Friday, August 3, 2007

An Equal Opportunity Insulter

I guess a few people got pissed off by a little insult I made on this blog, but I think I will do a post that is even more insulting than the last one. I am an equal opportunity insulter. Not discriminatory who I am going to insult, but if someone insults my intelligence I will say something. Yeah don't like it, take it up with the complaint department.

So I will say this -- not only of the bimbo who recently messaged me but I will say this of the 2313 that insulted me after the fact I did an interview.

The little bitch decided to rattle off about her publishing credits -- it doesn't matter what her publishing credits are, if they diss on me then it will be something that will unleash the hounds of hell. Get a life, fucking bimbo.

So I guess her idea of horror is the style with overt sex scenes and shit. That's not my idea of writing horror, and I like to write with pure muscle. I am sure the bitch will keep smarting off somewhere about me, two words lady -- fuck off.