Sunday, September 30, 2007

Send in the assholes

Damn, I got a signing or two coming up and already some asshole is trying to threaten the hell out of me to get me to stop a signing from happen. Yeah right. I am going to do signings and more are coming even if I have to do them in the rural areas first and work my way into the city. I realize the 815 alone is a large area and thinking Galena will be a good area to nail, never thought about that angle with where to go with this.
     The very fact that Valentine Vegen actually made his presence felt in my e-mail and christ it's getting old the fake sites -- what the fuck is next? Well I am going to press on and write new fiction, already started to write new short fiction and looking to get it placed around to different magazines. Send in the assholes and they're just getting even more lame by the moment. Trying to post my phone number on my very own guestbook you losers -- I am getting smart to it already. The fact some of you are going around posting my artwork and photos without permission, fuck's sake honor the copyrights of someone and not steal their creative properties -- I don't see a creative commons anywhere. Fuck you Creative Commons. Bastards have no respect for the standard copyright which my work is protected by. This is the fact that allows this kind of copyright when publishing a book in print and the next step is to get an Library of Congress number, and that is something that is well planned for some of the projects.
     Does it look like I have a creative commons on my blogs -- fuck off, I don't use that kind of copyright because I will eventually put my own blog to print and use to put it out there. The more venomous rants will be the ones that will be in print; the fact I can say what ever I damn well please on this pisses people off all the more. Here's to the assholes who pirated my non-fiction book, let's hear it for them -- those of you who want to send them endless hate mail the e-mail address to point it to is there. Send in the assholes, believe me they're fucking endless like zombies or cockroaches -- try to Nagasaki them, they keep coming back.
     They got highs in new lows when I did my annoucement on Nextcat about a Lake Fossil Press Babe, some asshole posted a fake site which had some fucking shemale humping a headstone. Jesus christ; schmucks. Son of a bitches have no life if you ask me -- and believe me, I am more than pissed right now I got some asshole calling me from another area code from out of state because some prick posted my phone number on myspace. This is getting more intense because this weekend is the weekend of cocksucker central, and yes I will call Valentine Vegan a cocksucker. I am starting to see a pattern with them the moment I get more promotion time with each book they foam at the mouth.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

more from the schmuck brigade

"the decision has been made, and what better day than today. the day is coming where books shall be burned in large numbers. works pirated in mass quantities; it's already started. group efforts made to annihilate the opposition. he wants to go live, hey, so can we. when were done he'll wanna crawl back under that rock though. the pacione family is going to be VERY embarrassed. Knock, knock, knock…"who is it" grammy pacione, we’re here for your son. open up! we just want to take him for a stroll. maybe tie him to a tree, smear doody over his face, shave his head. we know he’s in there….please tell him to come outside, mammy pacione.
    all of the pirated work will belong to pacione. all of the authors who pay dearly will be his cronies. that goes for his butt buddy across the atlantic too. and that shitbag from deviat art for his crude joke. we cant let that one slide. but first nickypoop. in the end, he'll be forced to tow the line for the pussy he is and he’ll eat the shit out of the ass of the big elephant. elephants have been known to stomp on mice. yes sirree, greasy wont have a choice. do you like peanuts pacione? no, really, do you fuckin eat peanuts…because before the month is over you'll be eatin grade A mass marketed nuts. and you're going to enjoy it too."

Bastards still won't learn. Two words "buy print" when it comes to indy press books. There is one master here and I am controlling the strings and I will continue to promote that non-fiction book plus put all the surface of all the cyber-bullying that's been going on. The fact being that some would go as far to impersonate me for one, steal copyrighted works. You didn't create the story or do the photograph, the only thing that you have the right to do is spend the money on it. My work of contraband is available for purchase. There will be an anthology that will be coming soon and submissions will be opened up to only people who've been bullied by Encyclopedia Dramatica. I am not talking the far left or those who are actually dicksuckers, but I am looking for the regular people who've been harassed by such sites without end. I am looking to get this anthology in the hands of Illinois legislature so they can see what kind of shit these people are doing and see if there could get a law passed for cyber-harassment and impersonation, impostor journals are bullshit. There should be a law against it.. RJ Sevin you fucked up by stealing my photos, no book sales for you asshole. I think they're mad because I am talking back my pictures one by one -- the fact I am taking back means I am the right full owners so get your grubby shit covered fingers off my intellectual properties unless you bought the book.

leave. my. family. out. of. this.

Listen up and good to the people posting as me and the people who are making my address public. This is the exact reason why I am doing my post office box in Joliet. Creating a fake blog which impersonates me is just wrong enough as it is. Going around saying my book was free is wrong too because that is misleading too. I never made my book available for free either. I never made my phone number public either so whoever posted the phone number your ass is mine too. Posting my address -- you're going to be fair game too.


To anyone who is posting and making our telephone number and address public this needs to stop here and now. My husband and I now live in this house and we will not put up with this. There are 3 ill people in this home that Nick lives in. It is hard enough to take care of ill people. Have you tried to take care of 2 ill senior citizens? How about you spend more time with your family than trying to play high school games. We do not need to live in fear of our address being made public because you feel that you need to carry on some vendetta against Nick. Also to whoever thinks it is funny to call someones home and hang up, your phone numbers are now being automatically sent to our local police station as the numbers come in private. And we are prepared to file harrasment charges each and every time. We are tired of having our daily lives interupted because you think it is a funny thing to do. This is not Nick's home. Nick only stays here temporarily due to his former roomate. This all needs to end.

For the record about the whole apartment situation I left on my own because I was tired of footing the bill for the particular room mate in question. I was in the negative 95% of the time because I was constantly stuck paying some of her bills. The bill I was stuck with was the Comcast bill and that was in my name. I got that because I needed a phone in the house and when I left, it was on my own accord. Rusty Nail you're twisting the truth around on that one and this will be made clear in this blog, here and now.
    I will go on record that isn't my grandmother writing that message. That is one of my cousins. They've done nothing to you so leave them the hell alone.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

bastards, fucking bastards all of them

My notes are in Italics here, and there is an imposter blog trying to get me looking like a fudgepacker when clearly I am not one of those. Whoever is behind that impersonator handle needs to be dragged to the street and shot like a rabid animal.

