Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An open address to the assholes on the other dark place

You assholes are in violation of my copyright by stealing my stories for your sick amusement. Adam Heauser -- I hope someone beats the fuck out of you to the very inch of your life for what you've done. That shit isn't even funny the first time you've done it and I suggest you refrain from stealing my fiction. Does my work have a creative commons copyright on it -- fuck no. Don't do it. Heauser, you're prey motherfucker. You can't hide behind that board forever. Koehler, I have one suggestion to you bitch and that is you can go kill yourself for encouraging the fag for posting the story.
     You assholes have no right to go posting a story of mine on that forum, you had no permission to use it. Heauser I will be sending you a $300 bill for that story. There will be an invoice in your paypal, do you want to pay that large bill -- if not then quit with the theft of my work. Asshole. Sure I respect the copyrights of authors I even hate, but when they see something copyrighted by me -- fuck off they grab a story and post it without permission like assholes. I should go and steal Freeman's story and post it on here to prove a point but I won't do that because I won't stoop their lows.
     You fuckers are worst than those Journalfen losers who steal material from other places and write stories for their own amusement. Example here -- shithead number two, someone who gets off on being a thief with a word processor -- someone who is the big P word in this business. The other dark place supposed to have authors who are professionals not what I seen here they are a bunch of overgrown fandom wanks. And this I will say with a large oversight because these are the assholes I get into the most vicious of verbal brawls with.
     Piss off, slash writing fags, get a fucking life -- pricks. Then I got this dipshit from the Skokie area who went and libeled me on a post on Journalfen.net. Keep running your mouth bitch because I will be sending this non-fiction book to the place you work at and they will be quick to fire your ass for it. So yeah just because you're life sucks that doesn't mean you have to ruin someone else's sales of a book. A dipshit is a dipshit, but when a dipshit is local -- they get fired from a job they're working at.
     All that forum, The Other Dark Place is a bunch of asshole wanks who have nothing to do with their time but trash talk behind my back and derail every project I put together. Fuck off and get a life -- leave my copyrighted works alone. Get a fucking life goddamned fucksticks. If you think you're distracting me from writing, sorry you're dead wrong there -- even when I have to defend myself on forums on a regular basis I am still writing something new.