Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poppy, You Can Kiss My Ass.

"However, I wonder if his extreme defensiveness about his work is a perversion of something that’s normal to writers good and bad..." -- Poppy Z. Brite

Poppy, you've proven yourself to be a pompous bitch once again. You find my connection to my fiction grotesque well I would rather have that connection and being a true male than someone who goes around calling themselves a non-op tranny. All I am trying to do is sell books too and you're hindering that by being the pompous bitch. I never liked you, in fact I tell you this, fuck you. You know, I am telling everyone right now not to go buy anything from your e-bay auctions. You're going to go making fun of someone who has a mental illness. I am going to post the comment that you made of me on another blog and seeing if you will fess up to writing it. It's Nick, Nic, N.A., or Nickolaus, Not Nicky, Nicki, or Nikki.
          Get my fucking name right. I guess that should be come to be expected, yeah your happiest day is to see me locked away for a few years. You. Make. Me. Sick. You're invited to respond on the article on your stance why I should quite writing or on your blog with the link to the actual article. I've been busy writing a new story and you hindered me for a while too now.
          Maybe if you took the time and read the non-fiction book instead of bitching about it on a message board, you will have a better chance to know thy enemy. I don't need your fucking false sympathy. I would rather be arrested for assault than buy some of your work. I wasn't arrested for some of you who don't get your facts straight. Before you even draw your stones at me lady, make sure you at least read something of mine at least.
          You're going around saying don't let anyone get access to those articles but what you're doing by doing that is telling someone to starve. I guess with my name involved you believe that shit too -- what would you do if someone showed up to one of your signings with a copy of An Eye In Shadows or Tabloid Purposes? I am doing a true scenario here. I actually put down Self-made Man and puked in the book.
          If you figured out I was to do a signing in New Orleans and this is a definite possibility within the next year; would you protest the damn thing? I might be in talks with the library down there to do a signing for QUAKES AND STORMS, the very anthology you "claimed" was set up for Hurricane Katrina. I set that one up long before it. Your false sympathy got my blood boiling, let the people buy my books in peace instead of your fans fucking them up and burning them on There is nothing perverse of my defense of my work, just that your work deserves the flames of hell. You hate my work because you're a sodomite. Someone from my past told me this, "Well I can say this much, sounds like you have no problem speaking your mind."

new article is up. Let The Backlash Begin

"Well, congratulations, Nick. You just proved yourself to be one of the supreme assholes of the world." -- Mike Brendan

One rebuttal coming up, and believe me this is the longest freebie read I am going to let go in a long time -- it's called Presenting The Argument. I already know that Nelson Ford (remember him?) is The Rusty Nail. The bitch failed to attempt to get me suspended from a website as in I got back a few months later. If they want a supreme asshole, they should look at the mother fucker who is doing unauthorized rewrites of my stories. They can argue the defense of that all they want it's still a plagiarism.
        I made it perfectly clear I said my peace about the passing of an author I had a royal dislike for and the feeling was mutual. So now they are trying to see to it I disappear back into obscurity. Is violating someones copyright acceptable retaliation for that statement? No. He might sound all proper as a way to argue on the one site but I just proved he's capable of cussing someone out. Now is he willing to go tooth and nail to make sure he will never get a submission for Flashing Swords.
        I think the bigger asshole in the world are more the shock jocks, but they make big bucks for doing it.

"You’re a vile little sub-human cretin. Now we just need to find a zoo that’ll take you."

I think you're talking about your own blood relatives there because the monkeys are throwing them peanuts. Yeah you hide behind the geeky persona, I am standing here putting a cigarette out between your eyes. I am willing to wait to see how he responds to this entry using his own words against him here. Calling me vile when all he's been doing to stifle my projects and works, that's vile when he encourages people like Exceles The Goon to steal my stories and do rewrites I don't authorize.
        The fact that he hides behind the reality that a particular e-book writer is putting him on her payroll. I would rather submit stories and make the rounds than be a magazine "editor" who picks on people who happen to have a mental illness. You are not my better or my lesser, either you like to admit it or not -- you are my peer.

"If for some reason they did, that’s not someone I’d ever submit to, and I would warn anyone away, who even had a thought about working with you or anyone desperate enough to publish your illiterate ramblings." -- uphill gardener

Yeah it seems that people like him will be spreading the word about trying to hurt particular magazines just because of the blog post that is now heard around the world. I was just being honest, when Joe was alive, the feeling was mutual and I got my final word. My article is one of those that I knew needed to be done, and with me writing some brand new short stories. The article was written out of conviction, they're angry because I said that statement out of my deepest sincerity.
        They expect me to care for someone who died when it is a person I hated with every bone in my body, and the bastard had the same amount of hatred for me. You bastards pushed and pushed for way too long, the fact my mind was almost gone because of it -- I didn't break but still going around having to fight for my company, fight constantly for my career, and fight constantly for my anthologies or book. All of you were the people holding the match on, you may not been the one actually holding the match but all of you were holding the match. They were saying what I said was out of jealousy -- no it wasn't. I didn't care enough for the author's career because what he did to other writers to get there.
        When each of you have taken turns burning my books and such, it kills someone on the inside because that's their work and such. Joe McGee is an empty shell now but I will never buy his books, I said to him in life. I told him, "Fuck your books man." He has the same ideas towards me too so when he died it was more or less that I wanted to say of him is coming to surface and it feels good to let loose that kind of anger. Mike Brneden you are so fucking wrong of me. I give the shirt off my back given the chance or my lunch to someone if I am out and about, that's if I am not hurting the rest of the month.
        Your professionalism here sucks ass, and I am not the first to say it. If someone was to be a professional they would allow someone to sell their books in peace, you are not going to do that and it shows. Even Karen Koehler is not a professional, and Skullvines is going around doing knockoffs of Tabloid Purposes. If Skullvines Press wants to argue this with me person to person they are more than welcome to do that because they clearly ripped off LAKE FOSSIL.
        I could care less for that vanity press runner's career and yes I call her books a vanity press publication because of the fact she goes around blackballing her competitors. She doesn't like competition, and if she wants to use the fact I made the promise to never buy Joe McGee's books after his death as a way to blackball my company. I've already seen the worst lady.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New To

Off Record

What happens when an author or editor sees their work destroyed on and the person on commits acts of felony.

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I have a new article published and this is going at a few who go around reviewing "donated" copies of books when they are really the pirated versions. Some are celebrating a little early thinking that my storefront would be gone for good. I just can't be vulgar when I review books in an unfavorable nature. Some of them were wanting to go after my associated content site because they lost their accounts for the repeated theft of my footage.
      It seems that some of these blogs are going to post graphics of turkeys dancing on the grave of my company well I hate to break it to them that the site will be back and I will have the guidelines for the new Tabloid Purposes ready to go too. In fact I already have my guidelines written out. Watch them pull out the pickets and the effigies now. I do have a few articles published now and figured I should link those up here too. Just recently I had my privacy stolen from me along with an asshole stealing one story and posting the entire thing without my permission then one psychopathic douchebag going around reviewing "donated" copies of my books when they were pirated.
      I am willing to bet that DJ Pathogen supports all the electronic piracy his new found friends are doing. I am guessing he owns stolen movies on his hard drive, if his new found friends are reviewing pirated books. I guess they are going around trying to find the other stories that aren't even available yet. The fuckstain who posed as a lady caught me at a soft spot, it won't happen again.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The responses to The Hive Mind II and Industry Rivalry

The reactions to both are pretty damn extreme, now I saw one douche been trying to say different things now and they’re throwing around more accusations of plagiarism.   Want to see the buzz with The Hive Mind II – it’s a sequel article and never thought I would actually get something of this nature going.   I will say this much,  you’re entitled to hate me if you’re a member of but you don’t have to right to go violating my privacy or stealing my content word for word.        