He used to brag that his 79 (add twenty points to that then you got it right. My IQ is 98 -- two points less of 100. I scored a 75 on the AFVAB. I am in the high average.) It's not even worth a B-. An IQ of 130 isn't too shabby, but it still won't get a person into Mensa.

Someone is impersonating me again and this time isn't funny. Boycott all titles by Creeping Hemlock Press in support of An Eye In Shadows. Do not buy any title of theirs or do not buy any book by Zoe Whitman. Fucking loser posted my address up this time around. Now I have to fight using video blogs now. It's going to happen I am going to go video too now just to prove that I am not the fake and those assholes are the fakes. Boycott Dubbyk Press while you're at it I am going to make Timothy Lieder go broke and cost him some book sales in the process. Do you think pirating someone's book is funny? I am beginning to think that Mina McGregor is behind the piracy of Tabloid Purposes II because when I sent her a copy of it -- she said immediately that it got leaked and then Kucek bragged about owning a pirated copy of the book
        Support the self-published instead of buying books by the assholes on the leisure roster who like to ruin it for everyone else -- the hell with The Rockaway Hooker or the fuck with Keene's books. I will never give them a dollar of my money. I encourage people to show up with their signings with copies of An Eye In Shadows asking why would they accuse an honest writer of plagiarism.

Book Burner: the censorship and pirating of nickolaus pacione from ferryman's wheelchair to eye in shadows (is that it?) is something new to consider, but this shit will start happening all over again. According to the masses, there have been challenges on specific works, with many industry names lodging complaints, often fanned by the flames of pacione's sudden outbursts or outrages against people, then stirred up by members of his original anthology series. Valentine Vegen: so what do you propose? Beatdown? Bodily harm?
    Book Burner: book burning rallies of his work are the way to go, if approached correctly, and if done at horror conventions may even prove successful (and funny as shit!), but recent "crusaders" (his homeboys from his lineups) have pressed for the elimination of such acclaimed authors as the ones you see on the Leisure lists. I think we need to involve his family. the fucker's got his relatives helping him buy and stock up on titles of this book of his. They deserve the prank phone calls. keep it up. I think we need to really mess with his head too. (see the new site that sprouted up. Just like what I said in the non-fiction book too.) He needs to be taught a lesson. The only nazi here is himself. In some cases, people like pacione can be persuaded or threatened with book burning or prosecution in a court if they see that the books are libelous and too controversial, regardless of grammatical errors.
    Valentine Vegen: interesting. I say we strike

I saw what you said you fag and yes you're days are numbered tick-tock, tick-tock asshole, someone's about to kick your ass. The little fag who wrote the story between my son and I bragged about pirating An Eye In Shadows. If you see this asshole in a club in Chicago -- punch him between the eyes if I don't get a chance to punch him first. This is the picture of the asshole if you see him before I do. Pirating a book is a fight waiting to happen and you made it clear that you are pirating my non-fiction book. Piracy hurts writers -- let writers earn their money from a project. I am going to do some free pdf of asshole's photos who will end up being dart board targets.

Got Darts?
"I just encountered a few people who were interested in purchasing Nickolaus’ non-fiction book so I sent them all FREE copies thus ruining his sales. *beams brightly*"

OPEN SEASON. It's hunting season and this asshole will be introduced to the pointy end of a crossbow. You crossed me for the last time, Velmonturna or better known as Christopher Pack is one of those assholes who isn't going to get anywhere in life so he is going to be famous for the asshole who sucessfully pirated one of my books. Damn loser needs to get a goddamn life. whoever is behind that impersonator posting, I am coming for you. Velmonturna -- I. am. coming. for. you.

Part two of this one another asshole who can kiss my ass -- fucking with a guy's disability. This is the kind of person who needs to be locked away too. This is the cocksucker's message on a particular message board. I think a phone call or an e-mail to SBC is in order here, the fact that the guy is making a threat against a guy's way to get his medical care.

What was his error, you might ask? Well, see, in telling me to kiss his ass (or asshole, it isn't quite clear), he's done nothing but piss me off. So now, Jim has a new hobby! You thought the Pike debacle was interesting? That was nothing, really. First up, I think the State of Illinois will be getting a phone call regarding Nickolaus and the funds he receives from the state due to his various and sundry disabilities. See, from my understanding, they don't take kindly to folks abusing the system. Not accusing him of anything like that at this point, just something they might want to look into.
    After that, the IRS might want to get involved to ensure he's not hiding funds he might be receiving from what he refers to as his writing. Not to mention, folks on disability are sometimes found to be working for cash in order to supplement their admittedly small checks from the state. Not saying Nickolaus is engaged in such behavior, but the state might want to check to be sure.
    At the same time, I'll be in contact with every online service he uses, from his ISP to web hosting companies. I want to make sure they know EXACTLY what he's up to when he's online.
    Might also get in touch with the IL ICAC unit and suggest they look into his activities as well, just to cover all the bases.
    Nick, I'm sure at some point you'll be reading this. Please know that I am very, very good at what I do. That is not hubris or braggadocio, just fact. See, out here in big people world, there are consequences for one's actions. The Morris Police Department might think you are nothing but a guy who slips off his meds from time to time, ranting and raving from his grandparents' basement. They actually have a higher opinion of you than I do.
    You are no longer in control of the situation.

The impersonator still mouths off on the asshole's blog. You bastards my address and phone number aren't public information. RJ you creating those graphics became your funeral. I got nothing to apologize for when I say what I say on here as much as this particular asshole who is posting my address and taking my idenity thinks it's funny to steal my name and everything. Now they are going and using my actual blog link for their link too -- do you fucks think that's funny? Really Do you think that's funny -- I don't think so personally. RJ -- you're an asshole for stealing my photos to begin with you sad faggot. I wish I had a voodoo doll and had some fun with the thing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am not going to apologize.

