the guidelines posted there if you're looking for them too go to and see the archives. If you missed where the guidelines are posted look for October 23, 2011. Because that would be where it is and posted behind a cut tag. The people doing the tags are the vandals on the magazine listing and they're accounts are slated to be removed from so if they had any plans on publishing books with them, those plans had been destroyed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

making progress

The new story is now 8200 words and looking to top it out at about 8800 words and seeing where I can send it off to. I got that faggot claiming he wrote 15 Minutes Before The 11th Hour but how could he had written the story when I have the master manuscripts here in my files unless he's another David Boyer -- ahem B-thoughtful go after him too. The new novelette is one that I plan to shop around too, and for those looking for some entertainment at the expense of Sherrod DeGrippo I found this on uncyclopedia. I kind of wondered if she had an adam's apple.
    I am beginning to think that DeHippo is AngryInIllinois or something along those lines and another I think it is is another Thomas in the business who got pissed off at my strict guidelines -- the asshole has to realize I have Lake Fossil Press across the bottom of the front cover of Issue 13 and on the front page of the magazine. So I am not about to change the name of my company because some faceless cyberbully thinks it's funny -- well he can give his mother a baby as far as I care. I had to clean out and ban people from my cbox because they are doing things that are really insulting and abusing the thing. The got a ban that is going to not expire and the fucker behind is going to show he's bias towards Sam Cox too.
    When I get done with the story I am working on some more for the journal and another story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell -- and no he is not a fag poet that people are trying to get him convinced of being and that is the work of trolls by other trolls passing a blog around blogging as the fake handle. I will be reporting that blog to saying that I didn't create a blog there nor that I write fag poetry as him either. As Lloyd I write Conservative tinged Gothic Horror that is as hard edged as my own name.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Cox Got Her Info?

The Das Cunt got her information about me from a place called, a place that hates me for every reason for another and she posted this information on her message board too. I think she would try to get them to help her with that so called book that is an expose about me. Clearly one of her fat ass cunt writers went and did a one star of my book without reading it so as far as I am concerned she's nothing but a Twilight fan fiction writer. I am sure that group would be saying, "Fuck You" when they see this blog -- they are nothing but slash writing rejects that would write just about write of anything disgusting for their entertainment. Well as far as I am concerned the only fame that Cox will have is writing fan fiction of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Christopher Pike.
     According to my sources she's done writing fiction too and I was looking over her message board at clearly what she did was smear me every step of the way on a public level -- wait until she sees the finished anthology and I will send it to her personally when it's done because she would want to wrap her ;lips around a magnum and pull the trigger. That is a mental picture that everyone in the publishing business would want to see except for her ass kissers like The Dark Fiction Spotlight. I see Cox in the same light as those slash writing fags from that site. Panic Press is good as dead, and now it's time to burn the witch at the stake. I wonder if PS3 caught wind of Cox stealing from Sony for her ripoff of GAME OVER. The threat of making my novel available for free on her site is grounds enough to take her on Judge Mathas to sue her over slander -- I wonder how much money is she worth because I am going to make her pawn her organs to the black market.
     She looks like she ate a box of little debbies in less than 15 minute -- fucking chimpmunk cheeks. She can kiss my ass and let my distant cousins fuck her a few times with a bag over her head. It's no secret that she's the target in The Fandom Writer 2 -- and when I get my new story done I will get back to work on writing The Fandom Writer 2. She is going to like having her page vandalized day and night because the asshole who runs is fucking bias too. When the person did the page on of me -- they actually used what they wrote on wikia and to do it, I am wondering who is the mystery writer who did all their research is because I want to thank him or her -- that is the person I want to be my biographer.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The House Of Horror

