Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The only peek you fucks get.

I guess you losers are looking to get a preview of this book, and this is all you fuckers will get of it. I did a print screen of the actual word count. I already got e-mail from one loser and I decided to include one of the hatemail's in the book just to fuck with them. I am haviung some fun with this too. You fucking morons I am going keep you bastards guessing there. And for the crazed bitch from Texas, I am not standing in the way of your career so that does you the right to fuck sales of mine? This book is currently 101 pages and it is starting to get more to it, nearly 40,000 words too. It will be 200 pages by summer's end -- by November it should be published. I might team up with Booksurge one more time but don't know yet. The version they did of Collectives could been done better. But the crazed bitch from Texas would be trying to make nice with me to get a copy of this book or have people pretend to be friends with me just so they can get a peak. Not crappening, and I already noticed they are trying to harass another magazine to get my story dropped from the mag.

It also makes me mad she's trying to threaten an e-zine that's no longer taking fiction either. All I did was the formatting on the thing and sent the finished html document to the head staff. Tabloid Purposes was born in the process, and encouraged me to carry the tradition of the e-zine and that is what I did except doing another dimension of it. I learned in this business who my friends are and aren't too, the ones who pretend to be friends until they get what they want. This was one of those people who pretended to be a friend. The fact when I first joined the Horror Writers Association, I remember right she was the person who e-mailed me saying if I had any questions she would be the one who fill me in. Turns out she backstabbed one of her own, a self-published bitch who betrays her own.

All she is, I will say it here -- is a white trash nobody who thinks she has a college degree. A college degree isn't shit when she goes tearing someone else down to get her name out there. Those are the authors who are going to fall even harder, and that was the point I was trying to make when I got published. I am in this for the long haul, and this is only round two. She started this feud not me. I am just going to get published with all her publishers just to prove my point.

She's been outclassed by a junior college drop out. That will piss her off even more, someone who never had the chance or connections to go to a university. Getting published in all the places she's getting published in, and this is even funnier because she's the one raising the biggest stink about it. So that is why when I get this non-fiction book finished she will be pissed off the worst. I never threatened her physically, made an insult at her expense about giving a signed book to goodwill that I paid $8 for when she paid $195 to get published. I paid less than that for two ISBNS. I am just being civil with my insults here, and her new friends are trying to trash on my books and threatening to burn them. I can picture her and her husband walking around with a white robe and a pointy hat, trying to burn a cross in front of my lawn.

A good friend told me this, "It's always a pain in the ass when an author in the small press gets too big for their ego. It's annoying when they get overbearing." I learned a lot from this guy because I've started to see what he dealt with in the business. He's a good teacher. I coined the term Instant Fame Syndrome. The bitch isn't even famous and her books are all up for grabs for publishers, PUBLISEHRS -- don't take them. I would offer to publish them for one $ .0004, that's all her ego is worth and even then I will tell her to fuck off. I admit I do have a lot of opinions to defend and they will burn into people's heads like sulfur. If she hates the fact I do anthologies, listen up "anthology queen" -- if you hate the fact I am out there, create your own damn small press. I remember you wanted to be part of the AuthorsDen anthology, I won't publish you in it. She forgot where she came from, and that is the worst mistake someone can make.