The only thing I am going to apologize for what, being myself. I am not apologizing to those assholes who. I demand an apology from the host of that site who allowed the uploading of my book on there. I want to say this right now -- there are two words I am going to say to the fucker who calls himself valentinevegen and they are these two, piss off. I am going to make that interview available that was taken down from, and I thought Staggs was a stronger individual than that. Staggs, you didn't even show interest in the books I wrote or anything like that. What is your major malfunction? I will say this much right now, the bastards are pissed despite the public harassment on forums by a few nameless cunts here and there.
      I will be even more malicious when time goes on if people continue to flood my inbox with propaganda of Brian Keene's books I will get more and more motivated to go public even further with the non-fiction book and it is now. I guess you assholes have no real mentality of your own and The Other Dark Place are nothing but a band of mental midgets who have too much time on their hands. Seeing a site like The Rusty Nail stalking forums I call home too -- the fact that they're pathetic little white trash fucks who basically go around wearing white robes and pointy hats. Yes I am calling them KKK.
      What you assholes plan to do -- burn a cross on my lawn? I am not afraid of you assholes, the fact that you pirated the book is just a bad move on your part, and I will bring that to the press the fact that you did that is an asshole move of all asshole moves there. You fucks are harassing me saying that I should apologize to everyone I offended -- fuck off. You assholes are in violation of what they call freedom of speech and expression. That applies to me too and The First Amendment defends the more unpopular speech and that is something that Blogger seems to encourage -- the fact this place is a double edge sword in that sense of the word. What people fail to understand about this wonderful country of ours is that this country was born out of radical ideas, and the fact that I voted for George W. Bush will piss off the whole velvet mafia.(you bastards have way too many rights. Besides, I donate money sometimes to the American Family Association. I support the traditional family. Traditional Marriage does work.) I also learned something about John F. Kerry (the Anti-Christ -- as I referred to him on my blog on Modblog. Is one of George W. Bush's distant cousins, a few times removed. That it was why the 2004 election was intense -- it was a family feud like the Hatfields and the McCoys.) My book was forged out of conspiracy theories and yes I am intrigued by this whole thing.
      I think I am going to really love it here -- damn I couldn't even be half this shocking when I was posting on LiveJournal, Modblog, and some of the other ones. So I am going to enjoy it here the most. Who'd thought a guy from the Midwest can cause so much noise that would disturb the universe. I got a nice little article that I plan to put up on that one site. They want me to put a price on my head for what, I subscribe to Conservative Politics (yes I might be a dark author but that doesn't put me in that end of things that tends to have everyting left leaning.) The very fact that some of these assholes are wanting to go as far as to pirate all of the works that are published in print, please note I don't buy e-books but if I am going to truly support the author I would buy the print versions. I am an avocate for buying print books only because the whole thing with e-book piracy is just as evil as pirating a band's mp3.
      I didn't get in a particular anthology because I was too Conservative. I was almost published with one anthology but he learned that I subscribed to everything Conservative so he told me that I wouldn't be a good fit for that reason. One of the reasons I turned away one author on Myspace was because of this too. I apologize for one thing I don't subscribe to their agendas and I make no apologises about that. Yes this will piss a lot of people off and would make me fodder for a lot of things including Encyclopeda Dramatica, and I got my own little article I will load up and this is available for free.
      When I wrote this one -- I knew I needed to write it because the fact that a number of people are pissed at the fact that I finally told my side of the story. I am going to use the same place that they managed to use to pirate my book, except I see something useful for this place after all. I am tempted to make this thing a $ 3.40 download on In fact I just might -- tempted to make it available for free or for a download either way the story will be told. I might put an anthology together of all the entries that would stand out with this blog too dealing with other writers and dealing with the blogtards that are out there and this would be the assholes behind Encyclopeda Dramatica. "Free publicity" bull shit -- that's not free publicity. The fact they would be willing to link the pirated copy of the book from that site will be the thing that will be grounds to destroy the people behind that site once and for all. I am tempted to publish stories by people who have had bad dealings with that site, not talking types who write slash and that shit -- I am looking for the real people who have their horror stories to tell about that site and how they ruined their life. This is the only way I can really follow up this book is to run a true story anthology by people who've been harassed by that site. I am encouraging you all to come forward.
      If you have LiveJournal entries you've written that are at least five pages in length that would have your horror stories with this site, I will have an e-mail address set up for this. I am doing this book more as PSA how these kind of sites can do damnage that can't be fixed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the e-pirates are known

"such as send 13,145 unwanted yet pirated copies of Nicky Pacione's non-fiction scalding bucket of piss, scat, shit, doo doo, or urine to every writer of every level of genre. you got it, greasy, mass communication and mass emails. we did this by the book, just like you did your thing with your book. now you will lose sales, people will open their emails and laugh at you, perhaps even press delete. but, too late. what's done is done. you have been pirated. And we will keep pirating you. For the next project 13,000 will seem like 26,000. After that 26,000 will turn into 52,000.... After that 100,000." --
I got an e-mail from some cunt aolheller who I have to take a guess is a fandom wank with her mentality. I can tell Brian Keene is foaming at the mouth right now because the book exists and I will be able to get more copies at will. Dickhead responded and I will post the thread he blasted Lake Fossil Press on. I do have a freebie written and this thing is going to be sent around via PDF file more or less to allow people to really hear my side and not believe the bullshit that is openly spread around me.
      If no one is against me really then why the fuck would you pirate a goddamn book I worked hard to write. Keene you're nothing but a low life dick who needs to be taken down a notch. Is it really worth it to you to ruin some dude who has his own voice? You're nothing but a formula trend author who likes to strong arm his way to silence a person, knowing the kind of person you are -- you would more than likely do hard time to silence me. You know you want to get some trigger time on my work, that's the reason you try to get the books from but I am calling your bluff there on getting the copies of IV. You have no respect for people who refuse to kiss your ass. People are claiming you're the nice guy -- bullshit mother fucker, all I've seen is the bompous asshole who'd steal and lie about someone just to get their names dragged in the shit.
     I want to know what Philbin did to you guys that you have to put the heat on him -- leave the guy alone. He's trying to make his money like the next guy is. And this would be another goddamn hate mail I am getting from the same fucking address. I am thinking it's this loser who was making the crank calls. I guess that person who is doing all this hate mail has no life of their own.

