Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Open Letter to Girlvinyl

You say that you're not the devil but you helm a site that is devoted to destroying people maliciously. Let me ask this one, what if someone who has a gun you were slandering shows up at the convention they're doing with wanting to spill your blood -- and I won't be the person feeling sorry for you if that happens. I would be the person pissing on your grave after it is all said and done. Is it worth slandering and libeling someone online like that is your life worth that? I want to give you that scernario right there, the fact someone who edited the site posted part of my phone number for fuck's sake. Then one of them got the sick idea of posting parts of my mailing address. I see you as more the target for a hitman or someone taking a bounty on you. What would you say in the court of law about a site like that? Would you defend a site like that behind a prison cell?
     You say that you're not the devil then prove it then start by taking down the page about me. I hope someone throws battery acid in your face for posting my number then uploads the picture to You want to ruin someone's hard earned career? I guess you're the type to do that and personally I spit in your face for it. As far as the rest of the loser brigade that you run with that site you do -- I think you all need to play russian roulette with a loaded shot gun. I guess you and your new friend AL_Kilyu were in carge of the constant libel of me so I guess both of you should play a game of suicide, take turns slashing each other's wrists While you're at it drink a shot of bleach as you both slowly die. I know that AL_Kilyu is behind the WilliamDoittheSecond handle becuase that is something of his MO.
     If you want to prove you're the better person than those assholes, then prove it by deleting that actual profile and step down from doing the site. Put it like this Girlvinyl -- someone comes to the club you're hanging out at and sees that site, then sees that you're in charge of it. He fires off a warning shot in your direction, what do you then continue to libel the person or delete the profile? You're nothing but a piece of white gutter trash. Just stay the fuck away from me in person. You call that site satrical but all you've done is spawned more bullies. That is what is going to happen you're going to cause kids to bully people without end.