I think it’s kind of funny how they are going to be tossing around accusations of being a racist when I am not even remotely racist.  Industry Rivalry saw the most hostile response but I got one that I accidently removed and this was one of the best responses I got from posting an article on  but the one douche who kept throwing up my private information is trying to take it one step further by calling in reinforcements and then there is this douche who is from Chicago calling himself a fake name and I’ve seen this one on forums then he tried to friend me on (he’s sore because he got his facebook taken away from him.)  Well I am going to toss up the malicious comment on both of them.   And this is going to be kept on the associated content articles too. The responses I got are exactly the kind I was expecting with The Hive Mind II and this one really pissed the bastard off.   I guess he is one of those who is wanting to assassinate me for that article.   

 Now I know what some of those journalists on NBC have to put up with because they went after a real estate fraud who actually got into a fight with the person involved with the story.  The journalist became the story.   I tried not to become the story but when I did The Hive Mind, Nature of the Cybertroll and Hive Mind II.   I knew the shit is going to fly when I wrote them, and Industry Rivalry I am going to be on the receiving end of a lot of death threats.  All I did was put it on the table, and I am wondering how many of them are going to use a lot of revisionist history (I am using one of their terms against them here) when I remember right, Louise Bohmer actually thought it was cool that I was a moderator on Carnival of Wicked Writers on the first day I joined.   Just that Brian Yount didn’t like the fact everyone was threatening, “Look either Pacione leaves or we go.”   That arrangement there was I left on my own accord.  Not booted out as some people like the claim.   Yount and I don’t exactly have bad blood just that bad blood started between myself and Sangiovanni when she posted on Janrae Frank’s message board, “What not to do when you do submission guidelines.”        

 Industry Rivalry was born because I was tired of the fucking faggot tags that Timothy Lieder and his douchebag friends had done repeatedly to my anthologies.  

Nick, first you wrote The Nature of the Cybertroll and The Hive Mind. Two strikes. We warned you not to put fuel on the fire. We warned you that we would come after you if an Associated Content article even remotely resembled your previous two again. Answer me this - Did you think we were bluffing? Think we can't get to you offline. Why, because it is cyberspace? WRONG! We are bigger than you. People like us work in think tanks, Nick. We don't just play World of Warcraft, but actually hold jobs which pay six-figure salaries. We have connections, and we can deploy them. You're already on our List. Do you think this is all a joke?

These kind of threats I got a few times before and reminds me of the bastards who rammed my ass through a damn bus window here.  (Since then one of them actually made peace about it.)   I’ve watched these threats emerge a few times and after I wrote An Eye In Shadows that was one of the times they did that too.  I can toss up another one of these comments for another example of the threats I got after the asshole from Finland posed as a lady who’d put me up for a few days – the fucker played right into my weakness and that’s the opposite sex.  I had to unhook my phone to call the service to get my number changed but if I was to allow this to happen again I should have used my Verizon number because it doesn’t allow incoming calls.   The douche made sure I couldn’t make phone calls out and tried to interrupt my dialing out to get online but I managed to unhook the phone long enough to stay online and fortunate enough I got one of those dial-up services that does have unlimited access.  These bastards think the United States is a Dictatorship, sorry pal this is a republic and I am allowed to speak or write as I please, but try to show responsibility in Freedom of Speech.     

The World Wide Web needs some governing parties to make sure assholes like the ones who go around violating copyrights and impersonating someone need to be cracked down, Illinois got some new laws passed and this is something I do have faith in and that’s the system.  The way the literary industry well the horror industry is – they carry themselves like it’s a God Damn dictatorship.  That was why I wrote the one article – the new publishers who seemed to sleep their way into the publishing side of things;  act like there is no room for authors like me in the industry , well this is a free country.          

They do need a few Republicans in charge of this too because they do get the job done in this department.   

Nickolaus Pacione, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Viral, and I just commented on your Hive Mind II article. It seems you have many foes, and this other comment must be your personal information; I've saved it. Thank you to the person who posted it. Now, we've warned you about posting articles like the cybertroll or the hive mind. We gave you many chances to stop, but you did not cease and desist. When my trolls - MINE - have to wake me up in the middle of the night because one of these articles surfaced again, it makes me angry. Like a ticking bomb! It makes me want to come after you. So, you've pissed off the wrong person this time. Someone in a very high place, and with a fuckton of backup! Do you know what I am capable of?

Annoying little pissers, aren’t they. I am willing to bet they want to relieve themselves on my booth, or more pictures using my picture as a commode.  They are living to hate my guts for this one, and if I was to listen to every damn naysayer from the beginning I wouldn’t have gotten published but I got started out of defiance.  I became a writer to defy everyone and anyone who told me that I couldn’t do something, keep telling me that assholes because I will do it anyway.  Keep telling yourselves that I will never get published in bigger places because it will happen.  I want to see you assholes use the right to petition.  These are some of the hatemails I got – the positive comments are few and far between but the goons are beyond pissed off with me with those articles.  Don’t ever threaten my family in the mail.  I am going to make this assholes life a misery in Finland too and let’s hope the good people of Finland understands they got an angel faced monster in their midst.

With all those pirated books on his hard drive what does his virus protection looks like.   I hope you got a nice little virus with the book you pirated.    Why wouldn’t it surprise me if he goes around pirating movies too?   If you don't like what I say, I will quote one of the older trolls who harassed me on Xanga,  go rent a dick.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Writing Life updates

Headway is made with SHITSTORM and now it is nearly 6000 words. I had a setback with some jackhole posting it on his website, and seems if he had no respect for some of our copyright laws so when I did my update on the wordpress blog reminding him what the European Union Copyright Directive is. Seems like he decided to pose as a local in Chicago who said who'd put me up for a show, just long enough to get my private phone number. I am going to have to play it smarter next time. I am laughing because that is all some of them can come up with when I did the remark called "International Incident."
    They hate when I get political in my insults. The articles are political on and I get sick of the dirty politics going on in the business and some of the dirty politics being done by the egoless hack. I am willing to guess that Mike Brendan obtained a pirated copy of the non-fiction book and reviewed it on Yeah I noticed this too the biggest douchebags within the business turn out to be the shitheads in my same age bracket.
    I am right now doing at least fleshing out the paragraphs on the story, SHITSTORM, and what these bastards are doing are hindering the promotion process. Does that sound like professionalism on their part? Fuck no. Well with that being said -- I got a new article posted on Associated Content and I will note that Poppy Z. Brite refuses to click links on the article because she knows I am going to get paid for each one. It seems that The Rusty Nail likes to steal my content from Facebook too now because it seems like something she'd do. The bitch had stolen the myspace blog postings just to be a douche. I am willing to bet that she was cheering the Finland lawbreaker on as he stole my content, word for word. Now one of them decided to impersonate me on Blogspot.
    The Scottish Pubic Hair sounded off too on the story SHITSTORM. I guess those assholes made it hard for me to actually try to make a phone call that I need to make or two. Well at least it's my phone line their fucking with, but at the same time they are violating another law when they did it. I will say The Digital Copyright Millennium Act does work because they got the one joker pulled down, I am wondering how many copyrights he actually did violate. I am willing to bet he's a repeat offender.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Willing to go on a limb here

And say that Michelle Lee never even read the Tabloid Purposes series or when she did she obtained them as a pirated copy in some form. The very fact she comments in a bad light about me on The Crusty Liar on a regular basis and her best friend happens to be the cunt who now wants to see Tabloid Purposes fold. Yeah that is wishful thinking on their part about The Ethereal Gazette too – I would rather have the magazine come out late than not at all. If she was going to be a fair and balanced reviewer she would actually pick up Tabloid Purposes IV and do a story by story review of the book instead of going on a liar's website and buy into the shit they say about me on there. What they say is proving my articles more valid by the day; especially the one called
Internet Trolls: When The Family Gets Involved

Her professionalism is something that is lacking in that department if she is willing to send private e-mails I sent to her over to The Crusty Rail. I've seen what they did to the non-fiction book and the asshole who is going around encouraging people to pirate my articles too – saying don't go to Associated Content but to the sites that have the scanned articles available instead. I just can't believe that the dyke from the east coast is offering scans of House of Spiders 3 – what the hell? You call that a professional practice of offering stolen copies of a novella. I am willing to bet that Michelle Lee and Jodi Lee actually encourage that practice as long it is someone not published on their roster.