"the end is here for you pacione. you aint doin no signings or gettin your non-fiction book in any bookstores. you're getting beat up instead. we're in the process of "things", you might say. Wayyyy beyond book burnings but that's still an idea. such as pirating and distributing EVERY piece of literature you have ever written. Authors den, everythign! its already been done extensively with your hateful autobiography, and now we will pirate it all and a certain demented man's family will become involved in the crossfire. the phone calls come for gramma yet, nicky? you did this to yourself nickypoo, and now the Paciones must pay. that's all there is to it.
       Philbin knew to flee shocklines as soon as he heard your book was coming out and that the storm was coming. oh, and it aint no F5 either. dagstine turned up evidence at the Rusty Nail, because even he knows he wants no part of your malignant swill. same goes for mr. enck. And your buddies with the original tabloid purposes will be taken care of in due time, but you first. oh, and that other malicious friend of yours with writer's cafe and deviantart? He will REALLY get what's coming to him. but you first nicky. this is a storm you will want to take cover from. were sorta like the CIA, nicky, but call us the HIA. that's how good we are at doing what we do. and we're far from finished yet."

This is how vicious this is getting and I got a tip from a guy who knew all about this, but I won't give away my sources -- so with that I got a deal coming my way with this guy's information that would cause more shockwaves than the autobiography did. I want to know what has my first line up did to this guy that really pissed him off? The email address is coming from -- this guy is hellbent and yeah I am going to hit the used book stores with the non-fiction book. That will be my method of attack with getting this book out there, First figure out ways to get the ISBN on this book being it was published with and this will be the first time I am going to really push a CafePress title.
       The idea for Broken Mindframe Books came from dealing this particular asshole. Fucking cunts need to get a life, and this asshole walks around threatening to get into a fight with me -- yeah I am waiting. This asshole wants to see me become the most blacklisted author in the business right now and one son of a bitch phoned cafepress to get my book taken down but I called to explain to them what was going on. They were understanding because I've been with them now for a good six years so they understand that I am a controversial figure even before I became a published author. Philbin I understand if you want nothing to do with me now because this book is out there. But one thing you always respected about me was an ironic sense of humor.

what fucking right do you have

To go around uploading a book on a site like, do you think that shit is remotely funny? I personally don't and those of you who buy books from assholes who pirate books from them, you're encouraging them. I hope Zoe W can't wash the blood off her hands for this because this is on her head too for posting on that forum. The woman is a cunt for buying into those assholes who pirate everyone's works -- so right now I am more than pissed, and want to kill someone for doing this shit. Keene you're responsible for this too and I will send my book in its physical form to leisure exposing you for the asshole you are. Do you hear me asshole, I am not a fucking failure. You're just a chump who sucked someone's cock to get your deal at leisure. You like to accuse me of plagiarism. I took the liberty to read the cunt's work and will say it sucks ass. I will ever buy a book of hers either because she runs with a circle of assholes who intend to ruin every sale of every book I have just because I did a book that is true. Keene -- you're going to be exposed for the asshole you are.
     You intend on crossing me one too many times and dissing on the publishers who do publish my work. I chose to self-release this particular project because print on demand is designed originally for the non-fiction books. I am beginning to think that effeminate mask is one of your suckbuddies who has an unhealthy obsession with trying to ruin my name as an author. Why the fuck can't you just let someone earn the money from their books. Richard Wright you're guilty of this too. All of you on that board who blast on me are nothing but mid-level white trash. I was proving a point with that book and my point was proven ten times over with people having a high school mentality when it comes to someone publishing themselves. Andy I hope you're reading this because this is what kind of bullshit I have to put up with every fucking day.
     I worked quite hard on that book and I think it's bullshit that you fucks actually went as far to pirate this project. Keene you're a fucking nothing and I will get this book in the hands of that fucking bookstore you got my signing cancelled from. If they turn this book away -- then they are just as fuckheaded as you are. That thread that bragged about stealing my book -- you're white gutter trash. Cussedness hope something nasty happens to you within the next six months such as a fucking chest buster. That's okay -- I got my ace in the hole. It must piss you assholes off that my stories are getting accepted in just about the same places you fucks got accepted at. Keene -- get used to seeing my name in print where ever you get published at dickwad. You assholes all need to die a horrible death, Keene you're providing a very bad example for your kid on the way. You assholes stalk the hell out of me to no end. Knight I am sure you're happy with your fuckbuddy, fucking pedofile bastards. Looking like rejects from To Catch A Preditor, I am sure you assholes go around looking for little boys to fuck in the ass.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I am playing for keeps assholes.


"Three words, chump: take it down- you had enough fun, you and Philbin? Well, the laughs are over, end of the day, and here is what i have to say and you WILL obey. (Yeah go fuck yourself and while you're at it go suck the horse off while you're at it.)

take the book down off cafepress - or else we're coming for you. the army of darkness will fall on you and smother you like an eclispse. comprehende? we're laughing now, and you might be gettin a chuckle in yourself, but by the day after tomorrow, a man in morris illionis won't find it so funny.

take it down or everybody you know faces the ultimate consequences.