just became my prison bitch. She wants to accuse me of stealing other writers stories for my anthologies -- I am going to say that I don't go around stealing titles from other publishers anthologies for my anthology titles. I finally found this blog post and now I want to flat out shoot her in the fucking face. She's been a urinal cake before but looks like one of my Tabloid Purposes guys deballed her on this because I do e-mail exchanges as contract and phone conversations. Has she even read any of the Tabloid Purposes -- she is going after one of my stars in the book too, but he said and I will not mention his name, "fuck her."
     When the cunt is referring to fandom wankt for the information about me that is open grounds for a lawsuit and I am looking to really sue her but when I do she would have to sell her kids ot the black market. Irony that she did this when I was working on Issue 12 -- and that is when all the writers rallied together and did the best issue of the magazine to come out of either The Ethereal Gazette or the Tabloid Purposes flagship. Have fun scraping together submissions Cox because I am going to bury Panic Press and House of Horror for the cute little blog you did. This had just became her funeral march and everyone is pissing on the grave of Panic Press. Eventually people are going to want to piss on her and her father's grave when they're gone then make her daughters watch.
     I saw her message board post about ne too and she will be boiled in oil because of it then feed her to the cannibals to pick her bones. She thinks I am evil for that kind of post, some of the writers asked me if I am going to dedicate the next anthology to the death of Panic Press. She tried to bully one publishing company out of the landscape and he came back with a new publishing outfit. But Panic Press will never recover from the colladeral damage I am going to leave. I am going to drop a nuclear bomb on her company in terms of when I am done no one will ever want to work with her unless it's all those slash writing fags from fandomwank wanting to do an expose book about me.
    nbsp;She really messed with the wrong person here, and it is clear right now what kind of heart she has then one place being bias of her. They don't want to admit they're bias but the owner of spookyfiction is dealing with another Sherrod DeGrippo. I am presenting an ultimatum to Cox on this blog. Take that post down of me or you will be sued along with losing your shitty Lefora Message board.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

one ignorant sow

Jenna Leary []
To: "" []

I really loved the one where an exorcism was done on one of your books, but my new favorite is the one where the Navy dropped a bomb on one.

It's been a long time since I did a wall of shame posting on here but this is a new one for the wall. I will post hate mail if given the right climate. Meaning they have to really piss me off to post it. Anyone who watches videos and enjoys watching my books get torched deserves a special place in hell for tormenting someone with a mental unstability to them. Going around bragging about creating libelous domains then having assholes like the book burners using them as a way to represent their house of cards called "ownership" when they never owned the company to begin with.
     So with that the ignorant sow called Ms. Leary had earned her place on the wall of shame within the public view of my weblog. That is part of the reason I post hate mail when I get it so everyone can sit down point and laugh at the ignorant assholes and ignorant sows in the world. She's another fucking Robin Edwardo in that sense of the word. Edwardo takes a shit on three of my most well known publication credits in the small press, one of them got me noticed by Maynard-Sims who were also published with them. She goes defending a writer who opened herself up for every insult in the book. As for Jenna, that is just the same.
    I didn't stalk Gambino, I warned her away from Panic Press because I knew what kind of publisher they were. I've dealt with that kind in Timothy Lieder, and when I see a sow like Jenna Leary saying she wants to see more videos of my books getting burned I really have to ask what kind of Naxi she is. People like this are truly distracting from the creative process, so I am not going to waste any more fucking time with them.