Lake Fossil Press will not close what so ever despite the fact that Preditors & Editors are constantly pissing down my back and the back of every one man publishing operation out there. I will ask this of the owners of P&E, have you douches even read the anthologies or the magazine? Ever since I got published and sold to magazines some of them been on a warpath to ruin every submission effort I made. The f act one person actually offered pirated copies of I.O.W.A when the story wasn't even finished yet – I already know who did it because he uses an account on The bastard made a half-assed attempt at a story for Tabloid Purposes: Book Five when the story didn't even fit the complete guidelines of the anthology.

It's a fucked up thing that some of them would go as far as doing.

They actively are trying to dig up my private phone number so they can throw it up on a website without my permission. Well the hell with you. I've been busy writing up on SHITSTORM, and knowing the efforts of Michelle Lee, and she made this clear that none of my work will get positive exposure. The politics piss me off in this business. When her associate is calling a book signing I am about to be doing imaginary; I dare some of you to actually show up and protest the damn thing. I would love to see this happen and watch WMAQ make assholes out of you on national television.

Michelle let me address to you directly; you call yourself a reviewer who is a professional. Well when my name is tossed into the mix you prove yourself to be a total cunt and seem to have your head shoved so far up Jodi Lee's ass. Does it smell good up there? You have your head shoved so far up their ass cheeks that all you smell of the world around you is dog shit. When I am trying to do is make a few dollars with my own work, these bastards go around violating every copyright imaginable. I am willing to bet they actually go around obtaining pirated Hollywood features too.

When you bastards go after my projects it pisses me off, and when you all take turns offering copies of my non-fiction book. I am willing to bet that some of you reviewed copies of a book that is published by a self-publisher from Effort, PA, favorable guised behind a name of a company named for a part of one of her novels. I am willing to go on a limb saying that Michelle Lee and Louise Bohmer are closet basement dwellers along with the basement dwelling fuck from Evansville, Indiana.

The fact that I am doing more columns as well as writing new fiction stories, just waiting for the files I need to put the magazine together and activate Paperport 11. Since doing that system restore to the factory condition. I managed to get all sorts of fonts these days so I can actually make the magazine look cool. But with that being said, I really think Michelle Lee has never read books published by or other means, it shows that she's a discriminatory bitch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New articles written

I just submitted these out and just waiting to see what happens with them. The douche behind ExposeTheTard is making it clear that they do support piracy in any form. The very fact that it's twin dummy had pirated Nature of the Cybertroll on a few occasions and another asshole stole each article. Looks like the trolls got themselves accounts on Associated Content so they can take turns in taking a collective shit on my name. They hate when I link each article because it does put them on the spot. I am still writing on the short stories despite them doing everything in their power to keep me from getting distracted but that isn't happening because I got the articles done and one of them is about the attempt of a small press to pirate the shit out of House of Spiders 3.
     The bitch that is wanting to pirate House of Spiders 3 is none other than Janrae Frank. She said on a blog that she was offering scans of my novella. Really is that professional, but I guess she's doing that to settle the score on Angeline because she hated the fact that I sold a novella to her publisher. I guess they are encouraging the fuckers to go around pirating everything I put out there just so I don't get a single dollar from each sale and they profit from the idea that they are breaking the law. I guess I am more enraged that is going around stealing everything now but then again that is typical of The Something Awful set. The DJ that dyed his hair blonde in Chicago is involved with them now in some way and now since that happened he's been on a warpath since I got the article out there. I guess he's part of the set that is playing the sick game of invasion of privacy. I am going to treat him just like the rest of the goons out there, worst than shit.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Scottish Pubic Hair responds

I am editing this for Americanized content. In case you don't understand what the Scottish Pubic Hair was saying. This was received in my comment system on here so I can respond accordingly. Yeah the comments originally were calling me a coward but I am just playing it smart here. Is that a way to speak to one an author who got published alongside with you?
    Damn it I can't even say Scottish Public Hair without cracking out. Yeah I guess the fuck off would end up coming down the line somewhere. This asshole just put himself in the same line as the shithead from Wales. Well I guess they were taking turns snorting her dead brothers ashes on a mirror. Your little friend stole the articles and you commented on them, that you're guilty by association asshole. You also encouraged the piracy of my books fucker. I will not apologize for any of my statements unless you apologize for encouraging the piracy of my non-fiction book.

"If you want to accuse me of theft, come and do it somewhere where you allow comments to be shown you disturbed little prick

Accuse me of theft one more time and I'll sue your hairy ass from here to eternity.

Fuck off, Asshole"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Articles Published, and working on new stories.

Seems that ExposeTheTard can't do a post without stealing someone's content; I guess she's mad because Nature of the Cybertroll got published on Associated Content, and The 20 Foot Cockroach decided to get published on there ripping into me. There area few who out there are doing this and taking turns doing so. They decided they were going to try to alienate some of my friends and steal my content from facebook for their own amusement.

They're going around committing acts of copyright theft, just so they can get away with it. There is a new law that just passed, and I am guessing the uncle fucker calling themselves ExposeTheTard pirates movies too in the theater. You saying you know me, you don't know me mother fucker. I managed to find I.O.W.A. and working on SHITSTORM, and being these assholes are getting into my facebook account and violating copyrights, it is a load of bullshit. Seems that The Crusty Rail is going around stealing my blog entries and actually had the gall to do screenshots of my articles then another faggot going and stealing the article point blank.

People like them had failed time and again at life so they have to go around stealing entries on facebook and the other places. Don't they have respect of something called privacy – I guess the right to privacy is something they have no respect for so one of their new friends is trying to get my private phone number and seeing if he can post it without my permission. Keep trying asshole. For him to steal two articles and post them on his fucking website, that will prove the shut down that I am looking for of him. Also looks like the Cunt named Jennifer Wagner decided to steal TABLOID PURPOSES and make parody stories of each anthology entry and stealing my story SPECTRAL EXILE – word for word plagiarisms of the story.

I noticed that the Scottish Pubic hair decided to post about the stolen articles in a light that promotes e-piracy. The fucker chimed in and encouraged the fuck to steal the articles that I got published over there – he stole three articles and yeah that will be his funeral in that sense, prepare to bury your website loser.

The sad thing I think with these assholes like ExposeTheTard is they are basement dwellers whose life is entirely online. The very fact one of them posted I.O.W.A. in a comment thinking the person who did this is an asshole who calls himself a certain handle on thinking he wants to get into TABLOID PURPOSES when I read his story, the story didn't even fit the guidelines.

I guess the person who stole the article Nature of the CyberTroll is the child molester behind those pictures who decided to terrorize my family with the attempt at a death threat. I am not remotely distracted from working on my stories just that I got some of them reworked into something larger. The plagiarists are out in full force and it is pissing me off to no end. They are entitled to hate me but they don't have the right to go stealing my content to do so. Is that a failed attempt to break me – fuck off.

I guess Benny fag is another one who can't come up with original ideas to take a shit on me because he's too busy sucking his mother's wrinkled tit. Yeah you know you can't come up with anything legit on your own; you got your family involved with your trolling activities so that got my article published – the more clout each article gets that will be what I get in my pocket too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More threats of Copyright Infringement from this dick.

"Screenshots of every motherfucking article Fuckione ever wrote coming up on tonight. Hell, I’ll even copypaste the entire festering shitheap of his into a document for y’all to download.

And five golden bonus points to whomever can dig up the new telephone numbers of Nickolaus A. Pacione & granny (my grandmother's name withheld) in Morris, Illinois and pass them on to me in private, either as forum PM or mail to autoaim [at]”

Want to play a game of tag, Nicky? I’m game… Mind you, I’ll use a fucking chainsaw to tag you though, you impotent sack of failure in pseudo-human form."

