Tuesday, February 26, 2008

expose the tard....grow a dick and show yourself.

Exposethetard grow some balls and show yourself. You're a coward who hides and steals content from me for way too long. I am fed up with your crap asshole -- either come up with your own material or delete your blog. This is all talk show material right now and all I need to do is call up one talk show and it will be out there. It is cyberbullying at it's worst and I will have plenty of ground to give you enough rope to hang yourself with.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Fuck Yourself Asshole, and your Lawyers too

Hi Nick,

Maybe you remember me. We've had words in the past...

I am putting you on notice, Mr. Pacione. It's a simple matter. All you have to do is walk away. Write your stories. Publish them where you can, but continue this barrage of ill-advised libelous assault and it will be dealt with in the harshest of manners.

Am I making myself clear.

Your attacks on me and on my friends is going to stop, one way or another.

It's your choice.

Just walk away Nick. Enjoy being a published author. It's time to put this negativity behind you, because, quite frankly, the alternative will not be to your liking.

Any correspondence that transpires between us will join the files of items already collected by my attorney.

Time to move on Nick.


Bob Freeman

Freeman, go fuck yourself. I am not about to listen to you or your asshole friends on that fuckhaven that you call a "Message Board" Fight the real enemy! You and your asshole friends had made the libelous postings about me and my projects, and yes that is enough evidence there to take all of you to court. Especially Dan Fox and Susan Tayler for that "book" they did that libeled my family. So Freeman -- you want an enemy you got one motherfucker. You were looking for a fist fight with some of your posts a few months ago when you told people that I was a "pariah" if anyone is the pariah around here it's all of you.
      The post the cunt you call a friend did that I posted were her exact words. If you want to make a better statment than that you got my picture to rip up on video. I am sure you bastards had taken turns taking a shit on it already. You made it clear that you fucks pirated one of my books and threatened to pirate my books. So kindly fuck your lawyer. I don't give a flying FUCK, you FUCK. All of you on that board are just a bunch of no name FUCKS who aren't even published. Yes I am challenging ValentineVegen or ArchaneArchiver to show his face -- and I am challinging that faggot on Xanga to do the same. I don't take lightly to faceless cowards who go around trying to make threats to sabotage any of my projects. So you want to keep threatening me you FUCK.
      You sure you want to fuck with any of my projects -- I will go to the press to expose what fucks you really are. You fucks aren't journalists, you just fuck around conventions taking about me behind my back. Yes I have the flies on the wall over there and whoever lamblasted me at the World Horror Convention in ear shot of the people who have much respect for me, and I will hear about it. And if it is one of the male authors who is a runt, such as Jerrod, I am kicking your ass you little fucker. You fucks like to steal my blogs, steal this one you FUCK. I am using your fucking words against you here. I am everywhere -- there is a little bit of Nickolaus Pacione in everybody. That person will pound on whoever doesn't like them and they don't take shit from anyone. Don't fuck with me Freewoman. I might say mean funny things, but damn at least I do my research and do my fact checking. You fucks freely pick fights with me on message boards when I am just trying to get a book out there, just let me get my legitimate readership and have the readers who openly have the respect for me. As for Rusty Nail, you're a faceless coward who's also a cunt. I am planning to beat the shit out of your husband right in front of your sight because nothing more humilating than a guy getting fucked up in front of his woman. I will never hit a lady, but there's nothing written in stone that you can't punch their husband.
      You asshole collective picked the wrong motherfucking day to fuck with me, Cocksuckers. Yeah I bet you assholes suck your own fathers off for that matter. I will go back to my three words when I first put the non-fiction book out there, "PISS ON YOU!" Retort to that cocksucker without your usual "lulz" crap. Take all the fucking domains you have down using my name, and that you have no fucking right do that. Brian Knight you know I am coming for you right? You know how insulting that is when you take a domain and use someone's name without their permission. I am taking my name back, you bastards had your fun. Don't fuck with my family. This is personal motherfucker. You still think this post doesn't mean nothing let me put it in three words that you shit flinging monkeys could understand. At least I am not a pompus asshole.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Fuck off Witch