-the horror conspiracy


You fucks pirated my book -- do you assholes respected any copyrighted material. I think the moderators of that board need to be lined up in a row on the street and shot in the head. Assholes. Sangiovanni I wish someone pirates both your book -- fucking cunt. I have a good temptation to actually distribute a few stories I got from the assholes who pirated my works around for free just to piss them off. As much as they have no respect for copyrights -- I think they need to be murdered rather brutally. Fucking assholes -- this is means war the fact that I wrote a non-fiction book is one thing, and the fact it is out there is another, but must you assholes pirate the book without end? You fuckers are everlasting cocksuckers. I am going to lead a boycott of Brian Keene's DEAD SEA just because what he did. You want to show your support for this -- here's what you do. Go to the bookstore with a print copy of An Eye In Shadows and show them this book instead. I will give some promotional materials for the book and copies of Tabloid Purposes IV for good measure. Want to earn a few copies of publications this is how you do it. FUCK DEAD SEA, FUCK KEENE AND BURN HIS WORKS.
      You fucking assholes did a book burning by doing that and you may as well shave your hair up to look like Adolf Hilter. Fucking pricks, go to hell you mother fuckers. I am encouraging a petition to get Leisure to get Dead Sea Cancelled from circulation everywhere. I am in kill mode you fucking terrorists, what right do you fuckers have to go posting someone's book on a forum? I am encouraging book burnings of A Day In The Life by Dan Fox and Susan Taylor. They are Nazis of the modern day. You fags don't have a life if you have to go around ruining someone's work like that -- you're a bunch of dicks who need to slowly kill yourselves. Does it feel good to ruin someone's name and career. Keene if I ever see you in Chicago I am clocking you. I will break both your fucking arms you little fuck. Starting with the fingers so you can't type then I am taking a pipe to your arms as hard as I could hit. Then I am going to break your fucking teeth -- one tooth at a time asshole. I don't fuck around like that assholes -- piracy is illegal. One of the reasons that I wish Keene goes broke and works die with him. The Other Dark Place is a haven of white trash.
      I think someone seriously needs to throw some bleach in their eyes or use a supersoaker mixed with bleach and piss use that mixture to create a tear gas. People like that need to be seriously hurt. Keene you are pompous cunt who has no sense of sportsmanship. Burn in hell mother fucker. I hope you little fags get a nice little virus with that book. That pirated book came with an installer. I hope you little assholes enjoy the virus.

"we've just started collaborating and putting together our 'counter book.' (Yeah there is a counter book planned on that counter book -- I plan to take each of you apart systematically.) only we're using your real name, family and friends, histories there, addresses and all. the public needs to know. no, not fag, bitch, cunt, scalding piss, shitwad, stuff like that. we're coming down on your punk ass with 506 pages -- double yours -- using the name Nicky Pacione and Tabloid Terror. Watch your back, son! because there is nothing you can do to stop the counter title now that you've released this libelous piece of shit.

so do yourself a favor and take that cafepress version down. now!

- the conspirators"


Who is croaked and made that faggot god? Yeah I've seen that cyberbully's kind come and go -- this would be the worst bastard I ever had to deal with. I want to see this psuedo-book of theirs. What is going to be one of those anthologies trying to collect all my extended family too. They'v done nothing to you -- all I did was write a non-fiction book, goddamn you fucks burn in hell already. All I can say is this you're following each other off the fucking cliff. Who the fuck are you to dictate who people should or shouldn't read asshole? Really who the fuck are you to do that or say that -- what the fuck are you, the fucking thought police.

It's available now..

The wait is over for the non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows. The 235 page print version is available now. And then the other version is available by direct link. The e-book is $16 to detract people from pirating the damn thing. (The version will be available upon e-mail request only and serious inquiries only.) I am sure that Mark Brennan might have pirated a few books in his time if you know what I mean. I guess you assholes are just waiting to get that counter-book done. Yes I know about your little "counter-book." This is the counter book to both Best of Hail Saten and the fucking "Truth About Dick" book -- yeah I am talking about you Fox and Taylor (you're still fucking cunts.) You want get the real dirt, that book will have it. That's if you'd be willing to spend the scratch to get it. Trying to "friend" my long time friends won't help you either.
       Media Black out this assholes. You want to try to stop this book from getting out there -- you failed amd failed miserably. You dicks want to sue me now -- for what the fact that I exposued a damn hierarchy and now that hierarchy is just a house of cards waiting to fall. Good luck trying to doctor up the covers too because even these are doctor prootf too. This book was two years in the making -- two false starts, but decided to get it written inside of three months. Three months time I have a full length book. This is what happens when you don't write short fiction or do as much as blogging for a month.
       MacDonald, still want to derail me asshole? This book will expose all the assholes for who they are, including the coward behind the effiminate green mask too. I've seen what the asshole did on his blog and he's nothing but a cyber-bully. Yeah I guess this will piss off a number of people the fact I did this kind of book but I knew it needed to be out there and published. I am going to be ordering up a few of these for a few book fairs. There is a lot of anger involved when I did write this book and the fact it needed to be written. I refused to tow the Leisure horror partyline and this was a middle finger in the face of Brian Keene, yeah I know now he wants to punch me right between the eyes for this kind of book because it will counter the New Fear. The cocksucker made me the butt of his sick joke for far too long and he's going to get a bucket of piss thrown in his face.
       Cyber-bullying, False-Friendships, I covered them in here -- the fact that Dagstine pretended to be a friend just so he can get information on the non-fiction book. As for the Kody Boye thing, I am not going to say anything vicious about him right now but I've seen the vicious thing he's said on the boards. That's what happens when people get too much power too fast, at such a young age. I do these tags on my blog just so I can keep everything organized. The fact That I've seen all this before on different message boards over the years. It will be things like this that will crumble the house of cards that is the current state of the genre. I've seen it on a number of levels, and this is where they kept me silent for way too long. It will be said and the frightening thing is when it it will be said -- there is nothing that can reverse the damage.
       It bothers them that the maps are being redrawn, and this is where the shadows dwell and real-life takes over from their fiction. The fact that I was a teen harassed made this book even more potent, and the ideas that assholes out there who are going go make my last part of my twenties a living hell and my thirties hell. Yeah right you fucks, you need to get a life already and quit with your goddamn'd stranglehold. Let a guy make his money on a book or a publication he made instead of going around passing around e-books for free on WildTangent, Napster or all of that shit. I know that The Other Dark Place does encourage e-piracy and I've seen it when they are posting passages of my fiction on the board. Freeman you had no permission to post my work on that forum so I guess you have no respect for copyrighted material. That's right keep foaming at the mouth.
       No one is safe in this book, the ones who made my life a living hell the past four years were the ones who are going to be the ones who are the ones who are going to feel the sting of this book the worst. Have fun drying your face off from the bucket of piss that was thrown in it. The whole thing with Mark Brennan publically lamblasting Lake Fossil Press on The Other Dark Place got me pissed off, and fucker your time is coming -- I will destroy you.
       As far as Dagstine calling me the Monster, yeah I seen his kind come and go over the years too. I penned a 235 page monster with the right motivations and the right reasons to do it. The timing was right and I will disturb the goddamn universe. Yes I am throwing a bucket of piss in the face of all the assholes that gave me flack with this one. I know a few are saying, "Oh Gawd!" Angeline I guess you are wanting to write a counter book now -- I dare you to try. That will make your feud public. You should have never started a feud with this. I guess the feuds will fucking grow now. I am the man of many feuds, but that is something that comes with the territory -- I am going to end up butting heads. Now I am just trying to figure out how to get an ISBN for the versions on Those will be the ones that I will get the copies of for book fairs in the area.
       I just put a cigarette out on the collective foreheads of the asshole committee who has a thread that is 2000 replies wide. I wonder when that crapfest will come out. My advice to those who are running with Keene and them -- never get into it with me because I am the dude that will expose it all. Much as I exposed McKeeman, take that for a lesson there. A long time friendship disolved from that one, he decided to defend his clients before he would listen to a friend. That's the reminder that this whole industry is a business. You assholes are devoted to my every fail, I guess I should start playing that game too when it comes to you -- be devoted to your every fail.