That's the last thing you want to do son. That douche is beyond pissed you sent a doctored picture of an asshole pointing a gun to my head. You're pissed off because I decided to screen shot the blog entry, and for the record I didn't give out that phone number you douche's posted up there. You mess with my entire family son I will take that trip to Finland just to knock you into the Artic Ocean. That's a clear threat to my family pal. What you going to do fly the States to yourself just to make my life a living hell? You know nothing about Americans.
    To use the articles you have obtain permission from Associated Content to use them. Good luck getting that permission. That's going to be the thing that bury's your site. I can tell you all right now what this douche wants my blood for, the article I wrote called The Nature of a CyberTroll, and I think harbors people like that. This bastard is going to choke on his ill gained fame.
    I am going to take a shit on his grave when he dies. That fucker is now obsessed with my ruin that he wants to do it himself. I guess Pathogen is the one who will get the brunt of this one. Since he likes to get jumped in. These assholes are trying too hard to jump on my grave and I am not dead yet. I have no plan for dying anytime soon. Going after my damn family, mother fucker I am coming after you. Back off my family dickhead. I am the person you want, they did nothing to you.
    Looks like that asshole from who edited all those shitty pictures of me is still at it too and yeah he's got a account too trying to make me look like something I am not. HE's a refugee who doesn't have a pot to shit in. It's clear that the asshole likes to go around pirating books and I am guessing he is one of this asshole's suck buddies.

In the 11 years I've been online

I only had to change servers only three times. I am just getting everything set up for getting a laptop so I can be mobile with running Lake Fossil Press that means when I am signing books I can edit the other anthologies. I wouldn't care if I got a refurbished laptop with Windows XP as long it has Open Office and Word on the same deal. Just give me a vehicle to edit my photographs and allow them to be the covers and then I am good to go.
     A few assholes got mad and decided to force me off one server saying I had a lot to blame for it, that's bullshit and they know it. Then this bastard who went around stealing one of my characters and saying it got copyrighted for a game -- the first name Nick is a common first name but the long version of that name is not always common. Kane is a very common last name. I noticed that one person from SomethingAwful is pissed off that I got two connections that I will be doing all in my name. I don't have the cell phone but I got wireless internet. I am going to use both connections as needed -- one to upload books with and the other to upload multi-media.
     Seems like the little bastard brags about sneaking into one of my projects but I don't think he's in my anthologies. I already checked and will be getting the fifth book next month before a few planned signings. Some might be saying I load a few books in a backpack and take them to the show. They got it wrong. I wish I had someone helping me with the driving side of things (almost need a truck to get back and forth for signings.) I have each box loaded up 80lbs each. I am carrying at least 75% of my bodyweight there. And up and down stairs to boot on the L.
     This is why I am considering getting a P.O. Box in Chicago too when I do signings, the plan would be go there during the week of the signing and then when it gets there go pick up the mail at the P.O. Box and answer mail at the hotel that I will stay at. This is when I live in a hotel or a hostel for a few days out of a month. (Though I am starting to feel a little old to be staying in hostels. It would been a better arrangement at 26 years old, but now here I am in my early thirties.) A more suitable arrangement will be a central area where it is not far from the CTA or anything like that.
     That will be the start of the furniture search too, and storage space for it. Yeah storage will be a bitch but it's almost needed becausE I do live in a full house. I know that I will be getting another apartment again eventually, a matter of when and trying to find something based on my income as long it doesn't look like a total dive. Digital TV, damn that's also a possiblity too. When I get on my own again I will have DSL and wireless. I did have one of those Tracphone, but that died on me so I am thinking for this purpose of going to the city I would need to establish another phone again to get things going. Prepaid means I am not going to be paying the damn roaming charges (that's what killed me in Iowa.) Rural area and living above a bar (the place is no longer there too. I wonder what happened to the owners -- perhaps they burned the place down and get the insurance money from it.)

Dial Up Sucks

Can't do anything really interactive yet with this blog or with main website until I get Verizon in here; managed to prove the bastards who got me off the high speed wrong because I got Tabloid Purposes: Book Five out when planned but a little later than I wanted to put it out. The failure of dial-up internet is the slow uploads; I am getting Verizon in the house well when I get it I can take the connection with me when I get it fired up. There are six USB ports on my computer, and I will be getting two more multi-ports which were carried over from my old computers. (Bought the monitor from Wal-mart for $128.00. I published the first two books on dial-up but I used broadband to publish the latter sequels.)
      My monitor from the desktop was the relic from my Windows 98 years from when I first edited Tabloid Purposes One, but it could go back a little further because I kept my computer at the house when I was at the apartment. The computer that fell apart was given to me but if you were to sell the thing at a pawn shop, you could only muster up about $80.00. I was checking the bank account and seeing where I am at – looks like it is a go in that department. I am trying to pay AT&T ahead of time because I didn't see my first bill yet. I am one of those who gets the paper bill format but trying to pay it over the phone. (Would be cool seeing at least an $80.00 credit towards the bill, and that is a good thing.
      Pay in advance as how I want to get this set up. Russo fucked up my Comcast account when she didn't return the box and the modem. That account at the apartment was in my name.) I am trying to get all the bills set up on the 3rd of the month or the second of the month if the 3rd falls on a Sunday.
      When I get Verizon in place, this will free up my phone – and will use the dial up as an emergency system. I tested out the wireless style internet, and managed to like what they have to offer. I am rather pleased I at least got one of my articles published before the connection got separated. I saw that someone was taking shots at the place which published my article and one of them published an answer article of their own to the ones I published on there. I just paid up one of the writers on Tabloid Purposes: Book Five – I felt bad that she had to pay $25.00 for a copy of the book she was in so I gave her $26.00 for her story. There are 15 authors and they will be paid intervals of six starting November since the book is just out. The authors are paid via PayPal and right out of my own pocket. The more clout I get for the article that could be dinner in Chinatown for the articles – if some of my articles manages to pay for Chinese when I go out, then that would be a good day in my book. I am looking at just under $60.00 for Verizon a month and that is unlimited access and this will be portable so the groundwork to get a laptop will be there. I get that laptop set up or even a blackberry, then I would be able to set up the online catalog at a signing so if I don't have enough back stock they can always order from the website itself.
      The way I am setting this up is I am also preparing for my own place too which means when I get ready to move eventually I will already have the internet and phone when I move in. I will also get digital television too because this is almost something that will be enforced by law now that all television sets must have digital. This is looking good here too – already have my eyes set on a nice futon, been looking around too for places based on my income. What I want to see happen is have unlimited internet access and not paying a mint for it. I think $60.00 is a steal if you get wireless internet and they told me it is unlimited access. This might give me a second chance at getting a cell phone too – the possibilities there to make this a mobile outfit. Meaning I will have a P.O. Box this month, my wireless internet will be in effect in a few days. This will allow me to have outside communication and able to make this computer multi-media friendly again.
      Netzero is handy don't get me wrong for under $20.00 a month, but what I am doing these days is I need something at least Cable modem or faster. That faster is going to happen today. I am smiling wide here. They might have said they succeeded in getting my internet shut down for awhile but I don't see this as a total failure because this is the first time in years I've been in the positive with my bank account. (I am just fucking tired of my cousin ribbing on me for using Dial-Up.) A little annoyed that Chase swallowed up another one of my banks that I had; that's bank number three they swallowed. I had First Chicago, Bank One, and now WaMu. I never really liked TCF to begin with. I liked one bank I had but lost it because of one of the ex-room mate's biggest fuckups. Making it impossible to use a debit card too so I ended up changing banks to Washington Mutual using my birthday money to open the account. I want to say to Washington Mutual is thank you for hanging around. Chase – you have to put up with me now because I am a WaMu Customer.
      Who is to blame really for me losing access to Comcast? Not really myself, but I have to say one asshole who was pissed off at the fact he got in trouble for violating my copyright on another article I wrote for so he wanted to get a little payback in there by giving the abuse contact information for Comcast – that fucker is to blame for it happening so I am trying to keep commenting on asshole bloggers to a minimum because I am not going to risk losing these accounts too. The reason I don't have my own account with Comcast is because of the ex-room mate failing to return the box and modem then opened her account using the modem saying, "I already do have a modem and box." I didn't really have to change servers a few times, but Earthlink I let go because of money problems – and that will be paid off within the next month too seeing if I can get that going as one of the backups for my wireless.
      If you're a small press publisher using, broadband is your best friend in promoting a book. Then you got jokers like these who go around violating your copyrights, oh let's see what did that one used to be – the screencaps of my article The Nature of the Cybertroll. I can say this much – never underestimate the drive of those trolls because they are the ones who are the most hellbent and some of them took over publishing companies and their people skills are something to be desired especially when they are in their late thirties to early forties. A few of them being failures in their current state of career so they go after writers who are just trying to claw their way up there. Pisses me off that she even got honorable mention because I am guessing she was sucking the editor's dick.