"Nicky has now returned to attacking people he associates with me, including those on the Black Death roster. Therefore, if you've had ongoing trouble with him, past or present, it's important that you shoot off a warning to all the publishers in your life (including any foreign language publishers handling your work--don't forget them) that their authors may get hit and to put him on total ignore. If your publisher(s) are informed, they will be better able to handle things. Everyone I know has been informed and has put him on Internet ignore. I strongly urge you to inform any fellow authors you are close to who have not yet had the misfortune of running into him so they can be informed. I hope this helps."

Find the nice end of a razor sharp harpoon and go fuck yourself with it. Koehler you whiny cunt. I guess I should try to get a couple book signings in Effort, PA, and use the press out there to bury you. The very press that celebrated you, will be your own undoing. You believe that things come back on you times three right? Well stalking my real life friends, family, and others that I know personally will be the thing that will take you down. You're really obsessed with me. So you stalk my friends and my hang outs via online. Trying to see to it that I will never get published again. You're prey bitch, you just made yourself a prey item with that remark. You want to get into a war of words. I am playing for keeps lady, you will not strangle my anthologies or the magazine. In fact this is all going to the press, and you're good as done.
     By that post, you just proved that you're white trash. You want to really come after my publishing company come and physically pry it from my hands. You're what, 35? and you're trying to destroy a person's livelyhood. You're nothing but a fucking cunt, and that post you did on The Other Dark Place, I am going to bury you with it. You dug yourself a hole and messed with someone who will not back down. You want to take my publishing company you're going to have to shoot me in the head for it, is 24 years to life worth stealing someone's publishing company? You want to sue me for An Eye In Shadows, for what, come on now -- what do you really think you can do with trying to strangle every submission that I could get because I can always get submissions. Don't like the anthology project I produce, fine do your own and mabye you can do one trying to make me look like a villian with all your "friends."
     You know you're nothing but a trained P.R. Monkey, and I am going to use your wanting to destroy my career as a way to push my career even further as a publisher. You're going down, and so is your little friend archanearchiver. You hate my guts yet, go ahead and fucking hex me bitch. I would invite you to Chicago just so people can throw dog shit at you. In otherwords, fuck off witch. Hex me if you're going to put a hex on me.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Look who decided to spew more venom and he admits that he's exposethetard.blogspot.com.......

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Received: from [] by web39103.mail.mud.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:30:25 PST
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 00:30:25 -0800 (PST)
From: John Doe
Subject: your next (you will become our little bitch)
To: nickolauspacione@earthlink.net
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Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-458792961-1202027425=:65105"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
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It shows that the people who are posting anonymously are cowards on that copyright violating coward's blog. I can prove that the other dark place has no respect for copyrights too because they created a fake tabloid purposes 5 on wordclay.com. Fucks.