current word count

The current word count I have on the new short story is about 5400 words. The story in itself has alot of power behind it and someting I am using to the maximum effect. I am hoping I can keep this one under 7000 for a possible Zoetrope submission, there is another one I am looking to send this off to but it would be a true challege getting it placed. With Panic Press completely dead and now my favorite urinal cake, I have just announced on that I got Issue 13 done, and now I can take a short break from being a publisher for a little while and be more the writer again -- I am taking submissions for the next two anthologies and they're announced by e-mail and I am being so secretive with the two is because of a homo trying to tell the world I am David Boyer -- how the fuck can I be that plagiarist?
      I am editing The Lair Of The White Worm for Jason Hughes because he was asking me about how to operate with independantly he wants to publish Without Notice himself and when he does that he got his first customer. I am looking to help him with every bit of the process of editing, and typesetting of the book. That is one thing one has to know how to do when working with Arranging the typesetting on the word processor. I am now talking like someone who actually operated a printing press, well in high school I was familiar with working with an AB DICK printing machine but not with a printing press that made newspapers.
      To upload a book on he has to learn how to segment the worm in the sense meaning he has to upload the book as parts, the title and copyright page, the dedication page or ackhnowledgements, a toc if doing an anthology, an introduction, then the body of the book all as pdf files if he wants the book to be a success on That is all part of the DYI aspect of publishing. I was DYI from the git-go and that is something that kept me going as a writer, and I will submit out at the same time too. As some jackhole said of Dirty Black Winter calling it masterbatory -- no, I had stories that were published in other publications. I just had a few nonfiction pieces too and those were hard to place. Edgar Allan Poe was a self publisher, so was Charles Dickens --and the most famous editor. If you were an editor you looked to Charles Dickens and August Derleth, they did it right -- Derleth is the first horror publisher exclusively. The first writer turned publisher in the genre.
      Teaching writers how to self publish effectively is something I do to pass the time, I don't charge an arm and a leg to format teh book for because I don't take a lot of time with formatting a book anymore because it became easy for me. When I got Dirty Black Winter down -- it took me only two days to get it formatted for publication and that was the body. It took me four hours to do the table of contents of the anthology because I was trying to figure out the sequencing of the order. Many anthologists go to to publish anthologies because it is designed for it, but now they are going back to my ex-publisher as their current publisher. Some people don't understand how was my publisher at one point when they bought out
     I was not happy with booksurge so I joined I don't have a pdf blender or ghost scripts to blend pdf files. That is where I might need help with the design and the layout if I am going to work with again. I will have some anthologies with and some with if I can get it just right. Then one or two with if they can let me upload more than one pdf file. Working on new material on top of practicing with public domain novels, what I am doing is really honing my skills as an editor -- not bad for someone who had a limited college education. That is one thing some people underestimate with me, and in a society where it is almost ran by homos I feel like that damn minority when I do a publishing house that goes without sex.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

asshole admits it

The asshole stalker and cyberbully finally admits he's trying to ruin me with the false domains of The Ethereal Gazette and Broken Mindframe Books. It was clear he wanted to stifle the magazine because my not allowing gay content -- I got a lot of nasty names because of this then I got this faceless cunt stalking me site to site too. All of the goons need to be car bombed for what they've done. I know that sounds a little violent but I have no fucking tolerance for bullies. It is the one thing I hate with a passion. I am keeping my hostile postings off the site while they do their investigations. is doing their own investigations about who is the taggers of my books with the Pedophilia and homosexuality tags. I want to kick the taggers ass over it. I left some unpleasant tags but they're rooted in truth and my experience dealing with them. I noticed the assholes at Encyclopeda Dramatica came back with the page about me too. I am trying to figure out a way where I can really sue them over it. Seriously looking into lawyers and all of that to see what it takes for them to pay the damages they did to my reputation. I took a hit because of that and because of the assholes of I wish my cousin didn't follow because 4chan hates me. I got called some pretty unpleasant things because of my no sex policy -- when I took a stand against slash fiction, they wanted my head on a platter.
 ;    I am taking what they did to me on a public level to show people that they can't do it to anyone else. I am pissed and looking for my resolve. It's clear that Encyclopedia Dramatica libeled me saying I contracted AIDS from Edgar Allan Poe's grave -- if they said that to my face they'd be getting their ass kicked from Jefferson Street in Joliet to State Street in Chicago. They hate me as it is and seems like Sherrod DeGrippo stepped down from there because she couldn't take the pressure of people breathing down her neck for all the shit she caused. I am waiting for the assholes to e-mail me after seeing the blog here because they're going to have spots on the wall of shame. Fags like this piss me off to the core -- and do it on a personal level. They make it really personal when they plagiarize then bully me on top of it. Then make long distance harassing phone calls committing the crime of harassment by phone and harassment by wire. IT's hard to press charges on people like this because it's a relatively new crime but when it comes to AutoAim I will have a case because he's harassed me for three years.