Friday, September 26, 2008

accepted to AC: Nature of the Cybertroll

The Nature of the Cybertroll

Author explores the nature of the beast, the nature of those who are cybertrolls, and go around posting private information about a person as far as overseas. The language here isn't for young readers.
View more »

The Crusty Rail doesn't want you going to the actual website where this article is published at so I am going ot link this here and now waiting for the damn thing to go viral. I think going viral works with articles too as it did with These kind of sites are the worst nightmares of the online liars who go around posting things about people and gettng those people to believe them.
        The crazy bitch actually posted screenshots of the fucking article too which I am not going to give her the honor of being linked. Fuckers have no respect for copyrights when it comes to that sort of thing. My clout level went up one too which means for every 1000 hits I get $1.50. I am thimking the more I write for this site, I think I might be able to be in the professional circut yet. I write articles here and then I submit out at the same time, use the AC stuff as samples of my actual journalism. This place is the worst nightmare for gossip bloggers.
        I guess this is the ugly nature of the beast too; and seeing that a few of those fucking liar sites will be seeing the articles and not link them because they know the more hits those liar sites get and in turn link the articles -- I do get a performance payment. There is a reason why these liar sites hate these places, and one reason being you can't personal attack people in the article by nane. Though when you do an article like that one above or The Hive Mind. It's bound to piss them off becuase they know you're writing about them without actually mention exactly who they are.
        If you're a content producer they're going to hate you on, they're fucks anyway who are nothing but liars. You fuckers on Stupid_free who are doing that kind of shit to people, read the article and choke for a while. Those three groups: The Wanks, The Dramatrolls, and The Goons are three of the most unfunny groups I've seen on here in a long time then what you see on The Other Dark Place is just as bad, but what makes them worst is they are playing the political game. The articles posted above are an answer article to the shit posted on New York Times.

I feel like cold-cocking someone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Could this be the same one?

No wonder why she's fucking obsessed -- I am putting two and two together now. She had this blog called The Suck Monkey and she posted as Ozzy something to pretend that she was a friend. Then when I shrugged her off on September 11, 2005, it really set her off because I was trying to get issue two together at the time. I am not being disrespectful of what happened, but I think this was her only claim to fame as in being interviewed by the BBC. Right now she's wishing I was in one of those planes.
     In so many ways right now she's becoming very much like those 9/11 Terrorists. Terrorizing Philbin, come on lady -- what has he done to you except selling one of his books and edited a few of his anthologies that will offend a number of people. Now fast foward two years later she started SamYoung05 to do unauthorized thefts of my blog entries and Widdle Baby Nicky which stole a number of my diary-x entries. Ever since her bitch of a man decided to pick on my work after it got published somewhere, the bitch decided to make her life out of making my life a living hell. I guess someone like her did take turns snorting her dead brother's ashes with her boyfriend.
     Fuck, this bitch is a public figure and this damn well proves it. I am criticizing a 9/11 witness. I shouldn't be joking about that day but fuck someone like her needed to be in the towers. I am paraphrasing the shock jock with this one. I just did a google search and found out exactly who she was. I don't get BBC tv here so I have to be thankful of Youtube for finding this footage.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Since they're threatening to take over Tabloid Purposes again, never fails -- I am almost done with Tabloid Purposes IV's reworked appearance and agreed to let me go in and rework the files to make them a stronger horse. Baxter fuck you, I guess you should have been a better fit for Queer Fear.
     Since Koehler isn't doing The Blackest Death anymore -- I am tempted to take it over, but just playing with the thought. Since she's fucking with Tabloid Purposes. I got this particular asshole who goes on as I will figure this asshole's IP number. I guess there should be an exorcism in order.
     There's also this one asshole who likes to take a shit on my name and my hometown. They really don't have a life, and their career is basically stalled. I guess they are trying to come up with every little rumor to smear me with now but I guess some of them are wanting to get a fan fiction anthology together. This one writer's career who is telling people not to submit to my anthologies entire career is fan fiction.
     This is Christne Morgan's body of work, what does she do put these on a print on demand? This is Another Hope waiting to happen once again. I think Brian Keene is celebrating this one too which makes me sick all the more. They go pirating my non-fiction book for what because I go after these kind. Does Disney know about this?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If you disapprove of gays, you got a friend in me. I guess people are going to be tossing the Bigot tag around like shots of whiskey now for that remark. I am making some strong headway for the newly revamped Tabloid Purposes IV. Baxter was just a fucking setback for the series and should consider Tabloid PurposeS II completely lost. I do apologize to the other contributors for Jaen Timm Baxter's behaviour. She was completely out of line when she did that because she did get paid and she signed the contract be in Tabloid Purposes II. She got paid for Tabloid Purposes IV so she was completely out of line when she did that.
     IF you are a publisher and not associated with Dravena Enterprises and know the situation do not run her work. The bitch ruined the legacy of Barbara Malenky. Jaen you're way out of line with this one, and since you pissed on a dead authors grave with your act that is personal. I didn't even have a chance to get the files to fix the mistake of publishing you.
     Just because some of the authors involved with one project took off bigger than you did that doesn't mean you should go around pissing and destroying a project. Fucking queer. They should have stoned you in the 1990s.

They hate Conservatism.

Great, now they're trying to flag my blog because of what I am encouraging. It's not a full out hate, I just don't want to see any Poppy Z. Brite Clones and seeing her picture is one reason human cloning should be banned. The shit storm is really going now with the last few comments. I can't voice a Conservative point of view on here. Since when was it illegal to have a Conservative Bias? Things just got ugly to fucken ugly, but with Jodi Lee walking around one can only imagine how bad she crushed her skull as she had her head up her ass.
     That is their world, all they smell is shit. The mutiny that Baxter started will be the thing that will be the revolution on my side of things, the fact I am just waiting for word from her ex-publisher about my guidelines. She's living in a house of cards right now with that little stunt she pulled. That Devil's Child playing games with lives of other authors and it's pissing me off. The cunt took a big old shit on a the grave of dead author by doing so. Fucking asshole.
     Go ahead and get the ass fuck organization on my ass, I am really not afraid there. I will tell them the same thing I am telling all of you bastards stealing my characters and holding my imprint hostage. Kiss my ass. Keep in mind Baxter took the shit on my lawn first.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boycott Jaen Timm Baxter

As some of you heard I need to change up Tabloid Purposes IV but I know with this change it would be a better constructed anthology, a much darker one too to boot. I do have one of Baxter's books and I will say it is poorly formatted on and those of you who will be calling me an asshole for this I am organizing a boycott of anything she wrote and published.
    This EX Tabloid Purposes author took a shit on a dead author's legacy when she did this. Her getting Tabloid Purposes IV and II suspended is a selfish act on her part. Those of you who are asking for copies of II -- blame her for them being stalled. Those of you who want to give her a nice love letter for doing so her e-mail address is I should have guessed I was dealing with total cunt and I now I know where the burned copy of Collectives came from. It was her who gave it to them.     I remember buying a book from her called Nice And Strange after what she did to a dead author's memory, I took the liberty to rip it up page by page and used the title page to actually wipe my ass with it.
    Since I knew she was the one who contributed the book that got burned. You know the one that got burned, buried and pissed on. She decided to be personal there so I decided to take my frustration out on her book. I call this little video, "Title Page: The Asswipe." I tried to be professional, but when what she pulled and with the e-mail threatening the other projects -- I spoke to about it and told them exactly what is going on. They are going to help me get the master copies of Tabloid Purposes II and the cover art back. Fuck you Baxter.