Everything in italics is this loser valentinevegen@yahoo.com, every fucking story and accusation of plagiarism came from these assholes and I am posting all their e-mails in this blog and on the bulletins just to get the word out what kind of asshole I am dealing with here. I will relate here that some of you who are on my tops list know the stories about my dealings with bullies when I was going to school and I equate this loser to those bullies except this fuck doesn't have a face. I have the ip's to match where this fuck came from too. If you want to see the little faggot's IP: this is it -- (I got you now asshole.) My IP doesn't start with that. I am trying to pull out my old IP Sniffer software so I can trace this fuckwad down. I used to have an IP sniffer on earlier computers so I can detect trolls a mile away, now it is time to track one of these programs down once again. He uses the handle archanearchiver to stir up shit on lulu.com, so if you seen this fag on lulu.com it is under this handle and here's his email address, archanearchiver@gmail.com. I am busting them out right here and right now.
        So if you end up getting an e-mail from him, tell him to burn in hell and those of you who knew me from way back knew I won't back down when I got pushed. This is push comes to shove because he's trying to get to me via my family. He's already tried to stalk one of my cousins.
        I am beyond pissed about that and I will take him to hell once I find out who he is. Maybe some of you who have a detective background can do some detective work on this loser because he was the one who started all the plagiarism rumors this man is connected to faceless dipshit who has a blog at xanga, http://www.xanga.com/Peter_Barnes and the faceless loser who calls himself Otto Bremman. I begin th think that ValentineVegan sucks pole from Peter Barnes.
        IF you want to give Underhill242@aol.com a piece of your mind go for it -- the fucker caused me to get a lot of spam at two of my submission addresses. They are a pair of yellow journalistic fucks who teamed up with a local to really try to take me to hell. (those of you who know who Kevin_Defeckt is -- that is the bastard they teamed up with. Hey Ben the blood is on your hands too you little fag. Take what I say out of context. Tell me this you uneducated fuck -- were you an asshole to both my step-cousins over at St. Charles too? This is on the heads of every asshole who is at The Other DArk Place doing that thread devoted to destroying me, it's on all of your heads mother fuckers. I am not closing Lake Fossil Press down for you cowards or anybody. This imprint is going to go on as long as I am able, and when the time is right I am going to keep it in the family. Lake Fossil Press is a Family Business. Any public relations I have -- I will do it myself.. Also you dicks -- you're starting to give yourselves away with some of the insults. I kind of felt that one was Jerrod talking shit, yeah that's right you fucking poser keep running your mouth. What was the number of books you sold you fucking chump.

..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

another blogger entry? haven't you learned anything greasy? weve already handed your friends enck and dagstine their asses on a platter, and now were gunning for you. you're our little bitch. our plaything. we know where you live. defeckt knows where you live, too. you know what we can do. go out of that dusty cobwebbed room, go upstairs and look at the window across the yard. yeah, the pickup. watch the lights flash three times when you go to the window. we are always watching. we know what you and the pedophile's masterplan is too, were not stupid, and we dont take lightly to ultimatums. so keep writing posts marked Fucker and making bold claims about us. in your case tabloid purposes five will not debut because we are getting an injunction and ceasing publication before it even starts. papers have been served and phone calls have been made to lulu. lake fossil press will be shut down effective immediately! you hereby quit writing and forfeit publishing rights to brian keene and karen koehler enterprises. susan taylor and dan fox of the other dark place will take over ownership of the tabloid purposes trademark, and do as they so fit with it either on or off of todp, or respectively give the trademark name to the community to play around with as such. when were done with you the only thing you will be able to retain is your pathetic name ---- and, if you're lucky, your shirt! hold on, nappy!

The Tragedies of Publishing

This is what I had to deal with the past year. Ever since planning Tabloid Purposes IV -- and one of the reasons why I pushed the guidelines as soon as I did because some asshole decided to create a fake account for that one -- V doesn't have an account nor do I plan to have an account for that one. But I will say this much every one of his e-mails I am putting on the myspace bulletin and he's convincing everyone of the naysayers that he's going to impersonate me to no end and he fessed that he's the asshole behind http://exposethetard.blogspot.com.
        This is what I learned via e-mail and he basically made it clear that he was this fuck too. The little bastard is getting enough rope now he's going to hang himself with it. You gained a new alley so what, and that loser seems to know the most about me too. Defeckt you're a dick, and so are the new friends you gained. This asshole and the yellow journalist named The Rusty Nail tag team seeing what kind of shit they can get on me -- now they are trying to bully around any new supporter I get. I saw that one reader got caught up in the bullshit they fed them after they bought my book, and that person if they are reading this right now I sincere apologize for the hell they invoked upon you. Yeah I caught hell just because I got accepted with stories and they came up with the false accusations of plagiarism. My stories are 140% original.

