Friday, August 10, 2007

Flame Wars, Flame Wars ... They're everywhere

Seems like that threat of the media blackout started, and yes it also started with the Chicago Gothic Communtiy boards. One cool headed offensive joke and they get all pissed. I just found out that someone sent Tabloid Purposes IV to the schmuck brigade.

So yeah I am still writing that book, and there will be a lot of macabre un-pc humor in it too so those who want to know who gets bitchslapped and when. Keep guessing because I am not leaking the damn thing.

It is too damn large to be leaking but I will say this much, it is really abrasive and heads are going to roll when it is finished. More than what happened when Tabloid Purposes IV launched.

I guess the more when I work on this book, I can only imagine who is going to try to leak it. I won't say much right now but I want to make people think what's going on. I am not blowing my temper either with this but seems like mosnter blew her top at the friendly challenge. I didn't mean any harm by what I said in the sense of encouraging her to start her own editorial project. She took it as an insult, when I was just being friendly about it and being a smart ass at the same time. The shithead convention jumped down my throat about it.

Damn, I never thought she got all balistic about it. Well that was my entertainment for today, fun being a cranky editor. Yeah I actually added another part of the book. I'll make ya famous -- as one friend of mine said when I lived in Iowa.

I guess she was burned at the idea that when she dissed me she was dissing where she originally came from. How could she even be a Goth if she doesn't like horror novels or short stories that scare people? I wasn't even blowing my top, just wanted her to see the world how I saw it as a publisher for a week. Hell I gave her the GL's to play with, and even the tools to do it. I guess she didn't want to play.