new feed added

Since I have a hard time getting the archive page set up, I am going to have a feed of five entries from as an atom feed on this blog for people can read each entry on there -- I have a tagbox for those who want to interact with me on there. I want something for people who come to this blog and read the entries in the feed and some of my works from are on an rss feed too. If you have a livejournal, I encourage you to do a feed to the journal too to give it some traffic because they do one entry at a time when it's a feed from another place.
     There will be links to each entry individually too on there and they have a zero tolerance for impersonation. So if you have a hard time getting to each entry, this will be an easy way to access them as they are released on the location. I am always working on new entries for that location and it is often updated when I have something that's 2100-3000 words to read and when I get about 20-30 entries I will choose a few from them to make a book for I am doing a few anthologies too and will be announcing them on Blurty. and are the only places I have that are similar to left. There was a lot of bullshit on and a lot of the bullying I got stemmed from

just written and working on more

For everyone's reading pleasure I give them Grotesque Wanderings -- I got this from reading Reverend Beast's blog about Joe Osteeen. Yeah Osteen gives me nightmares I remember when I would go around Chicago and wait for the train people would draw on his picture making him look like the Devil. Kind of trippy to see but what you see with Grotesque Wanderings is more of my background as I am working on a new short story. The new story is about 3,100 words so far. I am working on some others as well too and while I am doing that I am reporting all the libelous tags I got with I am going to share the e-mail from about the tags on Dirty Black Winter and A Library Of Unknown Horrors -- I got one of the contributor copies ready for that one and the second to last newspaper I have from the Joliet Herald News -- I will have to photocopy future copies of this for people if they want to see the complete thing as it appears in the paper.

Dear Nickolaus,

     Thank you for contacting Lulu Support and for your patience. I have requested that our engineers remove the inappropriate tags from your product's listing page. You should see them removed within a day or two. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your assistance helps us provide a more pleasant shopping experience for all Lulu customers. If you should need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via return email. Have a great day.
     Thank you,

Brittany W.
Lulu Enterprises, Inc

I love it when they get ahold of me as soon as possible about these sort of things. I have a few projects planned and working on the sequel to the namesake -- there are a few writers who just signed on for this and waiting for more. I am working on getting Issue 13 uploaded but I am at the mercy of my uncle because he's the one that drives in the house. If I can get him to get me up to the library I will have the issue out some time tonight, if not today I am aiming next week -- so the issue will be out before Halloween. I noticed on the artwork of the cover -- the book spine has "Edgar Allan Poe" which is pretty damn cool because I am publishing The Black Cat in the issue.
     I am keeping my story under wraps in there because I don't want that asshole Baupdeth plagiarizing the damn thing. He's not only another David Boyer but he's also slanderous as well -- it may not be far off if he was one of the people who did some of the slanderous tags on the 10th issue and those tags ruin sales of a publication. It is because of them I don't get the royalties for a publication and without the royalties I can't get contributor copies sent off. I have written something on that is also in the 2000 word range called The Bully Effect -- those word ranges are coming out like nothing for me for some reason or another. If I really sat down and did a novel I might be able to pull it off using MS Office 2007 since I own a legitimate copy of the program -- I was forced to using demos of the program to write sometimes.
     I wrote the story for the next installment of the namesake for this. I am sending the contributor not only a copy of the anthology but a copy of the newspaper that the book appears in for him to frame it at home. I thought he moved to L.A. in the year since the book was re-released. I am close to the one year anniversary of Issue 12 and promoting Dirty Black Winter hard too. I am working on getting new readerships with the codexed location. The thing about baupdeth is he can't write an original title so he plagiarizes from me -- that is typical of a bully too cyberbullying overlaps with the whole plagiarism thing. I've been a damn writing fool in the past few days I've got the computer home.
     I got about 275 pages in the 13th issue's body alone so the issue will be about 284 pages for $13.98 so the reader is really getting a deal for that amount in terms of a trade paperback literary journal. I am happy I am able to get back to working on the magazine after having to be on a public computer to communicate for nearly three months. I was sacrificing merchandise copies and contributor copies to get them in the hands of newspapers and magazines to review now I can send pdfs to review again. Some dipshit decided to tag my new book "homosexuality" and that will be reported to -- I am not a homosexual. Sorry I am not Andrew Wolter, My name is Nickolaus Pacione, orientation straight male and hate author Poppy Z. Brite. Some asshole also tagged the book "Pedophilia" they need their ass kicked for doing that because they clearly want to ruin a guy's hard work and career. I worked very hard on Dirty Black Winter and I am not about to let some faggot ruin a book.
     Some bastard wants my book to have Poppy Z. Brite's fanbase but I don't agree with her fanbase so I insist that someone ceases from doing those tags to the books because it's giving me the wrong audience. It is something that would do because they had it in for me from the beginning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

