Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Updates: An Eye In Shadows

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Every novelist seems to have one of these items, I guess this should work for every writer who is doing that lengthly book too. I attempted to have one of these before but now I am going to have it now so it can help me gage what I wrote on this book. I can just imagine some are either trying to spread many lies about me right now and it is unbelieveable that they're willing to do that. Bastards who have no life if you ask me. I am going with an all black cover of this book -- no about the author here because this book is basically an about the author in a backdrop basis. I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly. I can imagine what Ms. Temper Tantrum is saying right now wondering who gets libeled or slandered the worst in the book. It's not like I am writing that book that Susan Taylor and her boyfriend got drunk and were writing between sessions of eating peanuts from each other's shit.
      I guess there are many who are going to do everything they can do within their ability to stop a book like this from being published because it is the kind of book that will ruin some careers in the process as one person said. The damage to them is not reversible.