Thursday, May 23, 2013 is updated and so is make yourselves at home on there. I use the latter of the two for the freebies -- I am real and some people might not had guessed that being they got me assumed to be David Boyer when Boyer doesn't keep a blog. Plagiarists don't blog because they don't talk about what they are stealing. I am working on a manuscript but the computer burns my fingers at times because the laptop overheats.

New freebie found here updated about a month ago -- I have writer's block but easing through it. I am working on a manuscript where it is about 10,000 into it. I am still working on it too. I have a new blog up on -- I haven't abandoned this blog just things got busy with a death in the family. The last update to Writings From The Grave was a new guestbook and I moved back on that one is updated more than this one is though. I will be updating this one again soon though.