address storefront changed

The storefront for my account changed to this, and I am still learning how to use that one because they don't allow HTML anymore but the cool feature they have is they do allow video. That is something I am going to take full advantage of. I noticed that there are a few people adding some really helpful tags with the anthologies too -- tags that are more acurate to the anthology than the "gay" "erotica" and "porn" tags to the books. I am guessing that marlowe1 had something to do with that, he's not really a good Jew if he's willing to bare false witness.
      Well with that being said there is a lot to this new storefront I need to get used to on many ways and many levels. I am used to having some cool HTML done to the storefront but they retired that because they wanted to make it more friendly with google. I will be doing a video the moment I get some batteries in the camera and get a new card reader. It seems like when one thing gets fixed another thing breaks. I am just waiting on my royalties from to get some gout medicine for my foot. I am going around with a major limp and that sucks to the core.
      I have to update the Angry Guinea Books storefront as well, but right now doing a press release for the anthology. Better late than never I guess, I want to send that to one of the Italian-American journals with a pdf of the anthology for them to review. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like that horror-web bitch promoting the piracy of the book and people offering pirated copies of Tabloid Purposes 2. I saw in my e-mail that the one called sweetexile is promoting the piracy of a book -- not cool. I don't pirate books even the authors I hate with a passion. I respect that side of the industry but I don't respect Boyer at all because he's going around harassing Jeani after the fact she went after him for plagiarism. IT pisses me off that Boyer uses his pen names on to sell his plagiarism -- that gives self-publishers and self-released material a bad name.

Progress On New Short Story

I reached the 2000 word range with this one and man it is a story I am going to be proud of when it's finished -- I mean House of Spiders and Spectral Exile proud when it gets done. Don't get me wrong I have special places for stories like Ghosts In The Tornado because it got me a readership in the United Kingdom, but this one I am going to aim high with the market to submit it too. I am doing this to see what I can do with it -- God willing. I am shocked I was able to pick up where I left off when the computer needed to go into repair for the motehrboard. I am using my Edgar Allan Poe delivery with this one but at the same time it has the Richard Matheson vibe going for it.
     I am thinking about sending this one to Zoetrope when it gets done, but I don't know just yet -- it would be cool to get something like that placed big. Though it is hard to crack the larger places I've been trying the past eight years to hit the bigger places -- the first place I was turned down from was Book of Dark Wisdom. I hope that none of my friends get mad at the story I call Casting The Stones. I noticed that the story about me from the Joliet paper caught wind at I found this one when I was searching around for the Joliet article.
      I also wrote a new report called The Bully Effect which is on I did that after the bullying Brian Keene had done to me -- his bullying is thinly veiled. Though I had put this out in the open -- I did that for people to read to get some background about why I am the way I am now. The reason I grew the hair and the facial hair. The bullying became a social normalcy and that is a disturbing thing especially since the adults are the ones who are also doing the bullying ahem The Crusty Rail who goes and violates copyrights with posting certain articles without the newspapers permission. I had the permission to scan the Courant when it was done, and I printed out the other paper for a magazine out east. I sent my anthology to PRIMO Magazine and looking to send it to the other one that's in Riverside, Illinois.
      I am working to get the anthology noticed by the Italian-American community because I am not too far off from sticking to my heritage. I sent to Primo recently out of curiousity to see if they would do a review of it and document the speaking at the museum. I noticed that the bully Thomas M. had tried to say he hasn't sent anything well he doesn't run Lake Fossil Press though he is going out of his way to sabotage anything I do -- one of the bullies created a fake site called Lake Fossil Films when I don't have a film company and clearly I will not do gay porn if I did. I am looking to do an umbrella company that will be filed as an LLC. I am looking to call it a Trust and this will be the umbrella for both Lake Fossil Press and Writings From The Grave -- the namesake anthology is the second book to be published under Writings From The Grave. Dirty Black Winter is the third to be published like this.
      So with that -- there are two new free reads that came out in the same day one later that night and one earlier that day. I am doing that to keep people occupied while working on the new short story I am writing exclusively to submit out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

