Sunday, May 3, 2015

the others are more updated

More often updated are A Publisher's Confessional and An Author's Blog; I've been busy moving shit into and going through my files along with new material too. The new material is haunting as hell too to boot. I am looking to finish an anthology and get another filled as fast as possible because when October hits I am planning a 25 year anniversary event for my writing period. 18 years as Writings From The Grave and nearly ten years as a video blogger too. I've with you guys on as long as I was with in their original run -- you can see occasional reviews on Psyche of a Bipolar since I returned in 2014 after a year hiatus. The challenge I issued on is the Lock and Key Challenge for short story writers who can do 3000-6800 words and see how fast I can fill a 180 page volume and this will have public domain artwork. I am training a classmate to be an editor and I will walk her through getting a new e-mail address and establish a blog account for her on so I can teach her how to use what I use with has a few freebies I wrote back to back. I am fan funded with my channels on so ultimately I can go on assignment too as I am planning something very unique for 1000 subscribers when I get them -- full length video blog as I will host this as entry on as they have the html based cut tag. My testimony is published if you want that as that's linked from An Author's Journal.