Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The progress is posted.

This is all you losers are going to see of this book so get used to it. This is more in reaction to the posts that some people did over the years on Since you assholes wanted to pick a fight -- you picked one with the wrong person. What have you assholes done that is so important besides try to berate someone's book. Kiss my ass you fucking losers. I saw the posts that these assholes are doing and I will say this much the pigfuckers have too much time on their hands and no life.
      Seeing what the losers posted on Wank Report honestly have no life and no journalistic value to what they say. So if you fuckers want to start up old wars fine you mother fuckers. You and a lot of the other forums who are just a haven of motherfuckers. Whoever did the idea for lolzcon, you can kindly die a violent death. A community of thieves with word processors trying to discredit a project I worked hard to do, fuck off. This book will be the ultimate fuck you on my part and the reason it needs to be out there becaus someone has to shut those assholes up once and for all.
      Comment feature is a form e-mail so I will be able to sort out responses without the mob mentality that is a LiveJournal style meltdown. Shit like this will not be tolerated on this blog. I noticed it happen when I posted to some communities when I tried to start a civil discussion then you get these assholes coming in hijacking the damn thing. I address the fact a mother wanted to write an incest story between my kid and I in the book and yes I imagine if they fould a story like that on the person who wrote it if he was a teenager in 1990-1991, and if he was someone my age too -- he'd get his ass kicked without mercy and this book I am writing is all out of mercy.