fuck someone thinks I am Boyer

I am pissed they said that because he stole from Richard Matheson, there are a lot of things I share with Richard Matheson in terms of similarities being a wide range horror author. I also write with heterosexual couples exclusively, so that is where some people might draw the conclusion but I didn't steal from anyone. That is the flaming fruitloop, Thomas M. going around with his cyberbullying all over again. This is something that will piss him off -- when people say I got no fans, my fans spread across the entertainment industry. The bio on got it right about me.
     What makes me sick is all the bullying -- they think they can push me down but when it gets to someone I knew for 20 and respected. It got personal especially when it came to Brian Keene. I am guessing AngryInIllinois is really Brian Keene. He supports bullies like The Chrusty Rail who didn't read the article in the Joliet paper, and Mike Mullig the fucking cubicle slave actually had the gall to take a shit on that article calling it fluff. I am giving him a chance to say that in Richmond because I will have him carted off for slander. I wonder how many lawsuits Brian Keene has on him.
      But saying that I am stealing from I AM LEGEND, that is fucked up and I would never do that. Boyer doesn't have the stones to go on video explaining why he steals from so many including me. I would be thinking about writing Ferral to see if he would want to write for an anthology I am putting together with a different story he wrote that Boyer stole -- Boyer the fag stole from me too, he stole A Mind Of Illness. I had someone steal from me before for my magazine -- they plagiarized a story called The Ferryman's Wheelchair from The House of Pain.
      A source told me that Cox actually was going to steal from Sony for her rip-off anthology of GAME OVER. She had a PS3 controller for her cover and had blantantly had an image of Sony on the console. I am waiting for her to do something stupid and post that cover because she would have herself a lawsuit and she would need to pawn her kids to the black market to pay back her debts. The only future she has is writing Twilight Fan Fiction and getting celebrated with it because she is nothing but a fandom wank endorsed troll who was a plant in the industry. The only way someone can save her rat hole is if they had a bunch of writers who hate me get together and do an anthology.
      She might as well get a job like those two broke girls flipping burgers, bonus and a free copy of the anthology if someone gets a photo of her wearing a McDonald's uniform. I know that is a little evil, but that is something that AngryInIllinois is better off doing -- flipping burgers and bullying the cashiers. That is the future he has because all the things he did were built upon a lie and another lie -- cannot keep his lies straight. Especially when I was working fast food for the final time, I quit working Burger King when I was 22 because it was demeaning and didn't get the hours to support an apartment. I don't get the ones who are fiftysomething working there -- that is a teenagers job.
      I am thinking that when I got my computer fixed I am focused as ever, I invited some former contributors who walked to be part of a project giving them a choice of having a place in history or remaining with a rathole. Boyer doesn't have an original thought in his head, I take a lot from my own life -- hoping that I would inspire writers with this blog or with the memoir. I have the photo ready for the novel and looking to have this set up with an artist too. I don't go sleeping with the artists to get the artwork such as Cox did, and the artist is less than skilled. I wish that cyberbullying homo would get a life and fall in love with a fucking unicorn. That might come off as being quite offensive but really I don't care. I am just pissed someone thrown that accuati0on of me stealing from one of my influences as an author, an author I respect very much.
      Nor Boyer or Cox have any respect for anyone -- that was their downfall. I knew Cox wasn't going to last, so I outlasted that one too. That is what she gets for trying to fuck with one of my contracts.