Need to Alternate Authors

I am doing a quick line up change for Tabloid Purposes IV since some bitch managed to force the hand in getting the book pulled and told me the book will be reinstated when her story will be taken out and I can provide the proof it will and the guidelines for four stands -- horror fiction no erotic content. So those of you who have that story that didn't quite fit Tabloid Purposes: Book Five you can send it to IV for it's alternate layout.
      Those of you who want to buy the book as it is still available, just on another location. With her story intact. It will be for sale still but the cunt hadn't broke me. Baxter I wish those assholes stoned your ass for that stunt. Homophobic stories are very welcome in Tabloid Purposes IV -- I am tired of the pro-gay bias going around. No form of gay sex is permitted in the story, but I will allow the beating up of a fag in a story. I am in the process of reworking the book just because the bitch got mad because I dissed her new publisher and willing to work with her ex-publisher.

Monday, September 15, 2008


You assholes thought I was a vile human being before, I guess I am willing to say that the Goons of does quarters with EncyclopediaDramatica with shots of their own piss with a bowl of shit as a chaser for breakfast. (I am talking about them drinking piss.) Right now I just feel like taking a piss in someone's cornflakes. I am still working on the new story that is called Copyright Infringement. I am proud how this story is going too and these bastards are bound for failure. I proved that Ben is a basement dweller. Where I live is not a basement, in fact it has two kitchens.

More Hate Mail

From: ZombieWriter: <>
To: Nickolaus Pacione: <>

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Between the comments about flood insurance and the comments about Brian Keene (who's ten thousand times the writer you'll ever be), you've gone from an idiot sideshow attraction to a total monster. You are a disgusting human being, and deserve any amount of grief people give you.

You make me sick."

This is coming from a jackhole who was trying to make a character I created into an erotic writer. Asshole. When this asshole goes around committing acts of plagiarism on one of my characters, does he really have a place to really comment on an innocent remark relating to Flood Insurance. Looks like asshole made t-shirt out of the graphic I did and it's making him look like a total douche. I guess the naked wife pictures were a little vulgar for him. I've been accused of being seen as a monster my entire life and writing a book that these goons freely pirated the shit out of just to make themselves look like they can get the best out of someone with a disability.
     It's almost a taboo to joke about natural disasters in code. Wait correct me if I am wrong with the entry I made on the other blog, isn't Bohmer a Wiccan/Pagan and what she believes comes back on her times three? Maybe this might be that coming on her times three for all the writers she dissed and even took a shit on her best friend. The comment above is from someone who is from a website that produced two murderers. The one murderer being "Bomber166" aka Andrew Alfred. I did a video relating to the fact they produced two murderers and they got extremely pissed about it. They want to accuse me of plagiarism when they committed copyright infringement.
     They like to argue fair use, well I am going to post up the picture of one of those murderous goons and DJ Pathogen wants to be associated with that site. I guess he was a murder groupie. Well it wouldn't surprise me at all if they produced a few child molesters too because looks like a child molester. As for these assholes saying they are handing me my ass, bullshit -- I just handed all of them theirs in the last few blog enties and I am hardly breaking a sweat when I am working on a new short story too.
     I am still meating away on the story and at the same time reading all the shit-bloggers entries. I am waiting for the stupid free assholes to catch wind of my new article. Typical minimum wage earning losers who have no respect for their elders, and dealing with a few others on here who are obsessed sacks of shit. That is a typical goon trait.

piss blood fucker.

Hey Keene, you know I have pictures of your wife naked. You want them? I already got a few saying, "Fuck You" because of the post I did on well after the bs they've been doing after a number of years and one of them actually harassed my family it's horse shit. I'll admit the pot shot at Louise's mother is a little too far, but when they went around assasinating my character I will get pushed over the edge and say something that will hit below the belt. As for the remark about having pictures of Keene's wife naked, I make no apologies about that.
     Then one of them came up with the bullshit lie about the kidnapping of a rivals daughter, that is the sick thing too because this one actually held the publishers hostage for nearly a month. (I wonder if they are paid up on their flood insurance.) I am not exactly cold towards the hurricane alley area, just that I am not afraid to make a joke that would be really wrong to make at the right time. Sincerely even in my most cynical remarks, I am very sincere with the thoughts of the good peuple of Houston, Texas.
     The thing about Brian Keene is he started too many libelous rumors in the beginning that now they are going to end up biting him in the ass when he starts losing readers. In the industry there is that Brian Keene vs. Nickolaus Pacione effect, when I say something it has more a sting behind it because I am not shy of suggesting of some of them take turns having sex with a horse. I am willing to bet that Brian Keene would do a video drinking his own piss just to get his name out there, as he liked to piss on the fact I did sign a book of mine in my own blood. I am part of the Signed in Blood Club. What that means is there are authors who did sign books using their own blood, and one of those authors actually acknowledged me for doing it.
     Those of you who are going around saying I should never be published again; my response to that would be you can go piss blood as far as I care.

Insert :fucker: here

I guess by now the naysayers found their way to my other blog and caught wind of the aftermath. Seeing the response by one dipshit who sounds really slow from Manotoba. By the way the only way comments are seen there are that I have to approve them first, some would get deleted or spammed if they don't have a real address behind them or if someone actually commits copyright infringement on a regular basis.
     I did notice how the fandom crank told people not to submit to Tabloid Purposes: Book Five, yeah this never fails every year there is always some joker that would do that. I guess the fake Tabloid Purposes anthology on Wordclay threw them off a bit. That was why I had to regroup the guidelines of issue Seven of the magazine, and also the child of the devil telling people not to submit to anything of mine too. If they don't like my anthologies, why don't they put one of their own together. They seem to get off on saying the word "FAIL* but all they're doing is showing themselves to be complete failures.
     Slowly and surely I am stealing their readerships, and something they don't like. They are saying, "What readers?" I have them with the print exclusive work. They know the political game you bastards are playing all too well.
     I am loving to see a few readers show up a few places where they would do conventions at with actual copies of the books. Not reading them aloud, but I will say one jackhole actually took turns bashing on me when I am not around at the last WHC. I am planning to do a few conventions inside of the year but right now I am just sticking to the night club signings for right now so I can finish up short stories and finish up the anthologies. This is the signing season starting up for me afterall.
     I can tell right now that DJ Pathogen is going to be a dick and sabotage some of them too just because he has a big dislike for what I do. I am guessing he might be begging SableCRank for a book signed of her fan fiction works. Yeah some of these assholes are using DA to try to strangle the market, I guess this is that blackout they are attempting to do after seeing the old interview last summer. Koehler even admitted to wanting to write every publisher and magazine editor not to run my work. It wouldn't surprise me if the DJ owns a copy of her books just to flat out piss me off, yeah showing up at the signing with her book then say, "Wait oh shit, Pacione got a signing in Chicago I was expecting Koehler."
     I guess the asshole hates the area he lived becuase he realized I grew up there, and every area that he walked around was my old stomping grounds.
     Calling me a flat out pussy because I like to try avoid a physical brawl in my older years. If we were both 20, I'd say I would be ready to go for a fist fight but now I am trying to play it cool because he's not worth being locked in Stateville over. Getting into it with an anime woreshipping loser isn't something to throw my life away over. That would be the icing on the cake for some of them seeing me get locked away in jail.
     The way he is reminds me of that Evansville, Indianna, basement dweller. Someone like that loser in 10 years -- living at home after college because his major can't help him find a job. It shows how shitty people can get because they don't want to admit that their life sucks as it is. Just because their life sucks and admit to being a basement dweller, they have to go around pissing on people who are onto bigger things. Some of them were pissing down my back because I had my own place for awhile, and that will happen again. Mad because I have to go on disability but being disabled gives me more time to write horror and science fiction. I am self-educated but plan to go back to college to take up documentary writing. That's writing narrations for a documentary for some of you who don't know what that is.
     When I do signings -- hotels are my home for a few days out of a month, the signings are few and far between because of family emergencies but they come. Well one thing as I get published and there are going to be the naysayers, and when they encourage e-piracy of a book. I have two words to say to them, "Fuck them."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More from that asshole

