Friday, August 3, 2007

Go Fuck Yourself Freeman

"Enjoy being unpublished, unremarkable, and unwanted, Nick. Life is what you make it, and you made yours a world of shit."

-- Bob Freeman

Keep telling yourself that Freeman, you keep telling yourself that as I got another story accepted somewhere. For a fat fuck, you're not that smart either. I read that little story of yours too, and I will say this much -- it sucks balls. Come on, there's more to Gothic Fiction than that shit you call writing.

Professional jealousy in his territory I guess. I've seen writers published on Xibiris more talented than him and far more imaginative. Come on Freeman you want to keep attacking me, yeah right farm animal fucking motherfucker. I am going to piss you off even more here. Fucking bastard. I have more heart than you have and twice as much talent to boot. You might have got your dick sucked by Koehler for that review you have. You call yourself harsh, sorry asshole I am twice as harsh as you would ever be.

You write your shit that you call "fiction" and let me earn my royalties and enjoy having a career as an author. You started this feud not me. Just because they have to pay an arm and a leg to get their book published that doesn't mean they are less talented than the mass market. Just because interviews are falling on my lap now you get pissed off, and maybe I might have another diss story in me somewhere. I said all hate mail will be posted, right?

I've written better stories than "Pillow Talk" on a bad day, and I will say Misguidance is much better than that one is. He's just another fat fuck who got his ass burned -- listen Bobby, don't burn a guy on his birthday. It is a good way to really get shit going the wrong way on you. I never liked you from day one as a person.

I don't give a flying fuck about your career, and the next thing I want to do is take a shit on your novel and video tape the aftermath. All I did was an interview and you're acting like I just fucked your wife.

I didn't print out naked pictures of your wife so don't act like I just fucked your wife. You're acting like someone just got naked pictures of your wife and trying to get my blog flagged, yes I do read your blog mother fucker -- shut the fuck up already. Vile -- not really, just get pissed off when fucks like you try to discredit me. You're fuckbuddy Keene often disses me and gets away with it for way too long. I guess you're pissed off by the little fact you just got DISSED. I didn't fuck your wife man, and I didn't threaten you. I may have taunted you but didn't threaten you.