As for Brian Keene -- cease from calling my house you piece of horse raping shit. If you ever show up at an event I am doing -- I will personally have you removed or I will remove you myself. You're constantly harassing my family someone needs to put you down for the rabid dog you are. I don't fucking appreciate when my family gets harassed asshole. The shitstorm is coming and someone bragged about having a pirated copy -- was that the person who bought the e-copy of the book just to see what it would look like? The fact he was rushing me for passages of the book. You keep calling my house that is null and void on the "restraining order" you constantly dangle in my face. I will see to it that no books of yours will ever be sold here in Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest if you keep fucking with me -- this non-fiction book will go to the press and I will see to it personally your ass will be toast here in Chicago.
      This the very last signing of mine you ever fucked with -- the fact I got a signing in Morris that was cancelled due to you mother fucker. Yes You will fucking pay for what you did there Keene, the constant accusations of plagiarism as for A.C. -- when did you become such a goddamned cunt? F and H I feel sorry for your kids right now because you're giving them the wrong example. Let a man make his money off his books even if it is a book such as An Eye of Shadows. What kind of example are you white trash assholes setting for your kids?

Mike Brendan, Go suck a dick

Hey assfuck do you got something to say about Lake Fossil Press? Say it to my face you fuck -- I will make no qwams of throwing a bucket of piss on you. Do you have something to say to me, say it in the comment area bitch. Go suck a dick asshole.
    Telling people to avoid Lake Fossil Press that's fighting words, bitch. Let me guess the next move you would do is pirate all my damned anthologies just because you're an everlasting cocksucker. I need a new photo to piss on so I guess I will get a printer then piss on yours.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

More added

An Eye In Shadows is now about 78,000 words and climbing from there. I got the back cover designed and working on different concepts for the cover and it will all be in black but the text will be a grey in color. Yes I am including some hate mails in the thing too just to piss people off even more. Keep running your mouth jokers because that is all you bastards who repeatedly hate on me are, nothing but jokers who swallow too many flesh poles. I am trying to keep passages to a minimum that I want to let out for free, because there's many parts that will gouge out eyes in the process.
      I am pleased that I am able to get this far along with the book. It is mid September and I am at a good pace with it right now. Some are squirming and yes it is a given there. The fact the fancrapper behind Sabledrake is bragging how she gets fanfiction the rate of the book in two days time. Bitch listen up -- writing fan fiction won't get you the money. If you stole the character you have no right to be writing a novel from it. I would rather write a book that I am proud of where the characters are all mine or based on something that put something into the other books than do something where the characters aren't mine.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Attention Capt'n Douchebag

Listen up asshole, I guess you're nothing but a coward who hides behind a fake name and a fake picture. Taking what I say out of context, I guess you go around biting everyone's pole. You're a cunt that needs to be eliminated like some termite or cockroach. Yes and that is exactly what you are -- a fucking cockroach. It is douchebags like you that need to be dragged out and shot.
      I would really hate guess what your stomach contents would be if they performed an autopsy on you. Or if they were pump your stomach, god only knows what was in there. And knowing how much pole you were biting, it would be telltale what kind of shit will be in your stomach contents. See L.A. Confidential for the referrence.
      You claim yourself to be a profesisonal but the shit you're doing on your blog is less than professionals. I guess you've been sucking Nelson Ford's dick all night. Just a another dumb ass mother fucker who has un natural sex with small animals wile he blows his dad. Reminds me of a former room mate I had when I lived in Iowa who used to take small pets from others and use them for his cat toys. I guess seeing a rump ranger like that who hides behind a fake name and a fake picture, claiming to "tell the truth" about me. Well the way I see it the fucker is hiding something of his own there just because he knows what will come out will be his funeral.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

64,000? Goddamn.