This is the nutter's own words, but now I know why they came after me because I told off the raven haired twat. I will say Brian Keene accused me of being a lot of things, misogynistic and plagiarism, are the two biggest things on the list. The schmuck is just mad because I got stories published in the recent years. I am willing to bet he actually set up the whole piracy thing of my non-fiction work. I am also going to go on a limb here when I say the Goons came when they realized I can't be handled alone. The more my work gets accepted, the accusations start pouring in.
    My only crime here is that I actually was the one who blantantly said "Fuck You" to him and his little goons actually made it clear they commit acts of copyright infringement. It all came together when I saw that Pathogen joined this site too, and for the schmucks on Stupid Free gang up and not even giving a chance to argue back. See also The Myspace Mom for the reference, I am linking up the actual article of that to here -- the news source is Fox News.

"Take Nicky offline = Problem solved.
     But since you let him keep on being an abrasive abusive arrogant shithead online 24/7, we understand that you think status quo is ok. Hence, we keep on giving Nicky his just rewards. This is the bed that Nicky is making - we’re letting you lie in it.
     Actually, why am I even making the effort of a civilized response here? After all that he’s done? Nicky should go eat a shotgun and rid the world of the epic failure that is his existence. If Nicky died by his own hand tomorrow, who would feel sad about his passing? We’d all rejoice at the thought of worms boring into his corpse, turning his unwashed body into so much swiss cheese."

This joker is what they call the male equal to the myspace mom. The son of a bitch harbored repeated plagiarism of my characters, and trying to get people to pirate my books. This is Finland's version of white trash. I am a photo from his site for an example here. What's the word I am looking for with this "fan fiction" writing douche. He's a Nutter. The asshole suggested take my outside communication away from me like some douche, once a douche always a douche and this is exactly why I wrote the article The Hive Mind. I think he was called in for reinforcements because of the whole thing with getting a crank stain's blog shut down for a few hours.
     I am willing to bet that Brian Keene is clammering to send him a free book because of his shit he's doing to me. Well I got a story done that deals with these kind of douches, he's right there with the 50 Foot Cockroach. The problem will be solved when you cease and desist from stealing my work and remove the book from your file manager. I am putting on spot too for allowing this shit to go on. I know their kind. I know this kind all too well because I wrote about this kind in my book. I am willing to bet this asshole actually would kick his own dog the first chance he got.
     If wants me dead, then he has to come to shoot my ass because I am not planning my death anytime soon. He's basically doing the same shit as this particular dick who send me submissions that were word for word my short stories except for a few words edited to make them look like something that a 16 year old homoerotic fan fiction writing brat would do. But going back to, it's not like I did have sex with the nutter's wife.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

PZB chimes, and the hurricane of insults begin.

You want Asshole I can give you an ASSHOLE. If Poppy Z. Brite encourages piracy of my articles, I am going to present this what if someone pirated five of her books, or what if Koehler decided to steal six of her books via five finger discount. It wouldn't cross my mind that Koehler as a teenager practiced the five finger discount.

"I don’t actually look at his articles unless somebody re-posts them somewhere. He’s already getting enough of my money sucking on the government tit."

Can someone please tell this bitch to shut up. It is offical, she thinks I am the Anti-Christ. Would you like some cheese with that whine? What do you expect from someone who never had a kid, menopause. I am just a little creative in fighting back against the naysayers but making a little money while doing it.

This one is a little more censored and pointed to a few people who encouraged them to steal my articles. Since Poppy Z. Brite encouraged people to steal the article by doing screen shots along with Karen Koehler encouraging fuckers to be total faggots with my work, this video is addressed at the douche sisters. It proves they are both douches in this sense, I would love to imagine Koehler losing her brother's prized Delorean on PINKS.
      I am making fun of the fact people are writing fan fiction from Poppy's work, and I am just waiting for one person to actually make all her characters straight and her beloved G-Man having a wife and a baby. That would piss her off more than anything I think because she's an it of a bitch. Yeah it pissed me off that Koehler even invoked the idea of someone writing a fucking yaoi story of my work. That's the work of a total bitch at work. Someone who got extremely offended by an idea by a Conservative America too. This blog I do allow the comments but I get to moderate them incase a douche goes around like what Brian Keene did to make me look like some faggot.
      Makes me sick they gave the douche squad full blessing to go stealing my work, examples being from that asshole who called himself and the douche that is 50 Foot Cockroach. I met a few cool people who write fan fiction and don't slash the shit up, but the ones who write slash and yaoi fiction are the ones who are the total douches. I guess the trailor trash from the mountains has crabs today. Wait, don't tell me she got crabs from her own brother? I guess I have to be a little gross when dealing with these bastards, smear campaign vs. smear campaign except that I will tell the truth about them in the smear.
      Oh I can see myself getting my ass kicked for that one because I decided to go there, since the bitch decided to mess with my family on The Other Dark Place the way she carries herself is she always has Aunt Flo over, and brother is making tea with the rag. Yes I can be nasty sometimes but with that twat stalking my real life friends I have to be, forget it Koehler they don't want to bang you. You can't accept the fact I sold stories to magazines and got published and paid for my articles and the money will come in every day with those too. Just when I get the clout for the articles, I will see more money coming in -- I am starting to think she was one of the people who received a pirated copy of the book. She's just another RJ Sevin who has some questionable practicles of professionalism or the lack there of. Picture RJ Sevin on the Rag you got Koehler. I guess they're going to call me sexist with this rant but in truth I am very far from that. Then again I am dealing with someone who is going around stealing fiction, yeah I am talking about the fact she writes Vampire Hunter D fan fiction!

No You Shut Up and Listen

more from the human cockroaches

I got another asshole submitting stories that were blatantly stolen from my work, this time the jackhole stole The Ferrymen's Wheelchair which originally showed up on then appeared on House of Pain E-zine. A story that was previously published in the first Tabloid Purposes. You all want to say hello to the hackhole I could post his e-mail address and IP number. I guess Louise Bohmer condones the fact these assholes are willing to plagiarize my work just to try to get into the magazine. This is the mother fuckers' e-mail, and the plagiarizing jackhole's IP is Hey Sage of All Fields, get a life fucking motherfucker. The mother fucker's IP is the same as the asshole who brags about trying to sneak into my magazine under an assumed name and hides behind the pen name of George Thompson. I don't fucking appreciate the fact you bastards are slashing up my characters. That is the ultimate form of disrespect.
     Hey Poppy, do you condone that shit to my work you IT OF A BITCH. I guess as long it isn't your work they're doing that too then you don't care. You already showed you blatantly disrespect anything I do. I am willing to bet you also write fan fiction from stolen characters too early in your life. It pisses me off and feels like I got kicked in the balls when someone goes aroud slashing my work up. It's not funny. Get a life you queers. For fuck's sake, fair use doesn't include the blantent theft of my characters and making them into faggots.
     IT's bad enough that Brian Keene tries to make me look like a total fruit, but when you assholes doing that to my work. It's character assassination. You human cockroaches who post on go around promoting the fact you have a murderer on your forum, it doesn't surprise me if you have child molesters on the forum too. What are your policies on writers who create fan fiction from authors you hate, I guess you're willing to jump in the fire and contribute to that too because your characters are SODOMITES. In the history of my published years, I've never went around and stole characters from you or Brian Keene to make them look like total assholes. Doing that kind of shit is kind of like playing with fire because you will end up being the one that gets burned in the end.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fucking Jerk