..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

too late the terrorists have won. so start eating the peanuts nancyboy.

you know, when the twenty-three of us (yes, we gained two more members since christmas), formed this regime we never thought we'd see the day where we'd "expose" pictures of your mother and shirley. if you only had had the pics we have right now...

...give up writing, quit lake fossil press, turn over tabloid purposes, the pictures are yours.

Valentino Career Fineato

From: Valentinevegen@yahoo.com



Those of you who are journalists with the press, An Eye In Shadows is yours to grab when you put these e-mails together -- two and two together. The asshole is also known as archanearchiver too. Those of you who ran me in your anthologies -- I am looking for all the e-mails the loser sent you because we got a story that we can take to associated content then send it to the newspapers in Tinley Park, Illinois.


...then off to expose the tard and rusty with momma and shirley-poo it is... nighty night greasy ..

That is some of the horror story I had to put up with for an entire fucking year, I apologize to my room mate at the time for putting up with these assholes posting our address up -- yeah I tried to pay for an unlisted number for that reason. Valentine Vegan -- one thing I am going to say and it's two words, FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RAPED IN ON. You're mine now jackass. I just found your ip and did a mapping of it -- you're out of Sunnyvale, California. All I need to do is e-mail yahoo with all the evidence I collected in the past six months and you're ass is closed up. I am closing your e-mail and your blog down. Well did a little websearch of Sunnyvale, California, now I know where I might do a book signing next -- tempting enough to sign there just to fuck with Vegen in his own backyard. Yeah welcome to the haven of white collar crime right there, those who seem to commit the most of it seem to work in Silicon Valley. A fraudulant account to try to impersonate me by creating that one blog. Stealing everything of mine from old posts, watermarking all my old pictures and artwork, it's all the MO of AL_Kilyu on The Other Dark Place, and the MO of one of the editors of Skullvines Press (would you want to submit to someone who does that crap? I wouldn't; fuck your career Jerrod, this is something you'd do just to get under my skin, guess what -- you fucking lose.)

Friday, February 1, 2008


Defeckt -- you mother fucker. I do not and I say this again -- do not write homoerotic fiction. Do I have to spell it out to you? Just because some of the writers you read have that kind of content; I don't even write with erotic content for fuck's sake. You fucking idiot. You have your head so far up your ass that you're blind to the fucking world around you.
      You're idea of horror literature is Karen Koehler and Brian Keene (both authors suck.) If you want to make my life a living hell you fucking yellow journalist, you're downfall will be the lack of fact checking you have. Schmuck. You go around posting things that rae flat out lies on your blog about me like a schmuck you would have more lawsuits so far up your ass that you would have to sell all your synths just to pay your bills. Time to sell your synths and start flipping burgers little boy. You're wanting to boil this thing into the street, it's just going to make you look like an asshole. I guess by now you joined the bandwagon who sucks off each other in the sense of the hatred they have for me and right now you're going to hate me more than you did before because yes I will get personal.
      There's a real lack of maturity on your part where I think your parents shouldn't even allowed you online when you were a teenager because of that so called Better than you attitude -- yeah that's right do a blog telling me how I should burn in hell. But the truth is like acid, it burns and this is more caustic than anyone who tried to push me under the table or rug for way too long. And like monkeys they like to constantly fling shit around. Want to start trouble with me in Chicago, it will just bite you in the ass -- and that is something that you're afraid of more than anything. You broke a major rule of the internet. The big one, Don't talk shit who is within a 45 mile radius. There were times when a few wanted to pound on me in a club for wanting to call them out on their shit. I just called you out on yours. Book burning sack of shit. Go ahead and say something now you Frog. Go back to eating your stinky cheese (I bet you're mad as hell right now. I bet by now you hate Ultra-Conservative folks.)
      You will not ruin my focus, as much as The Other Dark Place had failed to do, as much as Lawrence Dagstine had failed to do too. What's your excuse picking on a person with a mental illness. God the fuck damn it, you're worst than that money hungry ex-room mate of mine in Iowa. Except for one thing you can't take away my heart.