Keene Had A Chest Buster

Fuck Him--it should have killed him because it serves him right for talking shit about my family. If I found him there with the chest buster, I just let him rot. Some people may want my blood for that one but I could care less -- for him saying the shit about me in May. I just found out about that and someone who knew me from way back caught wind of it. Keene likes to sabotage people left and right, that heart attack is punishment for it. I could see Keene getting pissed at me for that one, he should have never thought about touching Lake Fossil.
     Some might say that is up there with what I said about my ex-fiancee's dead mother about dancing on her grave. What he did is up there with what Sammi E. Cox had done to my writing career in trying to stifle the thing. Keene should have learned from Cox because her career is done unless she is going to be writing twilight fan fiction exclusively now. Someone told me her company is closed down now but I am trying to see the website to make sure it's closed and dead. Any straight writer and they must be straight willing to defect from PAnic Press -- first person to defect gets a spot on Issue 14 of the magazine. Lead spot if they get the anthology they were in flagged from
     She can keep the useless bastards of The Dark Fiction Spotlight but one of them I want for the line up and that's the one who is my age because if I can single her out -- I can prove that all of them are holding her back. The only way she can get the company back is if she gets a lot of writers who all hate me equally writing an anthology that hammers into me. Now she wants to do something like that because I think she blames me for the death of Panic Press. That was a sinking ship of shit anyway.

new free read

While I am working on some more print exclusive works, there will be a free read every now and then and they will be linked up to the size here of this blog as an rss feed, this journal will also play host for a combined writing and video journal meaning there will be entries between 2000-3000 words paired with videos when I get the videos going. This will work like my diary-x journal when I had that going.
     This is what I wrote from all the entries that were handwritten in the notebook. I wrote this in the vein I wrote a story that will be going in the namesake anthology volume two. I was cleaning out the e-mail address being used by that one because I had some dipshit try to sign it up for fag porn. I am not amused, whoever did it needs their balls cut off. Well with that being said -- here's Casting The Stones. The journal is called An Author's Journal -- and it has a chatbox that pops up on here. The new place is from the guys who brought out Diary-X in the early part of the 2000s. I will send people from my friends on facebook to join me on This will be the first free read in a long time and this one came from a nightmare I had that came about from being called a troll and a stalker by Carrie Monster.
     This will have the feel of the memoir. I am going to e-mail this to a few websites to get the listing about me updated to replace the wordpress blog with this link instead because some cunt got the wordpress pulled. The memoir can be linked from here and one can compare the two to see the similarities. I will eventually be putting the entries in this one journal together in a book when I have enough entries. I am doing this to celebrate that I got my computer back home and able to get some serious work done with the magazine. I am scouting for artists now for parts of Issue 13 where it is not just my work and a public domain work of art in there going with a famous short story in the public domain.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Any submissions sent to me

Will be looked at for the magazine when the computer gets home from repair -- it is a huge $375 bill to have this fixed. I will be getting the rest of the money for the repair job on December 3rd then it will be my post office box paid up. I apologize for those who are waiting for the issue to come out -- it will be all worth the wait. I sent the namesake anthology off to Primo Magazine and sure that would piss off the set because they are showing their facist nature right now. I am trying to talk to a friend to type up the entries I am handwriting in a composition book and giving her a rare edition of Tabloid Purposes IV as compensation for her work.
    I am in the status of using public computers so I am using this to update my blog to people to see the magazine is still alive, but just waiting for the computer to be completely operational before I do anything there. I am setting up a special e-mail address for a project I am putting together the moment the computer is fixed and this will be for people to send submissions for an anthology I am doing that follows up the namesake project. I am getting things for the trip and will be getting my train ticket next month -- but I am taking donations for the computer to be completely paid up by next month so I can get the late issue ready to go. I am e-mailing people who are submitting for the issue so I am letting them know I am looking at the submissions the moment the computer is fixed.
     I am looking to have everything ready to go before I leave for Richmond in terms of the magazine. There will be video of me done by the museum speaking at the Poe Shrine. I am looking forward to the trip to speak that museum and the line up will be straggling in throughout the year to sign the book for the curator so the curator will have a line up signed book. I will be chatting with possible writers on the namesake project via facebook when I get to a computer to update the blog or check my messages on there. I am cleaning out my gmail inbox as I speak and looking through the hatemail. I got my copy of Dirty Black Winter as it is corrected so that means the book is available on soon and one of the stories in the book is a free preview. The person who is doing the libelous tags of the book will be kicked off when I report the tags to the staff of the site because they did a good job cleaning house on this sort of thing. The person who did those tags didn't read the second story about me chosing to sleep on a park bench in Baltimore than in bed with a faggot male.