"This town needs an enema" -- Jack Nicholson, BATMAN

Damn this thing is just 129 pages but it is taking a real personality of its own. I am smiling at how far along this is and this is just the beginning of September. I can't say when I will have this book finished but I am re-doing the back cover of it. My plan is to self-release the book privately then order up copies as I need them then would send them to various newspapers in the area. I can see the suckpuppets are dancing. The Rusty Nail is someone's suckpuppet. The fact that I know that I am getting a lot of shit already because this book isn't even done but I am getting a lot of prank calls and bastards making my life a living hell on myspace too. Fucking assholes stealing my photos, RJ you're a dick if you go around stealing my photos for your so called "parody" purposes. As Keene claims he comes in with a bucket of cold water -- this book is a bucket of scalding piss. I won't start the pre-orders yet for this book but I will say this much, it's already creating a buzz. Let the evil diatribes begin.
      I am letting a select few see the uncorrected proofs when I get finished with it, and that will be my test crowd with this. Hell I could even consider doing a book from my blogs maybe -- the idea is very tempting. But I can say this, An Eye In Shadows is going to be a bucket of piss and exposing a social hierarchy that will crumble when I get done. They want to see my career become buried, sorry dickheads hate to disappoint you. I am not hatelaced just tired of everyone's shit and trying to push me under a fucking table. When people do that -- it's just a ticking time bomb. When authors who are self-published are equal market share here, and the frightening thing is that these mass market authors don't know is this. Someone just redrawn the borders of the nation of horror under their eyes.
      It seems that the time is coming that change is going to happen that they don't like. They're deathly afraid of it. As some say they are that bucket of cold water, what's more effective is the bucket of piss and I am that bucket of piss. When they vandalize pages that were originally on Wikipedia for me, and vandalize my book listings by posting libelous things about the books (Ahem, Marlowe1, you're ass is mine.) Bastard is willing to piss on everything a person worked hard to attain. I have a blue collar ethic and that is why I am always working on something new. Either being an anthology, a short story, or idea for a book. When I get this book done then I will be ready to do a full length novel or two. The ideas are there for them and I want to explore them more. I just want to write more novella length stories for the time being. This book is one of those that really devoted a lot of my writing energy into and the suckpuppets are trying draw my focus away from the book.
      I never really concentrated into a full length project before this so I am kind of nervous about it. I enlisted six beta readers with this book too so I know when I get it ready it will be one of those that will rip the doors off the place. I know that the Other Dark Place has absolutely no respect for people's copyrighted materials so that is why I am guarding this project. They want to try and pirate this book they have to kill me and pry it from my cold rotted fingers. I begin to think that they have The Turner Diaries in their regular reading patterns because one of the dickheads reads Hilter's book.
      Don't ever underestimate me, because that is when I will make you tap out so to speak. Someone is going to end up tapping out and it isn't going to be me. This is going to be a brawl so to speak and the fact they are doing something that history did for many years.This constant holier than thou attitude that these assholes carry will be the death of them I think. The fact they are going around with anonymous e-mails harassing would be new readers. The fact that I will put this out there the curse of the blogging generation is the curse of the daily press of the 1880s.
      I am waiting for the torches and pitchforks now to come and this is what I am going to say I am not going to blow any sunshine up someone's ass about it. I will tell someone to piss off online take it as how I would tell them in person, the fact I will tell someone to their face to piss off too. The very fact of this book being written is going to be a testament to what I am capable of. The fact these assholes on The Other Dark Place have no idea that I am really capable of doing. Don't tread on me, and that is the bottom line. So yeah that is what I say when I deal with these kind of assholes because I've dealt with their kind for 24 years. I am expert in dealing with these kind of people and I am a little more methodical in doing so. So in that with working on this book it will be their epitaph to what their career was, the fact that they could have handled this a lot differently than being assholes about it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You know when Tabloid Purposes is out....

When you get a lot of prank calls from Brian Keene. He brags about he how tries to get the book for free and shit like that, what the hell. Get a life asshole. Aren't you getting too old for the prank calls? Yeah I stopped doing prank calls when I was a teen, but my long time friends still will play around with the prank calls. Keene reminds me of this particular individual I used to go at it with a lot when I was in Firefly. Yeah I got pretty disgusting when I made the jokes at his expense. I can't remember his domain name but it was a four letter word. This dude protested everyting I did on when that site was there. This reminds me greatly of the firefly years. My rise came from was the direct ancestor to So when you see a place like emerge, it was a second coming of that site. I've seen this kind of bullshit emerge in FlreFly's chatrooms. The way the Other Dark Place is and these other online communities who are devoted to trashing on me -- reminds me of the bullshit that a jagoff named CoyoteShadowJacker used to do. They've went as far as to list my old Glendale Heights address and I had my own phone line in. They were listing my phone number to that address too. So if there are people who live at my old address still getting prank calls because people think I still live there -- I left there in 1998.
      They hated journalists back then, and those are the kind of people who didn't hide behind a fake name. I've seen shit like this come and go. This is just a continuation to what went on in 1997 but taken to a more epic level. One of those things you know when Tabloid Purposes is out is when the harassment becomes more intense.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


"So, I open the book, Dead Sea. Gee, a story about zombies, etc.
     Soon, I find out the main character is a faggot. Why?      What the hell does that have to do with Zombies wanting to eat someone.
     Are you, Brian, trying to ram (No Pun Intended) political correctness down out throats (Again, No Pun Intended).
     If you want to lure your zombie loving fans, please leave out the faggotry, that life style is more disgusting than zombies eating my mother in front of me.

With Love, of course.
Do you also hug trees?"

Whoever wrote this earned themselves a copy of my non-fiction book when it is finished. Dude -- you rock. That is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen. Someone just got Keene's goat and it wasn't me this time who pissed him off. That's the funniest fucking thing I read. Keene thank you for giving me a new reader, a legitimate one. This is the kind of guy who reads Tabloid Purposes and loves it. I don't think he reads The Turner Diaries because he's not that kind of person. He's too UN-PC for it. To the dude whoever wrote that, what's your fucking e-mail address? Better yet I might have a few copies of Tabloid Purposes IV saved for you when I order the next round of the books one's yours. Keene fuck you man, and thank you for giving me a new reader. Yeah from that message this guy really got to Keene. I am laughing because of it -- I think Keene eats Queerios for breakfast.
      Someone finally got the best of Keene right there. I think it is funny that he actually said it too -- that took some brass balls. I can just imagine him foaming at the mouth at that response and here I am laughing really loud about it here. I wonder if he hangs out in the forums I sometimes post in. I think the guy is an average joe who is voicing the opinion of many which is hilarious. If I had the dude's e-mail address I would thank him for taking the heat off me for while. How does it feel to be called a Tree Hugger? I prefer calling him a pompous asshole. I needed that because it would break up the stress of writing a non-fiction book, and this thing is at about 60,000 words on a 6x9 format. I am going for broke here when I am writing 3000-6000 word bursts. For an asshole who accuses me of plagiarism. I just see the guy who posted on that board as a dude who refuses to suck saten's cock.

