Monday, October 31, 2011

Brian Keene Has Genital Warts

Okay that will get his attention, and click here for naked pictures of Mary Sangioanni. I will shove back, and this is me shoving back. Keene needs to be exposed for his bullying and with this maybe that would happen. Then if he flags the fucking thing I am going to post it on another site where people can read what he's doing. Some bitch using the site to pepper things about me all over the place because I am not going to stop posting dating ads on there. Keene wants to fuck with the fact I am trying to get a girlfriend I am going to fuck with him on That thing will be there a week then after the week is up I am going to wait two weeks then repost the thing. Keene is fucking with my publishing caeeer and the faggot editor chimed in, the one where he publishes horror where they take it up the ass.
     Keene is a motherfucking asshole who needs a well placed bullet in his head or another heart attack. Maybe that would be the heart attack that would kill him; God laughs when he dies. Someone bitched because I did a post where I hammered into Keene without any mercy, slitting Keene's throat is nicer. He really should have thought twice about fucking with my social life because that is something that is not done to a single man. I wonder if he was one of those who had his ass plugged a few times in his life. Might been blowing dudes when he was working as a janitor. An uneducated punk who got lucky if you ask me. So with that being said I don't give a flying FUCK if Keene is beheaded in a car accident because there is always someone wanting to pinch a loaf in the open casket.