Friday, August 10, 2007

Feels good to pay again

I just sent out the first wave of payments. I just $25 to a few authors already, it feel good to be able to pay them again. I hate not having enough money and that was the problem when I did the series last year. It will take almost six months to pay 43 authors but it is going to be worth it. Next set of payments will be sent in September, then in November. Being a publisher is a lot of work and dealing with assholes come with the job. As for the little Hostage Taker, I won't mention her by name but I will say she took hostages and trying to lead a black out.

It is funny in a way when they try to spread a large amount of bullshit around -- the core line up becomes a lot tighter for it. It's because the core line up is a group of friends then contributors. Lake Fossil Press is a micropress but I treat authors like extended family. So in that I try to give more if I can when I can. And Matamas, fuck you. I was telling you to go fuck yourself when I did my quere letter.

This is more the reason why I am looking forward to getting this book done. I take apart every scene and every industry, and comparing it to high school politics. I am trying to take the higher road here, but seeing that they'd harass authors just because they are part of Tabloid Purposes (past, present and future.) The more copies of the magazine or other anthologies that sell on Lake Fossil Press, the more money it will allow me to buy contributor copies or review copies (print copies.)

And for the last time to the hostagetaker, I didn't have access to edit the archives on The House of Pain E-zine. I would take the stories down if I could, but there is nothing I can do. But I will say a few are still going to be foaming at the mouth when I get this non-fiction book done from all sides. If they're not already from the interviews. I will say the asshole convention does have rabies right now, and the fact I am being able to pay authors some good rates again -- it is a relief on my part. Now I can redeem the Lake Fossil Press machine into the direction it was when I was doing it in 2005.

I guess I am getting it again from a faceless coward too, and I will say this much. He calls it that when I put a project like that together, but when someone like Crowley puts it together (and yes he fucking self-published his book too.) I guess someone like him is quick to urinate on a project because I compile it. I am biding my tim for the non-fiction project to be finished. Seems like they are trying to get everything to implode on me, making sure I get my markets strangled and all of that. I will insult a cockgobbler here who claims to be an "editor" -- the fact he rejected the story was a personal vendetta on his part. I had the gall to call him a dick in a submission letter. He deserved it because the way he treated one publication I got in.