You have to be able to write to write a book. Just pasting the word "buttsecks" into a word document over and over doesn't count.


-Brian Keene

It's like I said, there will be more people like me out there who will tell Keene to go fuck himself. This was just another guy who has the balls to say it, and I will never give Keene a dime of my money. Keene is another McKeeman, except that McKeeman's kingdom crumbled and can't push one copy of his novel. The dude who said that above, I actually follow that advice when I write horror and non-fiction. The non-fiction book has a lot of harsh observations and I will paint a lot of disturbing pictures from stereotypes out there. I will not use the names of the assholes I hate in the industry when I write this book. So yeah I can see where a few are going to e-mail me telling me to fuck off. I am just waiting for his F.U.K.U.'s to start up on me again.
      Keene you've been outclassed by a younger guy, and someone who's got more heart for the genre. The fact I am willing to get published outside of horror and other genres makes me more well versed in other genres such as writing Literary Fiction with elements of horror, but not making the horror element dominate the other parts. There's a method to my madness and you don't get that. The fact you accuse of me stealing from Stephen King, what the fuck -- I have my own voice you dick. Perhaps you and McKeeman steal from each other on a regular basis. I guess you constantly run a round with a loser in a dress. (I had to throw the loser wears a dress thing in there.) Now everyone wonders why I wear regular baggy jeans and basketball shoes, it's because I am being honest with myself and write street level Gothic Horror. There's more to Gothic Fiction than just weepy oversensitive vampire, I like to create monsters and have stories with that "Pal, you're beyond fucked" aspect to it. I like my brand of horror and I Will not change up the style any other way as much there are fuckers out there trying to pass it off as shit, I guess what they're reading these days are a trend.
      By the way TABLOID PURPOSES IV is doing better than this book. Darren -- how does it feel that you're book isn't selling for shit when an anthology about the same size as the book is outselling you. Someone who flat out pissed on your photo, you know you should use that pissed on photo as the cover. This is a note how a lot of writers who hate each other behave. Yeah one of them "tried" to flood my inbox already -- fucken assholes. Don't you fucks have anything better to do? I guess Keene had nothing better to do when he was twenty except for punching kids and robbing the disabled. Final note Keene -- PISS OFF. Welcome to Tabloid Hell, it is a lot uglier than your scorched earth policies.

From this point on, you are either with us or you are against us. There will be no middle of the road. You do not get to be Switzerland. If you insist on walking in the middle of the road, we will run you over. If you insist on being Switzerland, you will be nuked.

There is more to me than you see Keene, a lot more. You call yourself the bad boy in this business, there will aways be someone playing the bad boy game a lot meaner. I don't play games Keene, and when I am writing this book I am playing for keeps. You're swimming in a large ocean full of sharks and you have a cut arm. You're a wounded animal Keene. You're messing with another lion here. There's a new lion in the jungle Keene and you have to accept it now. Calling a project that I worked on for six months dripple, it has more body in it than that collaboration you wrote with David Niall Wilson.
      It bothers you that I sold one book, but wait until it happens more and it will happen in the vein of it will be some of your publishers that will be the publishers of them. This is my canned laughter Keene. You're a scared little boy Keene, under that 40 year old man -- you're just a boy. I am coming into my own Keene and you can't stop me. Good luck trying because there is one thing you're going to suceed hard at, and that is failing. Your novels are out of season. You got my signing cancelled in Morris you cunt, in my adoptive home town you did this -- unforgivable. Trying to get me arrested twice when I don't even have a record. I am not afraid of you Keene, I am just waiting for you to actually take a swing at me in person. I am giving you one free swing too.
      To be a good horror writer, you have to be a prick. And right now this new non-fiction book -- not even your best of Hail Saten is safe because a Catagory Five is coming in. Everywhere I walk, a tornado touches down -- I am waiving my hand, "Bring it asshole." I am coming in defense of that guy who hates your guts, whoever that dude is -- I got your fucking back. You talk a big game Keene, but you can't defend for shit when it comes to a real confrontation. No fruits in my work, at least there isn't a fruit in my books. That guy's got a point Keene, you're a follower not a leader. I could see you playing the pied piper leading people into the depths, sure listen to Capt. Douchebag there.

Monday, September 3, 2007

What the hell...

I guess the Other Dark Place are wanting to be dicks about me when I am trying to ignore the asshole convention forming over there. I got a book to write and a deadline to meet with the book being done. I guess they want to get me from writing on it as much as possible because they don't want a book like this to go out there. Contracts will be lost and authors will lose book deals, some authors need to lose their book deals I think. They got a lot to lose when this book comes out and guess they are trying to do that counter-book they want to do because it is in their nature to ruin someone's career. Let a man gain his book sales, and that is all I want -- leave me to make some money on a book. R.J. take your head out of your ass for one minute before you claim parody, it is doing what Susan Taylor and that asshole boyfriend are doing.
    I've been quiet because I want to get this book done and to press. Keene go fuck off and let a guy write in peace. You made your royalities for being a major asshole about railroading someone's projects. Especially you dickholes who go around stealing copyrighted photos and doctoring them up to make them all pornographic. That is libel right there. Why the fuck would you want to libel someone when there is money involved here. You bastards are ruining a career of someone and that is a violation of someone's rights. Yes I am out of the entitlement generation and my entitlement is to my royalities on a book. Even you assholes might think its funny to knock someone around when they're quiet. Piss off and let me get my sales of projects out there. Fair enough?
    Face it you all hate my guts, and don't like the fact I did get legitimate sales under my belt as a short story writer -- true I might self-publish some short story collections, but do I go around ruining sales of R.J. books -- no. Yet you assholes libeled the shit out of a charity anthology -- a charity one for fucks sake. That's worst than pirating the project, and you assholes actually admitted to do that too.
    It goes with the territory with that board, devoted every way in libling the living shit out of projects. Yeah keep trying assholes because you're going to succeed in one thing; what is that you ask? Failing.