Sunday, August 12, 2007

More added to the non-fiction book

When I started this book, I never thought it would be as long as it is already. This already reached the length of 37,740 words and that is before I add the next section. No one really encouraged me to to the book as a full length, just a few seen some non-fiction here and there (and not having enough of it do a collection. So I thought it would be time to do a full length effort.) I never written a full length novel but that will be the next step. (Well by myself anyway, closest was a novella.) As much some people are attempting to have my blacklisted or a media blackout

The interviews are coming my way and I am starting to do more interviews as an interviewer. I am interviewing authors who are published on Iuniverse wondering why they do get the flack for publishing with them. So in that it keeps me really busy and I noticed with the poll on here it is rather hostile with the respones. Some of them would rather see me disappear but that isn't happening. A world without Pacione will be a boring place. And for those fuckers who are doing that convention in Chicago -- fuck off I am not interested. It will be because I would end up punching someone. That whole site involved is devoted to the libel of my name so no, I am not fucking interested. I wish the bitch who made that site will burn in hell, or fined for slander a large amount of money.

I guess when they do an asshole convention, they bring all the assholes together. I could just imagine some of the dickheads coming together just so they can urinate on my name. One of the reasons I am pushing to get this non-fiction book done by November. I am still playing around with the fonts to see how long it would get. I refuse to pull the partyline for anyone, and yes this will happen a lot in the genre I write in. Play the game they will treat you the same.

I want to give one more thought to that nazi cunt who runs that little publishing company in PA (the one who wrote those cheap anime novels. Her artwork sucks too.)

What do you have to gain in ruining sales of the projects, you're only hurting the writers in the long run.