The problem with the current cabal in the genre is they don't know how to act professional toward writers who are in the small press right now. This is part of the video that is coming next here, the thing they failed to do is break my concentration. Well the new story is being hammered away right now titled Copyright Infringement, and it is one of those stories I needed to write because all the copyright infringement that is so freely practiced around the world wide web.
    Brian Keene is really the bugfuck crazy asshole here who harassed my grandmother damn it. Didn't he crank call the house when I was living at the apartment? Some of his joker friends decided to pull up my physical address at the apartment too.
    The recent postings that Keene did prove that he's just a jerk with some money now. What is he fapping about now? Fucker. How many backs did you step on to get where you are, and how many authors have you blackballed to get there. Before you focus on your career, maybe you should focus on your family and not worry about pissing down the backs of people who are getting the small press credits. The fact you turned this shit into a political game pissed me off, and the fact you actually encouraged people to pirate the non-fiction work just as it was done.
    I know who forced the original copy of the book. Someone who goes on as the e-mail address, who forced the book just as it was close to getting its first cover skin. I long redesigned the book, and then the asshole who goes on as some jackhole who pretended they wanted to get into my anthology just so they can grab up one of my stories as they were unfinished at the time. This jackhole appeared to publish a good part of I.O.W.A. on the asshole's website comment. You know that is copyright infringement right? Every asshole who bragged about pirating the book, or receiving a pirated book refused to come clean about it because I knew if they did they knew their career as a writer would be done.

I guess R.H. had the right idea with this jackhole from the very start. The Evil Fuck Squad had came back in full force, and this also includes Brian Smyth. Seeing what he's done it reminds me why I buy books from the self-released author. Brian Keene doesn't need your money. I am willing to bet that Brian Smyth added me on myspace just to keep tabs on me and been giving the private entries from the myspace journal to The Crusty Rail.

Hey Keene, your "Act" is getting old

Actually Keene, I prefer the original version over the one you tried to pass off as me. Fucking loser.
    By the way Keene — I hope you enjoyed Apt. 2W, that’s if you didn’t throw the magazine across the room knowing I was in it. Hey Necci my work in print is much better than the older work that you see on here. I managed to sell to magazines in the recent years. So you want to keep going with this asshole, you’re a fuck for posting this Keene. Can you accept the fact you and I are in the same magazine together?
    I will never buy a book of yours, as you like to pirate copies of mine or obtain stolen copies of a nonfiction book as what your new friends had done on What you did Keene is almost predicatable so I posted a copy of that comment on my blog over here. You think you're clever. Well you're just an asshole. You harassed my grandmother zombie man, that doesn't look good to your career doesn't it. The very fact you were interviewed in this magazine I appeared in with that one story, it's going to burn your ass when you forget about publications you appeared in. How many backs did you step on to get where you're at? I am quoting one of the authors on Tabloid Purposes II and IV when I say this.

Any rebuttal to the human cockroaches

I'm going to write on this blog and this blog only, and one of those cockroaches right now is Poppy Z. Brite. Correct me if I am wrong Poppy, the only reason you've been on the offensive now is because I did sell stories to magazines and got a story published on another mag. The Crusty Rail and other clone sites are going to be a colony of human cockroaches. Yeah they have that same mentality, you get rid of of their blogs another five or six will come back.
            Poppy, one thing I suggest is read the articles before you rebut me but then again I am getting paid for those articles fcr each hit you make on them. Keep linking those articles you're giving me money but seems like the Crusty Rail did a screen shot to steal my copyrighted material. I guess that is part of the motives of the assholes now. The very fact some of them decided to make my life hell on and managed to get one account shut down because I was speaking up for my work. If this doesn't register with you jokers, see my video blog.
            The human cockroach brigade are The Crusty Rail, The Other Dark Place, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Fuckyoulist,,, and Stupid Free. Yeah they seem to colaborate with each other. Correct me if I am wrong, didn't SomethingAwful produce a murderer? That puts them right there as murder groupies. The last post The Human Cockroach who had managed to get my livejournal shut down, I will also say that those human cockroaches lack a journalistic integrity.
            Wait, didn't they get in trouble with the IRS? The fun in looking up the shit on That site is good for knowing your enemy, and they call themselve a comedy site -- oh horseshit. They got a great little scam going over there, steal $10 from the person so they can make fun of them. Yeah why scam people like that, and makes you wonder what the bastard does with your money too. They call themselves a comedy forum, but I call them "You earned the right to an ass kicking."
            Yeah one of those places emerged three new enemies and they are more hellbent than usual. The fact that one of flooded the servers for weeks and then got my relatives locked out of the web. My family doesn't shun me, just that I have different opinions on things in the house and like to have my independence at times. That is the only thing we disagree on. The very fact and idea that human cockroach league would stoop to doing prank calls when it comes to my family. The 40 Foot Cockroach is one of those who would stoop at nothing to accuse someone of plagiarism. They even impersonated a small press writer and saying that under that persona trying to claim stories I wrote in the timeframe between 2004-2006.

More out of the Context....

The fun in being published with Associated Content, the assholes who read the articles take what I say out of context when I wrote the article with a strong acid burning truth behind it. They think those articles are going to do some damage wait until I get the new stories finished that I got working on right now. Examples of The 50 Foot Cockroach, SableCrank, and Karen Koehler taking what I said out of context. I can account for every short story I've written.
          The thing that will piss them off with the articles is that the place is open 24/7. When they link the article up, I going to earn royalities on that article. Not a lot of money but those who have the more than 100 articles on there will earn the money. I am locking horns with thirty and forty-something fan idiots. Yeah that is something I learned early on those are the ones who are going to be smearing the worst. The very fact one of them admitted to doing a submission call for stories on a Disney series that aren't authorized.
          They will get that same fate who wrote the "novel," Another Hope. As much as dickhead Matamas and I flat out hate each other, this is the one thing that we both agree on that the book Another Hope the author fucked up in getting published. Yeah I know I am already going to get heat with each of the recent entries but a few were wiping the piss off their face when I wrote The Hive Mind since I am talking about all those sites who go around creating the libel havens. Since The Cockroach decided to slander my entire family, I decided to put this article out there for the whole world to see, and this is one of those that isn't for younger readers because of the ideological climite. This article is part of a huge series I did and thinking it might work as a collection or an anthology of writers who did similar stories that deal with this hivemind climate. This is the other article that I tossed up on It takes on this entire hostile environment of internet politics. That body politic that goes around for a number of years that some would go shunning someone because they don't agree with an entire liberal ideology.
          They freely use the p-word towards me. When sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and their siblings had libeled everyone and anyone they like to pass off as fact. These are the idiots who go around trying to find a fandom for everything. Trying to look into everything with original fiction origins and then trying to pass that shit off as fan fiction too. Lights out for them, and seen in their world view is a scary world to think about -- call me a conspiracy theorist here, but when they see their world crumbling down they get ugly about it. Tossing around the claims that I did that -- it's bullshit when they have admitted to stealing works of mine over the years, one blogger had admitted to stealing my old banners and old works just to get me to break. But I have yet to shatter and won't shatter either.
          All you're doing is giving me ideas for my articles and for my new short stories. I don't have writers block either. IT shows that how far some would go and yes they are the human version of a cockroach.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Article Accepted.

The article The Hive Mind got accepted for Associated Content. I want to see the jokeers attempt to write fan fiction off the articles knowing it was about them I did this article. There's work on a few new short stories too right now. I want to see the 50 Foot Cockroach respond on his own blog about the article becuase I called him out on his plagiarism.
    The Cockroach is pissed and yeah he's trying to e-mail every single publisher not to run my work when two of his recent friends are admitted to be fan fiction writers. House oF Spiders was never plagiarized. The idea was my own when I created the story. Spectral Exile is 140% mine also. The little tool had stolen my work via a site called I am going to insult him on being a shitty human being and his blog shows this too. He was mad that I got my article out there, if he wants to shut the hell up put his work in a market that both SableCrank and Koehler would publish at conventions.